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Feb 03

Feb 03

Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Day One Download of Stacking and Exclusive Demos for Killzone 3 and Yakuza 4

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by VP, PlayStation Network

PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share that over the next two weeks, our subscribers will be receiving a download of a highly anticipated PlayStation Network game and demos for two upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives. With that said, let’s jump into our two upcoming PlayStation Plus publishes.

Tim Schafer and the brilliant minds over at Double Fine are releasing Stacking next Tuesday, and PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a free download of the game the day it hits the PlayStation Store! Take control of Charlie Blackmore, a small matryoshka dolls, as you explore the diorama-like levels. Much like previous Double Fine games (Costume Quest & Psychonauts), expect some great humor and gameplay in this new adventure title.

Killzone 3 multiplayer open beta Yakuza 4 for PS3

Along with Stacking, PlayStation Plus subscribers are receiving exclusive demos to two upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives. On February 8, we will be releasing a special PlayStation Plus update giving all PlayStation Plus subscribers exclusive access to a single player demo for Killzone 3. Killzone fans will get the first look at how the war between the ISA and Helghast has changed now that the fight has been moved to the Helghast’s homeland. The demo will be an Auto Download, so make sure you have the feature enabled (Check this post for more info on Automatic Downloads). On February 15, in our regular publish, we will be offering a demo for the upcoming sequel to SEGA’s Yakuza series, Yakuza 4. Fans of the series will get a taste of the criminal underbelly of Japan as four playable characters.

We are also offering a download of Let’s Golf, a golfing PlayStation minis title from Gameloft, a full game trial of ATV Pure, and several discounts on PSN games DLC, including new downloadable content for R.U.S.E. and Crash Bandicoot.

With the special publish coming up next Tuesday, be sure to check the full list below for all the items that are going up and being taken down for the PlayStation Plus publishes:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 2/8:

Automatic Download
Killzone 3 Single Player Demo (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Featured Game
Stacking (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $14.99)

Featured Qore Episode
Qore February Episode 33 (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $2.99)

Featured Avatars
Pocket Fighter Avatars (x6) (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.49 each)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 2/15:

Full Game Trial
ATV Pure (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Featured Demo
Yakuza 4 Demo

Featured Games
Let’s Golf – Playstation minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)

Discounted Games & DLC
Blacklight Tango Down (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, regular price $9.99)
R.U.S.E. – Pack of the Sun (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, regular price $9.99)
Gravity Crash (PS3) (PlayStation Plus Price $5.00, regular price $9.99)
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
MAG Starter Kit (PlayStation Plus price $7.50, regular price $14.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars
Devil May Cry 4 Avatar Bundle (18 avatars ) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)
DarkStalker Avatar Bundle (13 avatars) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $0.99)
Femme Abstraction Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Snowman Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Chinese New Year Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on February 8:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Qore January Episode 32

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on February 15:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Killzone 3 Single Player Demo
Hero of Sparta – PlayStation minis
Argyle Girls Theme
Hockey Theme

Discounted Games/DLC
Mega Man (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Juiced 2 PSP (PlayStation Plus price $10.00, regular price $19.99)
R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack (PlayStation Plus price $5.24, regular price $6.99)

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King_Bobo said:

February 4th, 12:51 pm

I hope EU PS+ Subscribers get that too! The last thing we got I paid full price for not long ago, and the Shatter game never actually went from being a trial to full game (if you’d downloaded the trial version previously) so it’d be nice to have something new that worked :D

John-Shooter said:

February 4th, 12:52 pm

free games are always awesome but idk about stacking .. just doesnt seem that interesting..

yakuza 4 might be cool but i didnt even play 3’s demo that much..

other than that cool updates..

Aggie_CEO said:

February 4th, 2:00 pm


Aggie_CEO said:

February 4th, 2:00 pm


Aggie_CEO said:

February 4th, 2:00 pm


fane1024 said:

February 4th, 2:24 pm

Thanks to Tim Schafer and Double Fine for giving PS Plus members Stacking for free.

As a reward, I will be buying Grubbins On Ice when I download Stacking.

Who am I kidding? That’s a reward for ME.

