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Dec 16

Dec 16

The “Definitive Version” of Mass Effect 2 is on PS3

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought we’d ever experience the Mass Effect universe on PlayStation 3, I’d have said “I sure hope so.” One year and dozens of accolades and Game of the Year nominations later, Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3. And from what I’ve learned, you’re not going to want to pass on this “definitive” experience.

After a recent hands-on session, I spoke with Bioware’s Casey Hudson. In this video, he tells us what bonus features are included on the Blu-ray, what the power of PlayStation 3 lends to the game, and how the PS3 version is using the latest-and-greatest graphical technology and gameplay updates.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

So, you might be wondering, will you be lost if you never got to play the original Mass Effect? From my experience, the answer is: not particularly. For the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, Bioware has teamed with Dark Horse Comics to summarize the first game in a 15 minute comic-style adaption, completely voiced by either the male or female Commander Shepard (your choice).

The comic loads up right after the opening sequence of Mass Effect 2, where you’d be re-creating your character. You’ll make the same key decisions that Shepard makes in the first game, such as how to handle a (seemingly) malevolent race of creatures, which of your crew to save or sacrifice in a life-or-death scenario, and who to pursue a personal relationship with. Think of it as the most in-depth character creator ever, while getting background on the first story as well.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The in-game database is also a boon to those getting caught up on the Mass Effect universe; it contains detailed (and well-narrated) background info on every race, planet, and event you come across in your travels throughout the galaxy.

Other facts I thought might wanna know but which didn’t make the interview cut:

  • There’ll be a demo on PSN this coming Tuesday, December 21st
  • The game includes all of the available DLC already on disc. Yay for Blu-ray!
  • Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 has been upgraded to a more advanced graphical engine being implemented in the (just-announced) Mass Effect 3
  • Bioware has swapped the shooting/aim-down-sight buttons to R1/L1, as most PS3 gamers seem to prefer. You’ll sort through your skill/weapon wheels via R2/L2.
  • There is an install to aid load times.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The PS3 edition of Mass Effect 2 is shaping up to be the best rendition of the game yet, and well worth the wait. And with Mass Effect 3 confirmed for PS3 for next Holiday, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with Commander Shepard.

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Emerald_Swords said:

December 16th, 10:07 pm

Nice, can’t wait to pick up my copy!

Arcadian_Rebel said:

December 16th, 10:09 pm

If it weren’t for the rating, I would pick this up. :)

NeoGuardian86 said:

December 16th, 10:38 pm

am totally getting this.

January can’t come soon enough!

zzamaro said:

December 16th, 11:03 pm

Jeff, not saying you’re wrong but Ninja Gaiden 2 was also published by MicroSoft and look, it’s also on PS3.

Dblcheezz said:

December 16th, 11:13 pm

2 Words: PS3 Rules!

Untouchable_God said:

December 16th, 11:38 pm

please respond…..

i have a question since the cerberus network links to bioware’s site will i have access to all the dlc i have from the 360 version….like my collectors edition armor and my pre order bonuses..even the dr pepper gear???

AquariusCold said:

December 17th, 12:27 am

Now…….You we will witness the true power of the “Dark Side.” I feel a great disturbance in this Generation’s Force. Never thought Mass Effect 2 would be behind that disturbance. With Sony having some franchises that have been made famous on a Playstation branded console go multiplatform by 3rd party devs, this was a big move. The 10 year PS3 plan is in full…..freaking…..swing.

Caudill said:

December 17th, 1:21 am

Can’t wait to pick this up!

I played the first one on Xbox way back when it came out (great game), but never got around to playing ME2. Now that its finally coming to my favorite console, it’s too tempting to pass up again.

Gaucho21 said:

December 17th, 1:28 am

Woot! Demo on my Birthday!

Darkpen said:

December 17th, 1:29 am

What kind of choices does the comic cover? Are there more nuanced decisions that had a direct impact covered, like side quests in ME1 that would result in an email message from random NPCs that you affected saying something in ME2?

