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Nov 16

Nov 16

The Prince of Persia is Back in HD and 3D, Exclusively on PSN

Patrick Brod's Avatar Posted by Community Manager

The Prince of Persia Trilogy will be available for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network, giving you the opportunity to re-live the critically-acclaimed developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studios. These PS2 classics have been upgraded with HD graphics and are ready for 3D-enabled televisions for the first time ever!

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PS3

Do you remember fighting the Vizier? Chasing the Dagger of Time? Trying to save Farah? Well, that was 7 years ago… This huge PS2 hit is prettier than ever on your PS3 in 720p, and for the lucky owners of a 3DTV, added 3D effects to immerse you more than ever in this awesome Arabian Nights tale from Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft Montreal. Getting this game on PSN is simpler than reversing time, right? So don’t wait, jump, wall run, solve puzzles and rewind time today on PSN with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones, the 2 other chapters of this epic tale, will be available in December. Each game will be available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. To join the Prince in his quest for total awesomeness – Prince the warrior, not the singer – visit us on Facebook.

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SwoleRN said:

November 17th, 7:07 am

3D gaming rocks!!!!!!!

VampHuntD said:

November 17th, 8:18 am

WOW, people sure do love to complain. I’m not happy about the Digital Distribution over a disc format which is why I plan to wait to see if a disc is offered (actually, not happy is an under statement. I’ve been trying to find a BC PS3 for certain games and this is one of them.), or at least perhaps a bundle, but it’s not the end of the gaming world folks.

For example, those of you complaining about Hard Drive Room, be thankful that you own a console that allows you to upgrade your HDD without having to buy a unit directly from them (and thus costing you tons more). Upgrade your HDD or delete game data you aren’t using.

I am glad to see some PS2 games get some upgrades and get pitched out to us. Now, how about a Devil May Cry 1-3 set? I’d buy that day 1….(On disc please! Digital Downloads for games like Scott Pilgrim are awesome for instant access, but I want the physical copy for some of my most loved games!)

P.S. Seriously Capcom, get on it. You know you want to and you know it would be a huge hit. I expect it to happen just befroe the DmC reboot launches…(and based on the way Ninja Theory is acting, I may just get the remake and avoid the new “cool” Dante…

Waethorn said:

November 17th, 9:09 am

Can anyone comment as to whether or not a sequel to the 2008 game is at least planned?? I mean, if you said the new series is dead, I’ll take that as a “no”. If you say “no comment”, I’ll take that at least as a “maybe”, even if it’s not a definitive “yes”.

That game was amazing! The massive open world environment was a fresh rethinking of the series, and the mythology made it feel more like fantasy game than the tired Arabian Persia of the standard series. The easy replayability of allowing the player to go and choose levels to replay without having to redo the entire game from the start was also a nice touch. Also, the platforming acrobatics were on a completely new level over the Sands of Time series, but led itself well to the fantasy-like setting and art style (which I also liked a lot). All of these are aspects that The Forgotten Sands lacked.

I’d love to see another multiple-ending Prince of Persia game ala Warrior Within, but set in the mythological ancient Persian realm of the 2008 game.

Spacerac said:

November 17th, 10:41 am

If they can update up to 95% of the most popular games, maybe the PS3 won’t need PS2 back compatibility. Personally I’d be willing to make the switch if there were Crash, Ratchet (Insomniac games only), Jak (Naughty Dog games only), Ape Escape (Main series only, leave the first game’s graphics intact except for improving textures and draw distance), Viewtiful Joe, Gran Turismo collections. Quick subject change-I know a lot of people balk at paying again for a game, but if you don’t want it you don’t have to buy it. I missed out on God of War, Sly, and Ico, so the collections to me are a great opportunity to get to experience them.
As for the Prince of Persia collection, I’ve got the second on PSP but I don’t really like it much (clunky loading times). I’ll more than likely check this out.

Bilouze said:

November 17th, 11:09 am

What about a remake of Price of Persia 2 the Shadow and the Flame ?

Koffman4 said:

November 17th, 11:56 am

Dude, that’s awesome!
Can’t wait to get my PS3, Sands of Time definitely be the first game I get.

BigTStanley said:

November 17th, 1:33 pm

Just have to say a big “Thank You!” to Sony. I missed out on this series when it first came out and have been really tempted lately to track them all down used for my PS2. But, now that they’re all coming in HD (with TROPHIES!!) I now can’t wait to download them all (and at a pretty fair price point in my book).

Thank you Sony for giving me a second chance to experience this series!

Kirkpad said:

November 17th, 4:51 pm

@135 I am having the same problem as you. Thee sound is really bad, like you’re in a freaking cave. The only solution is to turn the sound effects down to about half. Last time I’ll be getting a Ubisoft game for a while (I was expecting a faithful port). I could have saved my money for Dead Nation.


FaLiUrE_pRoNe said:

November 17th, 5:24 pm

Thank…Freaking…God. About time for some decent prince of persia games fro the next gen consoles…to bad it had to be the originals (wich is not a bad thing what so ever). And another praise to the lord that its comin out on the system that I have

EyeSeeYew said:

November 18th, 8:03 am

Not buying unless the option to buy a disc trilogy becomes available. Other places got it, why not in NA?

GreatGreyBeast said:

November 18th, 9:37 pm

@135/158 Sound is nasty here as well. Reverb everywhere, and many effects are far too quiet. I can’t hear the traps unless I’m standing right next to them. There are a few other rough edges as well.


liquidypoo said:

November 19th, 12:48 am

Ubisoft sure is good at pissing their customers off.

Akson23 said:

November 19th, 8:18 am

I really wanted to buy this games since I never played them before but since I saw that it was only a digital download for the psn now I dont want it anymore.Why the hell didnt they make this available for the store also like the god of war collection I dont want to waiste my time waiting for this crap to download I mean its not like its a small file you know.If I wanted to download it I could always just download the ISO file for free.When I buy something I want the full package with the art and case.Why would I want to pay for a digital download when its so easy to get it for free.IDIOTS not everyone likes to buy games in the psn.

MILDRED_48 said:

November 19th, 11:49 pm

I was going to buy the collection for my son as a Christmas gift. What an epic fail!!! I guess i’ll buy an XBOX 360 instead. You’re only burning yourselves SONY

Kirkpad said:

November 20th, 7:55 pm

@164 Sony doesn’t care, this is Ubisofts business, not Sonys.

MILDRED_48 said:

November 21st, 2:04 am

“PS3” is at the top of every game title. SONY is a conglomerate they are paying these developers to make games. Every time you buy a game SONY gets paid.

beastbarbour said:

November 29th, 9:47 am

cant even play the game frezzes at title screen the whole time going to ask for a refund

terrasnet said:

December 10th, 3:26 pm

damn i pay 27 for that game in my ps2

CrazinessCake said:

December 14th, 9:18 am

Haven’t played any of the past games at all lol may have too now, and hears hoping i get psn cards for Christmas lol so i can download the other two :)

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