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Jan 19

Jan 19

PSP System Software Update (v6.37)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi, everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.37, will be released soon. This is a minor update that improves system software stability during use of some features.

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StarENiX said:

January 19th, 7:56 pm

bowling_ninja made me lol

xCaliberr said:

January 19th, 7:59 pm

Update the ps3 asp please its unplayable

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 8:01 pm

The only thing they can do about the PS3 is issue bans. And this is about the PSP not the PS3.

GA_G8R said:

January 19th, 8:02 pm

Honestly, I can’t remember when was the last time Sony added a feature to the PSP. It seems like the last 2-3 updates have been to “update system software stability while using some features.” :/

levonepure said:

January 19th, 8:03 pm

Sony.. Quit wasting your time with security updates. You security is completely compromised and there is NOTHING you can do. Just add server side cheat detection for multi-player games and remove all the security that you imposed that did nothing more than waste resources. Adding features would be a plus also.

Quit locking consoles down and only have anti-piracy security as well.

BTW, I’m not a pirate. Pirates are fail. Although your pathetic actions to stop piracy are fail as well.. good luck I guess.

**waits for comment to either be deleted or for it to be moderated out..

P.S. … Hackers can sign custom firmware updates now.. So why bother?? This does more harm then good for you guys.


January 19th, 8:05 pm

@55 RTFA … and ‘pathetic actions so stop piracy’ on PS3…name one other console that resisted a jailbreak for 4 years…

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 8:12 pm

I tell this to so many people that it’s not funny anymore. The PS3 lasted as long as it did because it had what hackers wanted (LINUX!). When Sony removed otherOS, that’s when the pro hackers decided to crack it. It only took them 3-4 months to do it. Seriously do your research, if you did you would know that the PS3s security is seriously flawed. I await my comment to be moderated now lol.

Fardeenah said:

January 19th, 8:17 pm

come one sony , stop trying to fix exploits(HEN etc), signing homebrews and give us some real good features once in a while!. wat the helll, give us the ability to create our own playlist from the psp itself instead of using media go!!! come one!


January 19th, 8:18 pm

@57 and your statement changes what about the fact that is was not jailbroken for 4 years? Right. Nothing.

zekececil14 said:

January 19th, 8:19 pm

People whine over dumb [DELETED]. They say “Oh I never play my PSP, this is stupid.” Well if you dont play it then why would you care! They say it fixes something only Sony would know about. WELL, WHO CARES! The update will take 5-10 min. It may not add features, but why would they if almost everyone here ON A PlayStation BLOG says it is dead? You all are pathetic! Sony doesnt need to spoon feed you all kinds of FREE features. They do A LOT for us. They didn’t have to post a notice, but then people would cry “What was the update for, why didn’t you inform us?” You people dont belong here, so [DELETED].

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 8:21 pm

It changes the false statement you made when referring to the PS3 security, saying that it lasted as long as it did because of it.

zekececil14 said:

January 19th, 8:23 pm

People whine over dumb stuff. They say “Oh I never play my PSP, this is stupid.” Well if you dont play it then why would you care! They say it fixes something only Sony would know about. WELL, WHO CARES! The update will take 5-10 min. It may not add features, but why would they if almost everyone here ON A PlayStation BLOG says it is dead? You all are pathetic! Sony doesnt need to spoon feed you all kinds of FREE features. They do A LOT for us. They didn’t have to post a notice, but then people would cry “What was the update for, why didn’t you inform us?” You people dont belong here, so GTFO! (Other comment being moderated, this revised version)

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 8:26 pm

Yay, security…… Wait, I’d like an update that actually does something for the honest people out here…… Eh, fk it, I’ll just trade my $200 psp for a 3ds or an Atrix. It’s a sad, sad day. I tried to support you, Sony, I really did. Oh, well, I’m still playing a hack-free ps3. You won’t make those updates worthless, will you?…..oh, wait……

TomHoang said:

January 19th, 8:28 pm

When’s the patch to fix that loser George Hotz’s Jailbreak coming?

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 8:28 pm

PS, Anyone with star AND Enix in their name is a….rooster?? Maybe that will pass moderation.

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 8:37 pm

It’s not like I’m making false statements here. I also never said anything troll’ish against Sony, I love their products (should see my livingroom for Pete’s sake). All I’m saying is hopefully the PSP2 will be a vast renovation off it’s older iterations and doesn’t go the way of the PSP Go. Then again it seems some of the fools on here don’t care what a big corporation capable of doing so much gives them. Sigh

jvasq said:

January 19th, 8:41 pm

I agree lets get more updates for consumers rather than those that block hackers. i know they are a plague amongst the community but itd be nice to see something for all your loyal and non hackers.

