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Dec 15

Dec 15

Tons of Additions to the PlayStation Home Mall + Novus Prime Additions & Version 1.41 Update

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

Early this morning, PlayStation Home received yet another update to its core client. Available now, the 1.41 update includes many improvements that were requested by our community after the massive 1.4 release last month. Patch notes can be found HERE along with instructions on How to Update to Version 1.41.

Novus Prime, the recently released space combat game exclusive to PlayStation Home, also receives an update this week. Pilots who have earned the rank of Airman or Captain will receive pilot jacket rewards upon reporting for duty on Thursday, December 16th. Earth Fleet is also proud to announce the new Mini-Mech companion (there’s no longer any need to walk alone!).

Home: Novus Prime

Sodium celebrates its one year anniversary with a special sale and new rewards. Watch this video to learn more.

Konami is throwing their first event this weekend, and you are invited! Check out the Konami Penthouse in PlayStation Home this weekend for a Soccer-themed party. Wear your Konami gear and earn more points. The more Konami Soccer items you wear, the more points you get!

Home: Konami 2 Home: Konami 1

This Thursday, December 16th, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an enormous update. Just in time for the peak of the holiday season, our friends over at Doublesix Games will release some hilarious Burn Zombie Burn costumes.

Home: BZB2 Home: BZB1

Speaking of the holiday items, Codename releases some festive tops for the guys and the gals as well as a White Christmas mini-game. And check out this ridiculously awesome “Santa on a Reindeer” costume from Codeglue!

Home: Codeglue

Also available this week from the PlayStation Home Mall: New Ghostbusters and “Mad Scientist” furniture items (these can be found in the LOOT store), a musical “Ballerina Box” for your personal spaces, and nDreams’ epic “Bling Reaper” costume (also pictured below).

Home: nDreams

Those of you who pick up the full PlayStation Network game, Tales From Space: About A Blob, when it releases next year, will be able to unlock special rewards in PlayStation Home by successfully completing select levels in the game. See the below for a sneak peek of some of these exclusive rewards.

Home: About A Blob 1 Home: About A Blob

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives another update this week, with episode 7 of Replay with Doc: CastOffs, now playing in-world (in this episode Doc interviews War Princess from the Tester 2). Also airing this week in the PlayStation Home Theater is a full episode of Buso Renkin, the popular anime show from Viz Media. Be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this week to watch these awesome videos and pick up rewards (including the new Tester 2 “Game Over” shirt, available from the Tester 2 Theater, and the PlayStation Home 2-Year Anniversary shirt, available in the Community Theater).

Home: Anniversary 2 Home: Anniversary 1

On that note, we want to invite all of you out to a live event in the PlayStation Home Theater with the finalists from The Tester 2 on Monday, December 20th between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm PST (9:00pm and 11:00pm EST). Chat with the finalists of the latest season of The Tester and hear about their experiences firsthand, only at this exclusive PlayStation Home event.

Finally, I want to remind you all that the holiday celebrations continue in the mega-popular Winter Wonderland space, now accessible via PlayStation Home’s Navigator. Be sure to visit the Winter Wonderland daily between now and December 25th for new games, quests, and rewards.

See you in Home!

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Stoffinator said:

December 15th, 12:42 pm

Now if we’d just get that trophy room. ;-]

T67Killer said:

December 15th, 12:42 pm

I like what you guys are doing with home but i cant wait until you guys make home and the xmb one or the whole trophies, home, psn one that day will change gaming

mixedkidbx said:

December 15th, 12:42 pm

ok that Reaper costume is nice…..

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 2:49 pm

    Agreed. It’s rad!

Joanna_Dark_ said:

December 15th, 12:44 pm

Locust the EU is getting a female pack from Codeglue. Will North American women be getting that content as well at some point in the future?

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 3:08 pm

    This content is not currently on our roadmap.

Joanna_Dark_ said:

December 15th, 12:45 pm

Locust can you please share the fate of the EA Complex with poker fans. It’s been 3 months now since the spaces were removed and I do believe we should at the least get an update as what we can expect.

Please give us some information.

