Today on PSN: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Dead Space 2 demo, Mass Effect 2 Demo, More

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Welcome To The Jungle – Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam live today

Today’s the day all our amazing PlayStation 3 fans can get their hands on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. This expansion pack to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 adds new maps, weapons, vehicles and trophies, all set to a two hour soundtrack of period-typical songs, making for one dynamic tour of duty.

Along with all of this great content comes a challenge to you, our PS3 audience, directly from Battlefield developer DICE called The Battle for Hastings. This challenge asks players to complete 69 million support actions within Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, which will unlock the fifth map to be found in the expansion, Operation Hastings.

Get ready to do your part in The Battle for Hastings and download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3 today! And while you’re at it, take advantage of our newly dropped prices on Onslaught (now $4.99), Shortcut Kit ($14.99), and in case you haven’t picked up the variety of free multiplayer maps through our VIP Pass, you can now pick that up for just $9.99.

Dead Space 2 Demo Infests PSN Today

by Jay Frechette, Community Manager, Visceral Games

Dead Space 2 for PS3Dead Space 2 for PS3

Hello Dead Space fans! Today the single player demo for Dead Space 2 is available on the PlayStation Store! We can’t wait for you guys to play it and wanted to share a couple details of what to expect.

In the Dead Space 2 demo, you will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology, what appears to be a sanctuary quickly turns dangerous and deadly, during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl. You’ll have access to a variety of new tools, including the new Javelin gun that has an electrifying secondary attack, the updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability. Don’t forget to stop at the Store to change into the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 360-degree control in zero-g space! We hope you enjoy it and pick up Dead Space 2 when it’s released on 1/25/2011.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Super Sports Pack hits PSN today

by Spenser Norrish, Community Coordinator, EA

One of the fastest street legal race cars ever manufactured has joined the pursuit! The GUMPERT Apollo S—as well as the equally awesome Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport—is now available in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit via the Super Sports Pack. This DLC (available for $6.99) also brings 13 new events and 11 new Trophies into the fray.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo arrives today on PSN

by Jarrett Lee

Today marks the first time PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to experience the Mass Effect universe. The demo for Mass Effect 2 has arrived, allowing players to experiment with character creation (which will you chose: play as the iconic John Shepard or your own customized Commander Shepard?), play through the opening levels of the game, and even jump to an area further into the game to try out some of the more intense combat areas and see the kinds of amazing locations that can be visited throughout the story.

Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 is the most advanced Unreal Engine game shipped to date, and makes full use of the PS3’s hardware to bring this BioWare-created universe to life in spectacular detail. In fact, it was built on the same engine being used to build the recently announced Mass Effect 3! Here’s your chance to see it for yourself – and don’t forget that after the holiday the full game arrives on PS3 January 18th – including six hours of bonus missions, and an interactive digital comic designed by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics to introduce new players to the franchise. The digital comic allows players to make key choices about their back-story that will be reflected during their game.

And that’s not all!

Starting today, EA is happy to offer you the following add-ons for some of your favorite games at a lower price!

  • Dante’s Inferno – Trials of St. Lucia, $4.99
  • Burnout Paradise add-on content
  • Big Surf Island, $6.99
  • Legendary Cars Collection, $4.99
  • Cops & Robbers, $4.99
  • Boost Specials Collection, $4.99
  • Party Pack, $4.99
  • Toy Collection, $6.99
  • Toy Car Collection 1, $4.99
  • Toy Car Collection 2, $4.99

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5 Author Replies

  • Francision69

    The update is taking forever to go up. lol

  • too damn many cool games today!!!

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos
      Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Tell me about it! I guess this is one problem we’ll all try to live with ;)

  • Great to see the Mass Effect 2 demo! Was always wanting to try that series.

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos
      Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Dude, you’re in for such a treat! ME 2 is one of my faves of the year, and rest assured, the demo is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve definitely got this pre-ordered already. What about you?

  • @1

    This is Sony we are talking about, they love taking forever!!

  • CTRL + F

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  • Valve updated their sales on Steam today around noon CST. Why can’t Sony keep a schedule?


  • Shinra_Soilder

    You guys are going all out on sales!
    This looks awesome.

  • Hmm… We knew all of this already. The actual update would be nice.

  • please refresh store now

  • Demo goodies here they come!!! yay!! I wish they were full games instead. Can’t wait for Dead Space 2 and LBP 2!!

    I hope the updates are great and us plus subscribers would get a nice surprise.

