UNCHARTED 3 hits PlayStation Store, Exclusive PSN Avatar Here, 50% off UNCHARTED 2 DLC

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UNCHARTED 3 hits PlayStation Store, Exclusive PSN Avatar Here, 50% off UNCHARTED 2 DLC

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Late, late last night, the PlayStation Store published a special update that was chock full of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception content! Below is a rundown of everything that went up. Go grab it NOW – well, if you like the content that is.

UNCHARTED 3: PS3 static theme

We’ve also got an UNCHARTED 3 PS3 Static Theme you can get for FREE – just head over to the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Official Game Site and register for updates. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get an e-mail with a PSN voucher code you can redeem for the PS3 Static Theme.

We haven’t forgotten about UNCHARTED 2 yet either – we’ve put together a special sale of ALL UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer DLC bundles which will run for 3 weeks only! Call it a little holiday treat for our multiplayer community.

  • PlayStation Heroes Pack? Boom. 50% off!
  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune MP Pack (skins AND maps)? Boom. 50% off!
  • Siege Expansion Pack? Boom. 50% off!
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins Pack? Boom. Headshot! I mean, 50% off!

UNCHARTED 2: Golden Weapons

A few weeks ago we informally discussed with our community regarding putting up DLC that was previously offered as exclusive pre-order items, such as the Golden Guns. There were many, varied opinions and good points on all sides of the argument. Based on that forum thread, and other conversations elsewhere on the same topic, we’re glad to announce that we’ve made the previously exclusive Golden Guns multiplayer DLC available to everyone on the PSN Store for a mere $.99 $1.99! If you’re outside of the US, be sure to check your local PSN Store for exact pricing in your region.

UNCHARTED 3 logo PSN avatar

Back to UNCHARTED 3 for a minute to close out this blog post… we’ve got a special treat for our community and UNCHARTED fans – below you’ll find a universal PSN voucher code that all our North American fans can redeem to get a limited-time-only UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception logo PSN Avatar, shown above! But act quickly: Once this voucher is tapped out, it’s gone forever.


We hope you enjoy this veritable cornucopia of UNCHARTED 2 and UNCHARTED 3 goodies on PSN!

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  • You know I’m sure that most people would be fine to hear that yes the reveal was Uncharted 3 and that things just kind of got buggered up in all the excitement. We just want to know. A lot of people were hyped for a big announcement at 2:00 p.m. PST. Some one get in here and tell us!! Throw your fans a bone for crying out loud.

  • Letters2Kay

    I like how my Rewards Quests updated with a quest to “Buy All The Uncharted 3 Stuff!” and yet the 10+ Quests I began completing days ago have registered zero progress to my progress bar and my Completed Quests still show nothing, as well. We need this to update instantly or at least regularly (5+ days? 7? 12??) in order for it to be at all compelling. I appreciate the program, hope it runs more smoothly in the future.

  • So… i know it’s a free PS3 theme and all and i shouldn’t even be complaining but, i registered on the uncharted 3 site at around 9am this morning and it’s now 9pm and i still haven’t gotten an email with a code to redeem the theme for my PS3. Just letting you guys know, maybe it’ll take a few days before everyone who registered gets the ps3 theme code?

  • emoplayer33

    omg really naughty dawg>!

    i loving you more

  • i not recibed the code for static theme aghhhhhh buti see in a page the european code here is F57M-BNN2-G33H

  • i not recibed the code for static theme aghhhhhh but i see in a page the european code here is F57M-BNN2-G33H

  • i not recibed the code for static theme agh but i see in a page the european code here is F57M-BNN2-G33H

  • I still haven’t received my theme and I registered this morning…

  • please free dynamic theme for ps+ next week

  • larrylewis91

    hey guys in playstation home the people r trying to get the uncharted 3 shirt in the theater if they watch it but it dident work for some reason and people are goin crazy because they want the shirt badily lol

  • Isn’t it a bit premature offering all these goodies when the game is only going to be released all the way till the end of next year.

  • BigBangBear

    Thanks Naughty Dog. Looking forward to getting the static theme when they start getting sent out.

  • All of this is great news. But sadly I never got the theme for signing up yet and that was this morning. I can’t wait to have money on my PSN wallet for guns and skins

  • I have also registed on the website and never received any email to get my free theme. Should i try it again ?

  • SlyCooper420

    I went 2 the website to register it said it sent me an email I checked nothing this was hours ago still nothing now I also made a new email cause that 1 didn’t work n it says its no a valid email address even though it is wtf is going on here

  • SlyCooper420

    Hey Arne with resistance 3 announced as-well wheres the love lets get some free goodies for it also thx

  • I didn’t get my uncharted dynamic theme code WTF it been hours since I set up the email what’s up with that

  • What about the psp session? we are always left behind!!

  • i have a question will the theme code be sent out later or is it just to be even able to see the theme in the stores to buy it

    as i really want a free uncharted 3 theme i love uncharted

  • ya my email code didn’t work either but the one posted here did….i’ve actually gotten a couple emails from psn with codes that didn’t work in the past 2 days and one of them was for lbp 2 beta which sucks cause i wanted to play it

  • Solar_Panel

    Will the Golden guns make a appearance in Uncharted 3? :D I hope!

