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Dec 08

Dec 08

Coming to PlayStation Plus: More Early Holiday Presents!

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VP, PlayStation Network

PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

‘Tis the season to give… so our team is prepping a special gift for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. We already revealed our biggest PlayStation Plus publishes yet, including free downloads of games like Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse and Crash Team Racing. Along with those featured games, we also have some other surprises that will keep PlayStation Plus subscribers busy over the holiday break.

DC Universe Online 2 DC Universe Online

Coming soon to all PlayStation Plus subscribers is a free download of the beta for Sony Online Entertainment’s newest MMORPG, DC Universe Online, from the PlayStation Plus section in the PlayStation Store. From there, they can create their own super hero (or super villain) and take an adventure through Jim Lee’s vision of the DC universe. We will have more information on the exact timing of the beta in the near future, so be sure to keep your eyes on the blog.

Our holiday cheer isn’t stopping there! On December 21, we have another special PlayStation Plus publish. To start things off, we will be releasing a full game trial of 2K Games highly acclaimed first person shooter, Borderlands. Also, for our arcade loving PlayStation Plus subscribers, we will be discounting a handful of classic NEOGEO games the day they arrive on the PlayStation Network. Finally, we will be offering a free download of an upcoming minis title, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks, and a sale on DICE’s multiplayer classic, Battlefield 1943. Check out the full list of content coming below.

NEOGEO - Metal Slug NEOGEO - King of Fighters '94

Look for the beta and other PlayStation Plus content coming soon and have fun playing it over the holidays!

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 12/21:

Full Game Trial
Borderlands (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Featured Games
A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks – Minis (Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $1.99)

Discounted Games
Alpha Mission (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Art of Fighting (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Baseball Stars Professional (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Fatal Fury (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
League Bowling (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Magician Lord (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Metal Slug (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Samurai Showdown (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Super Sidekicks (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
The King of Fighters ’94 (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Battlefield 1943 (40% off) (PlayStation Plus price $8.99, regular price $14.99)

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X-FLIP-X said:

December 9th, 6:48 am

Great update!

Borderlands Free Game Trial: Awesome! Been wanting to try it!

NEOGEO games discounted: Buying Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury

FREE STUFF: Never played Sam & Max but I heard great things about it. Also, I am totally playing Crash Team Racing with my friends and such. AND, DC Universe online beta = AWESOME!

This is one of the best updates yet in my opinion!

mixedkidbx said:

December 9th, 7:12 am

Even though i want to be in the beat for DCUO, i still can’t see paying $50 for PS+ when there still hasnt been anything in the recent games being up for grabs for free. Also the 20% discount still wouldn’t justify the cost either.

I do have hopes for PS+ in the long run, but currently it’s not something i want. Until they start offering new games up for grabs as the free games, give full trial demo’s of recent games, and have better rewards for being in this program, i wont be joining it.

I hope i get into the beta for DCUO through the main site where i signed up.

Keyeszx said:

December 9th, 7:18 am

This is ridiculous. Is Sony that hungry for money? Why do people keep buying this? It’s just discounts that are paid for. So they aren’t really discounts. I have seen no new features given to playstation plus users. I can chat with friends and do everything just not download a game for a lower price.

What is becoming of betas now a days. It use to be dedicated members would get in not every yokel that bought something.

xxnike629xx said:

December 9th, 7:20 am

Sony isn’t hungry for money. They’re trying to cater to our requests and it just took them some time.

PS+ has it’s benefits, but I personally don’t have it nor will I. I know you can get discounts and early access to PSN content, but I’d rather not pay a monthly fee for that and just buy them retail. Not only do I support the companies involved in getting the games up on PSN, but I also don’t have to be bothered with a monthly fee for something I can get for free.

Synchrotronator said:

December 9th, 7:21 am

I was hoping to get the Samurai Showdown and Magician Lord free like they are in Europe, but I’ll gladly take the DCUO beta instead.

Gas0linE said:

December 9th, 7:28 am

If you all think Betas are worth 50 dollars, LOL at you! Your paying to help sony make a better game. LOL waht a joke! Beta’s should be free. It’s almost fraud. Sony should be paiyng you tyo beta test. Ohh wait , all the money they are getting from PS + is going toward the filming off playstation Tester!! YAHHH, its like boot camp for a job that pays 12 dollars an hour. What a joke.

AMK said:

December 9th, 7:51 am

Guys these neo geo games will NOT be arcade originals there probably c h e a p console versions DONT PAY THAT PRICE ITS NOT WORTH IT !!

JonJonXD said:

December 9th, 7:53 am

This is the greatest thing ever.

I am now really loving being a PS+ member.

Keep this up, seriously ;)

TwinDad said:

December 9th, 8:08 am

I loved my Neo Geo. The games were horrible expensive, but super fun.

secularsage said:

December 9th, 8:16 am

While I still feel like PS+ needs some sort of voucher system for releases that members already have (C’mon, Sony!), I’m pretty pleased overall with PS+. The DC Universe beta is yet another nice feature, and I’ve definitely gotten my 50 bucks’ worth to date.

Also, Borderlands is a fantastic game, and while I still feel like the trials need to be 4-5 hours instead of 1 (since that first hour is often spent in tutorials and cinemas), I think most people will be able to tell within an hour what a special and awesome game Borderlands is.

SoopaMan2K said:

December 9th, 8:37 am

Thank You Grace!

