Jan 24

Jan 24

More Avatar Options Coming to PlayStation Network Tomorrow

Ro Hernandez's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Thirsting for more PSN Avatar options? We hear you! With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be unleashing a flood of new avatars for Tron: Evolution, Hoard, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Check them out below and be sure to pick up your favorites in the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

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lyfestory said:

January 25th, 5:57 am

you should get them because you own the games, not have to pay for more stuff… sorry, not interested…

IdanMegira said:

January 25th, 6:19 am


Zinacef said:

January 25th, 6:28 am

Is it going to be free for PS Plus subscribers?

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 25th, 6:36 am

Charging for Avatars? LMAO, they should be free to everyone. Sony, PSn is way behind the times. UPDATE IT. Live has custom avatars, party chat, voice chat, etc………..

Saber216 said:

January 25th, 6:41 am

No Metal Gear……STILL!!! Still no Tekken. And how about throwin’ in some DC Universe Online Characters!!

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 25th, 6:52 am

PS: PS3 has been out 4 years, and the official free avatars are still a joke, get with it Sony.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 25th, 7:05 am

Paying for plus and they cannot even give you tiny avatar pics for free, PS3 a great system, terrible online service.

Kitary said:

January 25th, 7:19 am

More NISA or Aksys Games Avatars Please~

Jamzz14 said:

January 25th, 7:19 am

Im guessing none of these avatars will ever come to the EU store. ever.

SmooshyKing said:

January 25th, 7:33 am

I could make that whole colletion of avatars in about fifteen minutes. There’s not a single one that isn’t just a cut and paste from some promotional shot we’ve all seen a million times.

But I love that Sony charges for them. If enough suckers buy this kind of junk, then it keeps PSN free for the rest of us.

SmooshyKing said:

January 25th, 7:35 am


Sony isn’t even bothering to try to compete anymore (on system features). They’ve thrown in the towel.

Glacier928 said:

January 25th, 7:50 am

Is Quorra the only Tron: Evolution avatar? I want an avatar for Anon! lol

Either way, massive avatar update! Can we get this every week? :)

NeoHumpty said:

January 25th, 8:02 am

Eh, I’d only pay for an avatar that I created and got approved by Sony.

Frejim said:

January 25th, 8:12 am

any bundles??
wanna get some AC Brotherhood and RDR ones

BigBoss712 said:

January 25th, 8:21 am

Those are actually good, MORE plz. ;)

djspinal said:

January 25th, 8:43 am

Didnt grand theft auto iv come out like 2 yrs ago?

SeanScythe said:

January 25th, 8:44 am

Can we get some real Anime Avatars? One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, etc I mean we have games for these but no avatars. I would love to have a Luffy Avatar, and there was a One Piece game on PS2 so it’s in the PS family. Please see if this can happen down the road.

Arcadian_Rebel said:

January 25th, 9:13 am

We should be able to create custom avatars as well as have our Home character on our profile!

chaosgrid said:

January 25th, 9:29 am

still no Demon’s Souls dynamic theme or avatars. buh…

ykiki5 said:

January 25th, 9:34 am

Still don’t understand why premium avatars can only be used on one account. My kids would love some new avatars, but as a parent, only MY account can actually be used to buy things.

Hence I can’t actually buy avatars for them. Who’s the dunce who thought that one up???

Nepraos said:

January 25th, 9:41 am

I really like the avatar selections PSN’s got nowadays. My favorite selections come from the Capcom games. I have a couple Darkstalker avatars, Megaman, Street Fighter Alpha (Oh my goodness Mika) and the newly added Rival Schools avatars. I’m currently using the Akira (helmet) avatar…it rocks.

I tend to spend whatever change I have left in my wallet after purchasing whatever game or add-on from the PSN store. Usually, I’d end up with something ranging around the $1.50 mark with change, and would use it to buy 3 avatars. Fifty cents a pop isn’t gonna hurt, so why not switch it up every now and then?

Nepraos said:

January 25th, 9:48 am


I thought the same thing as my nephew plays on my PS3 sometimes, and he really wanted the Megaman avatar when he saw mine. This is how I found out your same problem, but then I remembered that sells PSN avatars (some, not all).

If you have an Amazon account, then it’s probably your best way you can purchase one for another PSN ID. All you have to do is purchase from Amazon, then they’ll send you a code. You then use that code to redeem on PSN, using the account you want that avatar to be used on. If you choose to go this route, then I highly suggest that you triple check your code when writing it down. One wrong letter or number could render your code invalid.

SN00PY746 said:

January 25th, 10:07 am

Lol. “Free”. 49 Cents is quite affordable. ^_^

Velzorn said:

January 25th, 10:13 am

Finally and thank you!!! Please continue to do this, especially for the big title games. I absolutely don’t understand your timing with avatars though. Why not have them available the week of a big game launch or the week after, when gamers are excited about a particular game and would gladly purchase a avatar? Why wait many months later when most have moved to another game hoping for that avatar to be available? I’m not saying people don’t want these ones but I can guarantee more people would have purchased them if they were available to the games launch. Think about it. I’m sure others will agree.

