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Nov 24

Nov 24

Popular Shows from BBC America To Debut Today!

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by VP, PlayStation Network

Hi everyone — A lot of us around here are big fans of “Top Gear,” the wildly popular and Emmy award-winning BBC show that features a group of men doing exciting, interesting and potentially dangerous test drives of cars in different environments. Now, we are excited to announce the U.S. version of “Top Gear” is making its debut in the PlayStation Network Video Store today. And, for the next two weeks, you can download and enjoy the first episode for free, offering a great segue to today’s launch of Gran Turismo 5.

PlayStation Network - BBC

This is all part of a new television content offering from the BBC, making classic and current seasons of popular TV shows from BBC AMERICA available on the PlayStation Network. Each week, the “Video” section of the PlayStation Store will add additional BBC AMERICA programming, including “Top Gear,” “Doctor Who,” the channel’s record setting science fiction series featuring the eccentric galactic protector, “Being Human,” the popular supernatural drama featuring a trio of friends who happen to be a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf, plus many more hits set to debut in both High Definition (HD) for $2.99 and Standard Definition (SD) for $1.99 on the PlayStation Store throughout December.

So grab a pint, kick back, and enjoy… Cheers, mate!

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SpyDudeFX said:

November 24th, 9:38 pm

Sounds great, PS Store needs season pass offering.

purplestream said:

November 24th, 9:39 pm

cool. I really like how you guys are putting a lot of new features for ps3.

ycole11 said:

November 24th, 9:39 pm

Finally, this is great news.

JesseHaysFL said:

November 24th, 9:41 pm

This is cool, Top Gear America is a cool show… back to GT5

Butters360 said:

November 24th, 9:42 pm

This is AMAZING! SpyDudeFX is correct though, The PlayStation Store really needs a season pass option for those that download the entire series, like me ;) Thank you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

TheBartender said:

November 24th, 10:11 pm

At first I was excited, then I saw that you posted the US version of Top Gear, rather than the superior UK version.

That’s a shame.

fuzzyclutter said:

November 24th, 10:20 pm

sooo…. when is gt5 going to be … oh wait … DOH !!! LOL

siggy_p said:

November 24th, 10:27 pm

I’d rather have the UK version but thanks anyways.

Qutarpoundr said:

November 24th, 10:42 pm

How sad, this is like getting Gobots instead of Transformers for xmas…

DustoMan said:

November 24th, 10:48 pm

So I assume you ment to put an image up of the UK version since you’re talking about BBC America. That *other* Top Gear is on History. It says that on the graphic! Are you guys already drunk on turkey!

MailOrderClone said:

November 24th, 11:12 pm

I actually enjoyed the first episode of Top Gear America. It’s a bit rough around the edges, particularly as far as the hosts are concerned, and some of the dialogue seemed overly-scripted, but the technical aspects are top-notch and the cars were wonderful. I really hope that the show lasts long enough for the hosts to hit their stride.

But you certainly can’t argue with the price.

frankma1962 said:

November 24th, 11:37 pm

The Doctor?!?!? On the PSN?!?!?!?!? Next you’re going to tell me that there will be costumes and a Tardis apartment on Home soon. :D

MainEv3nt_69 said:

November 24th, 11:39 pm

is this for the Canadian video store as well?

palancar said:

November 24th, 11:39 pm

That sounds nice and all but I can download from iTunes for the same price and it’s easier to take with me and it’s free from OnDemand with both Fios and Comcast. Nice thought though, may knock the dust off of my PSP for Top Gear.

Neil said:

November 25th, 12:01 am

Bring over “An Idiot Abroad” from Sky1 HD.

Haskell420 said:

November 25th, 1:13 am

Very nice and all, but I think somethings missing from the topic post. It would be really cool, if in the near, near future, the Playstation Plus members, would get it for FREE, or, get a massive discount 1/2 -3/4 Off the price of Non PS Plus subscribers.


Aromaci said:

November 25th, 2:24 am

There’s an American ver. of Top Gear?! *Facepalm*

Jimmy_Cosmos said:

November 25th, 3:05 am

American version of Top Gear? lol they gonna show people how to drive badly made cars to McDonalds?

johnthomas1780 said:

November 25th, 3:39 am

Very nice and all, but I think somethings missing from the topic post. It would be really cool, if in the near, near future, the Playstation Plus members, would get it for FREE, or, get a massive discount is given to members. It is very necessary.

perrandy said:

November 25th, 5:26 am

freebies are always welcomed! XD
anyways, happy thanksgiving/turkey day/dia del pavo and for rey dia del guanajo!/sangiving XD

judalation said:

November 25th, 5:29 am

Thanks sony you rock!

perrandy said:

November 25th, 5:33 am

i meant happy thanks giving for all in scea and for my fellow bloggers here too! (ahem) i just woke up thats why couldnt finish the whole thing,earlier

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

November 25th, 5:53 am

Video store = BIG waste of money!

igorrocks2 said:

November 25th, 6:42 am

@Cyb3rfr34k-iso: Top Gear worth of $2.99 so stop make goofy statements!

igorrocks2 said:

November 25th, 6:47 am

@SpyDudeFX^ Life to a season pass on PSN Video Store … I agree 100%+

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

November 25th, 6:54 am

i bought over 1000$ of PSN games and 0$ in video store.
top gear worth to get downloaded trough MU & torrent in 720p.mkv.
and play trough PS3 Media Server.

