LittleBigPlanet 2 Update – Our December Checklist

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LittleBigPlanet 2 compilation

December is here, and LittleBigPlanet 2 is right around the corner – so we’re putting together our own little checklist to make sure we’re ready for the big launch on January 18th.

Final Box Art and Collectors Edition Packaging – Done

LBP2: Special Edition Box LBP2: Collectors Edition Box

ESRB Rating – Done

E rating - LBP2

Online Servers – Almost Done

Final phase testing this month. New invites go out next week. BTW, we’ve updated the online beta to test the new ‘voice recording’ features, so check out this handy tutorial from Moleynator @ Sackinima

FREE LBP2 PSN Demo – Prepping for PlayStation Store on 12/22

Sackboy holding controller

Kevin Butler TV spot – In the Editing Phase

KB sketch

In-store Displays – Done

LBP2: In-store displays

Sackboy Costume – Done

LittleBigPlanet Costume

Holiday Wrapping Paper – Done

LBP2 wrapping paper

There’s a ton more on our list, but let us know if we’ve missed anything (of if you have any ideas…)

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21 Author Replies

  • awesome hopefully i can get into the next round of beta, cant wait for the CE! and thats a really cool costume!

  • So will the demo have online and you can go to the moon are it just the story mode.

  • starBlinky01

    I am looking so forward to this game man.

    What kind of content will be in the demo??

  • I seriously want some of that wrapping paper. I hope some of my presents, as well as presents I’ll give, will be wrapped in it :). Please tell me it’ll be available in America?

  • Squiggy2010

    “Haters on the blog – Confirmed!” ROFLMAO. Thanks for the LBP2 update, if Kevin Butler is involved, the word ‘epic’ is confirmed.

  • ShadowKnight1m1

    Definetly looking forward to this

  • Will Plus members ever see a Beta of this..?
    Oh and btw, the only 2 games I wanted this year..GT5 and LBP2.
    Still waiting for GT5, quite happy with the new release of GT4-HD…….ooops omg it is GT5…oh well atleast the GT5 cars will look good in GT6…maybe….lol.

  • Sweet will be picking up the CE day one!^_^

  • footballrule

    Glad to see their is a Beta update! I’m gonna go back on the Beta and check it out! Glad the game is almost finished! :)

  • Tallgeese69

    Are we going to see billboards??? That would be awesome cause it makes my neice happy seeing that the game is that much closer to launch.

  • xtremekid77

    Could we still pre-order the C.E.?

  • makingmusic

    That being said, the cover is excellent despite the fugly logos. I can’t wait for my CE to arrive from Amazon on January 18th!

    Though I don’t really consider it a “Collector’s” edition. More like a regular edition of the game with additional goodies. Nothing really collectible or special about the game itself. But then, I’m used to the old “pre-order and get a fancy golden cartridge” days. Though SCEE still does that stuff, with their steelbooks. Oh how I wish I could get a steelbook for Killzone 3.

  • I want some wrapping paper. It looks amazing

  • I can’t wait! I am looking forward to this game! :D

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is SO exciting!

    And where the heck can we get some of that x-mas wrap?! That’s amazing, I want to wrap every present with it this year!!! :)

  • So if we preorder the CE, and you guys run out of copies, are we SOL? You won’t be making anymore if you run out?

    I was ready to use my Amazon $20 credit on LBP2 until it got delayed. I used it on another game. I could trade in some of my old games & get some credit for them, and use that for this CE! I may just do that!

  • shadysaiyanz

    Another box ruined by that ugly ass Move bubble……….

    Why do all the games with Move support all say “Only on PlayStation”? as to assume the game is exclusive? (even on multiplatform games)

    If it is aimed at the fact that the exclusive thing is the Move itself then its just really dumb to put that on there because duh its made by Sony… and it just wastes more space under the ugly blue bubble.

