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Dec 22

Dec 22

Happy Holidays from PlayStation.Blog, Game Developer Invasion Starts Tomorrow

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

PlayStation Blog Holiday

That’s a wrap! Together with James from the EU PlayStation.Blog, Jeff, Rey, and I will soon be winding down for the holiday break. But this is no Blog blackout: The PlayStation.Blog will be going strong with fresh new posts helmed by some of the greatest game developers in the world. It starts tomorrow with Guerrilla Games and a unique look Christmas in Amsterdam. Insomniac Games and Sucker Punch Productions will also be spreading a little holiday cheer of their own. And later…well, who knows who else will drop by?

Looking back, 2010 was one hell of a year for PlayStation fans. We got great games like Heavy Rain, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, MAG, and ModNation Racers; we got sweet new PSN video services such as Hulu Plus, (a disc-free) Netflix, VUDU, MLB.TV, and NHL.TV; we got PlayStation Move in all of its precise glory; we got stereoscopic 3D and Facebook integration and Share and HD PS2 classics and PlayStation Plus and betas and a LittleBigPlanet 2 demo and an UNCHARTED 3 announcement and a Twisted Metal E3 announcement and a bunch of other things I’m probably forgetting (feel free to remind us in the comments!)

Be happy, be healthy, and be good! And be sure to join us in 2011 for one of the wildest PlayStation software lineups of all time. I’m tingling already!

P.S. What was your favorite overall PS3 and PSP game this year?

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wooster6 said:

December 22nd, 3:07 pm

little big planet 2 is awesome!!!!

wooster6 said:

December 22nd, 3:08 pm

oh and can i have a beta code?

SpyDudeFX said:

December 22nd, 3:09 pm

Happy Holidays to SCEA Teams!

footballrule said:

December 22nd, 3:12 pm

Happy Holidaya and Merry Christmas SCEA Playstation! Enjoy yourself Sid, and tell Jeff I wished him a Merry Christmas! :)

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    December 22nd, 6:37 pm

    Thanks much, and I will pass that on to Jeff :)

Skv007 said:

December 22nd, 3:13 pm

favourite game..
White Knight Chronicles xD (I know right?)
So.. any news on WKC2? :D

And happy holidays to you guys too!

footballrule said:

December 22nd, 3:14 pm

My overall PS3 exclusive was God Of War 3. The boss fights were so epic and the graphics were just amazing! Never gets old seeing Kratos rip off a head… or two. :)

ModernYorkster said:

December 22nd, 3:15 pm

My favortie PlayStation 3 game would have to be a huge firmware update that we havn’t gotten since Fw 2.4. I hope 2011 is the year sony drops the long awaited Cross Game Voice Chat, and Voice Messages the community has long been asking for.

P.s. the 2011 software lineup has me smiling, but not the F.W updates : (

brad74111 said:

December 22nd, 3:16 pm

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

My favorite PSP game I played this years was Birth By Sleep
and my favorite ps3 game is probably GT5 maybe because I just got it.

BlooodyCow said:

December 22nd, 3:21 pm

PS3 game of the year is God of War 3 follow by White Knight Chronicle for me

Trixzter7 said:

December 22nd, 3:23 pm

Hopefully Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix can drop by with some information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III.

whitwhit said:

December 22nd, 3:24 pm

GOD OF WAR 3 was my favorite of the year!

Mucudadada said:

December 22nd, 3:24 pm

Gotta go with Heavy Rain. It’s a brilliant and innovative new territory for interactive fiction.

Merry Christmas, Blog. Ya’ll did a fantastic job in 2010. Can’t wait for more in 2011!

MohammedMK said:

December 22nd, 3:25 pm

Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite game this year!

Trixzter7 said:

December 22nd, 3:25 pm

Oh and:
Favorite PS3 Game: God of War III
Favorite PSP Game: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Justp94 said:

December 22nd, 3:26 pm

Favorite PS3 Game: God of War 3 and Heavy Rain EQUALLY! :)

famvangaal said:

December 22nd, 3:26 pm

Hello boys and girls!
Merry Christmas and thank you for a wonderful PS3 year!
We LOVE Heavy Rain…
The kids LOVE LBP…

John, Linda, Yara, Joey, Naniek and Tomas van Gaal

afewAFEWafew said:

December 22nd, 3:27 pm

Don’t forget the hardcore gamers. Demon’s Souls changed the action rpg genre. Prepare for Project Dark. Sqweeeee! Not to mention another great Playstation exclusive game. Thank you playstation.

