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Nov 10

Nov 10

This Week in PlayStation Home: 1.4 Client Update details, LittleBigPlanet, and More!

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager


This Thursday, November 11th, PlayStation Home will update to client 1.4. In addition to the features we announced last Friday – wardrobe management, grouping, and voice chat – there are several other noteworthy additions, such as the new “Character Status” settings, improvements to the Menu Pad and Navigator, and cross-game invite support (finally, you can invite your friends to join you in PlayStation Home no matter what they are playing or watching on their PS3s). The new 1.4 client also brings numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. Full Patch Notes can be found HERE.

Important notice: When you start PlayStation Home to apply the 1.4 patch, please wait for the orange light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process. Otherwise your PS3 will reboot and you will have to start over.

PlayStation Home: LittleBigPlanet Derby PlayStation Home: LittleBigPlanet Derby

LittleBigPlanet fans rejoice! This week the mega-popular LittleBigPlanet space receives a massive update with the brand new LittleBigDerby game. This super-addictive multiplayer game puts you and up to 7 of your friends in a paintball challenge where you must shoot targets to earn points and progress your racer towards the finish line. Pro tip: Hit targets with the right color paintballs to rack up bonus points.

The PlayStation Home Mall receives a huge update this week with brand new items in the Exclusives store (such as the new Platinum suit and Onyx gown – pictured below), new accessories for the ladies in the Sodium store (also pictured below), Irem swimwear, and Konami’s new line of soccer items (their initial offering includes the Australia and New Zealand kits – check back often for more countries’ kits in the PlayStation Home Mall).

PlayStation Home: Platinum Suit PlayStation Home: Onyx Dress

PlayStation Home: Pumps PlayStation Home: Bracelets

Finally, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will air the first episode from our newest partner – the one and only Hip-Hop Gamer. In episode 1, HHG takes a look at the PlayStation Move and discusses how it may affect the gaming industry as we know it. Check out the world premier this Thursday!

PlayStation Home: Hip Hop Gamer

See you in Home!

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Northstar77 said:

November 10th, 7:35 pm

So Voice chat in home with anyone on friend list? even when that friend is not in home? This doesn’t require a system update? So what exactly is holding up cross game chat? Good first step.

Jayson619 said:

November 10th, 8:30 pm


Don’t leave out Asia in this too! Pls read and reply so I can know you understand us Asians too; thks!


November 10th, 8:41 pm

This time around you guys need to do a better job of posting how to properly install this new update. I know you wrote it up there, but majority of the people still don’t know how to install the last update. Majority does not come to blog and forums to get informed. Maybe you should tell them how to install while installing on the ps3. Remember, there are a lot of dumb people in this world. Also, they buy a console to easily play games, not go through hoops like a pc.

lanis01 said:

November 10th, 9:06 pm

This is a good update and might start getting me to go back on Home everyday like I use to when Xi was around. But will there be any plans to increase the number of items, both active and inactive, we can have in our personal spaces, or is that an issue of servers lagging all around home because people load their places up with lots and lots of stuff? I notice that in places with few items I’ve placed away, that given place will load faster for me than a space where I’ve hit the 50 item cap and 2 active item cap.

KainDrake said:

November 10th, 9:22 pm

Hey LS, are video playback around home improved? I don’t like that the video starts buffering literally every second. I miss how it used to be when I have to wait for it to download. At least then, the videos ran smoothly.

elias2k1 said:

November 10th, 9:33 pm

Oh yeah Mr Hip Hop Gamer thats going to be awesome. He’s the best!

FossilJuiceVodka said:

November 10th, 10:04 pm

I like the new LittleBigPlanet games, I hope you can get rewards for winning. But Why in the world would you all have HHG come to Ps3? That would be just as bad as having a crack head as a president. I also noticed that Locust_Star does not really have anything to say to any one on here with negative comments about this. But o well I have learned that most sites dont give 2 behinds about what the users think its all about what the owners want, even if there paying customers dont want it to happen.

BiezulbubBill69 said:

November 10th, 10:05 pm

I haven’t been on Home since the day the last big update came out lol. I think I’ll check it out today whenever the update goes live!

daitoone said:

November 11th, 12:09 am

Looking forward to the new update. Thanks.

arkard1000 said:

November 11th, 1:05 am

Locust_Star, I’ve got a little suggestion, just as a comment of an idea in mind. maybe this is not the right place.

You know about the store section in Games at XMB that shows fresh news about pstore (obviously). also in network section “what’s new” in a dynamic grid.

I was thinking if it would be good or possible to PS make the same section for this awesome blog, idk “blog news” so people could see faster what’s new, posts, updates made here(instead browser), and also the possibility to comment like we do in the “browser”. so we could see “Home 1.4 Client Update.. check it now!” ohh great lets see! it’s immediately! with a few buttons moves or a direct link to that home feature or any other X feature!

