More Avatar Options Coming to PlayStation Network Tomorrow

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Thirsting for more PSN Avatar options? We hear you! With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be unleashing a flood of new avatars for Tron: Evolution, Hoard, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Check them out below and be sure to pick up your favorites in the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

PSN Avatar mosiac

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  • NotoriousGamer

    Yes!!! they are free, right?

  • sweet RDR ones!!!!!!!!!!!

  • poweredbyzen

    looks good – can’t wait! please update rewards, i know i’m way past select status! :\

  • Shanky_Phoenix

    Meh, nothing good.

  • schweet

  • ilikemonkeys

    Where’s mah Killzone avatars?

    Also that Quora one doesn’t do Olivia Wilde justice.

  • The RDR ones look cool but I was wondering why I can’t transfer avatars from one psn account to another, even if they are on the same system just different profiles. The system allows me to share movies and games but not avatars, it seems strange to me?

  • Still no demon’s souls………. We didn’t even get the demon’s souls theme in america either :'(


    yes sweet im gonna get the courtasean and ezio and the red dead guy!

  • Anim8td_fan

    Oh an Ezio avatar. Awesome.

  • Cool I love new avatars!

  • Haze_OMGWTF

    mass effect avatars please

  • Woo-hoo awesome!
    Haven’t even looked at them yet and I’m already happy!

  • I already have Megaman.

    Good luck trumping that one.

  • Well, I’ve found something to spend that spare 1.09 I’ve had sitting on my account. :D

  • CAPNDigital

    no thanks. I recieved the LBP2 “free” avatars with the collector’s edition BUT they only let me use them on the primary account when we entered the Redeem Codes.

    Now my daughter (the actual LBP2 player, who already beat the game) CAN NOT use the Avatars… Not Cool Sony!!!

  • dope!
    those assassin’s creed and grand theft auto avatars look good, will we be able to get them as packs?? also, will there be killzone avatars in the future?

  • mystikalguy


  • wheres my metal gear avatars dam it!

  • good idea, bad execution…these avatars should realease at the same time with the game, at the highest peak of interest where they can sell the most.

  • This is great! I’d also like to see some more God of War, Infamous and Kevin Butler avatars.

  • YES! I saw these on the side as an uploaded image before this post and I wanted to know what it meant lol. Now I know.

    I’m grabbing the Tron Evo Avatar, and a couple RDR avatars, if I can.

    I’ll have to see if my account is working tomorrow first (STILL not letting me buy anything).

  • theultimatenub

    awesome avatars

  • ScreamAimFire999

    At least they are adding some more. Even though they aren’t from games I particularly like.

  • And none were Solid Snake =/

  • Shanky_Phoenix

    Kevin Butler avatars can sell for $5.99 each and there would still be people buying them.

  • dragonleader33

    You know the lack of 1st party avatars really surprises me.

  • I was starting to think that Capcom was the only entity who invested any interested in PSN avatars.

  • I’m holding my excitement till I hear that they’re free

  • NotoriousGamer

    gran turismo avatars. the cars. all.

  • musicismyradar

    4 years later, and STILL no free avatar updates. These should be free for EVERYONE.

    Even if for some reason Sony didn’t care about money, and released these as free avatars, they should be included in everyone’s account management, not just those who visit the store.

  • They look cool but I do wish that they were free. One suggestion SONY, you give me MLB (St. Louis Cardinals PLEASE) licensed Avatars and I will GLADLY purchase some, but for these little characters I don’t really feel like dropping the 50 cents.

  • I know it’s an old game now but I can’t wait to get my Niko Bellic avatar.

  • Screw that. Let us use our own. Why buy something when we can use our own like on here?

  • this is fine and dandy but is there a chance we can get more original avatars that aren’t well-known characters in well known games?

  • or possibly custom image avatars?

  • buuuuuuuuuu no MGS avatars!

  • wow you guys are so cheap that you won’t buy an avatar for 49 cent. Why don’t you walk down the street and find some change on the floor. Keep up the good work Sony, keep the avatars coming. l’m gonna get the Ezio one

  • @15 Try downloading the avatars again and making sure to spam the X button to download in background before it auto-installs. Then log into your daughter’s account and install it there.

  • snoopypup248

    Any chance of more Reward Avatars? Or at least having your title with an avatar of your choosing?

  • This should’ve been done over a year ago but glad it’s happening. We need 1000s of choices, flood the store and overwhelm us lol Dynamic avatars? Now those would be cool.

  • They neeed some Dragon Age Orgines Avatars, I wont my girls Leliana and Morrigan.

  • What about giving us some avatars for the best exclusive game in ps3 MGS4 ? it is the best game and it doesn’t have a single avatar in the psn

  • ^

  • Nice selection coming up. I just recently noticed the free Hoard ones already added to the default options, so it’s nice to see more on the way.

  • mystikalguy

    KEVIN BUTLER AVATARS….Those would sell like Bacon wrapped Cupcakes

  • and still not 1 hockey themed avatar …. boo on you Sony

  • I LOVE IT! But I’ll still probably stick with my Laharl avatar though :p

  • Really PSN.. No God of war or resident evil avatars. Only the 1 you got when you pre ordered a psp game. Who wouldnt want hades, zeus, etc. Or make it like the 360 avatars. Now that would be awesome mmaking a kratos moveable avatar

  • digitalman123

    Been wanting those exact AC Brotherhood avatars!
    Gotta get that PSN card tomorrow…

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