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Nov 22

Nov 22

PlayStation Move is the Best of What’s New in 2010

Knguyen's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

PlayStation Move: Popular Science Best of What's New 2010 Winner

By now, many of you have thrown a punch in The Fight: Lights Out, returned a serve in Sports Champions’ table tennis, or scored a headshot in MAG. After spending some time with PlayStation Move themselves, some of the industry’s top critics have seen first-hand the power and precision of the PlayStation Move platform. As a result, Move has been recognized with one of the industry’s most coveted awards. We’re very excited to share with you that Popular Science has awarded PlayStation Move with their 2010 Best of What’s New award in the home entertainment category, an accolade we’re extremely proud of.

The editors of Popular Science selected Move as the only video game technology worthy of the honor this year, calling it the “most immersive gaming controller” on the market and “the first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids’ stuff”.

PlayStation Move for PS3

But that isn’t the only honor PlayStation Move has earned as of late. Recently, Move was also named a CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering award winner in the electronic gaming hardware category. In addition, Move was awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval in the video game category. Each of these honors demonstrates Move’s ability to provide a versatile experience and also speaks to the variety of software already available.

When we set out to develop Move, we knew it had to offer something for everyone. It had to improve and build upon the core gaming experience that PlayStation fans have come to expect from their PS3 system, but it also had to open a new dimension of entertainment to those who may have never considered themselves gamers. If these awards are any indication, I’d say we’ve succeeded at what we set out to do. With games like The Fight: Lights Out, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, SingStar Dance and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, to name a few out this year, and an already exciting lineup of 2011 games – including Killzone 3, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALS and LittleBigPlanet 2 – we remain committed to offering the most immersive motion gaming experience available.

Thanks for all your support.

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D-Squad3 said:

November 22nd, 2:00 pm

Good news, I still need to get one of my own! Hopefully I can get one for X-Mas.

Craazy said:

November 22nd, 2:00 pm

I like it….the Move is brilliant!

SmooshyKing said:

November 22nd, 2:10 pm

Why sully the good vibe by mentioning The Fight? What a pathetic game.

abd_alazeez2002 said:

November 22nd, 2:16 pm

move is very nice and simple to use and play with

i liked trumble a lot and can’t wait for LBP 2 with move support

dragonmagician said:

November 22nd, 2:16 pm

Congratulation!! Looking forward to 2nd year Move games, and BEYOND.

SGAShepp said:

November 22nd, 2:16 pm

Bravo Sony\Playstation.. Keep it up!

darkbeto-vzla said:

November 22nd, 2:17 pm

I’m getting my second one so a can punch some faces xD

Kirkpad said:

November 22nd, 2:19 pm

I’ll be testing out the move controls in Auditorium HD tomorrow, and Tumble was just revolutionary! I showed some regular non-casual shooter fans Tumble and they were in love. It is truly stunning tech for young and old alike.

Mikal_Drey said:

November 22nd, 2:21 pm

hey hey

acruate yes. now fix the drift issues

SkyNet003 said:

November 22nd, 2:21 pm

Mmmm… still not interested. Sorry.

gamermania said:

November 22nd, 2:25 pm

I am proud to be a PS Move Owner = )

ForgiveMyAim said:

November 22nd, 2:32 pm

The technology is excellent, now make us some good games! I’m already bored of being #1 worldwide in sports champions

Jeigh said:

November 22nd, 2:37 pm

I truly hope shooters are the “revolution” Move’s going to lead. The thing has serious potential as a wand, sword, stick, pointer and so much else. Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 are the only games I’ll even consider using the Move with, and that’s because I’m already planning to get those. Show me some of that fantasy-based awesomeness the PS2 was known for.

poodude said:

November 22nd, 2:52 pm

Good job Sony; I’ll probably be getting my Move next year so I can play Dead Space: Extraction and Sorcery with it.

KidCommando said:

November 22nd, 3:21 pm

MOVE [deleted], Get out the way, Get out the way, [deleted],
get out the way!

Neil said:

November 22nd, 3:24 pm

You know what this blog needs? A list of upcoming Move enabled games. Even if the release dates are vague (i.e. January or Spring 2011). I know Beat Sketcher comes out tomorrow but what’s next?

niwrA said:

November 22nd, 3:35 pm

@3: I love The Fight. It’s a little hardcore in both presentation and handholding, which is a pity in some respects – I’d love to get my wife into this game or be able to play it while my kid is around, so a skin with a lot of fighting tutorials would be great. But I love target practice and the fighting is so satisfying (especially if you’re smart enough to level up your fighter’s abilities, or are already a good fighter).

And the tracking is just phenomenal. Just look here where I’m just messing about testing its tracking:

S-E-G said:

November 22nd, 3:42 pm

my “most immersive gaming controller” has been collecting dust for a long time now and i really don’t see anything coming in the near future that will make me want to dust them off.
killzone 3, that’s about it

Berae said:

November 22nd, 3:46 pm

I like Move and i will get The fight soon but i cant wait to see more about it like The sorcery that looks like a game made for this technology.

polo155 said:

November 22nd, 3:49 pm

They got it Dead On, it has me building blocks again, annd i loved it too then i went and shot up some RE5 Zombies after i got a few sets of HVB. My true next grab besides GT5 is “The Shoot” with the Attachmen Gun for the Move! HooRaaah!

thebishop said:

November 22nd, 3:50 pm

Are we ever going to see a big-budget Move-only game from one of Sony’s top studios?

