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Jan 24

Jan 24

Kick Off the New Year with PlayStation Network’s ‘11 for 2011’ PS3 Game Sale

Ro Hernandez's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Start the new year off right and accomplish your resolution to pay less to play more with PSN’s ‘11 for 2011’ PS3 game sale. Starting tomorrow in the PlayStation Store, you’ll find 50% off of 11 critically-acclaimed PS3 games, including MotorStorm 3D Rift, Soldner-X-2: Final Prototype and Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

PlayStation Store Sale - 11 for 2011

For a limited time, experience all the action you can handle, from remade classics to 3D racers and shooters, all at half the price: become a master of ball-bouncing madness through 55 levels of non-stop action in Peggle for $4.99; ransack through a medieval kingdom as a dragon in search of gold in Hoard for $7.49; or control an entire army as you wield devastating magical abilities to demolish enemy castles in Swords and Soldiers for only $4.99.

The ‘11 for 2011’ features some of the top-rated PSN games, all discounted 50%, so you have no excuse not to pick them up. All PlayStation Network users in the U.S., Canada and Mexico should act quickly because the ‘11for 2011’ PS3 game sale offer is valid through Monday, January 31. For the full list of games and their discounted prices for this limited-time offer, check out the list below:


  • Costume Quest – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
  • Deathspank Thongs of Virtue – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
  • Hoard – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
  • Soldner-X2: Final Prototype – $6.49 sale price; $12.99 regular price
  • MotorStorm 3D Rift – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Peggle – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Swords and Soliders – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Tumble – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Comet Crash – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
  • Shatter – $3.99 sale price; $7.99 regular price

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Sonicfan11589 said:

January 24th, 7:02 am

Any news on a PSP sale in the near future?

    Ro Hernandez's Avatar

    Ro Hernandez said:

    January 24th, 9:46 am

    For PSP sales, keep a look out for Spring Fever coming soon…

VofEscaflowne said:

January 24th, 7:05 am

All the games I’d be interested in getting I already own :(

sevendust1987 said:

January 24th, 7:06 am

Sweet I’ll be picking up Costume Quest and Hoard as I was waiting for a sale…thanks Sony.

TomHoang said:

January 24th, 7:07 am

Costume Quest! And maybe Tumble…

spunnups said:

January 24th, 7:07 am

Is it possible that you guys could offer an accessory bundle for those who want the PS Move but already have the PS Eye? Would be nice if I could pick up a Move/Navigation/Sports Champions bundle for a similar price.

Seahawk313 said:

January 24th, 7:10 am

Yessss, i’ve got just enough to get Peggle and Costume Quest!! Thanks Sony

BrianMcGuinness said:

January 24th, 7:13 am

If you have a Move but haven’t gotten Tumble yet, you should now. $5 and it’s a great game.

    Ro Hernandez's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    January 24th, 10:33 am

    ^ Seconded

Keyeszx said:

January 24th, 7:13 am

Looks nice, I’ll probably pick up Hoard and Swords and Soldiers.

Beefer said:

January 24th, 7:14 am

Very Very Very AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to download Costume Quest and Tumble! Plus, I had fun demoing Space Invaders: Infinity gene…. If you include “eye watering” as part of the fun… I had a BLAST, then! …lol!

Sanador62 said:

January 24th, 7:15 am

Great sale! Glad I have some $$$ on my PSN account, since my real wallet is still lean from the holidays.

Seahawk313 said:

January 24th, 7:15 am

Wait…. so is this deal going live today, or with tomorrow’s update?

    Ro Hernandez's Avatar

    Ro Hernandez said:

    January 24th, 9:47 am

    Yes, these sales will go-live with the tomorrow’s update.

Link01 said:

January 24th, 7:15 am

I would have bought 3D rift if it had trophies

reson8er said:

January 24th, 7:17 am

Hoard and Tumble for me, though I have no idea when I’ll be able to play them.

xxnike629xx said:

January 24th, 7:17 am

Nothing on that list that I would want, but a great list none the less.

JonJonXD said:

January 24th, 7:17 am

Looks good.

I’ll be picking up a few of these come tomorrow.

JonJonXD said:

January 24th, 7:18 am

Sorry, nevermind. Looks like I’d have to do this tonight D:

VendettaLion said:

January 24th, 7:19 am

Costume Quest and Motor Strom 3D… FTW :^)

BigRon3400 said:

January 24th, 7:19 am

Buying Tumble and Deathspank for sure. Great sale!

DeviantBoi said:

January 24th, 7:19 am

Picking up Hoard! I’ve heard a lot of great things about it!

    Ro Hernandez's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    January 24th, 10:34 am

    It’s a loooot of fun, and very simple for non-gamers to play. A great couples game.

krae_man said:

January 24th, 7:21 am

Anyone who hasn’t bought Shatter yet and doesn’t buy it for $4 has something wrong with them.

drew327 said:

January 24th, 7:24 am

Thanks for the sale, going to grab Hoard and Costume Quest which I’ll probably leave on my hard drive until Halloween, lol. Space Invaders also really tempting.