Ejsponge61 said:

December 22nd, 3:28 pm

Fave PSP Game: Vector TD (Mini) Yes, a bunch of great PSP games came out, but I didn’t buy them. Thanks to PS+ I got Vector TD, and loved it.

Fave PS3 Game: Red Dead Redemption A great ending to an epic story, and the multiplayer keeps me coming back. Its one of few games I bought all the DLCs for. (I also love the DCUO Beta, but that’s next year.)

Butters360 said:

December 22nd, 3:29 pm

2010 was such an amazing year to be a PlayStation gamer. SO many great exclusives and with all the AMAZING First Party games for 2011, they need to invent an extra day and hour!

Happy Holidays SCEA!

My favorite game for 2010 is a toss up between Heavy Rain and God of War III.

As #11 said, hopefully we’ll see Tetsuya Nomura drop in with exlusive announcements on Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Kingdom Hearts III.

Pirate_Atomsk said:

December 22nd, 3:29 pm

man, where can I get that sweet sackboy?

oh, and favorite PS3 and PSP games are Dragon Age and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

tek0409 said:

December 22nd, 3:31 pm

best ps3 game modnation racers with the combination of play create and share it deserves to be best ps 3 game

michaelochs said:

December 22nd, 3:32 pm

my favourite this year was mag by far

Soriddo_Suneku10 said:

December 22nd, 3:32 pm

Little Big Planet 2 Beta = Total AWESOME!!!

Can’t wait for the full version…

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas for all the team in SCEA Playstation!

Permafry_42 said:

December 22nd, 3:34 pm

You forgot the Ratchet and Clank announcement and the kevin butler appearance at e3 and Ape escape ps3’s announcement and The last guardian coming out in 2011, but whatever =D

I’d have to say Sly Collection was my favourite, as it was 3 awesome games in 1. IMO GT5 was just more of the same, gow3 was more of a button masher and gore fest than it was a enjoyable game, heavy rain didn’t really feel like a game, and mag was underwhelming to play. Only Modnation Racers was anything special to me, and because it was more limiting than LBP i only play it every now and then unlike lbp. Though if lbp2 had came out this year, It would have been my GOTY over every game i’ve played this year(including mario galaxy 2.) Even the BETA was more fun than any other game i played this year, and that’s saying something. Ah well. Happy Holidays PlayStation, and the best of luck for 2011 being the best year for ps3 yet!


December 22nd, 3:35 pm

Favorite PS3 game would have to be Sports Champions (Pure family fun)
PSN game would easily be Tumble for its innovation.
PSP I only play Monster hunter freedom

Heres to hoping for an easy 3d solution for 2011.

michaelochs said:

December 22nd, 3:35 pm

playstation you rock you did what no other game company could ever achieve you made MAG!!!!!!!!

Mobius2525 said:

December 22nd, 3:40 pm

Let’s see my Favorite PS3 Game of the year was HEAVY RAIN and PSP was Y’S Seven.

remanutd5 said:

December 22nd, 3:41 pm

Happy Holidays playstation blog !!!! be certain that i will be here with you next year as i have been the last 15 years of my life , oh im going to E3 2011!!!! well Sid you forgot to mention God of War Ghost of Sparta , Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker , White Knight Chronicles , DC online Beta and other things

michaelochs said:

December 22nd, 3:46 pm

i wish you a merry christmas sony ps3 is my only game console i have. mag lbp killzone call of duty and psmove ohhh and uncharted are my favourite games thankyou sony and merry christmas you guys rock and i mean you guys really really rock cant wait for resistance3 uncharted3 killzone3 homefront and socom 4 lbp2 so many good games for game of the year next year oh 1 question does mw3 exist i just hope resistance 3 is better than 1 never played 2 probably give it a try though thankyou sony

D-White_123 said:

December 22nd, 3:48 pm

@8 I couldn’t agree with you more,FW updates haven’t been very good )= and no im not trying to be a troll but are you really listening to us?

remanutd5 said:

December 22nd, 3:49 pm

Favorite PS3 game : God of War 3 , runner up : Gran Turismo 5
Favorite PSP game : God of War Ghost of Sparta, runner up : Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Favorite PSN game : Dead Nation , runner up : Joe Danger
Favorite comic: God of War , runner up : Ratchet and Clank
Most Anticipated PS3 2011 title : The Last Guardian
Most Anticipated PSP 2011 title: Playstation portable 2 !!! lol

poodude said:

December 22nd, 3:51 pm

Just wanna say Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday(s). I know I’ll be enjoying my break with some MAG and Pure White Tendancy Demon’s Souls lol.

