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Jan 06

Jan 06

Killzone 3 Story Trailer: Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone Lead the Helghast

Aryeh Loeb's Avatar Posted by Producer, Guerrilla Games

You’ve seen footage of Killzone 3’s jetpack-fueled aerial combat along the Frozen Shores of Helghan, and you’ve seen glimpses of the incredible showdown against the titanic MAWLR. Now, meet the key players of the Killzone 3 campaign mode in this explosive new story trailer!

Along with familiar faces from Killzone 2 such as Sev, Rico and Narville, you’ll find a couple of fresh ones: the resourceful female ISA member Jammer, as well as the hopeful heirs to Visari’s throne, Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock. When the latter two lock horns, their actions will shape Helghan’s destiny – as well as the future of the ISA members still trapped there.

Since Brian Cox’s performance as Scolar Visari is a tough act to follow, Guerrilla signed on two veteran actors for the roles of his successors in the English version of Killzone 3: Malcolm McDowell, who plays the scheming Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral. With over 70 years of acting experience between them, McDowell and Winstone lend an intriguing dynamic to the power struggle that rages in parallel to the war on Helghan.

Killzone 3 story

Killzone 3 story Killzone 3 story

Stay tuned to, because in the coming weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at the backgrounds and motivations for the story’s main characters, as well as the actors who’ve brought them to life. In the meantime, enjoy this new story trailer, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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SuperTiso said:

January 6th, 9:47 am

If there wasn’t a doubt that Killzone 3 would be taking up my realistic FPS time over CoD, Battlefield, Homefront, whatever it was this trailer to solidified it.

spunnups said:

January 6th, 9:48 am

Amazing. I have officially boarded the Hype Train.

Crimson_Ryan said:

January 6th, 9:49 am

My birthday is February 20th! You guys make my birthday so awesome! I’ll deffo be picking up the Helghan Edition of this.

TheSil said:

January 6th, 9:49 am

Well that’s most of my March evenings taken up then!

guitarded77 said:

January 6th, 9:50 am

De-shats his pants… AWESOME!!!!

Zilas said:

January 6th, 9:50 am

I miss the old VO for Sev…

Hooligantuan said:

January 6th, 9:51 am

Here’s hoping there’s an option to turn off the motion sway in Killzone 3.

Killzone 2 was unplayable for me and that really sucks when you can’t return opened software.

twistedfloyd said:

January 6th, 9:51 am

Guerilla, this looks absolutely insane. Amazing trailer, it looks like you guys are really stepping up on the presentation. I was already ready for KZ3, but now I’m pumped! Fantastic work!

2011 is going to own, great job Sony!

jpd1408 said:

January 6th, 9:52 am

I never comment on the blog always just look at it for info… But I have to say this trailer is amazing what a way to start off the year! Contests guerilla great job!!! Day one buy for me! 60g still holding strong crosses fingers it doesn’t die until I can play all these great games coming out this year!

JeepnDave said:

January 6th, 9:52 am

Holy Balls!

jpd1408 said:

January 6th, 9:53 am

Srry for spelling on iPhone

RBlaze1988 said:

January 6th, 9:53 am

OMG they got frenchie from The Departed…Oh I can’t wait to play this frickin game. This was one epic trailer…

BigBoss712 said:

January 6th, 9:54 am

WOW! too awesome.

Busca-Cabezas said:

January 6th, 9:55 am

EPIC trailer! I just got goose bumps!!

pitythefool852 said:

January 6th, 10:01 am

I was sold as soon as I heard Malcolm McDowell’s evil tones.

Can’t wait for this, and LBP, and UC3, and the PSP and… my god, Sony are sending my finances into the abyss!

TastyGenitals said:

January 6th, 10:02 am


Nithorias said:

January 6th, 10:04 am

I only got one question, Killzone 3 Demo when???
I officially cannot wait for this game to come out, day one purchase for sure!

Go_Buddie_Go said:

January 6th, 10:05 am

Really looking forward to the Campaign to be honest, the cutscenes and dialogue are a major improvement from KZ2(judging by this trailer). Still gotta pre-order my Helghast Edition! >.<

Zhi13 said:

January 6th, 10:05 am

WOW… Amazing!!

DaveMastrX said:

January 6th, 10:07 am

You guys have been holding back, this game looks fantastic, I’m hoping the gameplay steps up as much as the story seems to have. Start rolling out the hype on this beast, any chance of a demo? The online beta was fantastic!

KazeEternal said:

January 6th, 10:07 am


Good Choice with Malcom McDowell. The man may not like Sci-Fi, but he has a presence like no other. Almost seems fitting after his work on Wing Commander too. I was really worried how you guys would replace *SPOILER* DJANFIPVNWEPJ ajsdsjap;oj Visari after the way the last game ended as he had a real presence too.

I can’t wait to get this game and it will put anything else I’m doing on hold.

