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Dec 08

Dec 08

Huge PlayStation Home Update: Midway 2, MAGIC: The Gathering, Ameratsu & Winter Wonderland & More!!!

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

Attn: Midway fans. This Thursday, December 9th we pull back the curtains on the Midway 2 game space. An annex to the Midway complex, Midway 2 introduces ten brand-spankin’ new games and 100 new prizes (plus a grand prize for winning all ten levels of all 20 games in both Midway 1 and 2). Purchase the Golden Ticket (which grants you 50 tokens; one token = one play) and then tackle hilarious new games such as Kitty Cannon, Half Cocked, and Tee’d Off, unlocking prizes at each level until you become a master of the massive carnival known as the Midway – only available in PlayStation Home.

Available this week from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall, the Ameratsu Yacht personal space is a full-on luxury party vessel that allows you to cruise the high seas while watching select videos with your friends. Take advantage of LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand (EOD) system to watch tons of great new content with your friends. As the Amaterasu glides through the crystal blue tropical waters, catch sight of the sea life that plays in the waves. Sharks are included, but other sea life can be unlocked as well. Watch the video below to learn more and then shoot on over to the LOOT store on Thursday and spoil yourself with the new Ameratsu Yacht.

Head to the delightfully festive Central Plaza this week and kick off your Holiday celebration by approaching the teleporter that leads to the Winter Wonderland event space. A snowy location filled with games and rewards galore, the Winter Wonderland serves as Santa’s home base. Help the elves with their holiday tasks in exchange for presents (duties change often, so be sure to visit the Winter Wonderland every day between now and the 25th). And while you are there, be sure to check out the Winter Market and get your picture taken (the photo elf will even throw in a free picture frame!)


In other news, we will be putting the mega-popular Dragon’s Green on sale in celebration of the winter holidays beginning Thursday, December 9th. Visit the Dragon’s Green space via the Featured Games section on your Navigator and pick up the Golden Ticket at a reduced price of $2.99 (or grab the 30-Day Voucher for the low price of $0.99)!

This Thursday, December 9th, in celebration of the recent release of Tron: Evolution, we are launching a truly awesome Tron personal space – a highly interactive environment full of Tron-themed games that is exclusive to PlayStation Home. In addition to this special space, we will also be releasing a host of Tron clothing and virtual items in the PlayStation Home Mall. So be sure to visit PlayStationHome this Thursday to pick up this exclusive personal space and complete your Tron collection!

We have an epic event scheduled for this Friday, December 10th. Members of the creative team behind the hit Adult Swim show Robot Chicken will be in the Gamer’s Lounge between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm PST (5:00pm and 7:00pm EST) playing games of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers with the PlayStation Home community. Come out and meet Doug Goldstein (co-writer and co-executive producer), Mike Fasolo (Writer, Voice Actor, and Creative Director), Hugh Sterbakov (Writer of the Emmy-nominated Star Wars: Robot Chicken special), and the one and only Clare Grant (Voice Actress for Robot Chicken and star of Black Snake Moan and Showtime’s Masters of Horror series). Challenge members of the team to a duel in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers and try to be one of the first to earn the limited Spellslinger trophy!

Magic_Robot Chicken

Starting this Thursday, December 9th, you will be able travel around PlayStationHome with a brand new companion – Steve, the lovable pet monkey from Columbia Pictures’ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Pick up the Steve companion from the LOOT store (just remember to keep him far away from your stash of Gummy Bears…)


Speaking of new items, the PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with new furniture items from the LOOT store (including new items for your Ghostbusters personal space), additional Spelunker HD and Dragon’s Lair items, rock star costumes, festive musical stockings for your personal space, and brand new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 costumes.

Star Wars - TFUII

Rock Star - SilverSpikeMusicalStocking

Last but certainly not least, the PlayStation Home Community Theater debuts the new HomeCast Rewind series this week. In the premiere episode, host HearItWow tells you how to get the most out of the 1.4 client update – offering a “How To” focused on the new Chat and Storage features – and takes a look at some must-have items. Also playing this week in the Community Theater is episode 6 of the legendary GamerIndepth “Shout Outs” (which includes an interview with our very own GlassWalls). Visit the PlayStation Home Theater this week to watch these fantastic new videos, and while you are there be sure to catch up on the latest episodes of The Tester 2 and Replay with Doc: Cast Offs.

See you in Home!

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mavelousj said:

December 10th, 12:20 pm

are we going to be getting playstation plus item rewards at all?

debinokc1 said:

December 28th, 8:03 am

i own the new Ameratsu Yacht. but to unlock the birds you need
11 of your friends at the same time on the yacht! Do you kno how diffacult that is?! i realy love the yact, but wow 11 friends at the same time on line is impossible! is there any other way?!

Bayern_1867 said:

December 31st, 4:24 pm

I love the Ameratsu most of all the spaces I have, added the whales & dolphins & am working to get pelicans. The last 2 or 3 days the tv gives an Error, Try later msg. As far as I can tell, most of the content is promotional material, so I can live without it. I thought maybe my decorations had interfered w something & I removed everything. Same situation. I saw speakers in the video. Do they actually work or just ornamental? Anyway, the A. is great & I’m going to redecorate it. Put the Cabin Boy games in for Friends & am looking for more.
I’d also like to thank CONRAD_MAX for his tour of the upcoming Jan. 6 mansion. He was knowledgeable, helpful & incredibly patient. He also handed out great gifts.
I can only play turn-based games. A lot of Home is out of my reach but I still get satisfaction w the Friends, the spaces to decorate & the avatar clothes. Of course, like all, I want *more of everything.* Again, thanks for Ameratsu. It’s tops!

Bayern_1867 said:

January 6th, 3:55 pm

My previous comment said the EOD wasn’t working. At 5 p.m. I went to Ameratsu & discovered EOD now works. Everything is fine! Thanks to all the unknown technicians/magicians who did it! Yes, I did buy the Mansion, another fun space. I still love Ameratsu best. Big complaint now is from Toby: all that water should stay off the yacht!

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