The_FPS said:

December 15th, 12:46 pm

Woo, update to Novus Prime! Also more Christmas mini-games. Now if I could just find more time to play all this stuff.

SpyDudeFX said:

December 15th, 12:47 pm

Just UK for soccer or other countries too? Also Tester theater is only giving Big Fazeek male shirt.

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 2:52 pm

    Items for Australian and New Zealand teams are currently available as well.

KazeEternal said:

December 15th, 12:48 pm

all I have to say is you guys better be making sure Namco brings this game to the US or I’m going to be even more pissed than I am about Tales of Vesperia still not having a US release:

faga4567 said:

December 15th, 12:50 pm

Any info on the black cat that we saw from the Amaterasu Yacht video?

Ajken_Drum said:

December 15th, 12:50 pm

I love it that the scorpions in sodium are wearing neon party hats. :)

ForgiveMyAim said:

December 15th, 12:51 pm

I want trophies

NARDE15 said:

December 15th, 12:52 pm

Marvel vs Capcom is coming soon! Maybe this is a good time to put in for those Wolverine Claws from the EU……… Just sayin O_O

T3mpr1x said:

December 15th, 12:52 pm

I went in around midnight, and downloaded the update. Home was down for maintenance, so I guess I’ll swing in again tonight!

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 2:53 pm

    Please do. Home was offline for a moment last night while we pushed 1.41 update live. Everything is up and running now though.

SpyDudeFX said:

December 15th, 12:54 pm

1.41 is great, glad colors are back. Also glad we got the Burn Zombie Burn hat from PS+ but it’s not an exclusive item like blog says?

The_FPS said:

December 15th, 12:56 pm

…also great Sodium update. The birthday hats are great! I might try to get some customer credits to level 3.

Israel1948 said:

December 15th, 1:00 pm

Are you going to release Hannukah items? And also, release an Israel soccer jersey!

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 2:54 pm

    Yes! In fact, some of the Codename items releasing this week are Hannukah-related.


December 15th, 1:00 pm

You need to make our home avatar available in games. Like monopoly streets and family game night 3 had the avatars available in game for the 360, hence I bought both for the 360, would have loved to bought it for the PS3, but I like the involvement of your personalized avatars in the game. Hook it up Sony.

ItoKimmons said:

December 15th, 1:02 pm

Not sure if you or Mass Media is aware of a problem I’ve been having at my Darla’s Den. After finishing the cannon game in the plaza, I tried the one in my Den. I had already beat the one in my Den, but it started me out on level 3. After clearing level 3, I got the level 3 prize from the Wet N Wild game at Midway 2. After I cleared level 5 of Wet N Wild at Midway 2, I tried the cannon again and it booted me out an said it was unavailable. Also, my friends can’t play the bell rigner game. I’m able to but they get placed in queue even when NO ONE is playing.

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 2:56 pm

    Yes, we are aware. Updates to the Midway space that will address these issues are coming shortly.

BigRon3400 said:

December 15th, 1:03 pm

Screw the trophy room.

King0fHearts2007 said:

December 15th, 1:05 pm

I still have a large number of items that are not showing up will this be fixed soon?

We are still looking for The Hall of Fame, TV’s, radios/MP3


December 15th, 1:09 pm

wheres the original santa outfit Q_Q
Dont get me wrong the new one looks cool but I wanted to dress up as santa but with evil wings and horns.
The bling reaper looks ehh ok I prefer the floating cloak better.
I am really happy that home has made it for 2 years of
PURE EPIC-NESS just gets better.
2010 is the evolution of home starting with sodium, pool tables and darts game, and Midway & Midway 2, poker table, and lest we forget the novus prime game. To me the most impressive thing about home is the outfits and cloths from star wars and the goth updates. Thumbs up go for HOME. keep up the good work!!!!

