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Dec 06

Dec 06

Quests Added to PlayStation Rewards Program

Chris Hagedorn's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Rewards Team

Since the launch of the PlayStation Rewards beta, members have been benefiting from doing the things they love to do on PlayStation and progressing towards Select, Pro and Legendary. You may have even seen some of the members that have already reached a rewards tier showing off their status in the forums or online via their exclusive PSN avatars.

PlayStation Rewards

When we announced the PlayStation Rewards program, we promised that it would continually be evolving. We have heard your feedback and today are excited to announce the addition of Quests to the program, which provide yet another fun way for members to participate and earn progress. Quests are PlayStation-related activities that you can complete to directly add to your progress meter.

For example, with Quests, users will earn progress for playing an eligible PlayStation Move game in the “Move It” quest, for watching PlayStation Network’s PULSE in HD on their PS3 system in the “Check Your Pulse” quest, or for visiting the Central Plaza in PlayStation Home in the “No Place Like Home” quest. Nine Quests will be released in the beta by tomorrow, and we’ll be adding crafty new quests throughout the year for your enjoyment.

We hope those of you in the program are enjoying it so far. PlayStation Rewards was made to recognize and reward members for doing the things they love – interacting with and experiencing the entertainment that PlayStation offers. As users play games, check out PlayStation Network’s original programming, review games and explore PlayStation Home, they will earn progress toward the program’s three tiers – Select, Pro and Legendary status. In addition, members of PlayStation Rewards will be eligible to win exclusive prizes and collectible memorabilia throughout the year.

When the PlayStation Rewards program becomes available to everyone in April next year, be sure to check out Quests as a fun way to get involved with all the things you love to do with PlayStation.

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Arminies said:

December 7th, 3:05 pm

you know i dont get it. i have 2050+ Trophies. PS+ subscriber, play ALL my games only on PS3 and i love my PSP to death, i buy a new game every psn update, have over 90 psn games, 20 minis, 12 psp digital games 25+ PS1 psn games and still no invite. how the hell do i get in? i am “loyal” as one can get to the damn brand. yes my 360 that i never use i got invited into their beta programs left and right.

RPhero said:

December 8th, 5:33 am

Hmmm. I am not to sure what I think of the program so far.
This was advertised as getting rewards for doing things you enjoy doing, such as doing what you normally do. However, this is more of a Club Penguin quest thing that my daughter would play. So there are a bunch of hoops to jump through just as someone mentioned. I know that many GAP members or those welcomed to the program were selected for a reason, which is a reward on itself, but for a beta you don’t leave much room for feedback or address it.

I too have completed a few of those “quests” just for participation purposes and have yet to see any advancement. It also lists no quests being completed. What gives?

o0cacoto0o said:

December 8th, 6:11 am

I think the rewards progress bar is for playing a lot of games and working on getting trophies. I don’t know how it exactly works but I’m Pro.

LANfill said:

December 8th, 7:55 am

downloaded PULSE last night and the quest is not complete. Am I doing something wrong?

RPhero said:

December 8th, 9:27 am

I’m not sure how anyone can be listed as pro as this program just rolled out. I have a huge library, plenty of trophies, purchase 50% of my tiles from PSN and have been a GAP member for like almost 10 years. Even with all that plus all my registered devices, I am below select. I would expect that to be the same for all, if not something is stinky about this program.

J-PASO said:

December 8th, 12:39 pm

OK my question is I have done 2 of these quests (one last night and one today) and they are still not completed on my list…How do we know if the server picks up on it???

Angel__Maiden said:

December 8th, 1:26 pm

i don’t know if this has been asked yet, but…

i didn’t get the Playstation Plus package yet but i plan on doing so…

since this has been released already i’m unsure if i can participate in the Rewards Beta…

so to condense it, here is my question: If i buy playstation plus now will i still have access to the rewards beta?… or have i missed my chance to be apart of that?