Arcadian_Rebel said:

January 6th, 10:10 am

Woot! Already pre-ordered this amazing exclusive. :)

hush404 said:

January 6th, 10:12 am


Neil said:

January 6th, 10:12 am

Well cut trailer.

Platinum_Parker said:

January 6th, 10:13 am

This is going to be so epic! The music is top notch! Love it!

The-Jack-Burton said:

January 6th, 10:13 am

Brilliant! I love the power struggle storyline, and I love the actors that play the key roles even more.

Thank You Guerrilla!

wocyob said:

January 6th, 10:15 am

very VERY awesome trailer… amazing choice in music

also i hope i get to shoot Billy Bob in the face :P

jgeissinger said:

January 6th, 10:23 am

This game looks incredible. I mean, after KZ2, I never had any doubts, but the emotional depth of this game just overtakes almost all other FPS games I have played. I will display the collectors edition with pride. Thanks, Guerilla!

Robbie_G_lrish said:

January 6th, 10:25 am

I’m siiiiingin in the rain! Just siiiiingin in the rain! What a glooooorious feeling, and I’m happy again!

lswanson1 said:

January 6th, 10:25 am

Great trailer GG! Great soundtrack and great teaser content. I was not expecting to be hyped about the single player but after watching that I totally am.

TheGuardianFID said:

January 6th, 10:32 am

Incredible guys just FREAKING AWESOME, I new there was a reason I have the Helgast edition pre-ordered and you just solidified it!!! 8)

radiantshadow92 said:

January 6th, 10:36 am

It these kind of trailers that make me buy games lol. day one

McStupid075 said:

January 6th, 10:39 am

I really like how the story adds depth and even more realism to what already looks amazing. Thank you Guerilla Games. Hope this game turns out to be worth the hype.

Nynja said:

January 6th, 10:40 am

Holy-mother-of-Kratos…That was probably the best trailer I’ve seen in YEARS!

This just moved Killzone 3 to the TOP of my MUST get list!

Nizzel said:

January 6th, 10:47 am

This trailer is another great example to show how much video gaming has evolved. It feels like one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a while.
I knew I was going to buy Killzone 3, though I was a bit worried about the story and quality of the singleplayer experience. After seeing this trailer with this outstanding acting talents I’m really hyped and can’t wait to play this game.
Thank you for that awesome game Guerrilla

Kchow23 said:

January 6th, 10:48 am

@78 Pretty sure that it is not CG for the most part

Rytteren said:

January 6th, 10:48 am

so.. how fast does rico die? scene one i hope!!! damn rico!

MrMondayNighttt said:

January 6th, 10:53 am

That Trailer Was simply EPIC.Hopefully Sony Will EFFECTIVELY market this game to the uninitiated consumers.

Please SONY, Get Subway advertisements,Buses,Billboards on display for this game and tell the people that the heavy aim control is fixed in the commercial!

Also if there is no Online Singleplayer CO-OP that would be a HUGE step BACK!

Rhez said:

January 6th, 10:53 am

Yep, looking good. I’m not a big fan of FPS but I really did enjoy Killzone2. The profanity was a little over done but otherwise a good game. And I enjoy sci-fi FPS than the modern warfare type of all the other FPS out there.

Santos21 said:

January 6th, 10:55 am

INCREDIBLE trailer.. Well done GG. Day one buy for me without a doubt. Cant wait to get my hands on this game.

Rival_31 said:

January 6th, 10:57 am


Fryed_Mustard said:

January 6th, 11:00 am

Killzone 1 was ok Killzone was pretty dang good! THIS LOOKS AMAZING!

CorruptAssassin said:

January 6th, 11:01 am


This would have to be one of the greatest gaming trailers of all time! Amazing.

Zinacef said:

January 6th, 11:01 am

So frighteningly realistic! Oh my…

Spyguy007 said:

January 6th, 11:01 am

I’m curious to see if there will be any “exclusive” shooter accessories for the PS Move to go with this epic release…?

JoshyBoy98311 said:

January 6th, 11:11 am

Man, this looks so amazing! I can’t wait to play this! =D

reson8er said:

January 6th, 11:11 am

It seems that Guerrilla has taken the story criticisms to heart, I know this is only a teaser, but the small amount shown in this gives me the sense that story will take a front seat this time around. I am even MORE excited for KZ3 now, which is no small feat. Kudos, awesome trailer :)

Korbei83 said:

January 6th, 11:14 am

That was intense.

I’m surprised and delighted that GG decided to cast Malcolm McDowell. He seemed like… a bit of a handful during his sessions recording for God of War III; Eccentricities and all.

mikedo2007 said:

January 6th, 11:15 am

Saw the trailer on Kotaku, looks amazing and the story sound more interesting.

Superstrokey1123 said:

January 6th, 11:17 am

Looks rather impressive.

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