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Jan 19

Jan 19

LittleBigPlanet Gaming World Record: History is Made Today!

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

LittleBigPlanet 2

We’re almost there! Our courageous participants will set the Guinness World Record mark for our LittleBigPlanet 2 gaming marathon at 6pm (Eastern Time) later today. Join us as we wrap up the past three days and celebrate the momentous occasion of LittleBigPlanet 2’s launch on the PS3!

Here’s a rundown of our favorite moments so far:

  • Guest Appearance from Sackboy himself
  • All the Media Molecule goodness in the form of interviews, tutorials and Q&A’s
  • LittleBigFistPumping with Jwoww and DJ Pauly D
  • Playing with the NYC Boys & Girls Club
  • All of our super fans making it to the PlayStation Lounge and joining us in the 4th chair
  • “Laptop Guy” entertaining the stream in the wee hours of the night
  • ALL our @LittleBigPlanet Twitter fans #LBP2record

Of course we couldn’t have done this without our partners:

  • PlayStation Lounge at Sony Style (…with Foursquare check-in)
  • Subway (…Loved the subs!)
  • AstroGaming (…bonus with the LBP2 speaker tags)
  • Gunnar Optiks (…sooo helped with the eye strain)
  • 7-11 (…Slurpees were officially slurped!)
  • Senario (…Plushies were a hit)
  • Mezco (…loved all three Sack-tion figures)
  • Great Eastern (…keychains: the perfect on-the-go accessory)
  • Brady Games (…the book of knowledge!)

And finally, our very special “Thank You” to our hosts:


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jakev41 said:

January 19th, 2:12 pm


DaRkS1LeNc3 said:

January 19th, 2:13 pm

cool beans

kc_chang said:

January 19th, 2:13 pm

Kevin Butler should have played…

J-A-Y-9-7 said:

January 19th, 2:17 pm

I’m gonna SKIVE school tomoz to Play LBP 2, now how do you feel? Lol, jks ;) Lovin’ the anticipation!! Bought the Collector’s Edition of it, Thanks for making another gresat game!!


JLP_M said:

January 19th, 2:18 pm

Im loving LBP2 so far
Footage of all the DLC Costumes!

also if you want me to make a vid of your level message me

gojeff99 said:

January 19th, 2:19 pm

Sack them records!

Arcadian_Rebel said:

January 19th, 2:21 pm

Looks awesome!

Spoelstra3 said:

January 19th, 2:27 pm

I can’t believe they’re still playing.

DarkRecoil said:

January 19th, 2:32 pm

Great idea guys and thanks for livestremaing this. Prety funny & informative, but cool & chilled at the same time :)

NerdyGirl88 said:

January 19th, 2:34 pm

I cannot wait to get my copy of LBP2!!! Soooo wish I had it now!!!

G-Force08 said:

January 19th, 2:39 pm

Congrats guys on the records set. I’ve been enjoying this game thoroughly.

ycole11 said:

January 19th, 2:41 pm

This game is great. Nice job with the records. :)

Seahawk313 said:

January 19th, 2:44 pm

Please, give us some Star Wars DLC, running around with Vader’s Lightsaber in LBP would be awesome!!!!

DarkRecoil said:

January 19th, 2:45 pm

one more thing u need a video feed of the game like in the corner of the screen or somthing

west_4-9 said:

January 19th, 2:52 pm

i just got back from picking up LBP2!! the first thing im gonna do…………..CREATE MODE!! :D

Fryed_Mustard said:

January 19th, 2:55 pm

Little big planet deserves a new title because game of the year just doesn’t cut it! Game of the decade sounds more appropriate! Also starwars, batman, or Indiana Jones DLC would be awesome!

footballrule said:

January 19th, 2:56 pm

Wish Kevin Butler would have played. I’m happy to have my copy of LBP2 CE. :)

Curtisio said:

January 19th, 3:01 pm

I LOVE this game!!!!

NotoriousGamer said:

January 19th, 3:03 pm

kool congrats everyone!!

keniken said:

January 19th, 3:09 pm

Wow did this include a record for the most amount of users getting the pod glitch ?