I think it would make XMB more dynamic! or maybe not!(i don;t decide that). a great communication integration between all you and all of us, a simple interface letting people get updates faster when they turn on their playstation! I don’t know what other people think about this. as I said, it’s just and idea.

hope you read this! see you!

HerbertFortoon said:

November 11th, 1:17 am

Make a Netflix party option or shut up!!

abzdine said:

November 11th, 1:42 am

Guys, thanks fot the update! But my question is : when are we gonna get the FULL PS Home ? because We are still on the BETA now.. and another question : I downloaded the update 1.40 but I can’t access the Home for now.. on the main menu it marks : you need to DL the last version to access the PS Home.


mt63bird said:

November 11th, 4:33 am

im really anxious to see how all this works & hopefully all turns out well. Sorry just impatient at this time.. & can barley wait. lol GL 2 U guys tho all n all generally speakin for all ya updates & new programs n future less problems etc. Ok Happy Early Holidays as well.. TY!!

Jayson619 said:

November 11th, 6:30 am

I also can’t access the PS Home too.

FossilJuiceVodka said:

November 11th, 6:38 am

Ok, I did every thing you all said about the orange flashing light and this still dont work, it keep resting my ps3.

FossilJuiceVodka said:

November 11th, 6:44 am

nvm, i got it to work

TUSTIN1 said:

November 11th, 6:45 am

Ouch…it’s not the YLOD is it?

Massive_13 said:

November 11th, 6:48 am

After downloading the new PS Home update, when I try to go on PS Home. A screen is blank where there’s suppose to be news, then you can press circle, but pressing that just makes it load up again, and return back to the same screen.

It just won’t let me get on.

FossilJuiceVodka said:

November 11th, 6:50 am

Now i get a service message and it say nothing and it wont go away. Great job on the new update guys

zombie9 said:

November 11th, 6:50 am

Hip hop gamer a joke? (no he is a joke)
This update is the worst. wont be in home any time soon. nothing I want sorry.

DeLaNeezy said:

November 11th, 7:35 am

Hey I downloaded the new update for home and now my home don’t work its stays with a white and blue box that says “service massage” and nothing else can someone help me out

emerjq24 said:

November 11th, 7:52 am

I’am running into the same issue also,I keep getting the “service message” box.

sharpshot7567 said:

November 11th, 8:06 am

..im having a problem with home, i did the update as instructed, but when i try to play it connects me then tells me service message, but the message is blank. i exit out of it, but it pops back up again .. i cant get into home

violenttruths said:

November 11th, 8:06 am

Home is not up yet people


November 11th, 8:10 am

Is the playstation home 1.4 working??!!because i’ve made the update and it still not working!!could you please answer me?!

DaMiGiSan said:

November 11th, 8:20 am

As violenttruths said; “Home is not yet people”, be patient, they’re prolly uploading the additional content that has been spoken of & doesn’t have anything to do with the actual 1.4 update.

May2099 said:

November 11th, 8:23 am

1.4 !!! I so can’t wait for the new wardrobe changes and variety of voice/text chat options with new colors for text threads. The mind boggles at trying to guess how the changes will look. New female accessories = meh but will be nice that pumps (the I won’t be buying) work with the exceedingly LONG pants that do NOT mix and match with anything but Lockwood clothing. More over priced “exclusive” content that’s not really exclusive … really?!?!


November 11th, 8:24 am

The playstation should make the ps3 as a computer ’cause it’s fast and at the same time you can also play HD games. In the next update they should put the flash player on it!!!!and make the orkut and MSN work!!!!

DazeOfWar said:

November 11th, 8:28 am

Okay so I updated to 1.4 and know Home loads up to a blank service message screen. Only thing it lets me do is push the circle button which then goes back to the loading screen and then pops up the blank service message again. I’ve exited back the my dashboard and then reloaded and it does the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.

DazeOfWar said:

November 11th, 8:30 am

Sorry maybe I should have reread the post before me to understand them better. I’ll just wait till later to see if it works.

Jayson619 said:

November 11th, 8:48 am

Xbox fanboys have attacked the Sony PS3 servers! Help!!!

Bobby_Boucher_Jr said:

November 11th, 9:01 am

so i updated this morning went to log in and check it out and it keeps getting stuck at the first new screen, help

DaMiGiSan said:

November 11th, 9:04 am

“Service message” = Server maintenance, new content being uploaded.

DazeOfWar said:

November 11th, 9:09 am

thanks for the info DaMiGi.