Lt_Skittles said:

January 19th, 8:41 pm

You all sound like a bunch of babies. Seriously, when was the last time the PSP updated? December 1st. That’s well over a month ago. So, they’re releasing a minor update, and not adding anything. You all make PSP/PS3 owners look bad, by whining “Add something new, add flash, etc” grow up. All of you act like you’re entitled to everything you ask for.

Lt_Skittles said:

January 19th, 8:43 pm

@#61 I agree totally it’s pathetic seeing everyone complain.

Satish13 said:

January 19th, 8:47 pm

Well, I sent in a report about the PSP GO not being able to transfer data with the PS3 with games such as Gran Turismo and Assassin’s creed. Apparently is either due to not have the actual UMD (irony) or the game formats don;t recognize the PSP Go hardware. So personally I’m hoping its a fix for that. If not, I’m waiting for more visualizers with colour options, been a while since something of that sort came out.

TSG194 said:

January 19th, 8:47 pm

IMPORTANT ppl that know about the jail breaking for cant do a update.(software update) they need a hardware update sony needs to make a more sercuitable ps3

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 8:51 pm

@67 Lt_Skittles
While I agree that no one is entitled to what features they think should be on the PSP or any other thing, I do not agree that people should stop asking. That to me is way more pathetic, here take what I give you and you better not ask for anything more cause I won’t give it to you. I wonder if we would have features like Skype and if Quriosity ever makes it fully integrated into my PS3 or PSP, if people didn’t ask. Like I said before, the PSP can only do so much and some of the comments seem troll’ish but it doesn’t hurt to ask for more features, neither is it pathetic.

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 8:54 pm

Great. All the kwear hackers that were on Live are now here. Fk psp2, let’s roll out ps4. I felt as if I was in a more civil place before.

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 9:04 pm

@72 NeoHumpty
Really because so far, all the people adamantly defending these feature lacking updates seem to be the immature ones. I’ve read these comments before, nothing much civil about some of them. I just recently got a 360 last year for Christmas and the 360 community doesn’t seem to be much different.

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 9:04 pm

StarENus, if you’re so worried about more options, then go invest more in your PC. You can do so much more there. I enjoy what Sony does offer without my tweaking or modding. My girlfriend appreciates it, her son appreciates it. Why is everyone so shell-bent on cross game chat? Most of the people aren’t worth talking to, anyway. That’s why they never bought the Eye. And if you can’t afford a $50 pc that will run linux, what the check are you doing with a PS3? F Other OS. That’s what broke my last ps3.

For the record, I gotta say that the $150 for a refurb unit that can’t even carry over your saves is bs.

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 9:10 pm

Nevermind. You’re right. But I guess Sony was the lesser of the evils up until now. Let’s see what happens after all the Geotwaght bs. Maybe they’ll realize where their money comes from again.

jimmyfoxhound said:

January 19th, 9:11 pm

Kinda makes me sad… remember when firmware updates were adding new exciting features to the PS3 and PSP? Ahh the good ol days… :(

Lt_Skittles said:

January 19th, 9:11 pm

The people complaining are “threatening,”(I say “threatening”, because really all their going to not do a thing) to drop support for Sony, I mean come on? Really? Just, because it helps with security, and adds god knows what? Also, if they want their voices heard they can use the “Playstion.Share,” I’m sure there have been PSP questions in there. I could be wrong though.

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 9:14 pm

@74 NeoHumpty
“StarENus”, yup, very civil. I’ll have you know that I don’t care to use my PS3 as a computer (can’t see if why it would hurt if it did tho). Cross game chat would bring a larger social community to PSN to talk to the people you refer to as civil but now “aren’t worth talking to. Who told you I couldn’t afford a $50 pc? Who would buy such a low standard pc in the first place?

As for your last statement, you should always backup your save data. As for the non transferable ones, that’s the developers fault not Sony.

StarENiX said:

January 19th, 9:22 pm

@77 Lt_Skittles
Now I can totally agree with you. Like I said, some of the comments and complaints are ridiculous/troll’ish, “I’m gonna sell my Sony product because they are making my device more secure!” Lol. But you have to wonder if Sony is actually working on some of these request. A little heads up like, we will look into it, might help but if there is no chance of it then just say so.

NeoHumpty said:

January 19th, 9:25 pm

Sorry for the easy joke about your name, but I’m the one with “Humpty” right there. +, I’m pretty anti-squanus nowadays, and your Enix reminds me of it. Fk it. I really don’t care this much. Simple matter is that we all have to update again and get no gain for it. Updates used to mean something for the paying populace, now it’s just a warning to the thieves. Like I said, fk it, you’re right. Fk Sony’s updates. They suck.

MiguelAMX said:

January 19th, 9:46 pm

Sony the reason why people are hacking and using your software in ways you didnt intend is because your not providing for us. Why do people place an iso loader on their pspgo to play kingdom hearts bbs ? Because you dont shove square enix into doing it. Come on, stop fighting hackers and understand why their doing it in the first place.

