Greetings from the New Sucker Punch Headquarters

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It’s no secret that in inFAMOUS 2 Cole has to flee Empire City and head to New Marais after his first encounter with the Beast. Well, Cole’s not the only one changing scenery. Although we didn’t have an ultimate showdown, we did move 24 floors down in the same building but tripled our square footage. Yes, we may have lost our great views, but to rid the sun glare we closed the blinds anyway. Besides, as you’ll see in this little photo tour… the new diggs are really cool.

Sucker Punch Productions: lobby1

Sucker Punch Productions: lobby3Sucker Punch Productions: lobby2

We start off by coming out of the elevators to our welcoming lobby (see above). Julie, our office manager and Meagan, studio recruiter, will be the first to greet you. Our interview room for new recruits and main conference room featuring a 60″ 3D TV completes our lobby area. Moving in a circular rotation the next open space would be the environments team (environments team) who are all hard at work making New Marais look awesome. Next is our huge kitchen/dining area (see below). It easily handles all of us and Julie ensures that all the snacks and drinks are well stocked. There is even a huge balcony for use during those 30 days of Seattle sun :)

Sucker Punch Productions: Kitchen2Sucker Punch Productions: kitchen1

Sucker Punch Productions: Animation Team

The kitchen flows into the game design, animation (see above), lighting and character areas. The character and animation teams are working hard on the game-opening sequence now. FX and lighting are vastly improving elements from last game. Design and gameplay teams are full tilt at this point — making and balancing missions, powers, and AI.

Sucker Punch Productions: long hall towards coleSucker Punch Productions: Cole Neon

Sucker Punch Productions: hallway of artSucker Punch Productions: Coders

Upon leaving this area, you’ll walk down our long, long did I say long hallway. If you look closely you’ll see the Cole halo neon sign at the far end and all our Sly Cooper art (above). Looking towards the other end of the hallway shows off more inFAMOUS art from past events and a Sly Cooper Mask neon sign (above). After trekking parts of the hallway you’ll find yourself in the software engineer’s wing (above). Offices are decorated in a variety of ways (below) and we still have plenty of room to grow.

Sucker Punch Productions: office1Sucker Punch Productions: room to grow

Sucker Punch Productions: QA1Sucker Punch Productions: QA2

To finish off our tour, we take you to the QA area (above). We went from three QA staffers to over 25 in this group as we continue to ramp up production. Oh, and we also have many conference rooms that are actually named after our beloved characters including our chill conference room appropriately named “Zeke” (below).

Sucker Punch Productions: Chill Conf Room

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new offices. We leave you with a little bit of our art that are splashed around the offices.

Sucker Punch Productions: art3

Sucker Punch Productions: art1Sucker Punch Productions: art2


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  • Hiring?

  • Interesting place. Looks fun for parties!

  • Sweet news Playstation home is evolving more and more will their be any games at this place? Also you know what would be cool, if you could talk to people from this room to others who are playing inFAMOUS1 and 2.

  • musicismyradar

    Sweet place!

  • poweredbyzen

    need a houseboy to keep the place clean?! i’m a neat freak! :D

  • narwhalSTAB

    Looks like a great place to work. I’d buy prints of some of that art…

  • You guys are lucky!

  • looks like an awsome place to work…WOOOT

  • Congratz, looks awesome. Can’t wait for Infamous 2

  • LOL @ #3.

    The guy on the left in the 6th pic. Awesome shirt! Also I love all the Infamous artwork on the walls. That is really cool.

  • loadstone007

    You’re too cruel for posting these pictures. Too cruel.

  • I see your guys pick that hint at Sly 4… yea, I see that sly logo

  • That’s just great. Now we know that Cole will be shooting @ Beast in final battle sequence. Thanks for the spoilers guys.

    P.S. Really nice place you have there.

  • Hey, looks like you guys are now ‘Transit frendly’ with the new move. Funny how I go by that building in downtown Bellevue…

  • Will there be a Special or collectors edition of the game. There was a special edition version of infamous but only for Europe. Will Infamous 2 have a one for the United states of america.

