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Jan 13

Jan 13

MotorStorm Apocalypse: The End is Nigh!

Brian Dunn's Avatar Posted by Sr Product Marketing Manager, SIEA

Hello, PlayStation blog readers. I’m excited to be able to deliver some big news about MotorStorm Apocalypse: the game will officially be bringing off-road racing mayhem of apocalyptic proportions to your PS3 on April 12, 2011.

And to introduce the game’s cool cover art, here is Matt Southern, the Game Director at Evolution Studios.

Our cover art has been sent to shops and websites ready for pre-order. Once again we’ve got different boxes depending on where you live! I thought I’d share them here.

Here’s our European box. Our priority here is to show what is new in the game, and it slightly harks back to the box for MotorStorm 1. It is quite unusual for a racing game and we spent a long time working out what we thought would be right.

MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 EU box art

…and here’s the US version. It is much more of a ‘classic’ box and is based on an image we created in early 2010 that I absolutely love, which means I can’t decide which l like best…

MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 North American box art

I’d love to know which you all like the best – and what cover art over the years have really stood out for you. My all-time favourite is probably the EU/Japanese version of ICO, painted by Ueda-San and inspired by The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico. I also get a nostalgia buzz from looking at the games I played in the 80’s with airbrush art by Bob Wakelin. Good times. :)

You’ve read about some of the cool new features the game has to offer, and watched the first in-depth developer diary video. And the game just had a great showing at the Sony booth at CES last week, wowing people with its mind-blowing 3D and intense racing across, and through, gigantic skyscrapers.

So don’t forget to pre-order the game before it hits on April 12 to get one of the cool pre-order packs available. There’s much more in store for MotorStorm Apocalypse in the coming months to look forward to. Until next time!

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EatDeath said:

January 13th, 8:04 am

DAY 1 BABY! Day 1!!!!

G-Force08 said:

January 13th, 8:08 am

Awesome, another great title to add to my collection this year. As for the covers, it is a hard choice for which one is better, they are both good. But I think overall I am leaning more towards the EU cover art.

Now that we have a release date, is there any news on any possible pre-order bonuses or special editions?

G-Force08 said:

January 13th, 8:10 am

Wow, I think I need more sleep, I already knew about the pre-order bonuses and it was mentioned right here in the article. Ignore the last part of my comment up there! Ha!

But anyway, still great stuff :) Cant wait to play!

Ftwrthtx said:

January 13th, 8:12 am

I like the Eu box. Why not just use that for everyone? It looks great.

zerorules44 said:

January 13th, 8:12 am

Make the other cover the inside cover of the game. Problem solved!!

Korbei83 said:

January 13th, 8:14 am

Damn, later than I was hoping for. Not to worry, I’ll still be picking up 2 copies.

Glacier928 said:

January 13th, 8:14 am

Awesome covers! Really looking forward to this game!

ascendantofrain said:

January 13th, 8:15 am

I personally prefer the EU box art…both look great though!

Mattsta001 said:

January 13th, 8:15 am

Would be cool if Evolution added some of the original Motorstorm maps to the game as extras. What do you think guys?

Edd said:

January 13th, 8:15 am

I really like them both, it’s hard for me decide which one is better visually. They both evoke that sense of grit, chaos, and intensity, but I think that, artistically, the European one is a little more nuanced since the chaos is reflected in the visor of the racer, making it seem that the character, and the player, is a bigger part of the focus, it’s more personal.

NashTheSlash said:

January 13th, 8:16 am

Pacific Rift is the best racing game ever made. I hope they keep the magic in this one.

    Brian Dunn's Avatar

    Brian Dunn said:

    January 13th, 11:33 am

    You won’t be disappointed. :D

I_OU_a-Beatn said:

January 13th, 8:16 am

Yeah, the EU cover is a lot better, IMO.

Nick36542 said:

January 13th, 8:17 am

Both covers are extremely cool, but I like the North America box more. Can’t wait for April 12!

Myke-Myke said:

January 13th, 8:18 am

The US version looks cool but the EU looks better. Is there anyway to have the EU version available to print when the game releases?

I like the EU cover art of Heavy Rain more than the US version. To me, the EU version was simple yet very classy.

TheTwelve said:

January 13th, 8:18 am

Dang that’s my birthday—-which means I’m meant to get it.



tulaib said:

January 13th, 8:20 am

eu cover is looking epic …. what about asia , what no cover for us …. :(

DaveMastrX said:

January 13th, 8:24 am

I hate to be that guy, but I’d say the background in the EU version is really good at conveying the “apocalypse” but the US versions foreground is better at selling me on “Motorstorm”… I wanna see them combined into one awesome cover. Just my opinion, also I’d say there really is no good reason for different boxart for different regions. It only results in bad boxart, like US MGS4 and US Heavey Rain.

remanutd5 said:

January 13th, 8:28 am

Day 1!!!!!!!!!!! this is a must have for me !!!!!! already pre ordered , getting 2 versions , but why April? man i thought we were getting it on March not April oh well this will let me concentrate on Killzone 3 for a bit longer , i love both cover arts but i like the EU a bit more , when are we getting the new Dev Diary video ? Multiplayer Demo? come on , i want to play it ASAP !!!! why you guys havent put the dev diary video on PSN yet? any dynamic theme coming out soon ? i want more news come on !!!!

    Brian Dunn's Avatar

    Brian Dunn said:

    January 13th, 11:36 am

    Dev Diary 1 should be on PSN very soon. It just takes a little time because of the massive amount of content they publish weekly.

    I’ll definitely be playing lots of KZ3, too. Can’t wait for that one.

    Don’t worry, lots more MSA news to come between now and April 12. Thanks for pre-ordering!

