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Dec 06

Dec 06

PS3 System Software Update (v3.55)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

A new PS3 system software update, v3.55, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch.

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BLACK_SOUL87 said:

December 7th, 7:12 am

Backward Compatibility with PS2 (Software/Firmware Update)

BLACK_SOUL87 said:

December 7th, 7:14 am

Black ops really give me headache everytime i try to invite frd or join frd’s party its says “error the sever not available” :@


December 7th, 7:23 am

i have been a sony fanboy since the walkman days , but ever since sony came out with the ps3 , i have been disappointed with them. i have never liked xbox but lately sony’s decisions have made me think should i buy a new xbox 360 the one that doesn’t have rrod problems . you waste peoples time with security updates , why don’t sony just ban the hackers . the hackers are not going to UPDATE can’t you simpletons at sony realise that , microsoft did. SONY THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM IS YOU NEED TO DO CONSOLE BANS , NOT CRAP FIRMWARE

Tokiopop said:

December 7th, 7:25 am

Lol, I love all these kiddies who are like “yeah take dat u pirates!”.

If the PS3 was more open, like letting you install Linux (like you could before) or run homebrew no one would have had to have hacked it, and you idiots wouldn’t have to whine/bum these updates.

virus_2049 said:

December 7th, 7:28 am


the comment made about not being able to put custom music in games at least is not true. i noticed in the game kung fu rider(a crappy game i know)it has the option to play music from your hard drive on the game. i think little big planet had the feature for a while. one big game did i am sure. it is not that they can’t for legal reasons, its because they just have yet to actually do it, leaving it up to the developer to support it

VectorRaven said:

December 7th, 7:28 am


ShadowOfEden said:

December 7th, 7:31 am

Why are people complaining about Sony wasting their time? Damn, just enjoy your freaking life for 5 minutes while it downloads. Some even complained and mentionned they have an X360. I have one also and bought a second PS3 a few weeks ago (first one worked fine, but I wanted to change my fully backward compatible system while it was still worth a lot) so while my PS3 was transfering and updating, I just switched the TV to my X360 and played it.


December 7th, 7:32 am

im thinking the people who make firmwares do these dumb security updates so they can get paid extra instead of just solving the problem with console bans/bricks scea knock some sense into scej or just keep bending over .too many pillow biters in the USA FTW

Vu_Prime said:

December 7th, 7:34 am

Can’t wait to download this. Awesome blossom with EXTRA Awesome!

MrJellany said:

December 7th, 7:46 am

This sucks!!! i wanna xbox!!!

sprayNpray said:

December 7th, 7:56 am

Thanks!/Awesome!/I’m sucking up so hard my face is turning blue!/Best update ever!/Yay! You get those meanie pirates!

If your post looked like anything above, I pity you.

Congratulations, SONY, another pointless update that will stop the pirates that probably haven’t updated with the last 4-5 updates. I guess I should just consider myself lucky that you didn’t take away anymore features that I paid $600 dollars for (other OS).

How bout you spend your time more wisely (like hurrying up with the internal testing for the black ops patch that will hopefully fix that broken game).

FreakyBobo said:

December 7th, 7:56 am

Damn, recently got the error code 80010410 or something, which means it wont read any games ive purchased after Black Ops, which time to time needs spaming x to make it launch.

So, i need a new PS3 for xmas, thanks to Sony’s faulty blu-ray reader >:(

cortesc130 said:

December 7th, 7:58 am

Sony stop messing around and give us new features!

RicPo420 said:

December 7th, 8:00 am

why is everyone so hard up about cross-game chat?, it’s callled use a telephone, if you really need to get a message to another person and you don’t know them well enough to call on the phone, I’d just want to send a message anyway, I wouldnt actually want to talk to that person via crossgame chat, useless I say… but also stop wasting time with useless updates..

Touraj said:

December 7th, 8:01 am

Another joke, another Firmware from Sony … Every time we have to put our PS3 on risk (not to break) to update crappy firmware… ah !

ddrockfan said:

December 7th, 8:11 am

Yeah, I want a PS3 Software Christmas Gift :)

LucifersCurse said:

December 7th, 8:11 am

@Skater_Ricky finally someone that has some proper and worth while thoughts.

I have sent Sony a few emails about this sort of thing pretty much naming all the things you had noted and their response was that they do not take suggestions from the public consumer!

I love Sony but way to make the consumer (a long time one at that) feel unwanted.

Do you think if all of us, say went on strike and didn’t buy any new games or hardware from Sony for a month that they might listen? that has to cost them some money there right?

