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Feb 07

Feb 07

Killzone 3 Midnight launch at Walmart on Feb. 21

David Bull's Avatar Posted by Global Brand Manager, SIEA

Pining for Killzone 3 but can’t wait until the morning of 02.22.11 to pick up your copy? Have no fear! On the night of February 21st, we are giving you the chance to play Killzone 3 early at pre-launch events happening in participating Walmart stores open 24 hours across the country.

Killzone 3 Midnight Launch at WALMART

Make sure you get there early since we’re handing out goodies to the first few attendees.

The first 20 people to purchase Killzone 3 will receive:

  • Limited Edition Killzone 3 Poster
  • Voucher for the Retro Map Pack featuring two classic maps redesigned for Killzone 3

Select Walmart stores will also be hosting tournaments where you can win:

  • A copy of Killzone 3
  • Limited Edition Cloaking Helghast Marksman Action Figure
  • Collectible Killzone 3 bags

Not sure where there’s a Walmart around you? Here’s a handy-dandy store locator. Contact your local WALMART store to see if they’re participating in the Killzone 3 pre-launch event and what time their event will start.

If you don’t live near a Walmart, you can always pre-order Killzone 3 at one of the many retailers offering pre-order bonus.

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Mister-Nep said:

February 8th, 1:20 am

No no no no no! NO! NOOOOO! I work at Wal-Mart! I don’t want to host it! I want to be a part of it! NOOOO!!!

Gas0linE said:

February 8th, 6:37 am

I’ll pass on this one. It’s getting mediocre reviews and the controls are still crap. I’m going to wait for Gears of War 3.

LoCi_X said:

February 8th, 9:45 am

I am deeply concerned that unless further control configuration options are addressed, the game may not hit its proposed expectations. The golden standard for FPS is L1 hold aim. Melee is always open for consideration but L1 needs to at least be an option in the aiming scheme or the game will absolutely never have a chance of ultimate glory. Move is now an option but FPS games have not or may never make the anticipated adjustment. I like playing this game a lot and like the option of having a hold crouch which you do not see in enough games.

x_-WAR-_xJ0k3R said:

February 8th, 10:27 am

Wow all these [DELETED] complaining about controls make me laugh, the beta does have a option to change the controllers to cod style and sensitivity can be changed to, stop being [DELETED] and use common sense for once. You people who hate the weighty feeling, play the game for atleast a hour and trust me you will het use to it

x_-WAR-_xJ0k3R said:

February 8th, 10:33 am

Oh and not to mention that the servers are failing on the beta, those of you who are mad at that are dumb because that’s the purpose of the beta, guerrilla only released the beta to the public because they wanted to. Test the servers, and the servers failing is a good thing, because now when the game comes out we won’t have server problems and we won’t have another black ops

camdendomville said:

February 8th, 11:01 am

Killzone 3 is going to be Awesome!!!! thank you for making it CO-OP XD keep yup the great work and thank you for always being there for us Sony you guys always stick to your products and all of your products are awesome XD thank you that means allot to us gamers 2011 is going to be awesome =)

packy17 said:

February 8th, 11:21 am


L1 to aim IS an option. How do I know? I’m using it in the beta! Just go through the control options. It’s part of the secondary option, and melee switches to R3.


February 8th, 11:27 am

Is Walmart Going to be carring the Helghast edition? I know you can pre-order online, but can i pick up the Helghast edition from the store? If not, I’ll go with GameStop.

Genesis33 said:

February 8th, 11:51 am

About post 10<<<< I'm in COlorado and they have no idea whats going on!!

j_mauer said:

February 8th, 12:05 pm

my bad, I just found the rest of the controller options. Still I don’t understand why fps don’t have like 4 standard configurations to select from and an option to create your own controller layout. The only problem I have is with crouch, it would be better if it was circle.

zombiasphyxia said:

February 8th, 12:17 pm

Does anyone know how to find them ?? I’ve been checking all over southern California and can’t find any doing it. Maybe just wrong where and when but can I get some help PSN I like to be in one of the tournaments and its driving me crazy. i’ve called like 10 different places and have not heard any tourneys going on to win the game for free. Can I get some help trying to find on I live in Los angles and will drive where ever in so cal if you can help me or point me in the right direction ?? thank you so much this games going to be amazing !!

