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Dec 06

Dec 06

PS3 System Software Update (v3.55)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

A new PS3 system software update, v3.55, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch.

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TheBartender said:

December 6th, 10:14 pm

This had better fix the rampant blu-ray drive issues as well. It seems like nobody at Sony has been listening.


Replace the (DOT) with a period. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

phpwizz said:

December 6th, 10:22 pm

Im all for the cross game chat … That would be the best feature to add …. Xbox 360 has it and its great … They do really need to add this … Hell add cross game video chat with a little screen in the corner … But yea they will never stop the hackers … its just an endless game of cat and mouse … Sony should stop worrying about the 5% they will lose in game sales and start trying to promote more online games and features of PSN. but just like the car makers (GMC, ect) they are more worried about their own paychecks. Remember video games started as a dream … not to fatten there pockets. Overpaid sony top employee’s and the underpaid developers. Dont get me started … updated one console anyhow just to stay online :)

EggySong85 said:

December 6th, 10:25 pm

Here’s an idea. Put some really must-have features in these security patch updates so that people who hack their consoles will regret having done so! Sound hard?

StatikBit said:

December 6th, 10:26 pm

Prince_Principe said:

December 6th, 10:27 pm

awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!a security patch!!! OHHHH MY GOD!!! THANKS SONY!!!!

Runsapuusa said:

December 6th, 10:28 pm

Ugh…please don’t be like the PSP where at least 3/4 of the patches were just security patches for cfw.

We need some real features in order to keep the xmb fresh.

arcain27 said:

December 6th, 10:40 pm

Man… I’m a PS fan, but after these several updates since… 3.00 i have been thinking of getting an X-box 360. anyone want a non-hacked 3.55 PS3?
My friends failed to convince me into getting a 360 but SONY did a flawless job in making me abandon my dream of becoming a 1st party Game developer for the PS3. its clear that the 360 is the superior game console thanks to the now brain dead programmers of the PS Hardware, and to think i actually fought for a PS3 over a 360 for my family to use. BIG Regret thanks to this up-date and almost all previous ones.
SONY if your actually reading these comments please tell me when will we see an up-date that will add some feature that will make the PS3 worth playing? or at least tell me the point in these security up-dates.
if its to fight the hackers, why not just overwhelm them with a machine were theirs no point in hacking?
I paid a ton for this console and all I’m getting is about 1/10 of the reasons i wanted this machine.


December 6th, 10:45 pm

Is this the reason I am having trouble logging on to the PSN to play on line?

ato1984 said:

December 6th, 10:54 pm

i know that there’s a new system update but i normally download the system update using a storage device!!! when are they going to upload the new patch??

TheBartender said:

December 6th, 10:58 pm

And the answer is… no. It hasn’t fixed the blu-ray drive issues in my PS3.

Great f*cking work, Sony. Once again, you prove that you have no concern for the opinions and complaints of your consumers, as long as their problems net you more money.

thundergod_cid said:

December 6th, 10:59 pm

just one update at a time thats what makes them so good

jgrizzle358 said:

December 6th, 11:01 pm

This is going to turn into the PSP all over again. Never any new features, just patch after patch after patch to stop pirates, and all the new patches will be broken in a few days. Meanwhile because they are so focused on this, we never get any useful new features again. Pointless.

I understand that they want to protect their platform and I can’t blame them either, but they should have learned already that this is the wrong way to go about doing it.

JoeBeyond000 said:

December 6th, 11:08 pm

Cool, Thanks for the update. Also is there ever going to be an update to the Custom Themes Toolbox cause the current one is a little outdated and most of the newer icons on the XMB display with a question mark instead of an icon.

ato1984 said:

December 6th, 11:10 pm

they need to upload the new patch in the playstation home page!!!!

Heitor_Sammael said:

December 6th, 11:25 pm

Aside from the update that changes nothing for the user, im having problem downloading it from the ps3. And its not on the site to download, plz put it there

austinite04 said:

December 6th, 11:25 pm

How about a security patch and something called CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT???

syk1288 said:

December 6th, 11:34 pm

Has anyone noticed the Trailers Icon under the Video section?

If you have trailers downloaded from the PS Store you should have an Icon that puts all your trailers into one folder.

You then click on the Trailers icon and you would see all your trailers within that folder.

mrdeadhead said:

December 6th, 11:37 pm

people who are expecting a bonus, don’t get your hopes up.

“Security Updates” are usually things that *save* Sony money, so they’ll push them out whenever they can.

now, the stuff they could *make* money off of they’ll wait and lump into big combo packs.

dudumaroja said:

December 6th, 11:37 pm

I fell very secured already! do i need to update?

Lexiare said:

December 6th, 11:40 pm

Sony Keep up the good work! No more Jailbreakers! Would be nice if theres an update to destroy Modded Controllers etc. pathetic if someone needs a modded controller, or some cheap way to win online.. Games are to have fun, Not prove that you have no life other than to try your hardest to win at something in the lamest way.

