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Jan 21

Jan 21

LittleBigPlanet 2 Community Update and Share Trailer

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Wow! What a week. The launch of LittleBigPlanet 2 was as epic as ever. So many things happened and our community has been going wild. And with the community growing so much, we have a new video to make sure everyone knows how to SHARE their LBP2 fun.

And here’s some more fun links for the weekend:

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Elvick_ said:

January 21st, 4:46 pm

Fix the horrendous online. It’s by far worse than LBP1 at it’s worst. Which is saying A LOT.

It is really starting to annoy me. Lag beyond playability is one thing, but not even being able to stay in the game without turning off your damn controller is [DELETED]. We shouldn’t get stuck on loading screens at all. Let alone be forced to turn off our controllers, then wait until it tells us to reconnect, just to maybe be put back into the game.

I can’t believe that this is even a problem. It’s flat out ridiculous. The biggest problem in LBP is worse in LBP2. I’d have expected better from MM.

I love this game, but I hate the online and am getting incredibly frustrated.

saab01 said:

January 21st, 4:58 pm

Thanks for making such a fun game. And i am loving all these mini games. The funnest one so far is the blocks. The game itself was short but we have all these new user created levels to keep us busy.

Hawaii_Jeff said:

January 21st, 5:14 pm

how can we download the levels showcased in the ARCADE trailer?

PLEASE give us the names of those levels so we can play them!!

mustbehiggy said:

January 21st, 5:14 pm

Games so good. I got it day one and I’ve played it everyday (after work unfortunately) and I’ve only done like 3 of the story levels and the rest of the time has been having my mind blown with user made levels that are awesome!

I guess it helps that I had LBP1 and have all the gear I had on that and all my DLC outfits. So I’m not just a naked sack boy running around user levels hehe.

DazeOfWar said:

January 21st, 5:36 pm

Loving the game so far. Thanks. I also have a few ideas for DLC:

The Muppets
Dark Crystal
DC Comics (since PS3 already has DCUO)
Dead Space
Family Guy
Monster’s Inc.

I could think of a lot more but I think that is a good start. Keep up the great work.

DazeOfWar said:

January 21st, 5:41 pm

Hey if anybody wants the preorder from Gamestop I have an extra code. I bought the special edition so I got all the costumes with that. First one that answers the question gets it.

Who has the most hearted level?

onlineatron said:

January 21st, 5:42 pm

Two things that need to be done to improve sharing levels.

1) Videos on I want to be able to see run throughs of levels before queuing them up to play.

2) Distinction between LBP and LBP2 levels: Some simple market that lets me know I’m playing a new level from LBP2 with all the new, cool features.

DazeOfWar said:

January 21st, 5:50 pm

@onlineatron: The videos on is an awesome idea. I was just thinking that a minute ago looking at levels.

Excalibur0123 said:

January 21st, 6:43 pm

Ok you need to release the Final Fantasy stuff already and to add to that you need to put up some Uncharted,Kingdom Hearts, and TRON DLC like now I have a psn card and it’s calling out for them I need a sackboy Version of Cloud and Sora also I need a Keyblade.

zekececil14 said:

January 21st, 6:45 pm

Seriously? You must not have played LittleBigPlanet 2, because the LBP 1 levels have a pink tree in the upper left corner of the patch. LBP 2 levels have nothing.

x1STP_KLOSRx said:

January 21st, 6:48 pm

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a great way to get away from the ordinary. However, I bought this to play with my friends and so far that’s not going so well because of these loading issues. I’ll be playing a level and it will begin to load while we’re half way through the level. And there is no way out of it! The worst part is we can still control our characters while we’re in the loading menu. We had 3 players last night and all were dead except for my friend who was in a loading screen but we were right at the end. My friend who hosted the game told him to try and move and he did all the way to the finish line. It doesn’t even appear that we’re loading if that’s happening.

alfian2 said:

January 21st, 7:07 pm

is LBP2 online free of hacker?

craiglaurence said:

January 21st, 7:37 pm

Hi. You really need to fix the problem with the online play immediately, constantly stuck in loading screens. Yes, I know the trick to turn the controller on/off, but over and over and over?! This is priority one.
For DLC, I hope you do more themed level packs that include trophies. For LBP1 there was only the two that also included new features.

tim_pkmn89 said:

January 21st, 8:19 pm

I love the DLC that add new levels and ideas. Please make more of those!

