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Jan 26

Jan 26

Live From Japan: PlayStation Meeting 2011

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Today in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment is holding PlayStation Meeting 2011. Details on the meeting have been scarce, but media from around the world are in attendance at the Park Prince Tokyo Tower Hotel.

We’ll be liveblogging the proceedings starting at 3pm Japan time (10pm Pacific/1am Eastern), so stay tuned below!

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PhantomOfPanton said:

January 26th, 11:51 pm

I’m seeing it at a $350 price range, regardless of the price, I will be getting this.

TooLVolta said:

January 26th, 11:53 pm

@236 well, sony should of did what microsoft did with the 360…

Regor91 said:

January 26th, 11:55 pm

AMAZING! And totally worth staying up late. So far this is sounding like a pre-order day 1 purchase. I’ll start saving NOW! (Cuz you know it’s gonna break bank). I only wish I could have seen it in action, because the touchscreen stuff sounds really interesting, but it sounds like it would be a bit complicated. Hoping for pics and all that soon!

DarkUkame said:

January 26th, 11:55 pm


please elaborate a little…..

vajranaga said:

January 26th, 11:57 pm

Is it possible to swap games from your PS3 console to your NGP??

Destined_Chaos said:

January 27th, 12:00 am

I can’t believe some of you guys were wishing for ps4 news…..Think about it, do we NEED another console in the near future?

As for the NGP, I’m liking it so far. As someone said before, I’m guessing the price is at least $300. E3 will be interesting this year!

akubahni said:

January 27th, 12:01 am

love the new features of the psp2 but the speaker placement is terrible, same as previous PSP…the player’s hand will get in the way and cover up the sound.

Butters360 said:

January 27th, 12:09 am

PSP2 is amazing. Do want as soon as they release a price.

Lord_Ka1n said:

January 27th, 12:15 am

if its digital download only and/or more than the 3DS ill pass, thanks.

mrbill619 said:

January 27th, 12:49 am

They already said it uses a Flash Based Media for games as well as Download.

primalmatrix2814 said:

January 27th, 2:05 am

Wow. The specs are incredible. Definitely a must buy. Screen is amazing. The question I have is when the UMDs are being phased out. Can the old PSPs play the new titles with the new memory cards? Also is there installed memory or can game saves be stored on each game memory card?

Necrotus said:

January 27th, 4:12 am

Quote “The presentation is in Japanese, so it wouldn’t be much use to most of you.”

Are you for real? We don’t need to understand what they are saying (although you could provide a voice over translation if you wanted to) we wanted to see the Uncharted and some other videos from the event. But if you don’t want to promote your own device, it’s fine by us. But when another sote covers the event more than you do it’s simply a disgrace.

Whoever wants to see the NGP in action check the following link.

The last video showing the various ways to control Nathan are simply brilliant. Something tells me we will see a lot of RTS games on the NGP.

Only thing that wasn’t mentioned is backwards compatibility.

Necrotus said:

January 27th, 4:50 am

My bad, Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi showed a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to illustrate the system’s backwards compatibility with downloadable PSP games.

poweredbyzen said:

January 27th, 6:18 am

i like it – can’t wait!

Wikiality said:

January 27th, 10:30 am

Here are some minor things I would change…

1. I would center the screen so that it’s a little bit closer to the bottom. The current screen has a rather large bezel on the bottom part and no bezel at all on top, if the screen is moved slightly lower so that it’s at the dead center of the device, it would look better. Doing this requires the “Sony Playstation” branding text be made smaller and less conspicuous (which is fine, Apple never really has much branding on their devices and they do just fine).

2. I would put “Sony” and “Playstation” together next to each other in the same location using the same font, so that text (branding) only appears on the device in one centered location rather than in two.

3. I would make the device slightly less oval and more rectangular. This probably won’t happen, but imo, it would look better if the device wasn’t quite so oval.

4. I would indent the analog sticks slightly inward so that they are concave. I think this would make them more comfortable, but it’s possible I’m wrong.

5. I would implement cross platform play and a unified profile between the PS3 and the PSP2 version of Call of Duty with your ranking, achievements and unlocks carrying over between both.

lacrosse_shark said:

January 27th, 12:45 pm

this is an explosion waiting to happen

theultimatenub said:

January 27th, 2:35 pm

damm its soo awesome i have to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cejacarlos27 said:

February 5th, 3:32 pm

hey jeff will you be able to play ps3 game on it or no

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