FrailFox said:

February 8th, 1:25 pm

It’s unfortunate that the best freebie offering goes to Amazon with 3 free unlock points from the get-go, ’cause I would’ve loved to be apart of a Killzone midnight launch. Unfortunately, a “limited edition Killzone poster” is a bit lame for those of us older than 15.

XxT_I_K_IxX_PR said:

February 8th, 1:40 pm

@49 I believe you can change it to shoot to R2 and Aim L2… I think I saw that in the beta you should really check it out on the control settings =)

xXPaTrIcK360Xx said:

February 8th, 2:58 pm

is this also for Canada?

NorthernLitez said:

February 8th, 5:09 pm

Killzone looks unbelievable in 3D…WoW!

LordRaoh said:

February 9th, 7:32 am

I’m still debating where to order from. If i order from amazon it doesnt seem to be a day of release delivery. if i order from gamestop i wont get the 3 unlock points that come with amazon’s preorder.

(I hate retail specific pre order bonuses, why not offer deals through the psn network instead for pre orders)

But are we going to have the same connection issues we are having during the beta? for the past 3 days i have been unable to connect. either it gets a “20002” connection error or hangs on connection for long periods of time before giving the error.

GOODKyle said:

February 13th, 10:08 am

The Wal-Marts around me don’t know anything about a KZ3 midnight launch event. (They are big city 24 hour open Wal-Marts and not tiny rural ones). I contacted Sony customer service and 3 times they said they didn’t know anything involving a KZ3 launch event. WTF?

MoonShine said:

February 14th, 4:19 pm

I called 4 Walmarts in Vegas, 2 of them had no idea what killzone was, 1 said he saw the game in the back so it would be available at 12:01 but no event and one said that it would be available tonight at midnight. hmmm.

UnleashSonic said:

February 15th, 2:03 am

It is so unfair that residents in other countries such as Australia cannot participate in cool launch events like Killzone 3! Can you guys at Sony do a mid-night launch at selected EB Games stores in Aus? That would be a night never to be forgoten!

fashbulb said:

February 19th, 6:48 am

Can’t wait! Im n charge of hosting the one at my local Wal-Mart and I got Killzone 3 promo stuff all over the store. This is going to be a blast to work ….THANK YOU SONY & Guerilla! Oh and for all the people having trouble finding stores that are holding a tournament all stores should know by know if they are holding one. The vendors were slow to get the tournament kits and information to the stores………

turbotim3 said:

February 21st, 8:33 pm

i love the hipsters who say they wont step foot inside a walmart. its so funny

CL_KANOS said:

February 22nd, 10:32 am

My wal mart didnt even have the map pack voucher?!?!


scorch74 said:

February 22nd, 2:43 pm

Hey Sony how can you have promote this midnight release if you have people lining up for “said giveaways” if the items are not even there I took my son at midnight for KZ3 for his birthday any to get there the store had if that 10 copies and after 30 plus mins of waiting I was told they had no promotional items what gives? and how are we suppose to by the Helghast Edition if the store tells me ” it says we have two sets but there is none” I would of dropped the $130 over the $59.99, WOW I could care less but my son who wanted this for his birthday has been Destroyed, I’m not sure who to be mad at the store or the distributors, or Sony but I’m getting the feeling that there was wires got crossed somewhere. I live in a small town 65 miles from Las Vegas I would like to keep business in my town then having to drive 1 hour to get a game. PLEASE FIX for future promotions thank you.

scorch74 said:

February 22nd, 8:08 pm

You know what I like the fact that I was given a code and when I went to redeem the FREE Retro Map Pack PSN CHARGED ME $4.99 on my bank card. THANKS PSN!


February 27th, 2:14 pm

I got lucky today. Just went to my local wal-mart and I guess nobody went to midnight launch because I just bought the game and was the cashier said “do you want the map pack and the free poster too?”. Yes please! They had a stack of coupon vouchers for the retro map pack on at the register and a bundle of the limited edition poster. My friend who did not pre-order the game did not get the retro map pack and I think I will go back and ask someone for another key code. I also got the sharpshooter, last one in the store. My lucky day

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