And I watched the IGN video: Why is the giant plant monster spore guy not covered in the comic?

mlataupe said:

December 17th, 1:32 am

Guys, get this game! Now!
It’s my personal GOTY. Played it on 360 when it came out then played through every piece of DLC.
It’s just a pity you guys won’t be able to benefit from the character import between ME1 and ME2.
Enjoy! I’m really happy for my pals who only own a PS3 that they get a chance to play that game.

VenomUK said:

December 17th, 2:24 am

Hi Jeff, Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is great news!

Q) Does it come with the documentaries / videos that were on the 360 Collectors’ edition?

Q) Will there be any still picture avatars included?

Q) Will there be any themes or dynamic themes included?

Q) Will there be a Mass Effect Home space, or items for Home avatars?



December 17th, 3:31 am

Yes! A must buy! I am also glad they went with the brilliant art style that Dark Horse Comics can deliver. If the comics is the choice of format for the first part of the story, Dark Horse is a great choice.

Rivithed said:

December 17th, 3:31 am

Can’t wait for Mass Effect 2 on PS3! Although I already finished it, I’m looking forward to finally playing it on the PS3. I’m going all Renegade this time to check out a different storyline!

DanielMeier said:

December 17th, 3:53 am

Good things come to those who wait. I will probably be stupid enough to go buy it for the PS3 also.

mew_frenger said:

December 17th, 4:56 am

have to get the demo first,. but im pretty sure i will get this.

OCDog45 said:

December 17th, 5:50 am

Yeah, I’m getting this.

BiezulbubBill69 said:

December 17th, 6:20 am

Sony always wins baby! Here’s yet another version of a game that is BETTER on the PS3!! GO SONY GO!!!!!!!

PS: Can’t wait to buy the PSP Phone AND the PSP2!

Alex475 said:

December 17th, 6:50 am

This game is Awesome, to be honest it is the only reason I still keep my 360. I can’t wait to get it on PS3, I also heard that it won’t have the disc swapping thing for the PS3 version, it will be cool to leave some missions for after I finish the game and not have to worry about swapping disc one for disc two and the other way around all the time. Plus, I never got the DLCs because my account expired on the other system and I didn’t feel like renewing anymore, I would gladly pay for them on PS3 but since they’ll be free it’s even better.

Will there be anything on Qore about ME2 next month, I really would like to see something about it, like if they plan on getting avatar ME2 related or stuff on PSHome, also will there be the comic series on PSP(Not refering to the in game thing to get players up to the story).

k1ngsnak3 said:

December 17th, 7:02 am

Oh man, first DC Universe and now this? Sony, you’re really killing it for end-of-year goodness!

Epiclees said:

December 17th, 7:09 am

So from what i understand on this we get practically the game of the year edition earlier than everybody else on friggen ps3 that is awesome XD and also its mass effect 2 + PS3 which = something totally badass I think I will probably shut myself in for a few days if i get this title that is if i can get it lol

utopianacht said:

December 17th, 7:32 am

thank you bioware.. thank you playstation :P can’t wait to play the game..

TakiFuGu said:

December 17th, 7:53 am

At $65, this game is too rich for my blood. $40 would’ve definitely been a go. The Xbox 360 version is currently being sold at a measly $10 at my local store. I don’t own an 360 but I’m sure you guys can see where I’m going with this. So why on earth should I spend my hard earn $65 on this year old left over? My $65 is going to Dead Space 2 in January. I’ll just wait for it to hit the bargain bins in March 2011. That’s a sure thing with these year old ports.

Yardie_Cliff said:

December 17th, 8:11 am

Looks Beautiful…

SgtRufus said:

December 17th, 8:40 am

Awesome. Simply…..awesome!

SpiritThief said:

December 17th, 8:46 am

I like what I hear. I’ll get it.

After 3 lets try some Jade Empire for PS3:D

subbed said:

December 17th, 9:50 am

Great to see the PS3 getting the Mass effect series. While I have already played them its good to see more people get to enjoy at least the second game.

Its unfortunate that the PS3 has to start at 2 but its still a great series and worth getting into. The first game had its issues but was a fun game.

