It Only Does Revolutionary Racing Experiences

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PlayStation Nation,

In just six short days, the franchise that revolutionized the racing category as we know it will be making its exclusive debut on PlayStation 3. Gran Turismo 5 will be racing onto store shelves this coming Wednesday, November 24. This highly anticipated installment will no doubt raise the bar on the franchise’s unparalleled graphics, presentation and gameplay – bringing you an experience so life-like you’ll find it hard to distinguish from a live race.

While we think features such as the all-new Course Maker, an expansive online racing community built right in, stereoscopic 3D compatibility and more than 1,000 cars from the world’s top manufacturers, including karts and select NASCAR cars, speak for themselves, we still couldn’t resist giving one of our most anticipated and loved franchises the “Kevin Butler” treatment. In this latest ad, we find Kevin Butler taking a call from a devoted Gran Turismo fan anxiously waiting for the game’s release. In between showing off his own real-life GT garage and some serious stuntman skills, Kevin fills us in on just how many amazing features were added to GT5 in order to bring you the greatest racing game of all time.

As always you’re the first to see the new ad here but you can also check it out when the Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots on CBS this Sunday as well as on some other great NFL match-ups and many of your favorite shows in the weeks to come.

With the holidays just around the corner, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome GT5 into a robust product lineup that includes PlayStation Move and an exciting roster of Move titles, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition, The Sly Collection, and much more. There’s something for everyone so spread the word and get PS3 on as many holiday shopping lists as you can.

See you in stores on Wednesday and more importantly online in GT5!

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  • Mr. Butler is a professional VP experienced in Adding More Awesome. Do not attempt to escape from GT5’s awesomeness.

  • That move commercial with KB…the distractions one, is just stupid. Tiger Woods patched with Move is going to convince people to buy the device? And at the end how it shows all those move games in background…there’s like 6 games that just keep repeating….

    KB…not very funny anymore. What is funny is that those rediculous kinects are selling well.

    Good luck with GT5

  • Better than I was expecting. Nice job, Sony.

  • neostardust

    Well hopefully this will sell good for the closeing of the year

  • Very nice indeed.

  • l_ShortCircuit_l

    So just how many of those cars are owned by Kevin?


    No doubt. KB is a class act. No matter how many commercials he’s in. God bless you KB.

  • Wait? did it just say Midnight Launch in the Background?

  • Touché Mr. Butler….



    Nicely done, SCEA. This will suffice.

  • Kevin Butler is the best. Best ad campaing ever.

  • That was definitely hilarious. Loved all of the “Reserved for Kevin Butler” signs in the parking lot.

  • MoneyMaker110

    love the laugh

  • Win. Win. Win.

    Playstation for Life! Been part of the PSFamily since the beginning, once nintendo refused to evolve. Sony provides the best content and services to the consumer.

    Don’t fall into the Microsoft trap. Keep to your buisness ethics PLEASE. I don’t want to pay more and get less. Be loyal to yourselves and you’ll have life long fans.


  • MUhahahahhahaa!!!

  • Amazing.

  • Scarface3010

    I love these commercials. GT5 should be the biggest launch title this year!

  • God damnit KB, you just sold a copy of GT5!

  • Great commercial, KB is always FTW! I’ve been a GT fan since the beginning (yes I still have my GT1 save games) but all the delays have left me feeling “meh” for 5. I mean, it’s been 5 freaking years, with delay after delay after broken date. Meanwhile Forza has filled the void quite well, and I’m not sure it’s worth dropping it to buy GT5.

  • Wow Peter Dille needs to make more blog posts, that opening paragraph was just awesome! It pumped me up even more for the game!

  • Great commercial. KB, will you be my Dad?

  • The Race is ON!!!

  • That was one awesome commercial! VP of Add more Awesome! Classic. I can’t wait for this. Oh, and nice way to play off the emotions for all those truly hardcore GT fans. How long was that guy holding the line?!

  • “When they said they needed the test cars back i said Hahaha” that was awesome good way to start my day.

  • shaney2007h

    Dayum KB, is there anything you can’t do?

  • Wait!…. no Jack Tretton picture? Something is fishy…

  • NoGodsOnlyMan

    “When they said they wanted the cars back i said hahaha”

    lmao that was classy
    that alone will sell the game, this will be a mjor global event lol

  • NEOpunisher

    HAHA KB for president!

  • Mr. Butler is a professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt. – Love the small details!

  • this made my day…….LOL

  • My brother hasn’t been on his PS3 for 9 months, GT5 will definitely get him back on it. We’re both in the UK by the way.

  • @ PriestCoke:

    Look closely…Tretton is in there in the background.

  • utopianacht

    lol… awesome ad kevin :P and thnx for releasing gt5 before xmas :XD

  • TheForbiddenOne

    “When they said they needed the test cars back I said lol” *Drives off*

  • No subs. :(

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Its sad kinect is selling so much betetr then Move despite being garbage compared to MOvE, Sony, your marketing is atrocious.

  • That laugh, that majestic laugh.

  • *Mr. Butler is a professional driver, do not attempt.*

    Haha, he does everything.

  • You should have resisted and just featured the game instead.

    Thirteen year old boys who think that clown is funny and the Qore girls are hot are a tiny demographic.

  • pure awesome KB, finally, That Is All.

  • BTW, the game comes out on Tuesday, not Wednesday like the post says. You may want to change that.

  • i_like_toast

    6 more days…is there any way i can use the cell to speed up time?

  • “When they said realistic damage was impossible, I said make it work”.

    Well, they def made unrealistic work.

    Cause GT5 doesn’t have “realistic”. Unless that’s what the last 3 delays were for.

  • BTW: On a positive note, KB is awesome. The laugh was great.


  • Just EPIC!!!

  • Kevin butler should be the next stig…

  • I love the way he came off of that truck (even though that wasn’t really him).

  • @GJD21 The 24th is a Wednesday. OT another great ad by Sony and KB.

  • Isn’t that Jack Tretton(sp) running after KB with the big guy at the end

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