At Death’s Door: Dead Nation Hits PSN November 30th

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The most intense, chaotic gaming experience of 2010 is almost here! The developers at Housemarque, creators of PSN classic Super Stardust HD, are putting the finishing touches on their latest masterpiece: Dead Nation. Come November 30th in the U.S., it’ll be in your hands for $14.99 — and yes, it includes a Platinum Trophy!

Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)

November 30th isn’t far off, but stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog as we reveal even more information in the final days before Dead Nation’s PSN release. We’ll be giving you an up-close look at Dead Nation’s metagame that will pit country versus country in a global battle for high score dominance and the ultimate bragging rights. Also, keep your eyeballs peeled for an upcoming video that will show you how crazed Dead Nation’s gameplay gets when it reaches fever pitch – you’ll be surrounded by more onscreen zombies than you can count complete with per-pixel shadows and lighting, particle effects galore, and realistic ragdoll physics all happening at the same time. Once you’ve seen the worst scenarios Dead Nation has to throw at you, there’s no going back.

Dead Nation features online and offline two-player cooperative play, a lengthy campaign littered with hidden treasures, hugely upgradeable weapons and armor, and tremendous replay value thanks to a host of difficulty levels. The fifth and final difficulty level — “Undead” — will leave you breathless!

Look for Dead Nation on PSN this November 30th for $14.99. Thanks for your support, PS3 fans!

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  • First? XD Just kidding.

    But seriously, that is good news!

    I wonder how long it’ll take for the trophies to appear on this site, though..

  • Was on the Beta for this. It’s excellent

  • finally!

  • I’ll pick this up. The Walking Dead has revitalized my interest in zombies…

  • Finally our date with the dead!


  • HidroXphere

    Finally!!!! *¬*

    one question!

    Approximately, how long is the campaign?

    • Based on my experiences, probably 6+ hours depending on your skill. But that’s only the normal difficulty — there are 4 more difficulty levels and they are almost a different game. Much harder, meaning your weapon and armor mod choices become much more important.

  • zombies are people as well we shouldn’t kill em there just misunderstood

  • Awesome! Can i declare 2010 as Year of the Zombies already? They are everywhere but never get old, its so much fun to kill them! Cant wait for Nov 30th

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • is 30th november only a us psn release date or eu as well?

  • Yes!!!!! Give me your brains…..

  • well worth the $14.99. im getting this day one.

  • How about a discount for PS+ subscribers?

  • I heard this will be in 3d! Is that true? If so I am buying on day one. Love 3d stuff for my new 50″ 3d tv. Chances are if its not I will still buy day one because zombie anything is awesome.

  • This is my first post on the blog and I figured this would be a good time to start!

    I’ve been waiting for this news for awhile now. And just like Tyrsis, The Walking Dead has definitely curbed my hunger for Dead Nation, but I still can’t wait to play it!

  • GutsBerserker

    Day 1!

    StardustHD was worth every cent, no need to wait for Dead Nation to get a discount.

  • dragonmagician

    “Come November 30th in the U.S,…”

    I hope you just forgot about Canada for a split second when typing up the post. I was planning to celebrate with pancakes…but will wait until I get confirmation it is coming to Canada on the same day. :)

  • Awesome! This is great news. I will definitely be purchasing this game on day one.

  • KidCommando

    YES, will be buying this!

  • I have been waiting for this game – glad to see a release date!
    Do the offline and online co-op multiplayer modes feature the same game types?

  • Fantastic news, day one purchase without a doubt. I have been eagerly awaiting this game.

  • BiezulbubBill69

    yayyyyyyyyy can’t wait for this game!!! thank you for finally givin us the release date XD

  • I think i may have to purchase this one just based on how sick Stardust was. As one of the first PSN titles to offer custom soundtracks (and the first to add it via a patch) {Super Stardust HD}I must ask, will this game DEAD NATION feature custom soundtracks?

  • I never could understand some trends in videogames.