Seiven said:

December 17th, 10:21 am

HECK YEAH…PS3 version uses Mass Effect 3 engine…WOOHOO…day one buy

just_sane said:

December 17th, 10:42 am

I’m looking forward to playing this. Just have to get thru the backlog of other games first

Psx0005 said:

December 17th, 1:33 pm

Day one purchase for me. The fact that this won’t be a simple port-over from the “other” system and that ME2 was worked from the ground up to take full advantage of the PS3 is the selling point for me. I can only hope that this trend of taking advantage of the PS3’s horsepower instead of just lazily giving us crappy ports from the other system will be an ongoing trend from game companies. Thanks Bioware and Sony!

wolfzero1 said:

December 17th, 1:44 pm

If this wasn’t out on the same day as LBP2, I might get it. I enjoyed it on my 360, got all of the achievements so it would be easy to get all of the trophies.

thefjk said:

December 17th, 3:22 pm

You’re making buy Mass Effect 2 twice lol. I never played the first one but watched YouTube cutscenes all day before playing ME2 on Windows… loved every second of it.

And now, I can’t wait for it on my PS3… I wanted to make a bad-ass female Shepard save for the 3rd game, but I’d rather do that with Trophy support yo!

I’m salivating here… pre-ordered, ready to go! C’mon already! :D

Best business/customer decision btw, ditching (in a way) your first game but offering it as a comic for gamers who’d never be able to play it… respect!


December 17th, 6:15 pm

Very Nice …. sony rules

SkyDragonc5 said:

December 17th, 10:56 pm

I have the First Two on PC. Glad to see the comic opening. A novel idea. I may get this just for the better Graphics and the DLC. Looks awesome. Now if only Microsoft will sell the first to EA so it can be redone on the PS3!

emw80 said:

December 18th, 9:43 am

With games companies these days there seems to always be a catch or room for interpratation,

so i’d like to ask is,

When the developers of Mass Effect 2 say ALL DLC content will be included does that mean everything that was available on the PC & Xbox,
or does that mean that everything from PC & Xbox PLUS all the promotional & Pre Order DLC?,,
Considering the promotional & Pre Order DLC is alredy made and stored on their server, hopefully they would just add the whole lot considering xbox & PC has had the game over a year now.

phinnv8 said:

December 18th, 2:17 pm

Mass Effect 2 on PS3 definitely looks really good. Glad the franchise is coming to the delaystation.

jesE_GR said:

December 19th, 1:23 am

This is a great game, surely the best “port” ever made. Bioware deserves it.

The button layout will have an option to change, read it over several videogame websites.

Sean_Eng said:

December 20th, 2:11 am

Even though I’ve played Mass Effect 2 on the 360, I can’t wait to buy it for the PS3.

Thee_Caucasoid said:

December 20th, 10:08 pm

Lol. Who directed the video? Seems like a throwback to the 90’s. Recording of a recording. That’s kicking it old school.

Lucky13X said:

December 21st, 4:57 pm

Even though I am a little perterbed as an Xbox 360 user that Mas Effect is not so exclusive anymore, I am happy to have a Blu Ray disk based version of the game to get the most of the game’s potential audio and video.

Thanks for this Bioware and Sony.

skumchunk said:

December 22nd, 3:03 pm

The cutscene frame rate seemed REALLY bad in the demo.
Is this something that is going to be fixed in the retail version?

subbed said:

December 23rd, 5:13 am

I hope the Demo is not indicative of the final games quality. The screen tearing was very bad. While the issues don’t seem game breaking I hope everything gets another coat of polish before being released.

ZackVII said:

January 1st, 3:29 pm

I really could not see a difference from the PC version that i own and the PS3 demo, but I’ll be picking the game up none the less for the extra mission and ME3 tie in latter this year.

REBEL21 said:

January 1st, 7:11 pm

The demo better not be the final build. If it is, then piss poor work bioware. Hopefully Jeff Rubenstein, and casey hudson, and the other bioware staffs are reading this.

murder-scene said:

January 4th, 12:16 pm

isn’t nice we all bought a playstation3 instead of an xbox360, first it was Ninja Gaiden Sigma, next BoiShock, next Saint’s Row, next GTA4 Episodes From Liberty City, whats next? Mass Effect 2, i mean c’mon, theres NO competition anymore, PS3 FTW

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