Prince of Persia Warrior Within HD today, only on PSN

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is back! The second chapter of the epic Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy is now available for your downloading and playing pleasure in full HD on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. In the combat-focused Warrior Within, you’ll fight an entire island of brutal and unrelenting creatures in stunning HD and stereoscopic 3D (for those lucky enough to own a 3D TV).

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD for PS3 (PSN)

Wield two weapons at once, manipulate the environments and control your enemies with the Sands of Time AND rock out to some Godsmack while you hunt the mighty Dahaka! Long flowing jet-black hair + man-scara + M-Rating + Godsmack = Best. Week. Ever.

Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within HD and Prince of Persia Sands of Time HD are available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. For more information about the game, wall run your way over to the Prince of Persia Facebook page. Come on, you KNOW you wanna “Like” it !

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4 Author Replies

  • @28

    You know that Ubisoft is publishing the Prince of Persia titles, right? Shouldn’t you be directing your comment to them?

    In fact all of you who are saying that Sony could have done a disc version, or that Sony hasn’t made a disc version because it is cheaper to release the games digitally should all take note that Sony is not publishing these titles.

  • Oh boo-hoo, they’re releasing them seperately on the PSN…. So, if you want all three PoP games, then just import the disc. No one wants to hear you cry about it.

    If you don’t want to take up a lot of HDD space, then you probably shouldn’t import the disc, either, since there is an over 3GB required installation.

    I had this game back in the day (I think for xbox) but never completed it. I’m looking forward to rocking this game once again.

    I do have one question, does this game support custom soundtracks, does anyone know?

  • Whining as usual

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    I need to know if the game-ending bug has been fixed where if you save at the wrong fountain you lose ability to access the final boss. On PS2 I got all the way to the end of the game and then wasn’t allowed to finish it.

  • Thanks, Ubisoft! I was waiting to see if you were going to fix your price point, and since you didn’t I just went ahead and imported it from the UK. With shipping I paid $2 more than all three digital downloads will be, but out of principle I’m happier to do so now that I have a physical copy. I might have just downloaded them, but your greedy price for a digital copy kept me away.

  • yes i’m a happy person now :)

  • ok so i’ve been waiting for this for like 3 weeks now and when i saw you put it up i was like HELL YEAH. but it’s been 4 hours now and it’s not on the playstation store. don’t tell me i can download it not if i can’t. that just makes you liars

  • I agree with @50, this port could be just as sloppy as the last. Not getting.

  • Wow there’s a lot of crybabys on this thread. Who cares if it’s not on disc, it’s basically the same price ($5 bucks more) and if you’re patient I’m sure they will bundle them soon.

    An as for hard drive space, play it, beat it, delete it, and then download it again if you ever want to play it again.

  • speaking of prince of persia have they even fixed the problems they were having with SoT download?

  • “Long flowing jet-black hair + man-scara + M-Rating + Godsmack = Best. Week. Ever.”

    While I am definitely going to be downloading and playing this game as soon as it is up (I never played it yet), your quote on what makes a best week ever seems to me to be a recipe for disaster. Man-scara AND godsmack? Ugh. I hope you are being sarcastic…

    • Patrick Brod
      Patrick Brod

      What is this sarcasm you speak of? I thought everyone liked Godsmack. Hmmmm…

  • Why didn’t you guys just make an HD collection like GoW and Sly? WTF? Disc please.

  • Already have all PoP for PS2…still those who haven’t ought to!

  • Not buying this until they release a bluray collection. Especially since these amount to more than a bluray would. Sure it’s good for those who only want ONE game or maybe two of the three, but it’s a ripoff to those who want all three.

  • digitalman123

    Nice! I passed on this on PS2, so a good time to play!

  • Toxicitizen

    I already own digital copies of all three games in the trilogy on Steam. And since it’s on PC, I can up the res myself.

    That being said, I’d buy this in a heartbeat if only you guys would release a disc compilation like in Europe.

  • Still have to download Sands of Time. Probably will around Christmas. Unlike some of the whiners here, I don’t mind if Ubisoft (not Sony, you morons!) puts them out as digital downloads.


  • Unas_Fortuna

    Being relatively new to the POP game series, I can safely say that I am extremely disappointed that I have purchased this game on the PSN and still not able to play it. I cannot get past the loading screen before it freezes and I have to reboot the PS3. This is the case on both my “FAT” and “Slim” so it doesn’t appear to be a model specific issue. Have looked on the internet to no avail to find out if there has been a solution mentioned. I have even downloaded that huge freakin file twice to make sure it wasn’t a downloaded issue (IE corrupt file). Anyone with any suggestions?? If this is the case… Sony and Ubisoft need to refund our money. Selling a product that is unplayable (Completely) is basically theft and misrepresentation.

  • I have a PS3 “FAT” modle and I am …extremely disappointed that I have purchased this game on the PSN and still not able to install it. I cannot get past by 14% of completion installation and I have to reboot the PS3, by doing file restore and rebuilt data base but none of them are fix the problem.

    By the look at it’s I think! Sony need to refund our money because they have selling the product that is unplayable.

    They should have test both “FAT” and “Slim” before they launch
    selling so it doesn’t appear to be a model specific issue.

  • I ordered the disc from for £18.44 (28.58 USD) including shipping to Canada. It’s currently temporarily out of stock but I rather get it a bit later than pay more to download them.

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