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Dec 24

Dec 24

David Jaffe Answers Your Twisted Metal PS3 Questions

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Video Game Designer/Director

Hi ya’ll! We’re all crunching like mad on the game while also trying to get ready for the holidays! But I did want to stop by, say hey, and answer some of the more frequent questions we’ve been getting about the new Twisted Metal. Watch the video below to get some info on things like multiplayer balance, my all-time favorite Twisted Metal weapon, and the huuuuge bosses you’ll encounter in the game. Thanks again for your great questions, and happy holidays! Oh, and stay tuned to the end of the video for info on how you can win a brand new Sweet Tooth action figure signed by the whole Twisted Metal team! Have a great holiday ya’ll! Be safe, have fun! Later!

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Hitokiri_03 said:

December 24th, 8:13 am

A Jaffe video without any F word, that’s new LOL

Merry Christmas Jaffe, Im look forward for more TM news (and the beta of course).

MoneyMaker110 said:

December 24th, 8:19 am

i wonder how much cussing had to be edited out of the video if any, and are you going to name your greyhound santa’s little helper. i remember when i got the ps1 playing the twisted metal demo over and over again. i loved the truck datkside and motorcycle mr. grim. i eventually got the game. i loved twisted metal 2 racing around the eiffel tower

Phoenix8387 said:

December 24th, 8:19 am

I’ve only played one twisted metal game in my life, and for the life of me I cannot remember which one it was (or even where I played it). That being said, I have two questions.

1. Having not played any [or all] of the past Twisted Metal games, will I be lost when it comes to the story or will I miss anything important? There will more than likely be fan service tossed in but I’m more worried that I might miss out of something important to the storyline than fan service at this point.

2. Having said I’ve only played a single Twisted Metal game (Which I did enjoy, at least more than Calling all Cars :P), what would you say as to why I should give the game a try?

Edd said:

December 24th, 8:22 am

I think that Twisted Metal is exactly what this generation needs. There are so many titles that are going for that dramatic, deep, “emotional” experience and there are very few titles, especially at retail, that are aiming for that fun over-the-top pulpy action experience. I love that games want to be moving, but I think that this generation needs a shot of crazy fun to balance everything out. Also most of the multiplayer games are based on short encounters that last a few seconds at best.

Twisted Metal seems to be aiming for a more cat and mouse type of gameplay(which is something I’ve always liked about TM). That attack, defend, evade, change up your strategy experience is kind of absent this gen. TM just seems like it’s going to be really refreshing and something that really stands on its own when compared to other games of this generation.

Seiryuki2002 said:

December 24th, 8:27 am

My best Twisted Metal is TM2. It was the 1st console game I ever saw, played, enjoyed.

TM2’s Napalm is THE bestest thing I ever saw fire out of a weapon and the results are spectacular. I always did the Homing Napalm code during each match.

However, I’m disappointed with the Story mode and I may have to pass on this one. I really want a TM, but mainly for the story. I just loved the wacky stories/personalities of Grasshopper, Axel, Twister (my car!), Hammerhead etc from TM2. That’s a classic. I get the thrill out of playing with all characters because they are so unique, fresh, innovative. Sadly, the new TM doesn’t seem to have that variety of characters to play as in the Story. I believe there are factions? Sweettooth, possibly Axel.

I miss when was an excuse for a variety of characters to appear in a game; like in fighting games. Hopefully soon, I may be proven wrong and there may be a wide variety of characters to choose from with their own cars, special abilities, personalities, storyline. But I feel I’m wrong.

But, thanks for bringing back Twisted Metal because it’s THE best Car-combat franchise ever and I expect it to continue as a strong franchise. Welcome to the PS3 TM.

BlindMango said:

December 24th, 8:27 am

Merry Christmas yo you too! You really are great with the community, I wish more developers would just sit at their desk and answer questions like you do.

I remember my Brother owned Twisted Metal back in the PS1 days and I always played it with him, I remember it being pretty fun and the E3 presentation was really cool so I may pick it up when it releases. Thanks again for the Q&A!

