Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam

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Two brand new games are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, January 20th. First up is ConspiracyJet Set Games’ action-packed espionage game where you and your friends form alliances and raid enemy facilities, engaging in firefights with guards while subverting high-tech security systems and stealing bits of intelligence that have been locked in hidden and well-guarded locations. Unlock bonus items and abilities through in-game rewards and purchasable upgrades while earning points for your faction and increasing your standing on the leaderboards. Avoid detection or crush the competition with sledgehammer-like force – all in your quest to uncover the secrets of Conspiracy.

If you need to take out a little frustration (or just want to smack somebody for the heck of it) then Slap Happy Sam is the game for you. Available this Thursday in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, Slap Happy Sam is a multiplayer slap-a-thon from the critically-acclaimed development team known as The Odd Gentlemen. Check out the video for a look at Slap Happy Sam, and then head into PlayStation Home first thing tomorrow, because it’s time to take the gloves off!

An addition to our line of pet “active items” the new Robotic Canine trots into Home (and your hearts) this week. Pick yours up from the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday for only $2.49!

Lockwood Publishing updates the Sodium store this week with new clothing items – including folded sneakers, stylish jeans, and shirts.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Jeans

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Folded SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

The PlayStation Home Community Theater updates tomorrow with the latest episode of the HipHopGamer videocast. This week, HHG interviews Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the highly-anticipated Killzone 3.

Speaking of which, we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Community Theater –LittleBigPodcast! Founders Austin and Daniel are two of the biggest fans of this hit game franchise, having shot over 100 LBP-themed videos, and we’re proud to have them share their excitement for all things LittleBigPlanet-related in PlayStation Home. Stay tuned for details regarding their premiere episode, coming soon to the Community Theater.

Finally, for those of you that purchased the recently-released PlayStation Home Mansion, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming Infinity Pool addition to this epic estate. More details (including release date) will be posted soon.

PlayStation Home: Mansion 01


See you in Home!

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25 Author Replies

  • infinity pools are awesome!

    • GlassWalls

      Heck yeah! This expansion to the Mansion is completely gorgeous and fun.

  • Infinity does indeed look awesome. Also happy to see Lockwood pumping out new clothes. They’re really the only good clothing outlet on Home. I hope they keep it up.

    • GlassWalls

      They really love Home and keep bringing us more and more content for you. You guys love choices, and Lockwood loves to provide it.

  • XxadrammelechXx

    sweet update guys, nice 2 see u on the blog again walls, always good 2 hear from u :) 1 question i have though about the games, can u break down 2 us if there pay 2 play games? i seen that the conspracy game u have 2 buy some stuff for points, but im super broke this week hehe from other updates, u know me :) so can u break it down abit? ty again. u guys r doing a great job.

    • GlassWalls

      Good question and thank you. It is nice to make an appearance on the blog every once in a while.

      As for Conspiracy, it is a freemium game where you can earn upgrades through gameplay as well as purchase various hacking devices to enhance the game play (or purchase the All Access Pass for $3.49).

      And for Slap Happy Sam, everyone will get to check it out in Central Plaza this week, and if you want to gain entrance to the entire slap-happy show, you may purchase a Phonograph Music Box (that plays music) which grants access to the main event—priced at $2.49.

  • Great games. Best update of 2011 so far (and maybe in a couple of months :P)

    • GlassWalls

      Thanks! Sometimes the stars align just right, and we get not one cool, new game, but TWO in the same week!

  • Ha, tat Home avatar with the beard looks just like me. No joke.

    • GlassWalls

      Are you SURE it wasn’t you? Conspiracy has me all paranoid now.

  • Yay, I wanna go slap happy on Jersquall.. :O

    • GlassWalls

      LOL! Be nice. No wait, in that game, DON’T be nice. Either way, I’m sure you both will enjoy it.

  • Is the pet restricted to only personal spaces as depicted in the video or are they active in the public too?

  • XxadrammelechXx

    lolz soph harhar :D

  • Just watched the video for Conspiracy – Wow, this is the first ever 3rd Person shooter game for Home. Can’t wait!

    • GlassWalls

      Yes, Conspiracy is a groundbreaker and another “1st” for Home. I think you’ll really like it.

  • XxadrammelechXx

    i feel ya there soph looks sweet eh :D i wanna raid!!!!!!!!

  • Conspiracy Seem like it going to be a ton of fun! The mansion pool is sexy! ooooo so sexy!

    • GlassWalls

      Oh yeah on both accounts. Now I just need to choose a new swimsuit to lounge in…and some more practice my ninja skills and hit the shooting range.