Wish list:

Mass Effect 2 – We need avatars of these great characters, N7, Cerebus ect.

Dead Space (2) – Isaac, Suits, Markers, Necromorphs, ect.

Killzone (2, 3) – Helghast, ISA, all the classes ect.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 – I require a Deadpool avatar lol.

FormerPSfan said:

January 25th, 10:32 am

poorly designed avatar from mostly tired old games, quorra is the only one from a game less than 3 months old aside from whatever new characters in ACB. I agree with the majority of the comments here with the exception of the obvious sony staff trolls posting their marketing hype n attacking the paying customers. I’m tired of pointing out whats blindingly obvious for the world to see, namely Sony & SCE specifically has massively failed to live up to its own hype. but instead of trying to fixe the myriad of problems they lazily resort to more lame tripe.

but enough of that, back to the avatars. What is abundantly clear but so far unstated is these are nothing more than a cash grab. Just as poorly done, late and badly implented as all the others. Its designed to soak up the loose change from overpriced DLC & home virtual items. Its sloppy seconds that sony tossess out occasionally in a lame attempt to fool us that they’re actually “doing something”

megamixer said:

January 25th, 10:37 am

Paying money, no matter how little, to turn yourself into an advertisement for somebody elses product is never affordable. Back in the day real games would use that $0.50 to get a couple credits out of an arcade game, not on a cheap cut & paste image from a game in some vague attempt to “stand out” on the internets.

tbon3man said:

January 25th, 10:52 am

Yeah I think it’s time for Sony to step their game up and have fun avatars like xbox live they are way cooler and more interactive.imagine a custom made kratos or nathan drake costomizable to our own liking.Off the chain!!!!!


January 25th, 11:02 am

why not let us use our trophies as avatars?
you wouldnt even have to put them in the account management section
just have us hit triangle on a trophy we’ve unlocked and have a “Use as Avatar?” button there

some american football trophies would be great
(or maybe just the Steelers? lol)

iTofuMan said:

January 25th, 11:18 am

You know if they were smart, why not put PSN Avatars in the game itself as unlockables along side of buying them on the psn? that way most games should have them when released, and people who dont like buying them can earn them.

Egarth said:

January 25th, 11:54 am

Awesome! I have been waiting for an Ezio avatar. I hope there is a Brotherhood bundle, I can’t pick just one or two! I will have my new avatar on by tomorrow.

Ethereal said:

January 25th, 11:56 am

Keep em coming! Thanks!

BlueBl1zzard said:

January 25th, 12:38 pm

Sweet! Definitely getting the Assassin’s Creed doctor avatar!

mikedo2007 said:

January 25th, 12:56 pm

More Avatars, more choice for me. :)

destroyergx said:

January 25th, 1:22 pm

how come we still aren’t getting any mgs4 avatar Ive really been waiting an avatar for solid snake,liquid,Meryl etc.are these all the avatars are there more

xCaliberr said:

January 25th, 2:40 pm


halowars7 said:

January 25th, 2:54 pm

the AC Brotherhood ones all look sooo good!

footballrule said:

January 25th, 3:17 pm

Wish they were free. I honestly see no point on buying avatars, lol. Cool to see GTA4 avatars, though very late.

AceBeeDee said:

January 25th, 4:11 pm

i cant wait until i can get an avatar that is a pic of a Bee or a letter D. these are nice additions but, there should be MORE. and i mean THOUSANDS.

digsy said:

January 25th, 5:08 pm

what about the pro avatars……. like the kratos pro avatar how do we get the pro ones?

Lasani said:

January 25th, 7:01 pm

These avatars are not available in MY PSN yet…. *sob*


January 26th, 12:26 am

They look great ! , Really hope they are free with playstation plus .

MCoelho1997 said:

January 27th, 5:43 am

What about Europe?
We don’t get new avatara options for like YEARS.

The_Grey__Warden said:

January 27th, 11:47 am

Dragon age avatars please

dirtyd89 said:

January 27th, 12:48 pm

These are pretty cool.

I want to see some avatars for the following games someday.

Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, Killzone 3, Resistance 2 & 3, 3D Dot Game Heroes, God of War 1-3, FFXIII, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Mass Effect 2 & 3, etc.
(Don’t know how the whole licensing thing works but make it happen.)

Seriously at this point just put avatars for every game when it’s released the more variety and options the better.

Still I’m happy with my Uncharted avatar has you can see by my icon.


fah_q139 said:

January 27th, 1:44 pm

I’m totally on board with the Kevin Butler avatar idea.

jjo805 said:

January 29th, 8:01 pm

i got ylod on my ps3 suck ;[

ToFeY said:

January 30th, 7:58 am

i’d like to see some resident evil avatars!!
& naruto too

ToFeY said:

January 30th, 8:03 am

more avatars plz :D you know you have millions of users sony!!
give us more avatars :P

Muskidinho04 said:

January 30th, 8:49 am

when are they going to add MGS4 avatars and more GOW related one’s. personally they can’t be all that hard to make plus you should let people make and use there own

iStiv said:

February 2nd, 4:47 pm

this avatars was been released in the European PSN?

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