I’m sick of us not being heard we’ve all been talking about these same features that have been denied to us for the last 3-4 years!!!

Faithful Sony consumer

mavelousj said:

December 7th, 8:13 am

Man… where the good stuff at sony?! always updates… but no good stuff… i mean come on.. a lot of people are probably not happy about this… or complaining about the same thing…

cortesc130 said:

December 7th, 8:16 am

@mavelousj – Mostly everyone is. Sony needs to focus on new features. There is so much that can make PSN much better. Sony is a big team, they can make it happen.

hertzum said:

December 7th, 8:17 am

Like so many others, I would like to request that you start to add features, rather than removing them.

The only thing the constant harassment that Sony is doing to it’s customers, will lead to, is cracking the PlayStation 3.

Sony needs to pull it’s act together. Stop taking away features people paid for and stop ignoring people.

Please, stop claiming that you’re releasing “security” patches. It doesn’t make my Playstation 3 system more secure that you’ve made it harder for me to install an older version of the operating system — it only makes me like Sony less.

cortesc130 said:

December 7th, 8:21 am

@Hertzum – I agree with you all the way.

Angel_mass said:

December 7th, 8:22 am

Sony why dont you give us a big update with some new feature just to keep us happy. Feed us please!

Nedley_Mandingo said:

December 7th, 8:29 am

Merry F’n Christmas to you too Sony. What did we lose this time?

smoovag3 said:

December 7th, 8:32 am

my update wont update

mavelousj said:

December 7th, 8:41 am

@cortesc130 they should give us some good updates though… if they want people to be happy about the updates they should add some new feature that will keep us happy… Sony is a big team.. Yet… they can’t give us Big Updates… if they weren’t lazy.. maybe we would get some nice features…

TwinDad said:

December 7th, 8:54 am


Realize that the hacker/pirates don’t take their console online, so the firmware update doesn’t punish them until you force the games to require that firmware version. Nothing to Ban if you don’t see it.

I know they lose money to piracy, and I can respect that. But they should have learned a lesson from the PSP that the only thing that stopped them was lawsuits.

Belgarion123 said:

December 7th, 8:56 am

I want, I want, I want. My god you all sound just like my 3 year old. Grow up. Pic up a phone and call some one. God cross game chat isn’t that great. Your parents need to quit giving you everything you want when you demand it. Maybe then you might have respect for the things you have and what people may give to you. Demanding that Sony give you things will not get them to you any faster. Now suggesting that they do something to improve the system and not being and a$$ about it they may listen to you. Think about it.

wink311 said:

December 7th, 8:57 am

security patch? great.

i wanna know when you’ll fix the compatibility issue with my SUNSHINE BLU-RAY. thanks, sirs.

cortesc130 said:

December 7th, 9:02 am

@mavelousj – Exactly I agree. The thing is Sony is not paying attention to any customers ideas. Like you said before if they were not lazy then maybe we can get some nice features going on instead of these crappy updates that customers don’t care for. We as the customers are the ones making Sony money, They should listen to us on what we have to say. Sony doesn’t know that many of the peoples ideas can make Sony alot more money and a better network. If Sony would of have the time to learn about all the great ideas we all have to make PSN a better network, then we will be on the right track.

Pashmina626 said:

December 7th, 9:12 am

Is this new update alright to download since I was seeing off the boards here on the site that a few users were having problems or should I just not worry about that?.

grundmoon said:

December 7th, 9:14 am

Hey Sony, is that we don’t want to keep the Ps3 free of hacks… I personaly had a Jailbreak on my hands AND I DON’T WANT THAT, I would only instal difrent fonts on the ps3 if I could.
Isn’t asking for too much for stuff that we really wanted and could really work out?
I have and I love [not in a fanboy term] the ps3.
but the market doesn’t wait, your rivals like MicroSoft will not wait and they have alo a great console wich I don’t own because I don’t need, I have made my choise. Is up to you Sony to keep your constumers happy not just on gamming but also in community.
It’s your call, Love from a fan!