Edd said:

December 24th, 8:27 am

I have fond memories of playing TM 1 2 and 3 when I was like 7 years old with my friends, and having a blast. Really it was my first experience with a multiplayer game and probably the best. Which is why it’s exciting to me that its finally going to be released in this generation, where multiplayer gaming has evolved and expanded so much since those days.

kilokk said:

December 24th, 8:29 am

Wow I can’t wait for this game. I remember playing TM all the time with my cousin (he was like my brother :) ) we played everything from TM 1 to Small Brawl to Black to Head on. He was really excited when I told him about this new game that was coming out. He had just moved in, and he didn’t have a PS3 so he was pretty happy that I had one. We talked for hours about it and I was super excited about the online component, while he was obsessed with the single player. We were gonna run through it once or twice on co-op (if you included it, as it wasn’t confirmed at the time) and then jump online (again if split screen were to support online as well). He was gonna use Sweet Tooth and I was gonna use either Axel (if available) or Mr. Grimm (if available).

Unfortunately my Twisted Metal partner passed away last Wednesday (12/15/10), 10 days before Christmas and 13 Days before my birthday T-T

David2Crazy said:

December 24th, 8:32 am

Hey Jaffe/ESP,

I’m a huge fan of Twisted Metal, TM2 was actually what got me to pick the PS1 over the N64 back in the day. Really looking forward to the new one and I have to say I think its going to be hard for you to top Black in my eyes in terms of the vibe, culture, and presentation behind that. The first time you experience the credit sequence in Black, with The Rolling Stones ‘Paint it Black’ playing in the background, is incredible.

This might sound like an odd thing to harp on, but if you can some how make the credit sequence as memorable as the one from Black, then I think it’ll go a long way to topping off the feeling players get after playing through the single player. Not sure if you’ve even thought about the credits yet, but I hope that’s something you keep in mind.

Anyways, thanks, and if I happen to be one of the first 10 comments you like, I’d love for my prize to be signed.


David Doel

MarzMasta said:

December 24th, 8:34 am

lol all these guys are posting like an essay^^

Ive never played a twisted metal game but all i hear about it is it’s awesome. im definitely sold on this game.

EddyC__ said:

December 24th, 8:36 am

Hey David What happen to your blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time?

Also how do the live action sequence of the story correlate to the story experience? Does it make it EPIC?

Really excited for TM

Hockymn264 said:

December 24th, 8:38 am

My all-time favorite Twisted Metal game has to be Twisted Metal 2. Me and my brothers played in non-stop back in the day. The Eiffel Tower level being by far the most memorable level.

Will there be random people walking around that you can run over like the original Twisted Metal games?

Will there be button sequence codes for jumping, freezing, and fire etc. in the new game?

Might we be able to see “throwback” levels remade from older Twisted Metal games released as DLC?

Are there going to be any fancy pre-order bonuses at any retailers? [Probably too soon for that question]

Well I suppose that’s enough questions for today…I’m sure I’ll think of more. Definitely a release day buy for me.

JAB-JAKE said:

December 24th, 8:39 am

Cannot wait until TM gets released! On another note, I remember playing TM2 for the first time. It was so much fun at the age of 8 lol, because I just owned everyone at it. There are only a few games I kept from my PS1, those being the Tekken series and TM.

HarlemKlown said:

December 24th, 8:39 am

How massive will the trophy list will be? And will there be ongoing DLCs to keep the game going…?

Ztnepres said:

December 24th, 8:41 am

Hey Jaffe,

Happy holidays to you too and will you be naming you greyhound sweet tooth? haha.
I wanted to share with you my experience with twisted metal. I guess I fall under the title of a potential new buyer because I only played twisted metal on my friends ps2. My friend(who owned the game) would destroy the rest of us with gas cans. I remember how we would choose only small maps(one being a single circular room). He would DOMINATE us so bad that we would beg for stage changes to any map without a wall. It seemed like henever I was by a wall, there was a gas can flying over my head exploding on impact. Til this day, I picture a green gas can when I hear the word. Thank you Jaffe and your team for hours upon hours of fun.


LordHymn said:

December 24th, 8:45 am

I want Jaffe Riding his Greyhound in the game …. or a dlc character…id pay even 4.00 for that.

jacob-813 said:

December 24th, 8:45 am

When will these videos work on the iPod with the mobile app? And good job on the TM series. Loved TM head on for my psp. Can’t wait.