  • GlassWalls, Can Sophronia get all ‘SlapHappy” on me like that? Say it isn’t so..

  • @Jersquall
    You do are!

  • Conspiracy is a good spy game, It like Spy vs Spy
    And i like Slap Happy Sam, It so funny!
    It a good update!
    But one more thing…
    3D Dot Heroes space and the Capcom Sky Lounge Space…japan got one
    But are we really geting the Ford Space?

    • GlassWalls

      For the 3D Dot Heroes Space, Capcom Sky Lounge and Ford Space, we have no news to announce at this time.

  • Are we geting 3D Dot Heroes space and the Capcom Sky Lounge Sapce, japan got one!*

  • Can the robot K-9 be played with just about anywhere besides your personal space?

    • GlassWalls

      The Robotic Canine is an “active item” so he has to stay home.

  • Is the robotic canine only for personal spaces as shown in the video or are they active in public spaces as well?

  • SeraphimArietta

    @ Jesquall

    Don’t lie Jersquall, I bet you have a secret masochistic side. You know you want to be horse whipped by her. XD

    @ Glasswalls

    Are Sophronia and Jersquall going to give us a tour of the infinity pool?

    • GlassWalls

      I believe there may be a chance of tours in our future… stay tuned!

  • Robotic Canine looks awesome , lol @ the girl in the video

    Slap Happy Sam looks funny reminds me of LBP2

    By the way will the NA Central Plaza be LBP2 and be made over?

    PS The Guinness World Records event is at 48 hours

  • darkan12-nl

    Indeed awesome update! looking forward to slam some. Keep a eye on your friends requests GlassWalls. hides*

    Thank you Home-Team

    • GlassWalls

      If you happen to run into me playing Slap Happy Sam tomorrow, go easy on me. I bruise easily. ^_^

  • ChainedSkull1129

    So does this mean the infinty Pool is going to be released tomarrow? because it says sneak peak and release date. I hope it would come out tomarrow but not sure.

    • GlassWalls

      “Sneak peek” means just that—no launch date to share at this time, but we knew you’d excitedly love to see these pics.

  • @20 – It will not be out tomorrow, just more information about the Pool

  • jonathanM21

    How do I play these games in home? Conspiracy looks cool. Whenever I load up home I’m overwhelmed, roam around a bit, bowl and give up. Where do I go for these games?

    • GlassWalls

      When you start Home, the first thing that comes up is the Navigator (it is the horizontally-oriented XMB-like bar). You will be able to find both of these two new games under the New & Recommended section this week.

      To find any space, you can always find them all under the far right of our Navigator, the Explore tile. Check it out to find all your old favorites and discover new, fun places to play in. To get back to the Navigator anytime in Home, just hit the Start button > Navigator!

  • PLEASE…For the love of all that is Holy and good…PLEASE. Remove the Christmas music from Central Plaza. Christmas ended one month ago, last year. It is time to move on.

    • GlassWalls

      No worries—I have a feeling like the weather in Central Plaza is going to warm up again tomorrow.

  • monster_boss

    can i be there to watch sophronia get slap happy with glasswalls? lol jk good posing guys – looking forward to new space soon i hope!!! (hint hint) lol


    The Prices on the gold mansion is ridiculously high! $35 for a personal space?!

    Please consider that your customers are not rich or stupid. Some will buy this. But it makes alot of us think that NA Home is getting too greedy.

    • GlassWalls

      It’s a buffet of options—you may buy just a single part of the Mansion, two or perhaps go for the entire thing. So it really just ranges from about $15 to $35 depending on what you want.

  • o_The_x_Dude_o

    What still no Singstar update? What happened to coming soon?You’re killing me man.

    • GlassWalls

      I’m so glad you love SingStar and the space’s updates so much! It is a very cool space. Unfortunately, I do not have any information to share at the moment. Keep checking our weekly blog post for announcements!

  • Wow! Both games look amazing. I really got into Novus Prime, and Conspiracy looks awesome. I hope Shandor will help out those who aleady purchased it. Exiting times in PS Home!

    • GlassWalls

      I definitely agree—Home has a lot of offerings to bring every gamer a lot of fun.

  • I continue to be impressed with the added gaming support to Playstation Home. These are honestly great additioned. I get totally psyched when I see our Avatars doing other movements, like getting thrown out of a canon, getting slapped, or being able to shoot at robots! This is really cool.

    Playstation Home is becoming the “must be a part of or you’re missing out” experience. Congrats.