PSWii2008 said:

January 21st, 8:23 pm

That video was very awesome! I feel like I know those guys from somewhere. Are they semi-celebrities or something?

Also, I haven’t really come across any levels with all the different genres you’ve advertised, like racing, shooting, RPG’s, fighting, etc. I did play that one basketball level! Are these in the story mode, and I haven’t played them yet, or are they published as community levels?

My only complaint so far is the online play. Some problems I expected due to all the traffic in the first week. And maybe part of it is my connection. But I thought you would’ve learned your lessons from the first game. Every time I try to join people, either it fails to join me with anyone, or it takes forever. One person joined with me, but then everything slowed down, even after I quit the level and returned to my pod. This stopped when I kicked him out of the game. Because of this, I’ve mostly been playing by myself, doing the story levels. I have done some community levels, and enjoyed a few!

I know you guys can fix the online stuff. You guys are fantastic! I wish you all the best of luck in this game’s future!

foodlionslave said:

January 21st, 8:30 pm

I’ve been to 3 different 7-11s got the promo cups and have tried to enter the codes and everytime I’m told I’ve entered an invalid code. Do you have any suggestions? If not, will these items become available on the PSN? I really want the dynamic theme & sticker pack. Thanks for your help.

JakeRuiner said:

January 21st, 8:40 pm

Really funny video, showcasing the powerful LBP2 search engine! It looks far better than LBP original’s for sure. Talking sackboys were awesome!

df2506 said:

January 21st, 9:50 pm

Very cool video! :)

I’m using a lot. Just about everytime I go online anymore I’m looking at it and seeing if there’s any levels I want to put on my Q.

Tonight I played the best LBP2 full game User created level so far imo. It’s called blast radius and it was amazing! Its a space shooter that includes a Menu (with options!), an amazing background that actually changes (the sun comes up), and very cool gameplay. I can’t wait to see even more cool levels on LBP2.

As for DLC ideas, I’d love to see more level packs like the Metal Gear Solid and Pirates of the Carribean packs. Those had great gameplay & design, plus offered us new tools to play with.

And of course I can’t wait to see even more new cool costumes. More Disney would be great. Also DC Comics would be cool.

Anyway, MM did such a great job with this game! I’m having so much fun.

angelspawn77 said:

January 21st, 10:19 pm

Please fix the online MM! I love the game and I know some say the controller trick works, but honestly we shouldn’t have to do that, its tedious and unacceptable to leave it like that, as it is, the lbp2 MP is worse than lbp1, it should be a step up not down :( I really hope that you guys at MM will fix it.

Feral_Dragon said:

January 21st, 10:41 pm

It`s not very comforting, but I`m relieved to see it`s not just me that can`t play with other people in this game. Forced to play alone, I`ve beat the game and aced all but two levels. I`ve collected everything except the stuff you need MULTIPLAYER for.

I`ve had both My Earth stuck in my Pod, and a barrage of loading screens every time I tried to play with another person. This is an awesome but severely broken game :( Makes me wonder WHY it was delayed 2 months. PLEASE fix this issue ASAP.

As for DLC, some Aliens and Predators would be awesome. I`ve tried making my own but it`s impossible to make a good Alien: no long head or long barbed tail. And Aliens are so CUTE! It would also be cool to have all the Preds from the recent Predators flick too. I love the Falcon Predator <3

HollyWoodStacks2 said:

January 22nd, 12:07 am

I Really Like LitteBigPlsnet The Graphics Are Amazing 7 Its The Main Reason I go Online & Play Other Level created By SackNation(yea) LoL,….But When I Watch My Kid Brothers Play And See The Laugh On Their Face It Inspires Me To Build A World They’ll Enjoy( I’m In The Process Already) Which Brings Me To My Point I Think Their Should Be A Patch Like A SackBoy Cafe Where Other Players Can Create Together( I Personally think That Would Rock) I Mean Brain Power & Imaginaton Times 4 That Would Be Crazy, I Need Help On Creating A Racing Segment To A Level Thats in Construction Of Mine Hit Me Up. Juice

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

January 22nd, 4:49 am

Uncharted 1/2/3 (doesn’t matter to me) dlc, Dead Space dlc, Mass Effect dlc, Killzone 3 dlc, infamous 2 dlc, twisted metal dlc, all options

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

January 22nd, 4:51 am

oh, and fix the dang online, I can’t platinum this by myself…

TubaDude49 said:

January 22nd, 6:39 am

You blew me away. I had high expectations, and you exceeded them. The tools were so easy to use that I had finished Sweet Child O’Mine in the Music Sequencer tutorial before Fry stopped speaking.

As for DLC suggestions, that sea otter costume would still be awesome

Gorvi said:

January 22nd, 7:20 am

I absolutely adore the game. Any chance we’ll see the Final Fantasy DLC that was mentioned for the first game that never showed up?

jdz81 said:

January 22nd, 7:36 am

didn’t like the first one, don’t think this one will be any diffrent

Lethos52 said:

January 22nd, 7:48 am

I have a dilemma with joining into other people’s games online. When it says “Join Us” and I choose that one, it starts to load and leaves the loading screen up the whole entire time. I would like to see a patch o something that will fix this issue.

Woodstocker69 said:

January 22nd, 9:22 am

How do you download the 11 costumes from the collector’s edition?

foodlionslave said:

January 22nd, 9:39 am

It would be awesome if the was a Kevin Butler DLC.

Elvick_ said:

January 22nd, 9:40 am

While my other comment is pending.

Fix the online.

GLiTcH2 said:

January 22nd, 9:55 am

LBP2 needs a serious patch, This infinite loading screen bug really makes the online play for this game UN-PLAYABLE and I know it’s a common problem due to a ton of people on the support forums complaining about, Heck you can even youtube “LBP2 Loading Screen” and see videos of the problem lol PLEASE MM WE NEED A PATCH ASAP!! This issue started in the beta and should have ended there but I guess this little nasty bug slipped past into the full game, Oh well I still love the game and will continue to play even if I have to fight off loading screens.

Zepinephrine said:

January 22nd, 10:56 am

I love LBP and i’m loving the second one even more. I am disappointed about the ‘limited edition launch t-shirt’. You’d figure that MM and Sony would show their appreciation for launch players by rewarding them with the shirt. Instead they’re charging $5 for a t-shirt. That costs more than most LBP DLC packs that give you much more content. $0.99 stand alone costumes typically include several pieces (head, pants etc). Yea, the ‘launch’ space suit is free… but didn’t i get that free as LBP content last year? Sorry, but $5 one piece item seems like a gouge. Mm scores for a great game but loses points for customer respect on this money grab.

Tomm4118 said:

January 22nd, 11:14 am

Ohhh…! I have some ideas for LBP2 DLCs.

1) A make your own background creation tool.

2) A water container building too. Allow me to expand on this.
It’s cool to have WATER and all, but what if you don’t want everything in your level to be underwater!?

What If… You could use a magic creation tool to simply draw a “Container” in which water could exist separately in its own space.
Yes, it sounds crazy at first, but then, so is every other do-able invention in the world of imagination.

Imagine a level, where water could be poured into a barrel, onto a levy that heaved a switch to activate a contraption.
A level where you’re running under an aquarium as fish soar over sack boy’s head.
An anti-gravity level where water were orbs of swimming pool and sack boy could escape one only to fall into another.
A level were you had to unclog PIPES in order to distribute water from one side of the room to the other while still staying dry.

I ask of all of you, the brilliant designers and programmers at Medium Molecule, to just think of all the crazy possibilities if this idea was to come true.
Think About It.