Doramos said:

December 24th, 8:45 am

Love the Q&A.
Twisted Metal grabbed my interest with its gameplay and the cutscenes. It and Loaded were two of the first games that felt like maybe the designers realized that some of their players weren’t kids anymore. It was also one of the first series that had real continuity between games. Overall the series just felt like the developers actually gave a damn about the game, like it wasn’t just a paycheck for them. That’s the big reason I love Twisted Metal and I can’t wait to play this next one.

SarshelYam said:

December 24th, 8:46 am

Curse you word cap! Here is an exceprt from my post with the remainder at my newly formed blog:

“…moving to my passion…I came across an interesting title that hearkened back to my days of playing the Amiga back in ’88 (I would have been 11 at the time), and a little gem that soaked up most of my time…AutoDuel, by Origin. By today’s standards it serves as nothing more than a relic of its time, but to me it certainly motivated my purchase of Twisted Metal. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this dated Amiga title would push me into a purchase of TM, there really is no comparison…it’s ugly and flat in design and depth, but honestly the core mechanic is there. Vehicular Car Combat in a Post Apocalyptic setting. I think that was a driving factor to my interest and the fact that I was completely enamored with movies like Mad Max and A Boy & His Dog before I ever really understood much of what the stories were trying to convey.”

Considering the rules, I don’t really expect to win a figure, but I thought I’d share my love for the series just the same. Thanks for everything you and your team do David!

TallCrowe said:

December 24th, 8:48 am

So the single player campaign will be ultimately be worth it to play? Also were you trying to set some sort of profanity record during the round-table with the God of War directors?

The_Leducs said:

December 24th, 8:49 am

Great video! Oh, how the internet has changed things. A game developer talking directly to the people in response to their questions. Love it. Can’t wait to pick this up. Any idea on possible pre-order bonus’? Car skins or exclusive characters maybe. Glad to see TM back into the limelight after what seems like sooooo long.

jgrizzle358 said:

December 24th, 8:50 am

David, did u know u were number 1 in the Top Ten Most Outspoken game developers in this month’s Game Informer?

B-Real206 said:

December 24th, 8:50 am

Wow, look at all the comments. I love it!! Thanks Jaffe for the Q and A. Can’t wait till the game goes GOLD!!!

Mitsar said:

December 24th, 8:51 am

Twisted Metal is the reason for me working in the game industry today, literally!

Well, Twisted Metal 2 I should say. It was my first ever gaming experience on the PlayStation back in ’97. I’d found a pretty nasty bug in Paris, where I could get outside the environment; which inspired me to find bugs in all the games thereafter.

Eventually, I’d landed an interview with EA when I already had a solid job. I took a chance and made it; thanks in part to a question I responded to with a Twisted Metal 2 answer. So, the reason I’ve been working in this industry the past four years is thanks in part to my first experience ever on the PlayStation with Twisted Metal 2.

I wish I could say more, but I keep getting the Character Limit Error. :(

loadstone007 said:

December 24th, 8:53 am

I never heard of the previous games (well my first console is the PS3), but you got my attention.
My tip for you David, is that should know the name of the game might scare off some gamers (like myself). This game sounds like a Saw (the movie) game, which is for horror fans. Well I’m not, and it would be nice to have a trailer, for beginners, explaining what exactly is Twisted Metal, the storyline, and who the hell is that beefed up clown.

Good luck :)

hellsfire532 said:

December 24th, 8:54 am

Super extremely thrilled!! I know the MP is going to be great, but the reason I was hooked on TM in the first place was the SP, so I’m glad we’ll still have plenty of dark/humorous/twisted stories to go around.

I remember play TM (TM 2, actually) for the first time, I was about 5 or 6 (now I’m 16), it was in a demo from Official Playstation Magazine, back when it was still with Ziff Davis and wayyy before any PS2 demos came out. I was instantly hooked. It was unbelievably hard for me, though. I always got.. PWN’d… I had to get my dad to help me out the first few times lol. Soon thereafter, I convinced my dad to buy me TM 3, which I definitely loved (regardless of the negative reviews, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it).

hellsfire532 said:

December 24th, 8:54 am

Then I bought TM 4 on ebay ( my first ebay purchase EVER), and played it till.. Oh wait, I still have it there! Haha, I bought TM Black as well, which I thought was a masterpiece, I loved how dark the stories were and how.. in a way.. realistic they were as well.

