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Jan 18

Jan 18

LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Launch Week DLC & Setting Records in NYC

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

LittleBigPlanet 2 World Record banner

Hey Sackpeople,

Congratulations to all!
Today’s the big day! After a long wait and being teased with all the amazing beta levels, LittleBigPlanet 2 is finally here, so, congratulations to Media Molecule and PlayStation! We know a lot of our fans will be there with us on day one. Will you? If not, FYI, you’ll miss out on getting the “1 week only” DLC – so don’t!

Launch Day Suit, and Rare T-Shirt

Little Big World Record
As we celebrate, don’t forget to tune into our live stream @, or right here on the PS.Blog. Day 2 of our event is filled with interviews, activities, and Mm tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - PS Blog Live Stream

@ Sony Style NY
And if you’re in the NY area, feel free to drop by at the PlayStation Lounge in Sony Style at 550 Madison and check us out in person. Join us for cool activities, chat with Media Molecule and even join our gaming marathon.

Sony Style Foursquare - LBP2 Live Stream Event

Check in with Sony
And as a special offer, for those of you who drop in and buy the game, be sure to check in at the Sony Style Store Foursquare page and get an autographed cover from Media Molecule and Limited Edition DLC. Just Show up, check in and claim your gift.

Visit the Sony Facebook page for more details!

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echogridlock said:

January 18th, 4:09 pm

@55, 78 + 79 + 81
BUG FIX; Load your sackboy onto another players profile. I found two different ways.

Someone from your friends list; press start friends and join. Then let it save, quit and restart the game.

Another user on your PS3; i loaded up my wifes PSN and started a game, loaded my account/sackboy by turning on the second controller, saved, quit and logged back into my account.

fries_09 said:

January 18th, 4:24 pm

and the T-shirt do you get that in playstation store or something

JakeRuiner said:

January 18th, 4:32 pm

can anyone who has bought the CE tell me if the bookends that come with the CE are cheap? are they sturdy/hard? and the plush sackboy, is it quality made? anyone that has the Collecters Edition please tell me.

sas-96- said:

January 18th, 4:39 pm

@102 the plush sackboy is the same that you see sold at retailers, so yes it is quality made. I believe that the bookends (more like game-ends) are very sturdy and can support a decent amount of pressure. The bookends are made out of hard plastic, wrapped in paper and carboard, which gives it the LBP effect.

Zezzler said:

January 18th, 4:42 pm
An awesome unboxing video of the CE

MadeInBrazil__ said:

January 18th, 4:45 pm

Best game I’ve played already!

theultimatenub said:

January 18th, 4:53 pm


eyesofreality03 said:

January 18th, 5:05 pm

well the voucher that was SUPPOSED to be in the game box is apparently from the store, according to customer service so i’m out costumes and avatars….waste of money and time to call and get that answer. oh well.

TheDutchYeti said:

January 18th, 5:13 pm

update for people looking for these costumes: when the PSN store updated this evening, they were added to the store.

Hooligantuan said:

January 18th, 5:48 pm


It’s in the PS Store for free. You can get it now, nothing required.

I thought I would need the LBP2 disc on hand (mine might not be here until the 29th, and I preordered) but you can go to the PS Store and just grab it. It’s the LBP1 Space Man outfit, which means it’s good for the original LBP and LBP2.

nerd_daddy said:

January 18th, 6:38 pm

$5 bucks for a tee-shirt for my sack? [DELETED]?

Permafry_42 said:

January 18th, 6:43 pm

lol at people who waste $5 on a virtual t-shirt when they could get Scott pilgrim on PlayStation Plus for the same price.

Dariel93 said:

January 18th, 6:48 pm

Just let you know i got my LBP 2 CE started playing it then i took a break and an our later i notice my has a bug the pod crashed into the earth and it doesn’t let me load my back up or play any level all i can’t do a single than besides walking in the pod with sackboy.

drea_3pennies said:

January 18th, 6:50 pm

okay, so i bought lbp2 and when i put in the disc everything was going smoothly then when i go to my pod the sound is off, like an echo. im not sure what to do or if its just my ps3 but it doesnt make sense because it doesnt sound like that when it plays the lbp2 intro when you first start the game it only does it in the pod. can anyone help me with this?

foodlionslave said:

January 18th, 7:01 pm

This game is awesome!! I couldn’t ask for more (well maybe the FF VII DLC). If you ever do make a LBP3 I don’t see how it could get any better. BTW, I love the way you streamlined the community levels. Thanks MM & Sony!!