DazeOfWar said:

January 22nd, 11:29 am

@75 Woodstocker69: The collectors edition comes with a code that you have to redeem.

Ozmafire101 said:

January 22nd, 11:51 am

awesomeness * infinity + strawberry jam on toast = LBP2

I’m loving the game to the max. Any chance of a Final Fantasy Pack coming soon? I’ve been waiting a few years now lol

trucksrus said:

January 22nd, 12:48 pm

Is anyone having problems with Sackboy not being able to jump when you press the x button?It was working until I went into a tutorial and now Sackboy will not jump!!

Rexd101 said:

January 22nd, 1:29 pm

Best Game ever, Im LOVING IT! I dont know if I will ever quit, atleast not for a while. And a Question, actually two. Why hasn’t the Sephiroth costume been released yet? Its been announced for a quite a while, since the MGS4 pack. And the second Question, why hasn’t any Uncharted DLC been released? I always wondered that because Uncharted is my favorite series on the Playstation 3. Even the Psp version of Little Big Planet has Uncharted 2 DLC with Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer costumes, but absolutely nothing for the Playstation 3 version. I cant wait to start making levels and getting involved in the community. Planning to do so after I finish the StoryMode, and possibly Ace all of it :P

theultimatenub said:

January 22nd, 4:21 pm

awesome video i just barely got my littlebigplanet2 collectors edition=]

ancroft said:

January 22nd, 6:20 pm

Need help! LBP2 wont load. Each time I start it just goes blank – nothing else. Anyone have any suggestions??

GGod0 said:

January 22nd, 6:36 pm

We need DLC from overlord II. The Sackbots are perfect to be dressed up as minions!!

And Costumes from final fantasy, not just from one game, have a poll on the website add the 5 most wanted.

or do like the marvel costumes so we have them coming out of the walls :)

GGod0 said:

January 22nd, 6:37 pm

most wanted characters is what i should have said

GGod0 said:

January 22nd, 6:40 pm

also, is it sad that i like the costumes from the story levels more than my collector’s edition costumes?

VixDiesel said:

January 22nd, 7:05 pm

Look, I’m loving this game. It’s really a lot of fun but these servers are just full of fail. The first game’s servers were never stable or very good. I was hoping this would be different. The load issues are really annoying. The lag and slowdown is really annoying. Getting booted from a friends pod after every level you play together is really annoying. It takes away from the amazing experience that is LBP 2. Please, please for the love of sack, fix it asap.

kuku2510 said:

January 23rd, 3:54 am

hey guys! i need help!! I pre-ordered LBP2 from GAME in UK and its my 1st time pre-ordering, how do i get my bonuses?

mr_bonsai said:

January 23rd, 4:38 am

Whats the latest on the multiplayer issues, everyone aeems to have them and nothing has been said about a fix. its been 5 days since release, can we get an update or I will be getting a refund on my game

Reaper300 said:

January 23rd, 10:11 am

im having a bug issue with the water an i cant swim properly in one level an i have infinite breathing under water please help me with my problem in this patch update you guys are doing.

Rinaldus91 said:

January 23rd, 12:12 pm

Game’s amazing so long as you’re playing offline. Whenever I try to play with my friend from Illinois however,(I’m in CA) once of us often finds ourselves stuck in a loading screen.

masamura635 said:

January 23rd, 1:18 pm

Awesome game reall enjoyed it. however we went through story and got 100% in every lvl b4 we beat the game. then at the end when the final cutscene is playing. our game freezes and it erased all our data. plz tell me this happened to somone else and can tell me whats goingg on????

kLuMb-Z said:

January 23rd, 1:35 pm

#94 go to pod and press start Then go down to settings then go down to profile and then click on back up profile. What this does is it copys your data so if anything happens to it you can get it back. O and yea it also happen to me just wait a little bit after beating him.

CRASHER360 said:

January 24th, 3:57 am

I am waiting for the game arrive yet…but I have some ideas for DLCs:
The Weather machine (a tool where you can choose to make it snow,rain or rain and thunder)
Crash Bandicoot costume kit
Castle Crashers costume kit…

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