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Dec 10

Dec 10

PlayStation Home Turns Two, New Games Incoming

Jack Buser's Avatar Posted by Senior Director, PlayStation Now

It’s amazing to look at the evolution of PlayStation Home and see how much it has changed since we launched in December two years ago. From our humble beginnings in 2008, we’ve become a world filled with hundreds of games enjoyed by 17 million users worldwide and given PlayStation Network users a unique and dynamic gaming experience that can only be found on our platform.

The idea of what games mean in PS Home has also changed. In contrast to the handful of simple mini-games offered at launch, we now see a huge variety of games, including massive full-length games developed by some of the most prominent and innovative indie developers in our industry. The experience of PS Home itself has radically improved over the years as well, with faster load times, zero-wait game access, intuitive navigation, and the addition of features such as group-based voice chat and robust inventory management.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the infographic below to see how PlayStation Home has evolved over the last two years into an industry leading social game platform:

PS Home Infographic_FINAL

Also, as part of our second anniversary celebration, I’d like to discuss some new games for PlayStation Home. These games clearly show PS Home as a platform for the most exciting indie and social games today. Some of these titles are sequels to hugely popular games in Home, demonstrating the business success of our partners. From Novus Prime which launched last week, to Sodium 2 coming next year, I hope you are as excited about these games as I am!

Novus Prime – Now Available

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Novus Prime

Created by Hellfire Games, Novus Prime brings a multiplayer space shooter to PlayStation Home. Players can band together to protect their space station. Along with the ability to customize ships and embark on space battles of epic proportions, players can also jump out into zero G and defend the space station from parasitic insects. See the game trailer here.

Midway 2 – Now Available

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Midway 2

The folks over at Mass Media have seen a great amount of success with the first Midway game released on PlayStation Home in 2010. They’ve been so happy with how their title has preformed that they are back again! Mass Media has expanded their offerings of popular Midway games with Midway 2. Midway 2 brings nine new games plus the timeless classic, Miz Fortune, to the already robust set of games in Midway. Along with the new games comes 100 new game prizes, a new meta-prize for winning all 20 Midway games and a Scramble Puzzle game as the meta-prize for getting 5,000 points. For those of you that were fond of Darla, we’re bringing in Karla – Darla’s sister – in the game “Wet and Wild,” where you can dunk her in the water tank and get a snapshot of her giving you a kiss! Check out the official trailer from Wednesday’s update.

Conspiracy – Available January 2011

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Conspiracy

There is a mystery afoot! Jet Set Games is getting ready to release its first ever PlayStation Home game and is ready to take players into a secret world filled with covert infiltration and espionage with their new action/puzzle game, Conspiracy. Conspiracy will have players join different factions as they work to steal goods from enemy corporations. As the rival corporations battle it out, they will uncover the mysteries of the ultimate Conspiracy. Be prepared to learn the secrets of the Conspiracy world in early 2011.

Sodium 2 – Available Spring 2011

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Sodium 2

Veteran PlayStation Home developers, Outso, are back with a sequel to their highly successful PlayStation Home game, Sodium One. Sodium 2 is looking to expand on every area of the original game with heavily customizable jet racers, supersonic speeds and a pounding soundtrack. The future of Sodium is coming soon, so be on look out for Outso’s new game coming in Spring 2011 to a teleporter near you.

These four games just barely scratch the surface of what the future holds for PlayStation Home. We hope you continue to enjoy what we have to offer on our platform as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

See you in PS Home.

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jada42 said:

December 10th, 9:26 pm

Conspiracy sounds nice will there be any rewards like outfits or a space?

KwietStorm said:

December 10th, 9:28 pm

Phil Harrison.

Lucky13X said:

December 10th, 10:17 pm

Congrats Home.

It’s been a log strange trip.

boobinz said:

December 10th, 11:25 pm

ive been so blessed to be able to see the changes happen in home…WOW..that was my feeling my first time binkin in..and still holds true today…been in home since first day of open beta..i love it..every tuesday,,and thursdays are like christmas for alot of good folkes in home also…great spot to launch a game or just hookup and hang so happy with homes progress.cant wait to see what happens next!!!….lol thank you, SONY…

boobinz said:

December 10th, 11:35 pm

that stat sheet says it all….wooot

ALAN91UA said:

December 10th, 11:47 pm

How likely is it that there will be a ‘next gen’ home 2.0 on ps4.

Solar_Panel said:

December 10th, 11:58 pm

WQhat about Virtual cars? :D

Keyeszx said:

December 11th, 12:24 am

How can you look at those numbers and say that’s good. It’s horrible, Home is an abomination now. Bring Phil Harrison back, he knew what to do. The numbers show how far home has fallen. It’s a cash cow.

platanasos said:

December 11th, 8:35 am


desertd said:

December 11th, 11:04 am

wow it really has changed since I played it as a beta!

crocidile90 said:

December 11th, 3:06 pm

S1 was cool. S2 should kill in coolness. I have 1 question though. Can u race against other player? If so then I’ll down load the stadium and PLEASE bring the Sony HQ more to the “west” because the japanese aren’t listening to us. HELL it would be better of even if it was in Iran (hypothitically if the Islam dictatorship falls)!

mzladmae1 said:

December 12th, 7:42 am

WINTER Is HERE!!! Thanks Sony : ) I still have complaints though; but the new spaces and new gestures that go with them are Great.
I am still in Celebration of my 1YR ANNV. in November…YEAH!!………………………. And U gave us WINTER… WOW. : )

Now I’M ImPresS’d. Cant say that I have been in a while.

Stream’n Audio and Video Files ( Paused ) still wait’n on that.:/
But oVerAL I Love Home and all the HOME’Y’s & FAM’LY’s that I come AcroSs. ShOUT OuTs the the NOOBS out there;
I was 1 when I stumbled upon Home a YR ago .. and am Still aM 1.

KATO-LEE said:

December 12th, 7:52 pm


Death_Seaker3000 said:

December 13th, 4:49 am

Home has great emotion such a great place to relax with friends and co. Hope comes well in 2011 which great content. Cant wait for the new era of the year of 2011! :D

ODINGameslayer said:

December 13th, 6:07 am

Ummmm….zero-wait game access?…..intuitive navigation?…

We talkin’ about the same Home?

Killa4Hire said:

December 13th, 4:11 pm

damn i need to jump more on home im missing out alot. but what cant i do to many great games to play ^_^

kinkyshoe said:

December 13th, 7:39 pm

SS2 – Patiently waiting…

FoxLiberation said:

December 14th, 6:10 am

I suppose HOME has come a long way. Not as awesome as what I expected, but it’s getting there. As for now…well..I don’t go on there much. I do hope it keeps improving though.

lilyofthevalee2 said:

December 14th, 9:25 am

But, but, but . . . no 2nd year anniversary shirt? Oh well, I got mine from last year!

stix187 said:

December 15th, 1:46 am

hey PSN team, awesome job on home in just 2 short years!! ive been along for most of the ride and witnessed first hand most of the changes! my question is; do u guys plan on coming out with some kind of music player for personal spaces that u can play mp3s from your ps3, similar to the picture frames? it would be a cool feature i think and it seems silly to me that u can build a dancefloor in your personal space but not have music to go along with! keep up the good work on home!

vaderkid1998 said:

January 3rd, 5:20 am

I saw in the mall the other day with a video that a new personal space is coming out soon its called the mansion

stix187 said:

January 4th, 4:24 am

it already came out n i own it. its pretty sweet but still cant play ur own music lol

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