Keep up the great work.

luckdragon76 said:

February 4th, 3:39 pm

Playstation + Has paid off since day one! With all the freebies and getting to play Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, DCUO, and now KILLONE Betas before everyone else… is well worth the nominal fee.

wolfzero1 said:

February 4th, 5:45 pm

finally some decent stuff for PS+. I was going to get Stacking for the 360 since I’ve been using more than my PS3, but now I’m not

and a big thanks to Double Fine for doing this

Brameriz said:

February 4th, 11:57 pm

Loving this Update #TeamBON

Sum-Mischief said:

February 5th, 8:49 pm

Wow sweet deals …. now this is why I joined plus !!

Gamecamiller said:

February 6th, 12:07 pm

I’m so glad I finally became a PlayStation plus member :D The free exclusive stuff rocks!

FarmFreshEggBoy said:

February 6th, 2:07 pm

Argh, I had to send my system in to be serviced and will miss out on Stacking since I can’t access the store without it.

zacljessee said:

February 6th, 4:35 pm

Wow Stacked free and it cost $14.99 if you don’t have PS+. Might have to pay an extra $4 and get 3 month trial, but I have a question. After the 3months expire and if I don’t renew do I still keep trophies I earned? I already know I don’t keep da game, but was wondering bout’ trophies. Also if I join do I still get games that have already been givin away for free in the past like Lead + Gold for an example? Please reply back thanx + God bless you all!

EggySong85 said:

February 6th, 11:47 pm

Hey thanks for putting the KZ3 demo into the auto download slot! It will give me something to play while I wait for Stacking to download! I’m loving the KZ3 Beta to death, btw. It’s the best beta I’ve played so far and now, thanks to the Move support, KZ3 is in my must-own list since I know I’ll be glued to it for a long time.

Will this special offer with Stacking be free to play as long as we’re subscribed to PS+, or is it ours to keep even if our subscriptions end?

amit4life5 said:

February 7th, 8:46 am

does the regular members will get the killzone 3 demo?

tetrisphere said:

February 7th, 5:33 pm

awesome. i was hoping for some kind of deal with stacking. free download on day one works for me… though then i don’t actually own it. but i was planning on paying full price for it on release, so i wouldn’t be too upset if i had to pay to keep it later.

tetrisphere said:

February 7th, 5:47 pm

oh, and i picked up costume quest when it went on sale and thoroughly enjoyed it. i was a little annoyed to find out that i had to pay an extra $5 to get the rest of the trophies, but i am appeased now.

Its_so_tender said:

February 8th, 10:13 am

Automatic download doesn’t work in the building I’m currently living in, since I have to wait a bit for it to recognize I’m allowed to connect or else I’ll just get a DNS error. Automatic download just quits when this happens, so no download for me.

Any chance there’s a different way PS+ users could get a hold of this other than auto download? Just seems weird for it not to be in the store as well.

PHOBOS-029A said:

February 8th, 11:58 am

If I join PS+ for Stacking, do I lose it once my subscription expires?

PHOBOS-029A said:

February 8th, 12:01 pm

Nevermind, I see that I don’t. So basically I could rent it for 3 months for $18, or buy it for $15. Hmmmm, difficult choice. :-/

RevolutionRC_JR said:

February 8th, 2:36 pm

i have an error code that says 1002 what is it?

sgregs4 said:

February 8th, 4:35 pm

Breath of Fire 3 to download as a PSOne Classic here in the States please!!

marlyt said:

February 8th, 4:59 pm

So much for Automatic Download giving convenience or early access. It doesn’t work and hasn’t since the Lara Croft demo. It gives patches for games I currently play and haven’t played in months, but as far as early demos (ie before the store update) it’s a bust. Still happy to be a PS+ subber.

smthng said:

February 8th, 5:07 pm

Is the store actually going to update with enough time for us to download Stacking before we get charged for it?

Jeyr2009 said:

February 8th, 5:21 pm

im a playstation plus memeber and i dont see stacking anywhere to download :( ima miss my chance to get it free!!

Mm0rpg22-82 said:

February 8th, 6:27 pm

when is the store going to update, its 9 friggin 30 already….

Tranc3Freak64 said:

February 8th, 6:33 pm

when is killzone 3 demo being rolled its 6″30 pst as of now. I have my auto update set to receive auto updates so I can get it between 6pm to 8pm.

ColonelMartin said:

February 9th, 12:46 am

None of these things are in the store here yet… :-( And I have my + account on automatic downloads…

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