Superstrokey1123 said:

December 7th, 9:31 am

@306, jesus… what language was that supposed to be?

evil23alej said:

December 7th, 9:37 am

bitter bitter people

SAVAGE_11 said:

December 7th, 9:42 am

come on sony security patch??
so the hackers get a nice little security update to play with but we loyal customers dont get anything to play with..
very very disappointed.
i’m really considering not to update.
this is an out rage.
if the ps3 gets jailbreaked again past this 3.55 security update.
i will hack it for sure..
just because we dont get anything from you this Christmas not even as plus members just same amount of game’s nothing really big…
this is the low point for sony this year even if you forced gt5 out early..

mavelousj said:

December 7th, 9:48 am

@cortesc130 – enough said :D agree with you :D

lordErk said:

December 7th, 9:48 am

Geez guys, you’d think you all paid for this update and were screwed over because all it did was made the system more secure. Boo hoo, we don’t have new features. Get over it. Seriously, what happened to just playing games? Are we so spoiled that every time we turn on something we expect something new and free?

Good grief,
Charlie Brown

deft1 said:

December 7th, 9:50 am

just keep ignoring all our needs and bother us with a crap security update that won’t be secure tomorrow…lol… how about you add features that we’ve been asking for years now??… anyone remember the first was modded and dongled to death and it still broke sales records and games flew off the shelves!!.. take care of your customers and give them what they want..update with some goodies all the time!..that’s what we want!!

jsf1987 said:

December 7th, 10:22 am

I usually don’t post blog comments but I just want to say this: Security updates are important too. They help protect the system and Sony so quit complaining. Thank you.


jsf1987 said:

December 7th, 10:23 am

and I’d like to add if you don’t like it sell your PS3 and get another system. Sony does what it has to do as a company to keep going. Obviously few of you understand business.

The_Gooner85 said:

December 7th, 10:39 am

In your face Pirates !!!!
I hope this will keep them away for a while,
mofos ruined GT5 sales


December 7th, 10:39 am

@jsf1987 If sony wanted to REALY protect its system , don’t you think they should have console bans/bricks the hackers and find out who they are. This seems more like sony running away imo. if somebody was jumping my fence to steal my chickens , should i just make my fence higher ? i would make it higher but i would put cameras and alarms to catch the mofo s. definitely want to catch the mofo s that are stealing from me if thats is what this is all about . but its not.

buffon___Q8 said:

December 7th, 11:01 am

ya it just patch but you must do it to play online how can we know you dont use jill or what is hah?

sindiewen said:

December 7th, 11:08 am

Yawn. Another boring update that fixes nothing but adds more frustration to the users.

This aint gonna stop modders or hackers. Eventually there gonna crack the console agian on a newer firmware. Look at nintendo, there console is overrun by modders and they cannot stop it.

legolord464 said:

December 7th, 11:46 am

come out with a new game like playstation home

PlayDude77 said:

December 7th, 11:52 am

Playstation, it only does… USELESS updates!

Way to disappoint the legit user base!

PlayerUMD said:

December 7th, 11:56 am

This is useless.

I was expecting an awesome firmware update with lots of new features, but got very disappointed when I read “This is a minor update that adds a security patch”.

Sony, just make the legit users happy and forget the rest of them.

I might get an Xbox 360 because I’m feeling very unsatisfied with PS3 due to Sony’s bad actions. Want a solution? Do PS3 banwaves like Microsoft does on Xbox 360.

gilgamesh21 said:

December 7th, 11:59 am

Hi Eric, could a new update address these issues too?
1.Please allow the option to choose the “system start-up” I want.
a. Original “Sony Computer Entertainment/ classical music”.
b. New “PS3/ neo-classical music”.
2. Allow me to have the XMB icons/words stay visible or fade.
3.Please allow me to choose which “media boot-up” screen I want.
a. Original “PLAYSTATION 3/ jingle” splash screen.
b. New “black screen/ no jingle”.
c. Perhaps a “PS3/ jingle” splash.
The original splash is comfortable and heart warming!
4. Please bring back basic black! I want the old black colour theme with my sparkles please! PSP has lots of colours to choose from PS3 doesn’t.
5. Allow me to turn off the Whats New icon, completely removing it from my XMB.
6. Allow multiple profiles to login on same console for each controller in use & earn trophies (just like 360).-This one is very important!
Everyone loves customization. Playstation 3 users obviously love to customize the XMB.
Thanks for your hardwork, I appreciate that Sony is trying to make PS3/PSN/XMB better. Have a good week!

regentpark said:

December 7th, 12:00 pm

Thank you for the update as always. Always a proud PSFan, and have subscibed to PSPlus! 1 question, shouldn’t this be allowed with automatic download (update) thing?

gilgamesh21 said:

December 7th, 12:01 pm

Please allow multiple profiles to log in on the same console for each controller in use & earn trophies (just like 360).-This one is very important!
I just wanted to emphasis this one again as it has a big bearing on what system I buy games for.

Thanks again!

filipdr said:

December 7th, 12:02 pm

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