igorrocks2 said:

November 25th, 7:59 am

@Cyb3rfr34k-iso: I spend 5 times more on PS3 and Sony devices =)) If you think 1000$ now days a lot of money then in what age are you live? I don’t Like when people try to show off – “I spend-I spend” Do you think Sony will get from your $1000 – 100% profit?! they spend 5 times more a minute for you to been able download and use PSN at this mater of time and that amount is growing every day.. This will be great if the get 5% of your money in the profit frame.. how they make profit then!? N number of customers but don’t forget while I type this will add up 100 customers at least. Okay, you use torrents but do you ever think in terms of World economy how much money you stolen from your country? And then people complain “Oh my salary sucks!” Ask your self why!? Not forget torrents are illegal actions to You may get in jail for 8-15 year….

madhi19 said:

November 25th, 8:06 am

Doctor Who FTW!

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

November 25th, 8:14 am

lol im only talking about 1000$ PSN cards this years.
i have over 90 PS3 retail games in my collection.
i’m a father of 2 young kids and i cant afford to pay for free TV show.
watching TV show is illegal? hmmm i’m not sure about that.

dont make like you r better… LOL
i have 2 PS3, 4 PS3 controller, 1 PSP, 2 cam 2 MOVE, i’m a PS+ memember for a years sub, 2 SONY HDTV 50″ for me and 32″ for my 6 years son”.
i spend over 100$ every month JUST in PSN card + ~ 1 retail game by weeks

so when i say spending money in the video store is not worth your money. it’s because i think a digital movie DONT WORTH the same price a the RETAIL disc.

anderpants said:

November 25th, 8:22 am

I’m glad everyone who commented and complained about the offering of Top Gear bothered to read the entire post… oh wait… they didn’t do that.
It says you’ll be able to get BOTH versions of TG people.!!!
I’m also thankful that I can now get TG from somewhere other than iTunes…. I hate giving money to Steve Jobs and would much rather send Sony money for shows.
Good job PSN!

Vallanthaz said:

November 25th, 8:25 am

Get Merlin up there, too.

Great show!

NeoHumpty said:

November 25th, 8:31 am


NDC89 said:

November 25th, 11:07 am

THE DOCTOR!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! My pants need to be changed after this information.

JeffSolo said:

November 25th, 12:46 pm

The US Top Gear is chuffing pooh!!
Why isn’t the original and ”award winning” TG available?

JeffSolo said:

November 25th, 12:49 pm

*edit* sorry, should of read through. :) UK version also to be available. Brill. Thnx PSN

gillettjoe said:

November 25th, 2:01 pm

Wow, first time I heard of the US version o_0.

Top Gear is just great.

JacobeAbam said:

November 25th, 3:06 pm

where origin version of top gear from uk?

digitalman123 said:

November 25th, 3:36 pm

PS3’s got alot of stuff.
Still waiting on a model that makes sandwiches!

Gandark said:

November 25th, 5:21 pm

First off i’m american, I just watched the american top gear last night and i hated it, the hosts were trying to be funny like the British hosts in the British version but fail badly, they need to get new hosts!!!!!!

XxBlackcat008xX said:

November 25th, 7:53 pm

that’s the American version of top gear, it sucks, and isn’t on bbc America, the British version of top gear is awesome, and on bbc America, which is coming to the store?

boxmyth said:

November 26th, 7:05 am

Top Gear (UK) is the best show ever. I absolutely love it.
The American version is alright. They just started, so I’ll give them time to pull everything together as well as the original has.

clupula668 said:

November 26th, 7:45 am

Very glad to see Doctor Who showing up on the Playstation Store. Very much hope that the Christmas special will show up at the same time on there too.

jpbslayer said:

November 26th, 9:55 am

lmao @7

awsome_robot said:

November 26th, 1:49 pm

top gear uk >> top gear usa.

i didn’t like the hosts, they have 0 charisma, low humor, too scripted (dialogue between hosts is less natural than the uk version). I know its just been one episode, but it wasn’t good enough for me to keep tuning in.

Sekoku said:

November 27th, 9:23 pm

But… the American Top Gear is terrible right now. Why couldn’t you provide a free (AND SUBBED) British Top Gear episode? Like the Vietnam special?

HatmanTc said:

November 27th, 9:43 pm

I can’t wait for Doctor Who to show up on the PSN. I have been waiting for this for quite some time now.

As for Being Human, that show is so hard to describe to people and have them take you seriously when you tell them its a good show. i do wonder if the US version of the show will be any good. SyFy is suppose to be making it

McSaTeN said:

November 28th, 11:17 am

American Top Gear is rubbish, Jeremy Clarkson FTW

JoeSPAR10 said:

November 28th, 9:40 pm

I’d rather watch Jon Davis’ sexy windbreakers on MotorWeek than this derivative US garbage. We’re embarrassing ourselves. Jeez, they even have Big Stig.

Call me when you start selling the original UK Top Gear. That’s worth spending money on. Better yet just send me a message. I’ll be online in GT5.

Venom1976 said:

November 30th, 9:59 am

I’m assuming that most of these shows are on the way since only Top Gear is available right now?

LordRaoh said:

December 17th, 10:26 am

this is awesome, now bring over The IT crowd and misfits.

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