Pulse 12/7 Available Today: Kung-Fu LIVE and TRON: Evolution

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With the holiday season upon us, this edition of PULSE highlights the latest in games, add-ons and new video releases to enjoy right now. Step inside a comic book world of martial arts foes in Kung-Fu LIVE, check out a Tier 1 arsenal with the Medal of Honor Multiplayer Shortcut Pack, and fly through the grid of lightcycle action in TRON: Evolution.

We’ve also got the top PlayStation Move titles for your holiday wish list, and Veronica Belmont previews Episode 31 of Qore. In new video releases, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan tweak perception in Inception as Nicholas Cage whips up another blazing performance in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

So watch now, or download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store publish.

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  • coboltcurse

    What time will Kung Fu live be added to the store?

  • w00t!!!!

  • @ 1 it will be added after 5pm eastern

  • coboltcurse

    Thanks Nuradeen.

  • I love watching PULSE. Wish it was weekly tho :P

  • Inception!! Woot!

  • BrianMcGuinness


    Can’t wait for Kung Fu.

  • Tron: Evolution looks awful…Just awful.

  • Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    why is she always half nude…?
    sony marketing strategy?

  • Seriously how about some new features like voice messaging, party chat and to be able to changed our PSN ID without losing anything.That 3.55 update wasn’t nothing. Pulse is good and all but this would even be better. Please make it happen!

  • So when are those LBP2 beta invites going out this week?

  • Stoffinator

    Pulse still kicks Qore butt.

  • make plus part of the playstation reward program too , love the show , i wish it would be longer with more info on at least sony first party studios or game designers , so many franchises so many in house studios , show is great but more content wouldnt hurt at all

  • So, it’s the end of the year and you guys are STILL taking my money?!

    Jeez when will you put out a load of crap so I’m not interested in getting anything and spending money? Oh yeah, that’s right never. SCE always has to put out all the goods! Sheesh! See, this is why I will never move out of my mom’s basement!

    I kid though. We dont have basements here in Miami. o.o Really looking forward to downloading Kung-Fu Live and Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves today along with all the other goodies.

    Cant wait for Echochrome II and Eat Them. Maybe you guys could slip me one of those for free ;) *cough cough*

  • MetalGearCrysis

    I’ll pass on Tron. I hope the store updates at a decent time today…like before 10PM Eastern.

  • Is kung fu live going to have a demo? I want to make sure it is going to work with my living room setup. I hear you have to have a good background.

  • sounds like fun…cant wait for the update….WOOOOT

  • pitythefool852

    Christina, sexy Christina
    What are these strange enchantments that start whenever you’re near?

    Christina, sexy Christina
    Why can’t you whisper the words that my heart is longing to hear?

  • pitythefool852

    PS: I hope Kung Fu: Live is getting a demo

  • Wow, she’s hot. I should have been watching PULSE

  • jimmyfoxhound



  • Awesome! Can wait to download this!

  • I mean can’t.

  • @ comment No. 9

    She isn’t “half nude”, you just simply have a problem with attractive young women.

  • LOL!
    Christina, You got ’em singing songs to you!

    Great job, pitythefool852.

    I enjoy Pulse as well, I have to say. Christina does a great job. She looks like she enjoys what se does.

    Thanks for bringing this to us, Kevin.

  • Love Pulse….and Christina.

  • Everybody will be KUNG FU FIGHTING!!!

  • Undead_reapers

    Yeah still waiting for the store update..ughh, its taking sooo long. I love pulse and watching christina, shes a hottie.

  • cool update

  • Sum-Mischief

    I sure love pulse … <3

  • curtgradpower1up

    keep get better and better 4 playstation store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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