    I never quite wrapped my head around the need for there to be so many top down dual stick shooters on PSN. So understandably I am grown orders of magnitude more baffled by the need, demand or capacity for there to be so many zombie themed variety of the sort.

    How many does that tally now, at least half a dozen I reckon, and that is just from the top of my head.

    Yeah, need to sit down now, had spinning, feeling anemic…

    • My theory is that the twin-stick shooter catalog taps into everyone’s innate need for a new Smash TV.

  • Is this game diffrent than the other PSN game, Zombie apocalypse, or something like that?

  • BloodMeat666

    man i gotta get this. gunna be sick. better than that DAMN BLACK OPS THAT EVERYONES PLAYING! ahahahaha im stuck to MW2 not Ops haha but i love em zombie games so i can, as my friend’s dad says when hes drunk, “KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY!”

  • DAY 1!
    Can’t wait!

  • That’s my Birthday!!!I will get spoiled :)

  • eyesofreality03

    @15 i can agree with ya on that, will plus get this a lil early? or even a discount? either way i’m gettin this day one for sure. its been a long wait, missed the beta, drooling over the screens and vids like a a zombie is makin me want to kill my fellow brain munchers! the the mayhem begin!!!

  • OMG! Finally! a release date! Thanks!

    Off topic, will we get some news about portal 2 soon?

  • BloodiedWraith

    Day one purchase for me as well. Just the Housemarque name and zombies made me want it, but then after playing the beta I knew it was a day one purchase. And a bonus of a Platinum Trophy? You guys made my day.

  • gor1llap1mp

    Is this game an EXCLUSIVE?

  • “Did You Ever Know That Your My Hero”

    Totally the wind beneath my wings

  • Finally! But the $15 price tag was like FUUUUU. But then I see the Platinum trophy. And I was like Oh, ok, Day one purchase. :D
    But Man, GT5 and Dead Nation both releasing in November. Now I have to save money for Black Friday deals and GT5 & Dead Nation.

  • Time to buy a PSN card! :)

  • OMG YES!!! Finally a release date :) This and GT5, you guys made my November. I’m this will be worth every penny of the $14.99 price tag. I can’t wait.

    • (^_^) Be sure to try the harder difficulty levels too! Beating the game on Normal is only the beginning…

  • @Sid

    Cool, thanks!

  • EC_squirrel

    so when it comes to shooting weapons. are there just only the shotgun and assault rifle?

    • Default Rifle, shotgun, SMG, flamethrower, blade cannon, and several more I won’t share here. :-) Also there are quite a few deployable items: Molotovs, grenades, Flares, Mines, and all can be upgraded in multiple ways.

  • @Sid. Please tell me this will be in 3D!!! Superstardust is quite simply the best example of 3D gaming out there at the moment, and trust me, I have every 3D game that is avalible (nine I think upto now) on PS3!!

  • Awesome, finally we get a release date. And it’s on my birthday :-)

  • I’ve never heard of this. Sounds fun & interesting, but is there a demo for us to try?

  • TrueStoryGuy

    I distinctly remember someone posting that Dead Nation was only going to be $9.99. Why the price hike?

  • Does this game still have a kill count for each country? I always thought that was an awesome addition!

    Also is there any survival mode or any other co-op modes that do not tie in with the standard campaign?

    • Yes it does. :-) The standard campaign is pretty much one giant survival mode — your choices are campaign and co-op campaign, or you can choose to play a single level.

  • Phoenix8387

    One word: Awesome!

    Played the Beta and totally loved the game, hugely looking forward to it!

  • @44

    I think it was originally planned to be slit screen only, meaning no online co-op. I assume that is part of the $15 price.

    • There’s no split-screen in Dead Nation — the co-op all happens on one screen, whether you’re in couch co-op or online co-op.

  • Ooh so this isn’t dead rising 2? oops

  • proskatercam

    Awesome! Will definately go for this tomorrow! Need to get a PSN card.

  • dehumanizer_666

    Its about time!!

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