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Nov 30

Nov 30

New Patch and DLC Info for The Fight: Lights Out

Josh Miller's Avatar Posted by Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America

Hey there, Fight fans. Thanks to those of you who have given us feedback on The Fight: Lights Out since it launched; today we’re bringing you the first update to the game. This update resolves several small issues reported by players and includes the ability to make your fighter transparent in order to get a better view of your opponent.

If that weren’t enough, you will now be able to use all of the boss characters as well as the main man, Duke, to use in both online and offline multiplayer modes as part of the Duke DLC pack.

The patch will soon be available to download when you start up the game and the Duke DLC will be available from PlayStation Store in December.

The Fight: Lights Out is a brand new type of fighting game. It puts your moves and your actions directly into the game, with an unprecedented level of freedom. Your own skill is the only limit.

But as with all great new things, there is, of course, some great new rules and details to learn. Freedom is better when you know what to do with it, so we’ve put together these little bonus tutorials to help everyone get to grips with this wholly new way to play fighting games. For more helpful videos, click here.

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hesido said:

December 1st, 8:22 am

Hi Josh, the patch is MOST welcome!

Have you toned down the AI a bit, for the first rounds at least? I seem to be able to put them down more easily.. If so, that’s also nice. Even the second fighter was a tough nut to crack. I hope you are keeping the AI the same for later levels, tho. I don’t want it to be all casual! (If you haven’t changed the AI, let us know!)

ZalAamir said:

December 1st, 9:57 am


but GT5 did have a few demos :P

jokes aside; understandable(RPG elements), but i dont see what’s so difficult about just stating on the welcome screen that the demo is not 100% indicative of the final product. it never is,anyway…

or give us a character that has been “upgraded” to about 50% and let us see how it feels like to control that character.

it’s not like RPGs havent had demos before.
or any other game that requires levelling up,for that matter.

i mean, given the tons of negative reviews the game has been getting, surely a simple demo would only help sell the game?

hell,just look at the comments here..there’s already hateful remarks on the game by someone who may or may not have even held the game’s box,let alone actually play the thing.

OverTaker said:

December 1st, 10:49 am

This game is raw first a boxing game then a workout,this game rocks.

True I can only play in the mornings with the sun hitting
my bay window but it works and works well.

I love the 1 to 1, the head tracking is flawless their are some issues in the game, like some of the cheating and the fact that they wont you to pay to cheat even online.

But I would steel give this game a solid 8/10.

Elvick_ said:

December 1st, 11:26 am

@50: Please. inFamous has a demo and they just slap you into the most powerful version of Cole you get. So you can experience everything that the game has to offer.

That’s what they need to do with this. Give people a demo that has stats high enough so that the initial hurdle of low stats isn’t an issue, so people can see how the game is when you really get into it.

Elvick_ said:

December 1st, 11:27 am

Anyhoo, I hope that this game is selling well despite the ignorant reviewers. It looks well made, it’s just not my kind of game though. If there were a demo, I’d try it out though.

Heavenly_king said:

December 1st, 5:43 pm

Looks like a good game, I think I will buy it soon. Keep the good work Sony :D.

Rhez said:

December 1st, 11:40 pm

Kewl, I’ve never had a problem with the lack of transparency. But I love the game so far completed a few locales already. Seriously may be one of the most underrated games of the year.

fischer5001 said:

December 2nd, 9:35 pm

I’m going to get the Move just for this game! its TOO sick to miss out on.

Rekruut said:

December 3rd, 4:29 am

Great you guys are listening to the fans. How about a first person view? Many people are asking this on different forums. I don’t know if this is hard to implement. It’s also something that comes up in many reviews.

NinthGenHero said:

December 9th, 6:23 am

This goes out to Josh Miller, thank you for creating such an awesome game, I am hoping you got a chance to see my videos on YouTube, and hoping we contributed to the input in developing the patch, thanks again!

hughgo187 said:

December 13th, 12:37 am

I got this game when it first came out and its totally my favourite of all the move games out so far, really enjoy the single player but the multiplayer annoys a lot because every time I try to play it my character goes all bung, as soon as a fight begins it goes all bung and my fighter has his hands right up as if I am holding my hands right up, then get smoked by some dude whos stats are at about 10 even though mine are at 80 or so because my dude cant throw a punch properly, I’ve never had this issue in single player only every time I try multiplayer, really sucks otherwise its a great game…

PeeAss-X said:

December 16th, 7:56 am

Just wondering if the patch is available for R3(Asia) version as i don’t see prompt for patch download when i start game

RushNRoll said:

December 20th, 1:23 pm

I personally agree with the 2.5/10 reviews out there. This game is so underdeveloped and the most frustrating game I’ve EVER played! It’s so bad, I don’t even know where to begin.

a) There is an annoying delay between when I swing the controller and when my character swings on the screen.

b) The AI player constantly is moving away from you, so you end up wildly swinging in the air and not connecting 90% of your punches. That wears you out physically as well as your game stamina is always low. The AI never has issues connecting his punches! This is by far the most frustrating thing with this game.

c) The same stupid hip-hop beat plays OVER AND OVER AND OVER. There is no music variation or an option to play your own tracks.

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