The only traditional “gamer’s game” I’ve seen that is totally designed around Move is Sorcery. The game looks promising, and I’m definitely excited to see what The Workshop cooks up. But what about Sony’s studios who have already proven themselves?

How about a 3D platformer/adventure from the Sony Cambridge (Medievil)? Or a futuristic cyberpunk RPG from Sony Santa Monica (God of War)? I’m just spitballing here, but I’d really like to see a Must-Have kind of game that must be played with the Move.

ManaKnight said:

November 22nd, 3:54 pm

@thebishop Developing higher profile/bigger budget games takes more time. I guarantee we’ll start to see many of them late next year. We didn’t see amazing games the level of Uncharted, Killzone 2, God of War, etc. launch with PS3.

Permafry_42 said:

November 22nd, 4:00 pm

the only games i got move for were lbp2 (since i know there will be a lot of great level and games created that make full use of the move), and ape escape move. though wii has more hardcore games IMO like dk country returns, madworld, metroid prime trilogy, etc.

boneyardweller89 said:

November 22nd, 4:05 pm

I love my PlayStation Move! But I don’t have many games to play for it! =( I can’t wait for Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4!

Destiny89 said:

November 22nd, 4:07 pm

Very nice indeed

Dino007 said:

November 22nd, 4:16 pm

it’s fracking hard to use on MAG!!!!! Gotta get used to that one.

Chuckbait said:

November 22nd, 4:35 pm


dylantalon said:

November 22nd, 4:36 pm

the move is way better than i initially thought it would be. i’m just very happy that move is amazing and that it works as advertised but i guess you only get quality when its an official sony product. i just cant wait to see what psp2 looks like and i’m homping that the screen is at least over 5 inches with some sort of 3g online support.

dylantalon said:

November 22nd, 4:36 pm


footballrule said:

November 22nd, 4:37 pm

I think the title is incorrect, because the best “What’s New in 2010” will be Gran Turismo 5. :p

Anyway, i might pick up a Move sometime next year or so.

zekececil14 said:

November 22nd, 5:00 pm

Still can’t find any in stores, (but Kinect is stocked full) but I am getting one for christmas fo sho!

digitalman123 said:

November 22nd, 5:14 pm

I’m hoping to get the Eyepet bundle at Toys R Us for Christmas!

NukeAtomrod said:

November 22nd, 6:51 pm

The Move is great tech. Sony deserves all the praise they’re getting. It just needs a few rock solid titles. Tiger Woods 2012 and Fight Night Round 5 could have potential. Along with Sorcery and some other new experiences.

Hopefully they’ll all take full advantage of this awesome machine.

jdneul said:

November 22nd, 11:41 pm

@Mikal_Drey try turning off all light sources or playing with the blinds shut i found that light sources make my reticule drift, but if you turn it off it seems to solve the problem

move is brilliant i am still playing it i am loving time crisis and the fight which are not bad games, makes me wonder what games the reviewers were actually playing when i look at the score they got, time crisis is 8/10 and the fight is more of a 7/10 and the controls work fine as long as you calibrate and punch right this is for hardcore players not wimps ( am a girl so if i can get it out of patience and learning so can u)

TheGuardianFID said:

November 23rd, 7:40 am

Congratz guys, well deserved!!! 8)

MonkeyGibber said:

November 23rd, 8:26 am

PLEASE do some marketing with these awards! You guys really need to spend some money on marketing, it’s a joke. Everywhere I turn it’s kinect this, kinect that…c’mon Sony put up a fight, you can’t rely on word of mouth about awards you have to do some aggressive marketing.

end of rant. sheesh.

e-77 said:

November 23rd, 12:40 pm

GREAT! keep moving, I want more Sports Champions disciplines/sports!!. Maybe Sport Champions II ??

Victoryismine52 said:

November 23rd, 1:59 pm

@niwrA Your video has officially peaked my interest

theultimatenub said:

November 23rd, 9:16 pm

cant wait gonna get it for Christmas =]

Kpnda6669 said:

November 24th, 1:53 am

“the first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids’ stuff”.

Enough said. ^^

humble-dragon said:

November 24th, 9:52 pm

I love tumble … I am hooked… played it until the controller died… for 10 bucks it’s so far my favorite move game… I love the MAG compatibility and want to try it with rapala pro bass fishing

usaicon said:

December 15th, 6:32 pm

I’ve been playing Tiger Woods on the Wii since 2008 and have loved it. I bought my first Playstation last month when I learned about the move. Having the improved graphics over the Wii, along with the move, made my decision an easy one. I am not overly impressed with the controls on the move compared to the Wii, however. In order to make fine adustments for putting, you must use the arrows on the dual shock. So my work around is to place the dual shock on a small table next to where I stand. I can then use both the move and dual shock with not much difficulty, but if Sony had done a proper job, I shouldn’t have to jump through these extra hoops. I also have problems with drift as others have blogged about in shooter games. My drift problem occurs after I am lined up to make the shot, and as I am pointing the move to the ground and start squeezing the trigger, the screen shifts to the right. This only happens a few times during a round but it is aggrevating when it does. Other than that I have been happy with the move and am glad I can now play in 1080p. The PS3 definitely beats the Wii in the graphics department.

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