RPhero said:

December 9th, 6:21 am

The program was via invite only and as far as I know the invites expired on 11/04.

Angel__Maiden said:

December 9th, 8:44 am


if you read the early blogs regarding the Rewards when it was first mentioned, i believe it said that the invite is for certain members who had been active and such and that PS+ users could too, but those who didn’t have PS+ could only get in by invite and by being active and such, but for the PS+ member at the time access was permitted regardless…

but now you say that it was closed to invites on 11/4

in that case my question is half answered and half not

can i still be apart of the rewards program with a PS+ purchase at this point in time or no?

and if no… i don’t want to sound demanding… but i need to know why so i know the reason i can’t get in at this point

if anyone could be friendly enough to answer i would be very grateful

RPhero said:

December 9th, 6:53 pm

This is quote from introduction of the program:

“If you’re a GAP member or PlayStation Plus subscriber in the U.S., who is opted-in to marketing as of October 24th, be sure to look for your invitation and sign-up for PlayStation Rewards.”

It is not an automatic in for GAP or Plus members. It is still via an invite that you had to confirm before the 11/4 date.

There are plenty of reasons why you don’t continue to spill more testers into a beta when you are catching and reviewing data. However, that could change and that is entirely up to Sony.

PS Plus will surely have more betas to participate in, just don’t purchase it for that reason alone (Plus does have its own advantages).

acerazer1 said:

December 11th, 10:27 am

I’m in PS Plus, and I get the store updates and stuff in my email, but I never got an invite for the rewards program. Did I completely miss out?

BIFFz said:

December 11th, 2:43 pm

I like the quest idea. It has you doing different things to earn rewards.

footballrule said:

December 11th, 6:01 pm

I’ve already completed 2 quests! Can’t wait to see my progress bar move! :)

Chaoticblaze27 said:

December 11th, 8:02 pm

I Played 3 PS Move Games so far hopefully my level sky rockets. I’m a big Fan of the Ps Rewards Program

scooter1265 said:

December 11th, 10:00 pm

Man, wish I would get invited.

Owned every PS platform, owned every Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm (Minus Artic Edge). And I’m a Plus Member.

This really doesn’t add up.
Somebody want to reply, or do I have to screw with Customer Service?

Mza49311 said:

December 12th, 2:40 pm

I think the bugs on getting credit for the the stuff we’re supposed to get credit for. I’ve have some of these quests done for days and none show completed.

RPhero said:

December 14th, 6:37 am

Just an update to my earlier post about hoops and data not posting:

It is working just fine and those hoops are there for a reason.
Just be patient with the updates, remember this is a shake down cruise. Reporting may vary.

mad_agoknee said:

December 14th, 11:01 am

I am completely lost on this rewards program. I signed up clicked on a few sweepstakes cool. THen the quests came. I completed at least two of them (read the sony emails and download pulse) last week. Went to my rewards tab today and it is showing no completed quests. How are these quests being tracked? I am completely lost…thanks for any replies

SlashGashTerror1 said:

December 14th, 6:57 pm

i never received a beta for this and i joined july 1…whats the deal sony?

Hammett84 said:

December 15th, 7:24 am

I’ve bought and played new games, I’ve done tasks to complete quests, I’ve purchased and rented content from the store, and nothing, no change in progress, or “completed quests”.

Dont understand what the problem is.

Lugster said:

December 17th, 8:44 pm

I know I completed a bunch of “Quests” and I still don’t see any progress updates. It’s been a few weeks. What’t happening here???????????

firevalk01 said:

December 20th, 3:35 pm

ok im pretty sure i am enrolled in the rewards program how do i check it?

firevalk01 said:

December 20th, 3:59 pm

nvm i found the enrollment email. luckily i hadn’t deleted it lol.

msd997 said:

December 22nd, 8:32 am

I’ve been completing quests for the past several weeks but the site doesn’t recognize a single one of them as completed. What can be done to make it recognize the completed quests?

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