  • @212: for LBP2 BETA, if you have gmail, next to the reply button there’s an arrow. click it and select “show original”. your real code should be there. if you have another mail program, i think if you select view in the top menu bar, there will be an option that says “message source” or something like that.

  • No dice. Hours later, and still no luck. I haven’t gotten a code….

  • @214 (ziggurcat)

    Wow, thanks for the tip! Downloading the LBP2 beta now!

    @ Sony

    I was happy to hear about the 50% for U2 DLC but was disappointed to see that you guys not only didn’t offer the 50% off deal on the Drake’s Fortune maps-only package, you removed it from the PS Store entirely. I was hoping to get that maps-only pack for $2 (50% of the original $4 price). I have no interest in the skins offered in the bundle since I was going to pick up the PlayStation Heroes pack instead. So it’s basically $3 for the map pack I want because I only have the bundle option. Sure, it’s only a dollar more than I was expecting, but it irks me that you’re not including the map-only pack just to get that extra dollar rather than offering options. Sure, $3 is still cheaper than $4 for the map-only pack, but $3 is still more than I wanted to spend for something that I’m really only buying for the extra trophies, considering nobody plays on DLC maps. I’m probably just not going to bother with any of it now.

  • Dear Arne :)

    It is going to be difficult to top Uncharted 2 in term of intensity, but who knows:) there is a small detail that bothers me a bit with the serie which is the movements of the clothes. In the level of the train in Uncharted 2, the clothes didn’t move at all and it doesnt happen in this trailer either.. is this one of the aspects you guys are planning to improve with this episode ?

  • LordRaymond

    TY for the emailed avatar code. I will definately be preordering this for midnight launch.

  • radiantshadow92

    I would really like another double money weekend xD

  • Do you not realize that midnight launch is Halloween night?!?

  • CerealxKiller13

    I’m not getting the Static theme that your suppose to receive after registering, i registered some of my old email accounts as well and still nothing.

    Also the PSN store for Gold Weapons is $1.99 plus tax not $.99. I still bought it though! haha.

  • I registered for the updates, and I still haven’t gotten an email from the site. When I entered the email on the site again, it said the email was already registered. :/

  • I also registered on the site. But I still have not received the code for the free theme. I don’t think anyone has. What’s wrong?

  • Death_Seaker3000

    I got the europe code and it worked perfectly fine. are u sure u wrote it down right? or putting it in right?

  • PowerCobra98

    No email with a code for the theme for me either. Pretty lame to send out a mailer saying one thing and then not delivering on it. Thanks for the wallpaper and avatar though.

  • yay thanks uc team :) the codes before we got starting with anak didnt work but this new avatar code works


  • @Death_Seaker3000 Are you from EU or US? I don’t think the EU code works for the US.

  • Death_Seaker3000 have the reazon im user of PSN US and the european code fution in the US psn

  • @eirck_34 I just tried the EU code and it does not work. I typed it correctly. I guess I’ll have to wait for the US code to arrive, if it ever does.

  • Hey cool i got everything already but when i signed up to get the static theme it said i already signed up but I didn’t.I tried 3 email adress and still didnt work but then i realized something.If you buy the theme and download the wallpaper you can simply just place the wallpaper over the theme.

  • alexfranco60

    @214 (ziggurcat)

    Thank u so much for the tip… i was so sad yesterday when i tried to use the code… but now i hope that this new one works just fine. THANKS!

  • Polar_Bear_Irish

    Not working in Ireland :(

  • mastorofpuppetz

    We all knew Uncharted 3 was coming, sony what an epic dissappointment. Sony needs a new Ip, a RPG, no real good RPG exclusives except the masterpiece Demons Souls. Not enough Ps3 RPG’s.

  • Question. Is the Avatar you get from inputting the PS Blog code the same as the Avatar you get by inputting the code I received from a Sony email or are they two separate Avatars??

  • Registered last night and I got no email…

  • This is my chance to get the extra skins (Heist Chloe and stuff) AND re-buy the first DLC Drake’s Fortune MP pack since my bro bought it under his account. I’m gonna get my own ps3 one day and I want to be able to just re-download from my own account. All the better timing to do all this NOW without feeling too much of double dipping.

  • So I registered yesterday for the Uncharted 3 updates but still haven’t received the free Uncharted 3 theme…What’s going on? When can we expect to receive it?

  • people please read my comment at 238 and c if that helps.

  • Oh my god.. I want this dynamic theme so bad… but I don`t have funds right now :(
    It would be a nice companion to my other U2 dynamic theme…
    ND could give me as a birthday gift (december 21st), what you say? :)


    ND make uncharted 3 have local splitscreen multiplayer and local co-op play this has to be in the next game. Also ND make all the dlc maps available for offline multiplayer and online play.

  • hybridh3r09

    I haven’t gotten the email yet as well but I’m willing to bet they’re going to send them out in due time.

  • thank you for new i love ps3

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