Frostquake said:

January 24th, 7:31 am

Already have most of them but their are a few I will look at now. Thank You very much for the Sale!

twooh said:

January 24th, 7:34 am

When’s the Android app coming for North America?

F-minus said:

January 24th, 7:38 am

I would recommend TUMBLE… well worth 9.99, so if you have not gotten it yet, 4.99 leaves few excuses for not buying it.

AguilarX said:

January 24th, 7:40 am

holy crap!!!!! i just got a $20 this morning to buy costume quest but decided to see what games will be on sale tomorrow!!!! and costume quest is!! now i can also get deathspank2 n swords/solders :D

shazbot-finubus said:

January 24th, 7:40 am

Oh my, I might have to bite on one or two of these. Probably Tumble, I still fire up the demo every now and then with friends!

poodude said:

January 24th, 7:42 am

Looks like I’m gonna have to pick up a PSN card soon.

Hogwild333 said:

January 24th, 7:43 am

I’m buying Hoard and Tumble – thanks for the sale!

joy_bose1 said:

January 24th, 8:01 am

OMG Thanks a lot Sony , awesome sale. :D

Was waiting for Motorstorm 3D Rift to drop in price. :P

Joe-TFW said:

January 24th, 8:09 am

Wow, great prices on the excellent Comet Crash and Shatter. Do yourself a favor and pick those up. They’re a steal at those prices. I think I’m going to take the plunge on Soldner X2.

mywhitenoise said:

January 24th, 8:25 am

Too bad Dead Nation, and Scott Pilgrim didn’t make the list. I’ll buy those when they’re on sale.

jvasq said:

January 24th, 8:32 am

cool just wish they had some psp stuff

FunkyTable said:

January 24th, 8:54 am

This is Fantastic. I’ve waited a long time for Shatter and Soldner X-2.

Justp94 said:

January 24th, 8:55 am

What about TRINE!!!!!???? I want 50% off that! :)

DarkRecoil said:

January 24th, 8:58 am

i think something like infamous or GoW collection woulda made this sale much better, seeing how only 1% of gamers have 3D TV.

…and why no PSP games? Socom FTB 3 would of been awesome.

Sorry Rio but i think this sale is kinda lame.

Heisem said:

January 24th, 8:59 am

any chance we can get a warhawk discount?

El_Hoardo said:

January 24th, 9:03 am

Please have more offers on add-on content. These big sales always include PSN games but there are never any add-ons included. Why not offer up some discounts on the new tracks for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or the map packs for Killzone 2? Those games will soon have sequels. Wouldn’t it make sense to put them on sale before the next games release?

Or better yet, offer them through PS+.

odd69 said:

January 24th, 9:27 am

Im buying, Hoard, costume quest and deathspank, hell yea. This is the best sale ever, Thanks to you Sony, kudos.

SolidusSquirrel said:

January 24th, 9:30 am

Looks like i’ll be getting Costume Quest. And Deathspank…. and Space Invaders… and okayillstopbeforethingsgetoutofhand.

TooTall19 said:

January 24th, 9:32 am

Lets get ready to Tumble!

hush404 said:

January 24th, 9:34 am

I refuse to believe that the list provided is the “BIG HITTERS” of the year… There’s a few gems for sure… but most of the list is lackluster.

jqtaxpayer said:

January 24th, 9:41 am

Might be time to finally pick up Shatter, and I’ll almost certainly pick up Costume Quest.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 24th, 9:43 am

Great job supporting the PSP, no wonder people think the PSP 2 is doomed before it’s even out.

KidCommando said:

January 24th, 9:48 am

Tumble for sure. Would buy a couple others, but just too many games to play! AHAHHAHAHAH

Tank_Baked said:

January 24th, 9:48 am

I own most of these games but I will pick up Comet Crash. Anyone who doesn’t own Shatter,Costume Quest,Peggle and Deathspank should definitely get them now because at those prices they are practically giving them away .

Zeer0id said:

January 24th, 9:56 am

Wow, this is fantastic. I’ve been wanting to get most of these games for months (especially Shatter!) but just wouldn’t spare the change. Definitely no excuse now, it’s gonna be a big haul this week.

emzee83 said:

January 24th, 10:00 am

how about a sale on previous LBP dlc?

bbonds_007 said:

January 24th, 10:06 am

Agreed, while stuff like Tumble is nice. You need to have frequent discounts on the big boy games (infamous, GoW, Red Faction, etc) just like what Steam does.

megamixer said:

January 24th, 10:10 am

PSP, PSOne & Minis not getting any love here, but with Spring Fever coming up that may change eh? I just hope it isn’t disappointing like last year and instead is more like 2k9’s edition. Neat new games in addition to sales… and not just shooters nearly every week :p

As for this sale nothing really grabs my attention. I sure wish Bejeweled 2 & Vandal Hearts: FoJ would get in on some sale/price drop action (hinthint lol). Perhaps I’ll pick up Shatter if only to see how its great soundtrack fits into gameplay. Would be nice if this were a precursor to it getting an update to match the PC release.

In any case you’ve got some decent genre variety between the games listed and I love the logo! The first big PSN sale of the year is looking pretty alright.

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