    When it comes to boxart design (universal on PS3, idk why you got to go and ruin it with ugly bubbles like that and whats also ugly and doesn’t even fit or look right at the “Exclusive Content” bars. They don’t match and they have a cheap metal look to them… can someone in Sony’s boxart design be fired for starting such stupid things with bad designs?..

    Will be getting LBP2 though, just wont look at the box much…

  • MoneyMaker110

    i’m so excited i might go through the first game again soon and the dlc

  • Really excited for this game, but here’s one thing I think they should add;
    The ability to import pictures as stickers. I don’t have a PSEYE so I can’t even make my own stickers for levels. Also, when I tried to buy a PSEYE from EB games the guy said they cancelled making them. Which I knew was wrong, so I called him a tool and then left.

  • I am hoping very much that my Plus account (sub) gets into the beta..and if the selection is based on time with LBP then I’m hopeful.My daughter plays LBP daily for hours and has for quite some time. I had promised her she would have the game by Christmas but after the delay she has settled for a chance at the beta but at the very least she will get the demo but I’m hopeful that her LBP playtime will get her into the beta. I can hope right? I guess after the beta selections have been made one way or the other..I’ll have to find something else to bug @Playstation and @mediamolecule about…

  • What’s the point of the wrapping paper when the game is coming out after Christmas time…?

  • Well, it looks like the Europeans get sacked. Why is that we only get a steelcase with some DLC while the Americans get this big box?

    I thought Media Molecule was a European company… C’mon guys. Get Europe (at the least the Western countries) this cool Collector’s Edition, cause now I feel I’ve been sacked… and that’s not good.

  • amazing news!!! january is gonna be fun =)

  • im another that won this from the subway fiery contest will i still get my copy? i won it back in september

  • I agree with @69.
    What was wrong with the original box-art cover? It was great as it was. I liked it a lot and I’m sick of whoever keeps changing (and messing up) box-arts… like Heavy Rain, and then when a game gets the Greatest Hits treatment, not only is the whole case and PS3 branding messed with and overly painted red, but usually they spam the front of the game with review icons, quotes and “editor choice award”s.. It’s getting out of hand and it really ruins the attraction and presentation of a game. I just got KZ2 new and I don’t even want to have the case in my collection. Don’t even ask how they later messed up the regular version of Uncharted 2’s box art (not even talking about the GOTY edition)… I felt like I was going to throw up when I realized it was actually a permanent part of the boxart, not some sticker… How they could do that to the cover of such a great game? If there was ever anything that has been defiled… it was UC2’s cover.

  • I’m not saying this cover is bad, just not as good as the original. I would be happy if you just combined the two somehow… with unique characteristics/aspects/parts from both… the new one is just too obnoxious with all the light colors that provide little contrast and the sackboy sticking his tongue out, and all the extreme expressions/emotions displayed… there is just no class or subtlety … I know one of your main audiences is the casual/family/younger group but you don’t need to change from a perfectly good and balanced cover like you had before.

    Or how about you guys hold a vote that reaches the blog here, facebook,, wherever, so that the community can vote on their favorite. I mean, you guys did show the older/original one as your box art for a long time now and it was one you guys would have used if the game was not delayed, and then to just suddenly change it to something completely different is unexpected and messed up. Heck even the Subway challenge showed the older one.

  • And lay off of I3rand0, guys. He raised valid concerns. It’s uncalled for to call him a “hater” or “nood” or that he was “owned” in any way, shape or form. I know we all love LBP, and we all hope LBP2 will be everything we expect, but LBP had (and still has) it’s problems with online… esp. the voice chat and disconnects. It’s okay to address problems… it’s called constructive criticism and it usually helps. At least it’s better than pretending the problems are not there. He could have said it in a better manner I suppose, but I found it amusing…

    And for the love of all that is holy, will you please remove that HIDEOUS PlayStation Move Compatible half-sphere icon… IT IS UGLY AS A BOWL MOVEMENT! Not only that, but it’s obnoxiously intrusive on the box art… Why can’t you put that on the back with everything else or make it a smaller label? I know that you guys want to market move and sell a lot of games for it, but for a game that only has a minor part on it that is move enabled when it comes on the disk.. its just very unnecessary and intrusive. it’s the same if you guys would have a huge icon that was a half of a controller to represent the DS3 compatibility… Please, just stop and think about this.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LBP2. the first lbp set a new level in gaming and i hope this one carrys on too. what is the biggest thing you guys have done to improve it.