ElCapitanAmerica said:

January 18th, 7:13 pm

@103 The book … er … game ends are great. As another poster said, they’re mostly made of hard plastic, and the structure is made out to look like wood.

I think they’re sturdy, but they’re definitely not very heave of course, so are not the best bookends for heavy books. I’m thinking of using them for my game cases …

Plush sackboy is awesome, my kids love it.

ElCapitanAmerica said:

January 18th, 7:17 pm


OK, I just restarted the game and the moon or something is inside my pod!!!! What the heck?!?! Now I can’t really use the pod computer, I can see myself a bit on the right side by maneuvering. What’s going on!?!?

Note that first time I played it I didn’t have this problem. I also reset my pod, this was on second startup.

Surely a huge bug!!!!

Ibn_Elmeedan said:

January 18th, 7:37 pm

The one thing that disappointed me is that my beta levels and pins didnt carry over……. my level was pretty darn popular, and i got many pins, that i think won be possible for me again (popular level related ones….) other than that the game really is nice!

BigRon3400 said:

January 18th, 7:41 pm

LBP2 has locked up my PS3 6 times tonight. I see the beta did alot of freaking good. GET THE SERVERS ISSUES UNDER CONTROL! Why is it always impossible to play an online game day one on the PS3? You think you guys would learn by now.

ElCapitanAmerica said:

January 18th, 8:05 pm

OK, if you get the world stuck on your pod here’s my workaround; disable your internet connection (or just logout of your PSN account), restart the game which will restore your pod and then SAVE your pod, then restore connection (or login again) and you’re good to go.

Screenshot of problem and set by step workaround …

Musoka_Eimin said:

January 18th, 9:34 pm

I can’t stay connected to friends online no matter what. I realize my internet speed is slow, and I deal with occasional lag on LBP1 and other games as well. Here is my issue on LBP2. Once the lag kicks up for a minute, the screen goes to loading unlike LBP1. Not only does it go to loading, it sits there, forever. The loading bar erratically goes up and down, and it never exits unless my friend kicks me. My sackboy just sits unresponsive in their pod. When I invite them, the opposite happens. Their sackperson shows up, but they are non-responsive, they are stuck at a loading screen until they are kicked from my pod or until they quit the game. I cannot stay connected to friends for more than 3 minutes max. Again, I realize my internet speed is slow, and I’m not expecting Media Molecule to magically fix my lag. What is unacceptable to me though is that instead of recovering and catching back up, I sit in an infinite loading screen to which the only thing I can do is quit the game. Please guys, really hoping for a patch or work on servers, whatever. You all did a world class job with improving LBP1, please talented sackpeople of MM, fix this? Thank you for listening.

Cheesehead_Dave said:

January 19th, 5:14 am

Got my copy of the collector’s edition!

EvOKrusHer said:

January 19th, 9:22 am

Wow just popped open the CollectOR’S Edition. WOW LOVED IT!!
My Daughter and I love it!!.With more people online even more fun! Thelevels are great! Very fast paced and fun packed. Now to get all your old Sackboy & sackgirls into this?

EvOKrusHer said:

January 19th, 9:23 am

Oh yeah it’s kicked me out twice before the level?

LBP1206 said:

January 19th, 10:05 am

hi is the launch suit free

THE_J said:

January 19th, 12:45 pm

did anybody find out what that Sony Style/Foursquare DLC was?

jayrockslife said:

January 19th, 7:19 pm

I’m a bit disappointed that the Astronaut suit is being released AGAIN. I thought it would be a sign of “HEY LOOK! I got LBP week 1 back in 2008!” But now its just there for everyone to have..

Joe03oy said:

January 19th, 9:29 pm

Disable the PS3 internet connection and start the game will solve the moon or something inside the pod. (It’s ok to enable internet connection back once.)
When will this bug be fix?

Elvick_ said:

January 21st, 9:06 am

The plushie isn’t the exact same as the one you can buy. It’s smaller and the mouth is made differently. I bought Sackboy and Sackgirl last year. My CE Sackboy is deformed. His head is placed too far back so he falls backwards.

jhuynh2000 said:

January 22nd, 3:06 pm

The game goes into an infinite load loop a lot when I try to connect to other players?

IceBlade21 said:

January 25th, 7:08 pm

I got the pod glitch too i need help!!!!!!

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