Zezzler said:

December 22nd, 3:53 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Jeff, Rey, Sid, James, and everyone else on the Blog! I really appreciate the effort you all put forth.

Lets be grateful for the awesome year we had, and all look forward to an even better 2011!

poodude said:

December 22nd, 3:53 pm

Oh and best game was 3D Dot Game Heroes, hands down. I also loved Singularity and Dark Void (despite the less than stellar reviews for the latter). And I’m gonna say best PSP game was Valkyria Chronicles 2 even though I haven’t started it yet, or beat the first one lol!

pgsdi said:

December 22nd, 4:04 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Ibn_Elmeedan said:

December 22nd, 4:06 pm

Ps3: God of War 3
PSP: MGS: Peace Walker/
Quick Question;
When we get pins in the LBP2 Beta that unlock trophies, do we earn those trophies in the final game?

LilWayneSuckz said:

December 22nd, 4:10 pm

PS3: “God of War 3”

PSP: “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker” & “God of War GoS”

xRedxViolence said:

December 22nd, 4:15 pm

Fav. PSN release of the year by far is Final Fight Double Impact. I loved it, it was surprised to see it on the store. brought back memories.

Fav. game released this year would be MAG and Need for Speed Hot pursuit.

Rivithed said:

December 22nd, 4:20 pm

Favorite PS3 games was God of War 3. Favorite PSP game was Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker! But enjoyed many more in addition to those 2!

WHoiZDiB said:

December 22nd, 4:20 pm

Any chance on info for socom 4?

Spacerac said:

December 22nd, 4:28 pm

This year was my first year with a PlayStation 3. Out of the games that I bought this year (at budget prices. pay less, get more!) including (but not limited to) inFamous, Uncharted 1-2 (GOTY), Ratchet Future 1, Assassin’s Creed 1, and God of War Collection, I’d have to say Uncharted 2 was my favorite game this year. The PS3 also marks the first time ever that I had more than four games with a system my first year of having it because of actually being able to work and being a lot stingier with money (the highest record was back in 12/25/2006-2007 with four PSP games). To me, by Christmas day I’m going to have an astonishing 13 games just for PS3 and that’s pretty huge to me. Though when Christmas comes my only 2010 game will be Enslaved (it was just $25 bucks, I couldn’t say no!) I’m excited to be brought up to speed in the PlayStation realm. Looking forward to next year where I can pick up other games I missed out on and rent the new titles that get released!

Keysersoze10033 said:

December 22nd, 4:33 pm

God of War 3 for PS3 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.

wolfzero1 said:

December 22nd, 4:38 pm

love that Sackboy pic, Merry Christmas to the Blog team

duknuz said:

December 22nd, 4:38 pm

Favorite PS3 game is actually a tie between GT5 and Super Street Fighter 4. GT5 is the reason I have a PS3, and Street Fighter is probably the reason I’m still a gamer.

coolasia said:

December 22nd, 4:43 pm

Favorite psp game: GT
Don’t have a ps3, wish I had GT5

KILLZONE79 said:

December 22nd, 4:46 pm


Rene_Led said:

December 22nd, 4:48 pm

Let’s see Favorite PS3 Only of 2010: Heavy Rain..just a change since almost everyone will say GOW3 lol
Favorite PSP only for 2010: MGS Peacewalker
Now favorite PS3 game of 2010: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
Favorite PSP game of 2010: Probably Space shooter for $2 lol

Jerel said:

December 22nd, 4:54 pm

It seems that even SCEA forgot that they still make Playstation 2 consoles and Playstation 2 games… :(

GOTY 2010: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (PS2)
PS2 GOTY: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
PS3 GOTY: Final Fantasy XIII
PSP GOTY: Valkyria Chronicles II

SpiritThief said:

December 22nd, 4:56 pm

I wounder if Mr. Diamond Claws will be back to break the blog and force you back to work..

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