XxadrammelechXx said:

December 15th, 1:14 pm

swett content this week guys. Great job LS and staff again this wek more sweet items for me 2 buy :D i REALLY like the blinged out reaper LS ahaha thats sweet dude. ntohing but thanks again guys again Great job. have a happy holidays from us the commmunity to you the staff. u guys blew me away with central plaza O_O

retro25 said:

December 15th, 1:29 pm

YAY!!! Happy 2nd Anniversary PS Home and a year anniversary to Sodium one, I’m having a good time at PS Home keep it up. Now let’s PARTY WOOOOHOOO!!!

KoalaAteYoBaby said:

December 15th, 1:31 pm

I’m sick of hearing about the trophy room on forums and this blog. No one’s going to make it, so drop it.

oFelipeNFo said:

December 15th, 1:31 pm

@Locust_Star I’m having a little problem in the Storage for redecorating the personal space. When i put the itens i want in the Storage they come back as NEW when i turn off my PS3.
Can you look into this? It’s really annoying…

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 3:00 pm

    Sorry to hear about this. I will alert the devs.

megamixer said:

December 15th, 1:44 pm

Another patch so soon?! That’s amazing! And this one has some good fixes to boot! Keep ’em coming guys!

P.S. How about creating a permenant global space? Please!

jedidurb said:

December 15th, 1:47 pm

about the new ghostbusters stuff. What if we already have the ghostbusters apt do we get that stuff for free?

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 3:00 pm

    Sorry but these items must be purchased.

DCS-Tekken said:

December 15th, 1:49 pm

Attn: Locust
Tester 2 T-Shirts are Broken it seems. We get one Male Shirt of Big Fazeek Only…

The Female Version of Big Fazeek is not given at all.

And the Male and female shirt of War Princess is not Given at all.

There should be 4 shirts total at Tester 2 now. But we only are getting 1 of the 4 then.

Is this going to be fixed today or tomarrow?


    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    December 15th, 3:02 pm

    Hi DCS,

    We are looking into this now. Thanks for alerting us.



Y2David said:

December 15th, 1:53 pm

kewl update..alot ppl been asking bout new and old xmas items, just glad we be able to purchase them this week at the mall

that-acmilan-guy said:

December 15th, 1:53 pm

Ever since 1.4, there is some sort of sheen over the glass frames makes it difficult to see the pictures. I am using the black frame.

UltraRazpacho said:

December 15th, 2:15 pm

I still don’t see why I should bother with PS Home. I mean what is there to really do?

BTW, I think PS Home should have trophies. Goto Central Plaza, get a bronze trophy. You could always add trophies when new stuff comes out that goes with those things. Like you add a new area and if you go there you get a trophy. Would be a nice thing to have and would be really cool. I can already think of hundreds of trophies.

x-cult said:

December 15th, 2:23 pm

Great, more updates to Sony’s bland, buggy dollhouse. Please end the home project, it’s embarrassing to those of us who are trying to support our purchase of a ps3 vs. a 360.

MetalGearCrysis said:

December 15th, 2:38 pm

Comments #1 and #8 are all that matter.

footballrule said:

December 15th, 2:58 pm

Finally, my 2nd year veteran shirt! Thanks Locust, been wearing my 1st year veteran shirt for a long time now. :p

Mermaid-KT said:

December 15th, 3:01 pm

Please could you let us know what is hapenning with regards to the Poker Rooms? We’ve been without them for quite a while now, and without any information as to if they are coming back or not. Please just let us know either way, thankyou :)

V_E_N_O_M666 said:

December 15th, 3:08 pm

im having a hard time install the new update as soon as i click install my PS3 just shuts off & restarts on its on =/ help please

fuzzyclutter said:

December 15th, 3:09 pm

@32 dont like it ??? dont go there . as if the ps3 is designed specifically FOR YOUR WHIMS . get over yourself princess … the world doesnt revolve around you .

DCS-Tekken said:

December 15th, 3:10 pm

Any News on IREM Square getting an Update. We got the Space way back in Jan and yet the Shooting Gallery has not been Updated with the other item’s. So is IREM Square going to get updated?