Anyway Thanks for the update! Keep them coming!

estoc1 said:

December 6th, 11:44 pm

Security updates are g h e y!

jgrizzle358 said:

December 6th, 11:55 pm

The problem with cross game chat and auto-syncing trophies is that MS patented those ideas, so Sony can’t actually use them. Same thing with custom music in games. MS patented the idea, so Sony can’t lay the groundwork for it. It falls on the shoulders of the developers to manually implement it into each game. So really, I don’t see those features ever getting added.

fuzzyclutter said:

December 7th, 12:09 am

first off YOU CANT PATENT XGAME CHAT, AUTO SYNCING TROPHIE OR IN GAME MUSIC . Thats like saying you can patent a door knob , so nobody else can make a means to open doors . YOU CANT PATENT CONCEPTS YOU CAN ONLY PATENT HARDWARE , & SOFTWARE sony chooses to use the current business model of letting Devs decide . good too . team based games will suffer from X GAME CHAT .

dojikyo said:

December 7th, 12:13 am

Rated a 4. Not because, I’m actually pumped about it, but it is nice to see some info.

because_of_me said:

December 7th, 12:14 am

hey guys the new update just came out,so should i update it or not?
i don`t have the jailbreak so,think i should go for it?

oly1kenobi said:

December 7th, 12:19 am

updated fast!!

entice7_1 said:

December 7th, 12:30 am

i just updated…no new features at all. :-(
but thanks anyway Sony!!!

x1STP_KLOSRx said:

December 7th, 12:35 am

Honestly, there is absolutely no reason to skip the update if you’re not using a console with a mod. I downloaded the update back to back of the Gran Turismo 5 update and I had no problems along the way.

WakeXT said:

December 7th, 1:15 am

How about improving the title update process instead?

A simple download manager to resume disconnected updates from where they were at the point of the connection failure, so you don’t have to download the whole thing from the beginning again?

Reducing the 80029564 error failures?

Not corrupting earlier updates if a later one fails?!

Seriously, I can’t update Uncharted 2 at all because either my connection fails during one of the many updates, the first update corrupts already or if update1 went through, update2 corrupts and takes update1 down with it. Awesome.

Or how about offering game updates like the system software to load via PC to an USB stick????

beastbarbour said:

December 7th, 1:22 am

yay a new update has been a while since we had one even if if its secruity update

LAK3R50WN said:

December 7th, 1:25 am

This is ridiculous! Where is In-Game Voice Chat?!?!?!! Don’t you understand? This the most important feature we want! Stop everything you’re doing and make it happen! Devote everyone on your firmware update team to this!

However I am kinda pissed that I have a 30mbps(3.66mb/s) download speed on my WiFi computer and a 2mbps(244kb/s) download speed on my WiFi PS3.

uk_crom said:

December 7th, 1:43 am

I hope its to stop the lame ppl that have jailbroken there PS3. I hope it bricks there console, those are the same ppl that play with cheats on and spoil the whole online gaming experience.

chelieguy07 said:

December 7th, 1:46 am

I’d be happy if I could just watch my Sunshine blu-ray again. :(

Seb0uh212 said:

December 7th, 2:00 am

how can i make the updatee ?

Lexiare said:

December 7th, 2:01 am

I agree with uk_crom! Jailbreakers should be permenetly banned off PSN.. Really can’t stand Modders, hackers, Jailbreakers etc..

kinkyshoe said:

December 7th, 2:01 am

Another suggestion: if you’re going to release an update, make it available to download on the PC – WHEN you release it to the PS3. It’s pretty lame to have to wait until you get around to updating your website to save the hassle of downloading it twice for our two consoles. Here in Alaska, it’s a hassle because of the time involved over the slow connections speeds available to us, not to mention the enormous waste of bandwidth… Bad enough that we have to separately download every home update.

Seb0uh212 said:

December 7th, 2:08 am

what should i do to get the update ?

VenomUK said:

December 7th, 2:20 am


Doofusdude said:

December 7th, 2:21 am


We have that. I was going to go find it and link it to you, but I found out the updates come in .pkg form… which you can’t install. Sorry!

loadstone007 said:

December 7th, 2:21 am

Everyone pity #1.

Doofusdude said:

December 7th, 2:22 am

The download Via PC, put on USB, install thing I meant. Sorry again, had to clarify.

CeroDouble said:

December 7th, 2:37 am

I appreciate these types of patch, not just because they protect sony, but also they protect us from people hacking the games like MW2. Lately I’ve been experiencing hackers in MW2 and that blows.

DannGrant said:

December 7th, 2:59 am

How about releasing some features that make a better experience for the user?

We’ve had nothing for the best part of a year…

jaqbly said:

December 7th, 3:03 am

Maybe if sony utilized the hardware and put some really good features in their software then hackers might not want to hack the system. I like my system modded and I dont backup pirated games I only backup my games so I dont have to buy them again because my kids messed them up. I know that the majority of folks modding their ps3 are only wanting to pirate games but not everyone. The main feature I want from an update is to allow a person that buys a game, to register it with sony, and then sony can push them a copy of the game from the internet to the ps3 hard drive incase their original gets damaged. that would be only fair.

ArielElia95 said:

December 7th, 3:04 am

I wish it was Cross game chat update..

jaqbly said:

December 7th, 3:08 am

To the people that claim not to like modders, hackers, or jailbreakers, you only say that because you lack the skill to do it yourself. Get some skills then talk.

eViLjAy79 said:

December 7th, 3:17 am

wondering if this update will make my blu ray read again since the last update killed it….

markzinn said:

December 7th, 3:23 am

Great Sony… but.. and PSN to Brazil??? lol

Bramd said:

December 7th, 3:27 am

last update:
before we can copy our saved files to another PS3
with the last update not anymore

this update:
more restrictions for us?

i wonder…

superpj1 said:

December 7th, 3:28 am

people need to understand that hacking the ps3 is useless. pirates take 4 months to hack it and sony fixes it in 1 week.

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