Not too long ago me and my buddies went to play pool, and there was a jukebox.. I took out a couple of dollar bills and put some tracks. My friends were like woaahh, that’s some sick music man, where’d you hear it first? I was just like… TM 3 and TM 4!! (haha, rob zombie and pitchshifter). If I have the money, the new TM is definitely a day-one buy for me!

CD6405 said:

December 24th, 8:56 am

The only thing I can put on the same level of my time investment in gaming as Twisted Metal is Starcraft, and pretty much the same reasons. Back in the day there were only a few games I could get my cousin’s to play with me, and it was both of those games…and we’d play for hours.

As for a question I have, will the new Twisted Metal have the awesome secrets like those in Black? I loved trying to find the new cars by shooting down the airplane in the first level, or shooting one of the buildings on the highway and letting it roll down the street to blow up a wall. Will that stuff be in the game?

Enforcer_X said:

December 24th, 8:56 am

I got started in on TM with TM2, I would go over to a friends house and we would battle it out on PS1 for hours after school. Most recently, now in adulthood, the same friend has come to visit me on leave from the military and now on PS3 I have purchased TM2 from the PSN and battled it out for hours. Blowing up the Eiffel tower was always classic especially catching the other player in it.

When I showed him the trailer for the new Twisted Metal on PS3 he was blown away and we were so happy to see that Co-Op as well as competitive will be included as he is leaving for South Korea in May (military duty calls), so I ask that it not be region locked. So once again we can enjoy hours of TM madness!

Keep up the great work! Can’t wait!

hellsfire532 said:

December 24th, 8:56 am

@73 welcome to the world of Twisted Metal dude! See if you can get your hands on the ps1 twisted metals, it explains pretty much everything (:

killzonekiller37 said:

December 24th, 8:58 am

David your the man, you’ve brought us two of the greatest series the industry has ever seen, keep up the good work and a good idea for DLC in the new Twisted Metal, add Kratos in the mix and give him his blades and have him ride in a chariot or something because that would be amazing. keep up the good work ca’t wait to play twisted metal in 2011.

Permafry_42 said:

December 24th, 9:04 am

For a long time now there have been few games with cars i’ve ever liked. Back in the ps1 era when i was a slightly more moderate gamer who only played about 10 games in total on the system, i hated driving games. they seemed boring, had very little variety in gameplay, and overall weren’t fun. then 2 of my brothers showed me a game where cars did more than just what their makers designed them for; where driving was just a side part, and if blowing [DELETED] up was the heart, blowing your friend’s car’s in the game was the soul of the game. I still remember having so much fun on the bedroom level (a level i would love to have make a comeback on the ps3). It was 1 of my best gaming experience of all time, and 1 i will always treasure it. Thank you very much David Jaffe for your announcement of Twisted Metal finally making a return, and you can be sure i’ll be first in line both to buy the game and for the beta.

SPOPS said:

December 24th, 9:05 am

First of all, David you are the freaking man. You are one of the few people in the video game world that have always made yourself very accessible to your fans. It is people like you that has made me want to pursue a degree in college to work in the video game industry. Currently studying Computer Science, and maybe one day I can work with you and your amazing team.

As far as TM goes, the game holds a special place in my heart. I remember whenever the games came out, me and my 3 brothers would all sit around the TV and play it. We got hours of entertainment and were able to have that time to bond. I can’t tell you how excited we all got whenever there was a new game. With the release of the new Twisted Metal on the horizon, we are really excited. We all live in different areas of the country now(Queens NY, Orlando FL, & Ft. Lauderdale FL), and all have PS3’s. Even though our lives have changed we are all going to pick up the game so that we can play together online. It is crazy that a game like Twisted Metal can get all of us back together to play something from our child hood.

So for that I say Thank You David, Scott, and your team at Eat Sleep & Play.

Happy Holidays and good luck with your greyhound!!!