Berae said:

January 19th, 3:19 pm

I’m enjoying the game very much but please fix the servers, sometimes it’s not even fun playing with others because of the lag.

Powie said:

January 19th, 3:28 pm

Now if SCEA could just fix the trophy website so it actually displays the LB2 trophies, as well as all the other games that are missing, that would be a world record.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

January 19th, 3:38 pm

Wait a minute, are you saying you had the real Jwoww and Pauly D? I love those guys!

Train1999 said:

January 19th, 3:41 pm

Great job everyone. You made everyone around the Playstation World proud. Proud to be the best gamers ever. Yay!!


January 19th, 3:48 pm

@23 Solid-Snake-Eyes

Yes you can watch the youtube interview here:

patsceltsbosox said:

January 19th, 4:01 pm

It would be freaking awesome if Media Molecule made a JERSEY SHORE DLC. We would see sack girls and sack boys fist pumping. Please MM make our dreams come true. I would def. buy it.

iamlorddrift said:

January 19th, 4:07 pm

sigh, Jersey Shore? Really? are u trying to get people not to buy ur game?

brad74111 said:

January 19th, 4:09 pm

I watched over half the event (to much free time)it was really great so much great stuff was going on from sackboy to laptopboy to the record breaking final minute.
PS Blog said to use a different twitter tag than what the stream said #lbpwin for the contest
not many seemed to enter don’t know if that was why though
just a heads up for future reference

Congrats to the gamers and the staff manning it great people!

SOUL-EATER132 said:

January 19th, 4:17 pm

I didn’t understand why they made a second one. At first i though hey it will be the same thing but with sackbots, but it was more sorry I judged you. And you amaze all of the LBP2 fans of playstationetwork. I love LBP.

halowars7 said:

January 19th, 4:26 pm

Congrats to everyone at M.M. and congrats on making such an amazing game!

SGTquig said:

January 19th, 4:32 pm

Attack of the Show just announced that the the PSP2 will be revealed on January 27. How come I have to hear this on G4TV instead of on the Sony site? Shame.

bbonds_007 said:

January 19th, 5:10 pm

@29 Its a rumor, thats why, nothing official yet.

digitalman123 said:

January 19th, 5:14 pm

Talk about a day! I platinumed the first LBP! WOO HOO!
On Victoria’s levels. Aced everything so far…

Shinogu126 said:

January 19th, 5:33 pm

What an awesome 3 days, and I was there for all 3!! I was the Chinese guy with the glasses and the bag, and today with the little Sackboy doll in the 4th chair. :3 Congratulations to all three of you for gunning through 50 straight hours of LittleBigPlanet gaming, and MediaMolecule for making games that make this kind of achievement possible!! :DDDD

DOOMkillz said:

January 19th, 6:05 pm

got my collector’s edition today, can’t wait to play it!!

jeremy23jacinto said:

January 19th, 6:28 pm

i hate you guys, you kick me out when it was 20 minutes remaining, you guys are a bummer…….. i”m the guy with the red headphones

ivanramon said:

January 20th, 5:48 am

Sackboy FTW!!! I love Little Big Planet. we should have more games that allow me to play with my girlfriend.

Elvick_ said:

January 20th, 10:56 am

Release a patch for online. It’s terrible. I get stuck on the Loading screen 90% of the time, then if I do manage to join a game it only lasts for awhile before it forces the loading screen back at me. And you can’t back out of any of it, so you have to exit the game and start all over. I got stuck in two story levels on the Loading Screen waiting to be put into the game.

You also shouldn’t find me games where the host auto-deny’s entry. That’s stupid. Exclude them from searches, so you don’t waste our damn time.

It’s a great game, but like LBP it still has many issues regarding online.

TM1619 said:

January 24th, 12:45 pm

Go LittleBigPlanet… 2!!!!!!

Vorlord said:

February 16th, 5:40 pm

I just wanted to mention that I was at the event and was told I would get an email of the footage that I was in (with the interview of MM and playing with The Tester group), but I never got anything back. Can you please check into that if you get this? I was there the day the game released, I don’t know what time exactly I was there, but I came from NJ to show my little nephew the footage of the event. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

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