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Jan 11

Jan 11

Pulse 1/11 Out Today: New Games and Videos for the New Year

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Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

PULSE is back for 2011 and in anticipation of the upcoming release of LittleBigPlanet 2, don’t miss Christina Lee’s special co-host for this edition. She also checks out the long-awaited DC Universe Online along with the new HD release of TETRIS. We also cover the Top Ten PlayStation Home items and preview Qore’s January episode. In new video releases, The Social Network is picking up all kinds of Oscar buzz. But if you’re looking for a movie with much more bite, check out Piranha 3D.

So, watch PULSE now, or download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store update.

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Sindred said:

January 11th, 6:13 am

What’s wrong with that sackboy on the video still image? It looks like his head is fixing to explode!

perrandy said:

January 11th, 6:14 am

tetris is just awesome!.i’m pretty glad that we got this version of tetris to work on the ps3 and not the mini-one XD

DarkRecoil said:

January 11th, 6:37 am

Always worth seining Christina in full HD. Thanks for the reminder guys! :)

lpguycu said:

January 11th, 6:38 am

Sweet. Get to see more Christina.

nikrel said:

January 11th, 7:17 am

Maybe you guys should have left the sack person off the screen, it does not help promote the game, it looks goofy.

Nunchuckles said:

January 11th, 7:30 am

creepiest sackboy ever…..

Dosx001 said:

January 11th, 7:44 am

@6 lol well can’t 2 c it in HD n when is Pulse going 3D even if the episode a $1 n i hope not or 50cents

whitwhit said:

January 11th, 7:45 am

@9 there not sad or lonely there just stating what other people are afraid to say. heck ill say it that chick is bad who cares? smh

lpguycu said:

January 11th, 8:15 am


So commenting a lady for looking good equals sad and lonely. I’m married to a lovely lady and I can still appreciate Lee.

zekececil14 said:

January 11th, 8:30 am

Dead Nation is awesome! Everyone should get Dead Nation from the PSN Store for $15! The Dead Nation leaderboards also prove that the USA is on the forefront of fighting a zombie epidemic!

1st in kills: USA 405 000 000 <—- Total pwnage!
2nd in kills: UK 97 000 000

pitythefool852 said:

January 11th, 8:35 am

@Gtagentleman What’s wrong with enjoying looking at the lovely Christina and commenting?

If Jeff, Rey and Sid showed their legs a little more then we’d complement them too, hopefully without being labelled ‘pervs’ ;)

Sackboy looks a bit strange today though… maybe he’s too psyched about the launch

subbed said:

January 11th, 8:43 am

Sackboy just looks wrong… not charming at all.

QCVic said:

January 11th, 9:17 am

idk about that sackboy..lol. good episode though pumps me up for LBP 2!

remanutd5 said:

January 11th, 9:18 am

well im not even saying what i think about Pulse anymore , Sackboy looks wrong , he looks weird i dont know what it is , hey Jeff/ Sid any new Motorstorm Apocalypse video incoming ? Socom 4 news? White Knight Chronicles 2 US release date?

Arayku said:

January 11th, 9:28 am

Christina Lee theme please!

fergotten said:

January 11th, 9:59 am

ok so just tell us when the freakin update is already.

mingmister said:

January 11th, 10:06 am

cant wait too download this today:)

deathfire0 said:

January 11th, 10:15 am

The Next Time The Numbers of Today’s Date will Come(11111) Uncharted 3 Will Be Out

Butters360 said:

January 11th, 10:22 am

Really need that Christina Lee theme PlayStation Blog.

jimmyfoxhound said:

January 11th, 10:47 am

Pulse 1/11 featuring Christina Lee’s Legs and a deformed sack boy hitting on her.. count me in!

americanGTA said:

January 11th, 10:58 am

Can we get a free Slurpee LBP2 level?

and whats the deal with this new PSN app?

piratepoet said:

January 11th, 10:58 am

I always prefer to watch Pulse in the Home Pulse Theatre. Any chance of this being available there (on day of release) more consistently? It sometimes seems rather hit-and-miss.

barnaclejoe said:

January 11th, 11:03 am

I hate advertising, but in the case of Toyota getting me a free LBP2 Theme … I have to say, I’m down with that. :P


It’s very non-obtrusive advertising, since I can obviously skip it if I want. I just hope it’s a cool theme… and a cool level for that matter.

k1llabeastie said:

January 11th, 11:27 am

What’s up with that sackboy? :D And a toyota lbp2 xmb theme? :O

NyPrince said:

January 11th, 11:44 am

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I hate this girls voice. Why must she emphasize every word she says like if everything is special….

mcx said:

January 11th, 11:57 am

@29 Everything she says is special!!!

nixice said:

January 11th, 12:40 pm

Oh, cool about Piranha 3D and RE Afterlife — I didn’t know that PlayStation Network could actually offer downloadable stereoscopic movies, I just assumed they’d be regular old 2D versions of the flicks.

Hellman said:

January 11th, 12:48 pm

That sackboy mascot looks uuuugggggllllyyyy!!!

John-Shooter said:

January 11th, 1:06 pm

i really hope we get something decent today .. next week is gonna suck horribly for PS+

gonna be spending alot more time crackin away at GT5 at this rate..

BTK88 said:

January 11th, 1:17 pm

I only download this for Christina lee in HD B=================)- lol : – )

TutMup11 said:

January 11th, 1:21 pm

looks to be a boring year. yeah i agree i think we need a Christina Lee theme. or maybe a centerfold. it’s not for everyone

ShadowOfEden said:

January 11th, 2:07 pm

scariest… sackboy… ever!


January 11th, 2:10 pm

Dude that sackboy is weird….

JLP_M said:

January 11th, 2:20 pm

Christina Lee is Beautiful

Busca-Cabezas said:

January 11th, 2:40 pm

I can’t never ever, ever have enough of PULSE!! Christina Lee’s voice and charismatic looks just makes me… Makes me… WANNA SHOUT!!!!

KGH said:

January 11th, 2:53 pm

Christina is pretty much the ony thing that makes pulse worth watching. As for that weird inbred sackboy, I dont know what Sony was thinking….

D-Squad3 said:

January 11th, 3:02 pm

I wonder if there’s a midget in that Sackboy.

Wafi24 said:

January 11th, 4:03 pm

Pedo sackboy ftw!

DarkRecoil said:

January 11th, 4:17 pm


Not true dude. For those of us who don’t have time to keep upto date with all the latest news, Pulse is the perfect quick way to catch up or see what u might of missed in the world of playstation :)

ForgiveMyAim said:

January 11th, 5:22 pm

should’ve used cgi to make sackboy

WoolySpud said:

January 11th, 8:52 pm

I want to know what the name of the Pulse opening music is.

Tombstone_5_0 said:

January 12th, 7:00 am


I agree!! A Christina Lee theme would be awesome.

Deadsigh said:

January 19th, 5:10 am

hey whats wrong with that video, i cant watch it
does any1 have the same probs?

littlebig planet’s awesome, i was charmed with these little goo

Christina Lee is not so nice as them))

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