JKar275 said:

December 9th, 8:49 am

I’m VERY HAPPY to see that the DCUO beta will be made available to all PS Plus subscribers. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GRACE!!!

I finally feel that the $49.99 spent for PS Plus is starting to pay off. It would be nice to see substantial discounts (for PS Plus members) on DCUO’s subscription fees.

Lostapathy said:

December 9th, 8:59 am

Fantastic! Another great update. Cannot wait to try out DC. Also, adding Borderlands to download is another positive step.

nv_Los said:

December 9th, 9:33 am

Feels good to be a + member :D

Bluenoodle said:

December 9th, 9:46 am

“Guys these neo geo games will NOT be arcade originals there probably c h e a p console versions DONT PAY THAT PRICE ITS NOT WORTH IT !!”

funny how you capitalize NOT , then say probably will be console versions, at least you know what your talking about. lol

UltraRazpacho said:

December 9th, 10:58 am

DC is a nice surprise, as is Borderlands. I’ll be able to get rid of my disc copy. Any word on how much Borderlands is? It’s 19.99$ on Steam so i’m hoping somewhere around there.

eyesofreality03 said:

December 9th, 11:07 am

I’m so glad i decided to join plus at launch, there are so many perks to being a member now that it truly warrants the money paid for the service. keep up the great work guys!!

ODINGameslayer said:

December 9th, 11:33 am

Ok, so this is BETTER… not outstanding, mind you, but a step in the right direction. “A” step. As in, ONE…with…a lotta steps to go.

And ::SIGH:: can I just say this?

Demos are for NEWER games. We’ve usually already bought and moved on from the games we get demos for in PSMinus.

I want to support the effort. I really do. What’s so hard about this???

AquariusCold said:

December 9th, 11:40 am

I was beginning to lose hope for an invite to the DCUO Beta. I preodered the PS3 version of the game back in October and uploaded a copy of my receipt to the DC Universe Online website, but did get the invite. This type of news makes being a PS Plus subscriber all worth it.

AquariusCold said:

December 9th, 11:41 am

Typo: I didn’t get an invite.

GreenLatin23 said:

December 9th, 2:23 pm

Only Question I have is when next week or 21st confused

Arcadian_Rebel said:

December 9th, 2:33 pm

Still not enough for me to purchase Playstation Plus. But thanks for still updating this, Sony!

brokenpavement said:

December 9th, 3:44 pm

I’m sorry if this was touched on previously, but will it be the Game of the Year or standard edition that is available for download?

That said, I’m very excited about the recent addition of NeoGeo titles and can’t wait to get see its library grow.

PS+ is becoming an excellent value!

Ace2540 said:

December 9th, 6:26 pm

Im a proud PS Plus Member, and I just signed up a week ago! I’m getting all kinds of discounts and free stuff, yeah Beta’s are only given to PS Plus Members but they get that and so much more!! Does Xbox 360 get Beta’s for all their upcoming exclusive games? (This is a serious question not a smart remark)

chronos_5 said:

December 9th, 11:17 pm

i know this is probably not the place to put this, but no one athe DCUO facebook or Twitter accounts ever respond back:

i send the che image of my pre order receipt to DCUO on their site at the start of November and have not received my beta key (not even the PC one like they said i would to hold me off), what’s up with that? any one i can contact?

Thrill_Kill said:

December 10th, 11:41 am

I never thought I would say this, but it seems it’s time to repurchase the Neo-Geo games! I will never buy the PSOne ports, but the Neo-Geo Station is really awesome sounding, and I will definitely be getting those games at the 20% discount! Great job at getting us SOMETHING worthwhile! SNK is an all time fav. dev of mine so I cant help but to support them in this new project of theirs.

Noj_775 said:

December 10th, 4:26 pm

I read somewhere that the Beta key will only be offered to the annual subscribers, and not those who just signed up for 3 months. Does anyone know if this is true?

boxer_lady said:

December 12th, 8:09 am

#35 Strathmore….You know I love you PlayStation…but, I have to say that I have suffered this disappointment too! A lot of the games you’ve put on discount for PS Plus member’s…or are now giving for free (Sam & Max..*sigh*) I finally broke down and bought at full price a few months ago.

I know, I know…life is a CHANCE! But….

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem…?? (From PlayStation…not the heckler’s on the comments please.)

Is there any way you could give a hint…further in advance…like 6 months? Maybe you could have a symbol (like the PS Plus sign) of some type, 6 months in advance, that marks a game as a possible PS Plus member’s coming “Game To Watch.” (Meaning it might be discounted or be a PS Plus member’s freebie in the future.)

You’ve been great about listening to request’s from me before, and answered all of my suggestions with positive response’s…I know you will listen!

puppetfreak99 said:

December 14th, 4:44 pm

How is this service not worth it? I paid for a 3 month subscription and got more than my money’s worth on the FIRST day I was a member. The free games are awesome, and though I will have to juggle the space on my hard drive, the DC Universe beta is definitely worth it.

habslove said:

December 17th, 7:38 am

Well the beta’s nice. Borderlands I already owned since it’s been out for year(s?) now. None of the discounts interest me unfortunetly. I’m still hoping for a discounted Castle Crashers, Guardian of Light, Deathspank or Blacklight Tango Down personally

Yardie_Cliff said:

December 17th, 7:59 am

SAM & MAXX…Now I feel I have gotten back Value for Money with PLUS…

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