    • GlassWalls

      I agree! I believe that to use Home is to love Home. Those who have not checked it out lately are definitely missing out. You all know we publish new content weekly, so there’s never a dull moment. But as you also know, some things are limited-time events, offerings or deals, so you have to check back often!

  • w0000 Hooo! Home is on a roll with these updates! It just keeps getting better and better!

    Props to the entire Home team!

    • GlassWalls

      Thanks! I’ll gladly share the compliment with the entire Home staff.

  • Arcadian_Rebel

    Playstation Home is one-of-a-kind. :D

  • Robotic K9 commercial was hilarious. Best commercial I’ve seen in awhile. I’ll buy that dog just because the commercial was so darn epic!

    • GlassWalls

      I saw it and was floored—it is definitely a fun one. How can you *not* like it?

  • Haha! I love it how everybody fails in the Conspiracy trailer. Just a quick question. Will the all access pack for Conspiracy include all the premium items that will be purchasable, or will it just unlock the full game (kind of like Sodium One)?

    • GlassWalls

      Additional raids are planned for release later, but to start out get in there and try out the first one—it’s free.

  • Locust Locust Locust…

    Can you give us an Update on the Missing Criss Angel Mindfreaking Coffin Couch?

    I like to get mine back… Any News On this Missing Item?

    By: DCS

  • OK i guess Locust is gone for Today… So in that case.

    Glasswalls can u give us an Update on the Missing Criss Angel Mindfreaking Coffin Couch then?

    By: DCS

  • wookingtons

    Exciting update GW.

    On another note, its great to see you posting the blog, and mad props to you for how many follow up comments you have made.

    +1 to Glasswalls

  • footballrule

    Conspiracy looks awesome! I’m always wanted to shoot in Home (I love shooting games) And yes, ,I always have wanted to slap people in Playstation Home. :p

    Great job on the new games!!

  • well that should be fun for a few minutes

  • NotoriousGamer

    Conspiracy seems very kool. I will definitely try it coz I like to collect the free reward items in Home.

    Will the 4 mansion packs be available as a bundle to buy cheap? Any Plus discount coming for it?

    Please please please support Home with proper and popular games with public game spaces. The biggest games have none. Just look…

    Killzone 2, killzone 3, GTA4, FF13, MGS4, NFS Shift, NFS Hot Pursuit, LBP2, Mass Effect 2, GT5!!!!, Uncharted 2 (removed), Battlefield 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, COD MW2, COD W@W, Dead Space 2, Mirror’s Edge, Prince of Persia, Tekken (proper), Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise and so on and on and on.


    One word… AMAZING! :) Good job Home devs!!

  • Wow, wow, wow, wow….wow….


  • Conspiracy, Slap Happy Sam and Robotic Canine are the must have fer me this week… nice!!


    I logged onto home after not being on since the re5 space was added and was blown away. I was like this is aewsome. Then I started going to the new areas and was dropped in the psn store to buy a ticket to play some games in every area. Sad what it has turned into. Was fun when it was free and had some small games. I felt like i wanted to hang out and play some carnival games and had the same expierience. Reminded me of being on the xbox 360 dashboard before I got my ps3. Im glad to have the few gig home was taking up back after uninstalling. I would have liked to see a 1 yr fee rather then feeling like everything was a virtual commercial.

    • GlassWalls

      Home has over 230 games and counting, with most of them being free. Some of the larger, most polished games are freemium, allowing free game play with purchasable additions to enhance the whole thing. Others are pay-to-play. Either way, there’s something for everyone and those that have a price still offer a great value.

      I’m glad you’ve checked it out again. Stick around and discover everything you’ve missed—there’s a lot!

  • Neat. but Sorry Home not enough to pull me away from DC Universe Online.

  • I don’t think much of Conspiracy but the Slap Happy Sam looks good :P

  • Racefan4612

    ok 2 weeks have gone by & still no release of the 2nd part of the mansion?? the mansion was the thing that got me back into home after being out for almost a month & now im loosing interest in it again, we get 1 great thing then have to wait months to complete it….come on guys give us the 2nd part of the mansion we dont want pictures we want the space

  • Hey Glass! Any word about the EA Complex or the Unchartered 2 space?

  • I have 3 questions:1.If Central Plaza returns to normal tommorrow, is the Midway2 cannon mini game remains there for a while? 2.When will we get more of the Irem game spaces? 3.Any news about when Sodium 2 will come to Playstation Home(I can’t wait for that one to come)?

  • o_The_x_Dude_o

    I’m still missing my couch too man. It along with the rug really tied the room together.

  • Mecha-Samurai

    Okay I may have miss this posted some place else but are the add-ons to the mansion all going to be $15 as well?

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