  • theultimatenub

    nice place would be cool to visit

  • I’m digging the Sly and infamous art you guys have hanging around the area, it’s a nice touch.

    Glad you guys got a new place to hang out at, to make more great games.

  • P.S. I’m digging the picture with the “Sly” sign on it, that’s pretty sweet.

  • COOL! Maybe now you guys could get the old voice actor for COLE back and start Recording the script with a the CORRECT vocie.. not that wussy voice from E3 2010…

  • Nice Sly Cooper art.

    Hope the fourth installment gets a reveal soon.;)

  • Great work place maybe im choosing the wrong career. I might just change my major.

  • 1st Guerilla Games gets new digs, now Sucker Punch.. who will be next to show off their new place?

  • i would give anything for that picture of zeke in the upper left corner of this photo: Or at least a better picture of it or something. IT LOOKS SO COOL…and zeke is the best.

  • digitalman123

    Nice place! So many Sly pics and posters make me sad there’s no official Sly 4 confirmation. Kick off New Year’s with its announcement?
    Can I visit to hang out there on a summertime vacation?

  • Are you hiring???

    can work in any position!

  • smokey_vols

    Where are all the statues and figures of Sly and Infamous characters? Looks like a great place to work.

  • TheZimInvader

    Now what are Ratchet&Clank figures doing in a Sucker Punch studio? (second picture)
    Haha, looks like a great place to work, I love those posters. :)

  • I recognize that building..City Center in Downtown Bellevue. This area is really starting to become a huge game development hotspot, Bungie, Valve, and Zipper are all located within a couple blocks too!

  • Looks like you will need all those metals FOR GAME OF THE YEAR 2011 YEARRRRR!!!!INFAMOUS 2 ROCKS!

  • @ judalation, it’s medals, not metals!
    I only played the demo of inFamous and I loved it, I just can’t afford the game :(. Wish I made more money.

    P.S. Why can’t I post from my PS3!!! I know the moderators see this comment!

  • Congrats for the new home! keep making great games and can we see all those paiting in the infamous 2 game?they look great and guys HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! and keep the great work and we will keep suporting you all.

  • nice place but guys all dat new space can be used to bring us sly 4 lol enjoy the new space

  • The-Jack-Burton

    thanks Sucker Punch, thanks for all the cool info and thanks for being so fan friendly, it is very much appreciated! Nice digs yo!

  • the art is awesome… wish i had stuff like that hanging in my place….
    keep up the great work on the games… thats why we’re all here…

  • thank goodness u changed the character to old cole ! :) yay

    enjoy ur NEW PAD !

  • SWEET CRIB! i love the reaper artwork

  • Sucker Punch make great games. I can’t wait till Sly 4.

  • QuietstormRB

    Very nice way to bring in 2011 Sucker Punch. Looking forward to INfamous 2 and Sly 4. Question (actually 2), will our choices in INfamous 1 have any ramifications in the? and will there be any special perks/bonuses for having INfamous 1 save data?

  • The artwork is incredible. Can’t wait for inFAMOUS2!

  • JoshyBoy98311

    If I ever move back to Seattle, I know where I want to work at now. XD

  • Wow, you can put together a badass spread when Sony waves submission fees!

  • “Sucker Punch’s popularity increased due to the story about our new offices!”

    Real life Game Dev Story! Go Sucker Punch!

  • what a clean and colorfull studio :D, but it sure has a lot of space :O

  • Wow I’m impressed. Sucker Punch (awesome name btw) gets a bigger studio, the makers of Killzone3 also gets a bigger studio. It’s great to see PS3 exclusive devs evolving and becoming better. Insomniac has 2 studios! SP you guys are the real heros in Infamous2 =)

  • How much for those plush bean bags

  • THE-D1RTY-77

    mine if i crash there?

  • xxRaziel79xx

    Nice, I’m with JakeRuiner it’s good to see PS3 exclusive devs becoming better and bigger. Keep up all the good work that you’re doing!

  • Dang I wished I lived in Seattle

  • sooooooo……..whens sly 4 coming out?

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