Ratchet426 said:

January 19th, 9:48 pm

Hey Eric- You realize this is the Playstation Blog and not Twitter, right? You can post more that 6 words at a time.

Thanks as always for your detailed and informative contributions. We customers thank you for your tireless efforts and dedication to providing us random snippets of useeless soundbites.

“PSP firmware update coming sometime in the future. It does some stuff.”

D-Squad3 said:

January 19th, 10:12 pm

lol PSP

dnbiola said:

January 19th, 10:15 pm

What a bunch of haters. When did the internet turn gamers into a bunch of whiney complainers? The PSP has an update…I’m amazed that that could possibly provoke complaints. If you don’t care about the PSP anymore, why wouldn’t you just ignore the post and move on? I have a PSP and a DS and enjoy them both.

Yay for video games! They’re fun!


MaX_SLayeR said:

January 19th, 10:37 pm

C’mon Sony. Your consoles are ruined. We all know you can completely fix it, the best you can do is slow it down. Perhaps you’ll learn with the PS4 and PSP2.

MaX_SLayeR said:

January 19th, 10:38 pm

can’t completely fix* not can oops

MayaYukihime said:

January 19th, 11:12 pm

when is the release date for Qriocity?

Permafry_42 said:

January 19th, 11:30 pm

Why can’ Sony release firmware updates that actually adds features to their platforms instead of removing the possibility to add them ourselves? For example, what if sony FINALLY added MKV file support or cross game chat in a firmware? Or what if Sony created an app for ps3 and psp that allowed third party developers to submit homebrew to them, and if the homebrew doesn’t allow piracy or cheating or anything else illegal it would be available for legal download through the app? Imagine how many of the legit hackers (the non-pirates) would unhack their PS3 if they were given a legal alternative that is just as good but without having to go against Sony. If these hackers are breaking the law without fear of punishment, then trying to intimidate them with threats of lawsuits just won’t work. The only way Sony will ever be able to stop these hackers will be to use their greed against them by offering a feature that is better than hacking.

j_mauer said:

January 19th, 11:38 pm

Is Sony going to do anything about all the hackers on PSN? This problem is only going to get worse, affecting more and more games.

zachg07 said:

January 19th, 11:38 pm

fix ps3 security….somehow, lol. Sony is a huge company that employees many people, they’ll think of something, hopefully. I hate Geohot!!!

that-acmilan-guy said:

January 19th, 11:43 pm

While I want the next ps3 firmware to fix the security hole, but that doesn’t meant we cant get new features as well, why do we have to suffer?

zachg07 said:

January 19th, 11:45 pm

cross game chat!, this was promised a long time ago!!!, but security should take priority.

fuzzyclutter said:

January 20th, 12:28 am

@87 Qriocity has already been released in the uk and several other regions , the last psp update prepared psp’s for Qriocity but they still have to release Qriocity for the ps3 as of yet . they havent specified a release date yet .

Donla said:

January 20th, 12:28 am

If it’s an update, more than likely it’s important to have it for those who actually enjoy the PSP.

Touch Screen
3D games(Since Sony is so hung on 3D this year.)
A Second stick to shut the whinners up
A better internet browser
A facebook application
Youtube Support
built-in camera

Sony adds these to a PSP, other handheld consoles would suffer a major blow. But till then,………

BLEACH-Fan said:

January 20th, 1:49 am

Great now release a firmware update for the PS3

drake9897 said:

January 20th, 4:16 am

any updates prevent hackers which on any ofw can still sign homebrew on the psp so sony i dont see the point in an update because ur security been hacked hackers have found every code and now have access to anything on the psp

maddymad said:

January 20th, 4:20 am

I also want news features on my PSP. Hope the new update brings best stuffs into my hand :)

TJF588 said:

January 20th, 4:36 am

Went to the firmware update option (was curious about how different my current version and the versions provided on my games were*), and see that there’s a new one. Okay, downloaded, installed (what prompted a jump from 6.35 to 6.37, anyway?), and get my compy up to see what happened. Nothing, really. At least it played to my update-fetish, but no real payoff.

I do agree with Fardeenah about making playlists from within the PSP. I was thrown off when I had to boot up MediaGo just to set up a playlist (the VVVVVV soundtrack’s included playlist inserts a bit of silence between each looping track). How inconvenient.

*BTW: It’d be very aesthetically pleasing to make it where a UMD’s included firmware update is hidden if the current firmware is equivalent or later. Even if it’s an “On/Off” option, that’d be better in my eyes.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 20th, 4:42 am

Sony, where is the PSP content? PSP is dead and PSP 2 will be unless Sony supports it with GAMES, Content.

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