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Dec 21

Dec 21

Pulse 12/21 Out Today: echochrome ii, Dead Space 2 demo, The Tester Finale

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

If you’re hunkering down for winter break, PULSE previews the perfect downloadable games, demos and videos from PlayStation Network for you to enjoy. There’s the PlayStation Move enabled puzzle fun of echochrome ii, the cell-shaded monster rampage of Eat Them!, a taste of LittleBigPlanet 2’s wide-open gameplay with the game’s new demo, and the creepy Dead Space 2 demo. Host Christina Lee also shares the Top Ten downloaded demos in recent weeks, and some must-have PlayStation Home games and spaces.

In new video releases, check out Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Angelina Jolie. Plus, a preview of the exciting Season Finale of The Tester 2 – featuring Killzone 3!

Watch it now above, or download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store update..

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Monetep said:

December 21st, 6:04 am

And the most important, Mass Effect 2 demo, right?

sylarista said:

December 21st, 6:07 am

And ME2!

poweredbyzen said:

December 21st, 6:11 am

this is good stuff! :D

nikrel said:

December 21st, 6:17 am

What time does the Update drop for eastern typically?

SirTrigalot said:

December 21st, 6:19 am

wow MAG, ME2, DS2, EC2 and LBP2 wow just wow

Sanador62 said:

December 21st, 6:22 am

Amazing update. I am still loving the DCUO beta. I get so backlogged this time of year! Merry Christmas!

junpeai said:

December 21st, 6:22 am

SO happy sadly i have to work s i wont be able to enjoy the new demos till after 4,30 T;T

M-Easy said:

December 21st, 6:35 am

Lets not forget we get BFBC2: Vietnam and N4S Hot Pursuit DLC. Its is a good day indeed.

Surfaced said:

December 21st, 6:37 am


Butters360 said:

December 21st, 6:41 am

The update today is just amazing with all the content we’ve been asking for :)

shinthelight said:

December 21st, 6:44 am

what about Little Big Planet 2 demo?

ixnine said:

December 21st, 6:45 am

I can already tell this is going to be a great update. I’m hoping the LittleBigPlanet 2 demo will give us a taste of something new from the beta I’ve so much enjoyed. and Echochrome ii, wow!

Vu_Prime said:

December 21st, 6:45 am

Dead Space 2. NICE!

Gtagentleman said:

December 21st, 6:54 am

what about Little Big Planet 2 demo?


December 21st, 6:54 am

2bad bfbc2 vietnam got delayed


December 21st, 6:56 am

@14 didn’t you watch the pulse video ? wth ppl are blind and deaf. i hope gaymer or cheska win. scooter thought he came on tester looking for love lol.


December 21st, 6:58 am

@14 didn’t you watch the pulse video ? if not replay it. i hope gamer or cheska win . scooter thought he came on tester looking for love lol.

PunchoThaBoss said:

December 21st, 7:11 am

I wish PS store updated at Midnight it would feel like Christmas every Tuesday morning,especially this update.

AZ929 said:

December 21st, 7:12 am

This update is going to be like the best update ever. LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 demos. I want to live in my PS3.

CH1N1T0- said:

December 21st, 7:27 am

is it up yet? is it up yet?

rjejr said:

December 21st, 7:36 am

“Explosive rocket funland” – Christina Lee’s favorite level ;-)

So, super-duper update means super-late update here on the East Coast?

OK, I can understand massive gig demo downloads requiring a long time to get set up on the servers but what does it take to change a sale price from $9.99 to $4.99? Couldn’t that be done first thing in the morning so I can keep myself busy waiting for the demos?

And what’s up with automatic downloads? You advertise it as a part of the PS+ subscription service but you almost never use it. What’s the point of having it?

Sorry for going all negative on such an awesome update but these issues need to be addressed. Maybe next year?

Hostile3333 said:

December 21st, 7:46 am

Damn, japanese women are so beautiful. Lee u rock!

Gtagentleman said:

December 21st, 8:08 am

My PS3 is ready.

SeanScythe said:

December 21st, 8:15 am

Wait what happened to BFBC2 Vietnam? And I thought ME2 Demo was coming also?

junpeai said:

December 21st, 8:17 am

Its ready but off right now sadly stuiped work T;T

JLP_M said:

December 21st, 8:28 am

First official update for me with Plus! Wooo! So many demos!

LoneSlayer said:

December 21st, 9:21 am

No one knows an exact Eastern US Update time? I’m practically peeing in pants i’m so excited.

HeavyD-Love said:

December 21st, 9:23 am

Relax people. EVERYTHING isn’t always listed in the Pulse preview. LBP2, ME2, and DS2 demos have all been officially confirmed elsewhere.

HeavyD-Love said:

December 21st, 9:24 am


Updates usually between 5-7pmCST, so that’s 6-8pmEST. You’ve got a while…lol

jazzyrider said:

December 21st, 9:53 am

Will you marry me Christina Lee? ;-)

Nice updates…can’t wait to download some new stuff!

x-former said:

December 21st, 10:12 am

what about Mass Effect 2??

Dmon92 said:

December 21st, 10:23 am

Hope the guys who are in charge of updating the store don’t update at the ass-crack of dawn… :L:L

matthaten said:

December 21st, 10:34 am

that not fair the beta users get story, community, AND create on lbp2 and we get the story that stupid

regentpark said:

December 21st, 10:42 am

Nice! Perfect! every Tuesday I enjoy my day at work so when i come home, i got the PS Store update ready for me =)

usedtoiletpaper said:

December 21st, 11:02 am

iv’e been looking forward to this update for weeks!

footballrule said:

December 21st, 11:16 am

Merry Christmas, Christina Lee!:)


December 21st, 12:09 pm

What about Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam?!!
It releases today!! Yes!!

D-Squad3 said:

December 21st, 12:35 pm

Dead Space 2 Demo, Mass Effect 2 Demo, LittleBigPlanet 2 Demo, Vietnam Pack!

theultimatenub said:

December 21st, 1:42 pm


SoccerKing80 said:

December 21st, 4:24 pm

is dead space 2 out now because i cant find it? =(

Lucky13X said:

December 21st, 4:41 pm

Thanks Christina for covering PS Home, the Tester, and PSP titles in addition to all of the great PSN games. I am happy to see Pulse evolving beyond just games and video store content.

Any chance comic book release highlights could be added to the line-up in the future? Possibly as a bi-monthly or quarterly feature.

Arsalan_17 said:

December 21st, 4:53 pm

Come on! update the store alredy!!!!!!!

East_AZN_Nation said:

December 21st, 5:18 pm


East_AZN_Nation said:

December 21st, 5:19 pm

I wanna watch the TESTER FINALLE!

DavidRado said:

December 21st, 5:37 pm

When??? I wont DS2, ME2 so bad!!! Can wait any more!!!

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