    Do the NeoGeo games support trophies? Someone answer me please?

  • D0ughb0y211

    Stop teasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was so hoping Dragon Age: Awakenings would be on sale, since the PSN version still costs $10 more than the retail version.

  • Gtagentleman

    wait a sec, where is the LBP2 demo?

  • D: Stop teasing me, i wanna play Vietnam SO BADLY. Hope the download isn’t that big.

    *goes back to play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.*

  • ExPresident

    Boom! Vietnam DLC! Score! :)

    Looking forward to trying out ME2 after all I’ve heard about it, should be fun.

    Crossing my fingers for great PSP deals this week, don’t let me down Sony!

  • ahh when is the store updating!!

  • musicismyradar

    This is a hell of an update!

    Also, stop censoring/moderating mywhitenoise’ posts! That dude has probably spent more on the PS3 brand than most of your commenters ;)

  • Come Christmas day my PS3 is going to be overflowing and not knowing what to do with all this content! That I will be buying, it’s already crying now knowing how many demo’s I’m going to download tonight!


    I gotta leave for work, post the update so I can start my downloads and play when I get home. This weeks update is pretty good, I bought the Move on a fluke so I can’t wait to check out the Dart game. Bad Company 2 Vietnam, now I get to terrorize more people on new maps.

  • ohhh played the 360 version of Mass Effect 2 but will be picking up the ps3 version since i didnt pick up the DLC and also would like to finish the story on my console of choice

  • Update the store!!!

  • antihero-Mike


  • Update, no mass effect 2 demo and dead space 2 too… update plz

  • antihero-Mike

    UPdate the damn store already dangnabit!!

  • Just waiting on you Sony.

  • Bout time, can’t wait to play in Nam!

    Also curious to see how the new Mass Effect engine will be like ;)

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos
      Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Both are awesome — I hope you have fun with Vietnam and ME 2!

  • please sont im dying here without NAM

  • How about stop making blogs about the same information and just update the freakin store already?

  • I’m liking this EA/Sony relationship.

    Looking at you Activision & M$.

  • BeazelWeasel

    Yeah, Battle for Hastings challenge is great, but we can’t compete IF YOU GUYS DON’T UPDATE THE STORE ALREADY >_>

  • Strider2K99

    Definitely picking up Dead Space 2 demo. I’ll also try out the Mass Effect 2 demo just to see how it looks and runs.

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos
      Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Definitely pick up both demos and see if they’re your cup of tea. It doesn’t cost you anything to download both, so why not give them a spin? :)


    @ Everyone Asking about the Other stuff


  • Once again great job PlayStation!

  • narwhalSTAB


  • Maybe less blog posts about the update and more actual update? Just a thought.

  • JesseHaysFL

    Nice to see Jay Fresh. Loved him on Area 5 and 1 up.

    ME2 demo….DS2 demo….I might have to quit playing GT5..

    BFBC2 Vietnam. Oh how I have waited for you. I will put down GT5 for you my lovely dice addiction.

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos
      Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Oh ho ho! Thanks for giving us a looksee! We really appreciate your giving our games a go!

  • @CH1N1TO,

    I read the Neo Geo games do not support trophies.

  • lame sale… super lame

  • hahaha

  • AndyAlfredo


    I am doing the same exact thing! You are awesome.

  • antihero-Mike

    EA + SONY + PlayStation brand= AWESOME

  • sTaB_u_N_uR_i

    F5 x 10000

  • the_jimster

    come on already with the update please

  • Jay Frechette, I have a question on the Dead Space 2 demo.

    I had a chance to check out the demo at Comic-Con and there was a bug where even though I had the controls set to inverted, during some of the boss encounters it forced me back to non-inverted. I told someone working the demo room about it and he was told that that was caught in QA and fixed in the most recent build.

    Is this a more recent build where that is fixed or will I have to struggle with non-inverted controls during the demo again?

    Thanks. :)

  • Francision69

    Wow, the Burnout Packs still seem expensive. :O

  • Update the store please, thanks.

  • Guys its a big freakn update, Many demos and new things to buyt come on. We might have to wait till 8

  • And by today you mean 11:59pm tonight right? Cause there ain’t nothing there yet!

  • xtremeimport

    do we have an estimated time on this?
    i’ve been waiting all day for the Vietnam DLC, XBL got it hours ago now today is getting close to being over and we still have nothing. I love you Sony, but I am getting annoyed today.

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