DeviantBoi said:

January 13th, 8:29 am

I loved the original MotorStorm, but the rubberband AI grew tiresome in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. That’s why I won’t pick this up at launch. I still dig the series, so I’ll wait for a couple of price drops to get it. The aggravation with rubberband AI is not worth $60.

remanutd5 said:

January 13th, 8:31 am

oh i forgot LUNATICS UNITE!!!

II_KonArtis_II said:

January 13th, 8:35 am

those are some amazing covers! they both look really good. i might buy this game.

remanutd5 said:

January 13th, 8:37 am

Brian is there any way we can get that Flamed MS avatar that you have ? its awesome !!!

    Brian Dunn's Avatar

    Brian Dunn said:

    January 13th, 11:37 am

    I’ll look into it. :D

ratchet720 said:

January 13th, 8:37 am

Both covers are really great but I like the close up on the racer in the Europe version. that alone makes the cover more epic. plus the EU version has the same cars as the US version so i would take the EU.

dragonmagician said:

January 13th, 8:37 am

April is a good time for the release. One amazing exclusive per month is a good idea.

HMS_Victor said:

January 13th, 8:38 am

I’m glad I’m getting the EU version but why don’t you just have the covers be double-sided with both covers. I agree with what someone said earlier that the Heavy Rain EU cover was classier and the US cover was obviously trying to appeal to people by showing B00BSS!!!! We’re not all 12 year olds. A lot of us aren’t that immature

darktherapy said:

January 13th, 8:42 am

Great news. Will it have support for Logitech steering wheels?

quarkquest said:

January 13th, 8:47 am

I played the first two one, and there is no way i won’t take the third :) Motorstorm is the best racing (couch couch after GT5) I every played!

x-former said:

January 13th, 8:48 am

Awesome news!! Day 1 for me on this one!

Have the customisation options been explained yet? I know of the perk system but what of liveries or vehicle appearance????

GT-420 said:

January 13th, 8:51 am

EU cover makes it look like a burnout game. I like the US version because of visual is “in motion”, more in tune with a genre. EU looks kinda blah boring generic explosion racer, US clearly communicates the vehicle diversity.

GT-420 said:

January 13th, 8:51 am

Wow my grammar sucked in that post, my apologies, there’s no “edit” button on these comments.

sirqweirDY said:

January 13th, 8:55 am

Glad to finally have an official date of release.
Also, glad that i’ll be in England around the week of the EUR release.
About a full month between the EUR (March 16) and US (April 12) release dates? C’mon !!

Trixzter7 said:

January 13th, 8:57 am

I like the EU cover better.
Maybe you guys can include double-sided US/EU covers or even have the EU cover available for download like Quantic Dream did with Heavy Rain.

AssassinHD said:

January 13th, 9:00 am

Not to take anything away from the NA cover, but I prefer the EU one.

tk2012 said:

January 13th, 9:01 am

I think the best cover was the one in the canyon. Oops, wait, that was the first release and not one of these.

But seriously, I don’t care what the cover looks like. I care how the game works. You could sell it in a paper bag and I would buy it if the game worked as expected.

bbonds_007 said:

January 13th, 9:03 am

Ugh the EU one is so much cooler!

ElektroDragon said:

January 13th, 9:14 am

I hope they fixed it since PAX, because at PAX it was way too difficulty, and WAY too crash happy. Any piece of rubbish on the side of the road that I’d even sideswipe would cause my car to explode. Lame.

    Brian Dunn's Avatar

    Brian Dunn said:

    January 13th, 11:39 am

    During development, the game is constantly being polished and tweaked. If you like the MotorStorm style of racing, you won’t be disappointed with Apocalypse.

Zezzler said:

January 13th, 9:14 am

The American art rocks! Much better than the EU one imo. My all time favorite box art though would have to be the Final Fantasy Anthology art. Yoshitaka Amano’s art is simply put, fantastic.

Punk_JUNKY1989 said:

January 13th, 9:20 am

I think I like the Euro one a little better, but maybe that’s just because I saw that one first… also, that one has a freaking bridge exploding in the glare of a racer’s visor. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I like that one more :) maybe I’ll import it

Sponge-worthy said:

January 13th, 9:22 am

Just like Heavy Rain, the UK cover art craps all over the US box. Someone on the American side at Sony has some real [DELETED] taste :(

adolson said:

January 13th, 9:25 am

I didn’t spend big bucks on my Logitech wheel to play racing games with lame analog sticks. So, I echo #26 – racing wheel support?

Butters360 said:

January 13th, 9:27 am


Sagatron said:

January 13th, 9:33 am

I prefer the EU cover over the US version.

MattyR09 said:

January 13th, 9:38 am

The EU is the best! But can’t you have reversible covers, pick which you like best.

LUGIEZ said:

January 13th, 9:42 am

Both those boxes would represent Motorstorm well. But the EU one looks pretty sweet with that helmet reflection. the US box shows off the vehicles nicely too.

awsome_robot said:

January 13th, 9:46 am

i like the US cover more; pre-ordered months ago.

Insanecyclone said:

January 13th, 9:48 am

Demo? I know what to expect from the Motorstorm games, but it would be nice to check out first.

KiNG_NoYo said:

January 13th, 9:48 am

im gonna go with the US cover as i feel it’s a better overall representation of the game itself…im excited that there is a street date now & i look forward to april 12th !

WhiteF8ng said:

January 13th, 9:49 am

EU cover looks better. Its kinda like seeing the chaos the driver is seeing…

mountain_duwe said:

January 13th, 9:57 am

Euro box covers always look cooler to me :(

sethchilders said:

January 13th, 9:58 am

Two words: Bad Ass!

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