SpartanCIV said:

December 24th, 9:06 am

I’m kind of a young guy (19) and the youngest in my family so when Twisted Metal 2 came out on the Playstation of course I was excited to play it with my older brother. Of course in any deathmatch he’d kick my ass… but in Co-op it was one of the few games that we could really work together on and dominate the other players (still got us a few times though). But Twisted Metal for me reminds me of my relationship with my brother (who is now 21 and still kicks my ass at some games) and all the good times we would have playing together. I bought TM2 on the PS3 as download the day it appeared. I didn’t have any money then so I automatically went to my mom and asked for her credit card :P

Also just really excited for the new TM, I’m mainly excited because I’ve wanted you guys at Eat Sleep Play to make a game that people can appreciate and recreate such memories of siblings (or friends) taking on the monsters of bosses that TM has to offer. Can’t wait and with me working at GameStop, just give me a hell of a pre-order bonus and I will do my best to get your game out to as many people as possible, not for profit (although you will get tons) but so everyone can experience that which is Twisted Metal.

squadass99 said:

December 24th, 9:08 am

As a kiddie who grew up in the UK I only found out about TM until black. My uncle loaned us it to try and I instantly fell in love with it, constantly playing through the single player to unlock minion was one of my biggest achievements I did as a kid. Granted it was both me and my brother playing it, but it still didn’t dampen the moment we unlocked it.

It’s a shame as none of my friends ever played twisted metal, I talked about it and I was shunned for playing things no one had heard of or wasn’t halo. But I had fun, probably the best car combat game ive played (closely followed by carmageddon of course)

Now I am eagerly awaiting the new twisted metal, and can play co-op with me gf just like I did with my brother a few years back. Gonna rock it like there is no tommorow when i get it on release date.

Happy holiday’s folks!

phantomballa said:

December 24th, 9:11 am

What is a major Chang u wanted to make too twisted metal and do you yourself play twisted metal?

Hippiecrew said:

December 24th, 9:11 am

Chuck Norris once tried to roundhouse kick Sweet Tooth to the face. Chuck Norris died from the flames that ensued. Napalm Cone FTW.

One of my favorite games on Playstation, so much nostalgia with this one.

iiBuLLeTzZ said:

December 24th, 9:15 am

why europe doesnt buy Twisted Metal? you europeans crazy!!! LOL JK…

dragonleader33 said:

December 24th, 9:17 am

Hey Jaffe and team

After folliwng you guys for so long and having some rather fun debates with David, you might remember some of the PSP GO debates. I love Twisted Metal. It was one of the first games I played and I cant wait for the new one.

Being a student in game design classes at the moment I am really interested in the process of a successful studio. Now with that I offer a bit of advice. Remember your roots. The small things about TM is what people love most. It is important to get the controls perfect and not worry so much about the graphics as I am glad you guys understand.

If the game looks amazing but dosent play well you ultimately will have a failure. Word of mouth is the best advertising and TM really dosent need that much of a push to see large numbers. So remember your roots and stay true to yourselves. You are after all the mastermind behind it all.

Have a Twisted holiday!

Lyrical--One said:

December 24th, 9:17 am

One thing i’m really happy to hear is the fact that you guys are focusing on making the Single Player worth playing. That’s what got me into twisted metal, that’s also what got me into the Playstation. I remember back when there wasn’t any (if barely) online play and i had a N64. One of my friends had just gotten a PSone and Twisted Metal. At a first glance, i thought it would be one of those games that you enjoy for the moment but never really get into it. Boy was i wrong. Twisted Metal had that fun multiplayer experience but what got me to play it over and over again was the Single Player. The action, the weapons, the cars; it was all something that really pulled me in. It was like playing “Vigilante 8” but to a whole new level. Now i’m glad to hear the single player won’t be a let down, because now a days, since what many people want is online, the Single Player takes a backseat, not really being enjoyed-but rushed so one can do Online.
Twisted Metal Black was awesome and i always wondered if now with the new technology out, if a new Twisted Metal would ever be made. When i heard about this months ago, i knew one game i was going to buy for sure.
Thanks for making Twisted Metal one of my favorite games of all time.

ZeR_47 said:

December 24th, 9:18 am

I love TM I can’t wait for the new ones I beaten everyone with the exception of a few characters on 4 I just couldn’t do it the stories weren’t to great but for Black they where amazing,
The new TM is prob. my most anticipated game of 2011 specially with multi-player but more importantly the best story mode? thats gonna be amazing if it beats the others
besides I still play TM 2 on my Ps3 XD still fun as hell on split-screen
I just hope this story mode involves no “hell Michigan” or “The sole of my shoe” puns lol

cool_trainer said:

December 24th, 9:19 am

Twisted Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love playing it! I remember first playing it as a kid on PS1, I was probably too young, but then again you can never be too young for pure awesome fun.