Niyuko said:

November 11th, 9:24 am

i know it saying people can’t get on and all that but i’m having a different problem, i can’t even download the update without it logging me out automatically (and i hear people saying they downloaded it but they cant get in) and i don’t know if i’m the only one with this problem but why can’t i even do so much as download the update when other could?

kinda confused cause my friend said he was also able to download the update but not get on and i cant even download it cause it says please wait then after a couple seconds logs me out and it never downloads the update or doing anything

if anyone would be willing to lend a hand it would help to know what i should do about this?


November 11th, 9:32 am

The PS Home is not able yet!!!!i got this problem too!!but I don’t know why you keep logging out automatically

Wildfire727 said:

November 11th, 9:33 am

I downloaded the version 1.4 patch and tried to log on and I get a blank page with the title of “Service Message.” I hit back and it goes back to that blank page again.

Do I need to delete and reinstall Playstation Home? If I do, how would I be able to do that and will I lose everything I bought on Home?

DaMiGiSan said:

November 11th, 9:59 am

To wildfire, this is a server maintenance related issue, it’s not just yourself, & no you don’t need to delete & re-install home, nor would you lose anything you already purchased, (I’ve upgraded my HD once in addition to replacing the Upgraded HD, so thats 2 reinstalls & I didn’t lose anything). Everyone just needs to be patient.

Niyuko said:

November 11th, 10:08 am

^137 DaMiGiSan you seem pretty updated about what is going on… can you tell me aside from the majority of problems other are having why is it that when i go into home and it says download latest version it will not let me? cause my problem isn’t that i cant get into home, my problem is that i can’t update it yet to 1.4… as i have have observed others have been able to update it and their problem is that they cant access home whereas my issue is that it logs me out before i can even get to the updating part… would you happen to know why this is?

xrockerx90 said:

November 11th, 10:21 am

when is home suppost to be up and running again

AuraWieland said:

November 11th, 10:23 am

Damn you extended maintenance, damn yooou. But yeah guys, just chill, despite the fact that we should have had a majority of the stuff listed in this update a long time ago. But what can you do? I’m sure it’ll be up within the next couple hours.

DaMiGiSan said:

November 11th, 10:43 am

@ Niyuko, it’s not that I’m “in the pipeline as to whats going on”, it comes from past experiences with what were “major updates” to Home as a whole, Home will probably be up by mid-afternoon, as far as it logging you out, that sounds to me the update didn’t get applied properly, I’d suggest deleting Home & then starting fresh.

DaMiGiSan said:

November 11th, 10:44 am

@ Niyuko, Back up your Home Saves on an SD Card first, if you have one, that way you don’t lose your Avatar.

Niyuko said:

November 11th, 11:05 am

^the honest truth is i just started a home account yesterday i always played on a friends ps3 and had a avi saved on his ps3 to use in home but this is a new ps3 a new account and i just started using home on it yesterday at like 10:00PM so are you sure thats the issue? i’ll try when it’s more convenient (not home right now to do it) but it’s all brand new pretty much

qwmmfdxqss9y said:

November 11th, 11:12 am

Guys, I tried to log in to Home this morning (around 10 hours ago) and just now (7pm), and got the very same blank ‘service message’ referred to by the people above (up to number 141). If the update has taken this long couldn’t we have expected some forewarning from PS3? Also, how about some communication as to how long they expect an update to take? Or am I being naive?

hunnybunnee said:

November 11th, 11:19 am

Does anybody actually bother reading the info in the post before posting comments like “i cant sign in”.Also there is obviously a problem with the update as locust star said “the update should take no longer than usual”.

hunnybunnee said:

November 11th, 11:23 am

@143 you do not lose your settings by deleting and re-installing home.

Miss_Megan said:

November 11th, 11:32 am

its 2:30 and home still isnt up! i miss the days when home was open mic. Wish they left it like that and just made the mute option

Jayson619 said:

November 11th, 11:40 am

I’m writing this from Singapore (GMT +0800hrs); it’s 12 November here and Home is still down….:(

Maybe the team is fighting with hackers from Xbox 360. If so, no surprises there considering the insults they keep hurling last year when Killzone 2 came out….

Niyuko said:

November 11th, 11:47 am

^140, xrockerx90

(and to those who it may concern)

I think home will be in the early evening about somewhere around 4 or 5 hrs from now (3 or less might be possible but unlikely)

my time right now is 1:00PM and I think it will be up at 5:00PM or maybe even 6:00PM my time if not maybe a little sooner or even a little later but it’s not a regular home update…

in fact I guess it’s more of a dual-update because content is being updated in home and to its servers and at the same time the interface is being updated to Version 1.4…

I don’t know much about the updating process (so it might be best to listen to another explanation first) but from what I gather it’s an update with another update at the same time and most likely it must have to process them both with double the ordinary work efficiency and as such it will take a little longer then the norm cause the servers are being worked twice as much to register each update correctly

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