  • crazysky108

    Hello, I don’t know if it’s been answered yet somewhere or not, but I’ve got a couple questions I’d really like answered.

    First, I know that all DLC from LBP 1 will be going to LBP 2, but what I want to know is… will it transfer our saved costumes as well? Like for example, say I put a skeleton with a sombrero and saved that costume, will it still be there in LBP 2? I’m asking since I put a lot of effort into stickoring and decorating my costumes and it takes quite a while.

    And second quick one… my LBP 1 file had to be copied because of technical issues, so I can’t get trophies and what not… will I be able to still transfer my data to LBP 2 and get trophies? Hope it’ll still work.

    Anyways, thanks a lot, LBP is my favorite game of all time and I can’t wait for it to come out even if my costumes or even my file doesn’t work.

  • Pre-ordered…DONE! :D

  • All I do these days is watch youtube movies of the amazing things people have made in the Beta :/

    But I’m worried I won’t get in. I got PS+ hoping to increase my chances, but I’ve barely been able to play LBP for the past few months while I’ve been traveling and then moving. I hope they look at how much time I’ve played and created in the game lifetime, and not just in recent months… Please be just, oh gods of sack! :)

  • GadgetLover

    Valledor, how do i join the beta if available? I’m planning to get the PS+ Subscription soon.

  • Does this mean that we don’t get the sackboy plushie anymore in Europe? Because that’s the only reason i preordered the collectors edition

  • I’m sorry, but that big blue bubble in the corner of the box art is really ugly and it makes me want the game less and less. It’s for this reason I’m not in a rush to get The Sly Collection.

  • Soulless007

    Is the Collector’s Edition going to be back up for preorder on Gamestop’s website again?

  • Epicness … check!

  • Will you be able to buy some Little Big Planet 2 wrapping paper in stores or is that just something sony workers get

  • sonni-kukko

    Can you get collectors edition from the stores without pre ordering?

  • Thanks for putting my video up there. :) I was very surprised to see it here! :D

  • Soulless007


    Good question also

  • pantherandboo

    This game looks ausome i herd media molicule made a collecters edition i pre orderd right away! but hopfully i get to try it out before january . also do all ps+ members get the beta just wondering :)

  • My birthday is 1/22 so I guess you guys are giving me an early birthday gift.

  • My birthday is 1/19. So it makes a great gift.

    You really need to get more merchandise for LBP. Sony brought the LBP plushies to PAX, they sold out on the first day after just a few hours. People were buying multiples. It’s popular. I waited for almost 8 weeks on Amazon to get some myself.

    I have the PAX zipper T-Shirt and it’s my favorite. Please release more, and please consider using Amazon or different retailers, the last shirts from Hot-Topic only made it to 2 stores in the Seattle area and I was too far away to make it.

  • foodlionslave

    I was bummed because the release date was changed. Then I was bummed because I’m not part of the beta. Now everything is great because January is so close & this game looks so awesome. I can hardly wait. I’m so glad I pre-ordered.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be bookends and a plushie? I’m looking at the box and there’s no mention of them. You didn’t eat my C.E. stuff did you?

  • No 3d… but 3d glasses in the game itself…….. you guys have just made me very sad :(

  • ascensionseeker

    i love the collector edition. Preordered back waaaaaay back and i am so happy to get this game !


    thank you so much!

    It’s gonna be goooooood local co-op gameplay again !!!


  • I bought a 3d tv specific for this game and Killzone 3… I just wish you’d guys give me some confidence that you would add 3d or something :(

  • littlebigworld56

    Where can I buy the dualshock Holder?

  • littlebigworld56

    when it is in stors

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