Anyways, I remember at Comic-Con you guys were initially going to be giving out those Sweet Tooth masks, but there were problems with it. Will we be able to see those masks anytime soon along with the other merchandise? It would be pretty sick driving around with one of those on, just saying. Especially having a bunch of buddies all wearing it driving around (I see some awesome viral marketing opportunities there).

Merry Christmas!

Hey_Buddy_8 said:

December 24th, 9:19 am

I have honestly never played a Twisted Metal game before. But I have been a huge Sony fan ever since PS2. I saw this game at E3 and some of the other game company conferences and initially never thought much about it. It looked very creative and stylish, but still kept a “rough and tumble” visual appearance. But I have just never played any racing games, and I though it was too far into the TM series to just “pick up and play in 2011.” But after watching this video of you David, and seeing how much you love your fans, you have made me change my mind. I will not only consider this game. I will buy it on day 1. It is inspiring to see an accomplished developer such as yourself be generally excited about a product, and not just completely jaded to the expenses of Big Business. You have just won yourself a new fan. Keep up the good work. Sony needs more people like you. And I believe, with all my heart, that you, and the guys at Eat Sleep Play deserve my $60.

xsilentangel said:

December 24th, 9:22 am

Awesome to hear Twisted Metal finally coming back. I remember it was one of the first games I played on the Playstation along with NFS Hot Pursuit 2, Spyro & Crash Bandicoot among others. It was pretty fun, first time I played it I was in awe with all the destruction going on around me and it got me killed >.>

sindiewen said:

December 24th, 9:23 am

Good to hear ya David. Cannot wait to see the new Twisted Metal Game now. The E3 build looked amazing.

Ive been a long time fan of Twisted metal since probably TM2. Amazing series. Such a blast to play after a long day of school or work.
One of the best franchises, if now the best franchise Playstation has to offer. Its been to long since TM Black, good to see this game coming for us all.

Cant wait for the New Twisted Metal. Gonna hopefully pre-order it soon.

THE-D1RTY-77 said:

December 24th, 9:24 am

A little off topic…have you guys considered making another “War of the Monsters” game? it was like twisted metal meets godzilla, that game was epicly epic…

carlosm71 said:

December 24th, 9:24 am

it’s clear why Twisted Metal doesn’t sell in Europe: You have to add an option to change steering wheel position. They think they’re on the wrong side of the car!

Seriously though, been a fan since TM 2 and TM Black will always be one of my favorite games because of fun gameplay, but ESPECIALLY because of great dark stories (actually did an all-nighter with a friend in order to unlock everyone and watch every single story) and while I’m disappointed Black 2 never happened I’ll gladly take anything TM after all these years. Glad to hear you’re putting so much effort into single player since I actually prefer that aspect of games over multiplayer.

And I agree with the poster above, can’t wait for more frequent blog posts from you, since you kind of went twitter only. Wish you a great holiday season, happy new year, and MUCH SUCCESS next year.

From a fan & fellow San Diegan (Imperial Beach). -Carlos

Useless_Person said:

December 24th, 9:25 am

I can’t wait for this game, a definite day one buy for me!

My only concern is that you guys have confirmed that it’s going to be rated T for Teen instead of M for Mature because the lower rating will help it sell well. But I for one couldn’t disagree more. I strongly believe that a mature Twisted Metal game would still sell as well, if not better than, a teen rated version. Because the truth is that if a game is truly good, it will sell regardless of the rating.

joeyjoe325 said:

December 24th, 9:25 am

Great vid. I will be pre-ordering two copies of this one. One for myself and one for my wifes PS3. Twisted Metal was the first multiplayer game that we played together (pre marriage). I am looking forward to split screen & online play with her!

This will be legend…… (wait for it)…….. ary!

Thank you

itto_02 said:

December 24th, 9:25 am

To this day, hearing the words “Axel Power!” sends me into blind fits of rage!

(Thank you, thank you, thank you for focusing on split-screen and single player. So many lazy developers out there claim nobody likes them any more.)

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