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Nov 12

Nov 12

Peggle Hits PSP on Tuesday, is Addicting

Michael Santora's Avatar Posted by Associate Producer, PopCap Games

PopCap has already brought you Bejeweled 2 and Zuma for the PSP, and I’m excited to tell you that we have brought the full Peggle experience to the PlayStation Store on PSN!

Peggle PSP

I was the Associate Producer of Peggle and Peggle Nights for the PS3, and I know a number of you wanted to see this game come to your PSP so you could take it on the go. Remote Play is awesome, but you don’t always have an internet connection when you want to play, right?

Peggle PSP Peggle PSP

Our expert Peggle Institute Programmers were able to get the full, original Peggle Experience into your PSP. All the original Masters, challenges, and levels in adventure mode are here! There were some late nights and long meetings with Bjorn and Master Hu, but we got there! Peggle on the PSP took us a lot of time to get right to make sure we created a game that looked good on the smaller screen (I hope your PSP has a smaller screen than your TV!) and felt right with the PSP controls.

Peggle PSP

I hope you are all as excited about this as I am, and thanks for liking our games as much as we do! It’s a pretty awesome feeling to get such a warm reception for the games we release on the PlayStation Network. Look for Peggle on PSP this Tuesday for $9.99.

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Jetup said:

November 12th, 3:12 pm

awesome. Loved Peggle on PS3 and PC

joseph2411 said:

November 12th, 3:14 pm

Great! Thanks for showing support to PS3 & PSP, now…what about a Plants vs Zombies release for PS3? Please…

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

November 12th, 3:28 pm

i already play peggle on my PSP by remote play everytime i go to the bathroom. XD

solace357 said:

November 12th, 3:44 pm

Thanks Pop Cap!

PSN_Tokeio said:

November 12th, 3:44 pm

Peggle on PSP? Nah. I’d much rather see a complete version of Plants vs Zombies on PSP instead of the hack job iPhone/iPod Touch version. PvZ on PS3 would be fantastic as well. That really is PopCap’s main game besides Bejeweled Blitz. The people demand more ZOMBIES with Plants, make it so!

Arcadian_Rebel said:

November 12th, 3:47 pm

It was a fun arcade game on the PS3, but no one played online and the single-player got repetitive too quickly.

DiscoJer said:

November 12th, 4:33 pm

It’s great to finally see PopCap games on the PSP after all these years. I mean heck, I think you even put them on the Zeebo before the PSP.

I’d really really like to see Bookworm though.

krae_man said:

November 12th, 4:37 pm

The PS3 version should have been PSP compatable. Making people buy the same game twice on both hte PSP and PS3 is dumb.

Video games need the equivilant of a digital copy movies have.

Even if you had to pay a couple bucks more for it(Like you have to do with movies) it’s better then paying $10 twice for the same game.

People need to quit making excuses and make this happen and quit rejecting my share idea to this effect every time I submit it despite no similar idea existing.

NeoHumpty said:

November 12th, 4:39 pm

Yep, I’ll be buying Peggle yet again, thanks.

And yes, please bring Plants vs. Zombies to PSP, too. Your games are perfect for on the go play.

Ed243 said:

November 12th, 5:04 pm

I wanna try how this game plays is there a demo for this on p3. The only games I played from pop cap is book worm and a bit of PVZ. I still wanna buy book worm for dsi and waiting for the ds verison of PVZ

Frostquake said:

November 12th, 5:04 pm

I love Peggle, I bought on my iPod, DSi, Netbook, XBLA. I wish it could include all the special levels that were on my Netbook, like the World of Warcraft levels and the Holiday Levels. Getting it to work on a small screen as you said should be no problem, as you did well on the iPod and DSi….

aiphanes said:

November 12th, 5:23 pm

Why is this $9.99 when it is only $2.99 on the itunes store for the iphone\Itouch?

The PSN network needs to get its pricing structure inline with Apple….We need some $.99 cent games.

rjejr said:

November 12th, 5:26 pm

PS3 PvZ w/ Move support please, ’nuff said.


November 12th, 7:53 pm

@13. I was thinking the same thing.

chilidawg1477 said:

November 12th, 8:11 pm

who cares about peggle?!
put tenkaichi tag team on the psn, u hav no reason not to

OveReAction said:

November 12th, 8:55 pm

Plant vs Zombies PSP please??

KidCommando said:

November 12th, 9:33 pm

fun game, but too expensive. Maybe when a sale hits I will bite.

AOB_SU said:

November 13th, 12:39 am

Plant VS Zombie too please

Mikal_Drey said:

November 13th, 2:32 am

hey hey

i never knew you could play this by remote play ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i just tried it and omg its awesome (shame remote play isnt)

i have peggle and peggle nights and like others have said can we simply have an addon to make peggle psp compatible ? i ♥ peggle but paying again for a different platform just isnt pleasing and the price point is exorbatant. i would pay a small stipend for an addon patch though.

kinda like a LOYALTY bonus

cronos1515 said:

November 13th, 5:10 am

I wish there were more levels or challenges, I already have completed this on my PS3 and my iPod 100%. Don’t think I can do it again on my PSP.

Lugoves said:

November 13th, 5:43 am

@3 I was thinking the same thing .. love remote playing Peggle esp. if E- Gads! someone is Watching TELEVISION on my TV. lol

BigRon3400 said:

November 13th, 7:49 am

Darn it I already payed for Peggle on PS3! I’ll be hoping for a PS Plus discount.

TripG said:

November 13th, 10:12 am

I’d be interested in this if this was announced oh, like a year ago. Now, it’s too late. Great game. But dont need it on any other system I own. :)

Kirkpad said:

November 13th, 12:21 pm

Hopefully it’s 9.99 and comes with the Peggle Nights levels too.

eyesofreality03 said:

November 13th, 6:51 pm

drool, after buying this gme 7 million times i can’t waIt to handover more money for this port as well…plain and simple, I LOVE THIS GAME!!

eyesofreality03 said:

November 13th, 6:53 pm

and yea…Plants vs Zombies would be most welcome here as well, for BOTH PSP and PS3

spunnups said:

November 13th, 11:29 pm

Plants Vs. Zombies. Even though I have it on my iTouch, I’d buy it again for the PS3 if you’d upgrade it and expand on it.

John-117 said:

November 14th, 9:51 am

Absolutely buying it this Tuesday! I love supporting you PopCap guys so that even more of your games can come to PSN *cough* PvZ *cough*.

Fylian said:

November 16th, 7:57 am

I cant wait to pick this up on Tuesday! I bought this after i got my PS3 last year and I dont mind paying again since this game ROCKS and I’ve been waiting to get it on my PSPgo! One question though, will Youtube support still be in the PSP version? And what kind of multiplayer options will carry over? Will it have adhoc gamesharing (one game, 2 players on seperate PSPs)?

AG_Awesome said:

November 16th, 5:22 pm

Does this have nights as well? I already have the DS version and dont want to get this if it has LESS than the DS one. If it has the same though I may be interested…

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