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Feb 04

Feb 04

LittleBigPlanet Community Update: 3.6 Million Levels and Counting

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Two weeks into the LittleBigPlanet 2 launch and the LBP community has been amazing. The internet has been crazy with tons of tweets, funny status updates and lots of new YouTube videos with new community members.

Speaking of community members: VideoGamesAwesome just got a PS3 and have discovered the AWESOMENESS that is LittleBigPlanet 2. Their podcast is entertaining, as we can see their genuine emotions as they play LBP2 for the first time. They’re still fairly new at the game so feel free to chime in and let them know which levels to play next (like this one from TripleTremelo)…

Speaking of cool levels: A big THANK YOU for helping us reach 3.6 million levels online! It’s astonishing to see so many levels made for fun, and even levels created for contests.

Speaking of contests – In addition to our LittleBigPrius contest, there are tons more contests and prizes out there:

Speaking of Sackbots: We’ve noticed an interesting increase in Monsters’ Zombie & Ghostbusters’ Slimer costume DLC downloads. I take it you guys are preparing for Zombie Survival levels…

LittleBigPlanet - Zombie Costume LittleBigPlanet - Slimer Costume

Speaking of DLC: Don’t forget to get the Chinese New Year and Groundhog Day DLC packs before they disappear! And next week, prepare for a special Valentine’s Day DLC pack to appear on the store for a limited time…

LittleBigPlanet - Chinese New Year Costume Pack LittleBigPlanet - Valentines Day Mini Pack LittleBigPlanet - Groundhog Costume

Speaking of Valentines Day: We love that LBP2 made it on this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your special loved one with a PS3…

Speaking of PS3: WHAT?!?!?! You don’t have LBP or a PS3? You’ll love this deal.

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lxcainxl said:

February 6th, 11:11 am

Re-releasing old DLC from last year and before?

Personally, I think that’s great. That way those of us who didn’t have LBP before get a chance to grab them as well.

I don’t know why so many people must be so hostile to new LBP players being able to get these great costumes.

Gamecamiller said:

February 6th, 12:04 pm

Wow guys and gals, that’s freaking amazing!

zacljessee said:

February 6th, 3:39 pm

I love Little Big Planet2! I have a question thou’, Why doesn’t my dlc from LBP work on my LBP2 game? I tried to add it from da game like you are supposed to, but it says there is nothing there. Even new free costumes that just came out for LBP for free dat I downloaded from psn will not show up on my LBP2. Would appreciate if someone replied back, thanx + God bless!

Sundini_Art said:

February 6th, 11:19 pm

I’m loving LBP2. I’m currently playing with the Music Sequencer, and was wondering if anyone knows how to change the tempo in the middle of a song. I’m working on one now that I want to start at about 50 bpm and then after about six bars crank it to 100bpm. A gradual change would be ideal, but I’d even be happy with something more abrupt. Thank you.

Feral_Dragon said:

February 7th, 12:27 am

No one`s being hostile, just annoyed that yet again we don`t get any new DLC. It`s great that new players get the old DLC, but it would be nice if the rest of us who already got them 2 years ago would get something new too. It kinda feels like we`re being left out.

I do hope there`s NEW DLC this week, I`m excited about the possibilities for new costumes for LBP2.

And is there gonna be a patch made for the game? The loading screens during multiplayer are still freaking out and making playing with my friends extremely frustrating and near impossible. And My Earth keeps getting stuck in my Pod :(

ChaseHammerJ said:

February 7th, 8:27 am

i HATE how you/we are forced to purchase the Pirates OTC pack to get access to the water…that’s a cheap move on MM.

foodlionslave said:

February 7th, 1:49 pm

Will someone answer me please??!!!

I can’t collect the prize bubbles in the LittleBigPrius level. I collect them during the level but when I complete the level I’m told 0% collected. What do I do to fix this? Other than that LBP2 is one of my favorite games.

RisedRazuki said:

February 7th, 6:26 pm

Have you tried setting enable to collect community items.
If its not that, I don’t know what is wrong.

RisedRazuki said:

February 7th, 6:31 pm

Hey MM
Is there way to search only LBP2 levels?
Every time I look for a level, it give my page of LBP1 levels

LiLBlueEyes said:

February 7th, 9:06 pm

I have no disappointments from LBP 2

the_irock said:

February 8th, 3:22 pm

hey, do you know if the solstice druid is coming again this summer?

foodlionslave said:

February 9th, 10:02 am


I’m not sure but I’ll look. If that is it, boy do I feel like a noob. Thanks!!

the_irock said:

February 9th, 3:38 pm

I don’t know if I already posted this or not, but I must know if FF7 is going to come out or not! Will Mm cancel it or actually release eventually?

the_irock said:

February 9th, 3:46 pm

Also, if it is released, will it come with Cloud or is that just a false rumor?

TripleTremelo said:

February 10th, 8:21 am

I’m a little late but for people complaining about republishing LBP1 levels just for plays: That wasn’t intentional on my part( with Cause & Effect 5).

The levels broke when transferred to LBP2, so I fixed them. Didn’t even know that would make them “LBP2 Levels” and vanish from LBP1…

Thanks for the mention though Mark, glad you liked it! I’ll have some real LBP2 levels out in no time. (well, some time)

Sundini_Art said:

February 11th, 3:58 pm

I’m very happy with Little Big Planet 2. I just finished story mode and feel like I’m just getting started. I’m having fun with the new sackbots, camera manipulation, and especially the music sequencer. The creative possibilities seem endless. With that said, I would like to express not criticism, but a wishful idea.

As far as DLC goes, I would love to see an Orchestra pack. A tool to change tempo within a song, a way to modulate volume so as to allow a more subtle build to crescendo, and additional instruments for the music sequencer i.e. natural sounding violin, viola, trumpet, tuba, saxophone, etc. would expand on an already incredible LBP2 feature. Stickers could be based on elements found in sheet music and 3-D items might include musical instruments or things found on stage during a concert. Costumes could range from a conductors tuxedo and formal wear to something as unique as a John Williams or Danny Elfman outfit. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would buy that in a heartbeat.

Even if something like this never comes to pass, I would just like to finish by thanking everyone involved in the making of LBP 1&2 for the hours and hours awesome gameplay and creative euphoria.

Natnie said:

February 19th, 5:14 am

It’s excellent to see you guys endorsing Video Games Awesome, as their LBP2 videos convinced me to buy a PS3 :)

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