And of course it be nice if Spelunker got updated with the Cave area as well. AWW!

erickafollie said:

December 15th, 3:11 pm

Hello Locust, i would like to start by saying how awesome it is to see the chat log fixed, i like the fact that our online names are the colors that we have chosen, on that note i would like to get a TRASH BIN for clothes and Furniture, there are so many things i have i dont want, not even in storage, i just want to get rid of them completly.Please, give us a TRASH BIN along with storage.Another thing is what a member said before, everytime there is an update or something , furniture and clothes i have put in STORAGE comes back as new and to tell you the thuth i have over 1,100 pieces between clothes and furniture and its annoying to have to put stuff back in storage all over again .

Feral_Dragon said:

December 15th, 3:11 pm

Please DON`T have a trophy room, I think it`s the stupidest idea ever. You want to see trophies, you can see them in other ppl`s profiles. END OF. Stop pestering the Home team for this useless feature, and let them work on much more important features like this new patch.

I`ve just read the Patch info, thank you so much! I was having loads of those problems and I`m glad they`re getting fixed, especially the merging costumes stuff. I was having trouble trying to change my outfit in my wardrobe because of that. I don`t merge, but a friend told me that the problems I was having were ones that those who DO merge get. So they`ve badly affected my Home and I`m so relieved that you guys have put a stop to it! Will this mean the constant crashing is fixed too?

Any more animal costumes on the horizon? And btw, the female mummy costume from Codeglue is still broken, ppl only see us standing still when we do the Extra Mummy Dance. Now I`m scared that every female costume from them will be broken too, like the new ones tomorrow. Will it ever get fixed or do we have to start asking for our money back?

V_E_N_O_M666 said:

December 15th, 3:16 pm

@ 40 hey lori o.O

erickafollie said:

December 15th, 3:23 pm

Something else that bugs me is the amount of NETWORK ERRORS we have been getting,also the fact that til this day us members cant even lay on the sand at SEASIDE or even hold hands, i mean give us that at least, Sony wants to be kids Friendly, i get that, but there are many members that are not kids,many that BUY all the stuff you put out,we also want more gestures, like body gestures, more realistic not STATUS ( sad,happy,angry etc.. ) so THANK YOU .

erickafollie said:

December 15th, 3:25 pm

Hello Locust, i would like to start by saying how awesome it is to see the chat log fixed, i like the fact that our online names are the colors that we have chosen, on that note i would like to get a TRASH BIN for clothes and Furniture, there are so many things i have i dont want, not even in storage, i just want to get rid of them completly.Please, give us a TRASH BIN along with storage.Another thing is what a member said before, everytime there is an update or something , furniture and clothes i have put in STORAGE comes back as new and to tell you the thuth i have over 1,100 pieces between clothes and furniture and its annoying to have to put stuff back in storage all over again .

MoneyMaker110 said:

December 15th, 3:35 pm

i’m liking the names in the chat window are back in color. easier keeping track of the conversation.

NotoriousGamer said:

December 15th, 5:23 pm

Home used to crash a lot with the last version update. Every time it did, all the items in my clothes section and furniture section get the “New Item” status. Fix this issue. Even with the new update the issue is not resolved.

Please add a “delete” option for Home items you own. I made a lot of suggestions for Home here and on forums but I get constantly ignored. I even directly messaged the Home ppl in charge but again no response. So I quit Home for a while and just started Home again today. I hope you make Home better for ppl who dont buy items to make them feel Home is fun.


December 15th, 5:37 pm

I agree everything placed in the storage always gets spit back into new
I dont know why but yeah it gets annoying

dc4daniel said:

December 15th, 5:42 pm

So when is EA sports complex coming back if ever? Since there’s no other reason to even use Home unless you like being nickel’d and dimed every week.

HitmanTrav said:

December 15th, 5:47 pm

There is currently a SNOW WOMAN head in the store. Will there Be a SNOWMAN head?

Lucky13X said:

December 15th, 6:27 pm

Locust Star,

One of the accounts on my PS3 only gave the female version of the Uncharted 3 announcement shirt and no make version. I will try posting in the support forum, but if you happen to see this can you have someone look into it. The other accounts on my system awarded both shirts without issue.

S-E-G said:

December 15th, 6:30 pm

can we have an ETA on the features for HOME that we really requested now please?

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