Exclusive 3D Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video – Available Today

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As the folks over at Sports Illustrated previously announced, their iconic swimsuit models are available to make an appearance in your living room today—in 3D—when the exclusive video hits the PlayStation Store. The “Swimsuit in 3D” video, which is also available for rental and purchase in 2D format, features the swimsuit models on-location at their 2011 shoots for the popular edition of the magazine.

Sports Illustrated - Julie Henderson

In addition to the behind-the-scenes 3D video, we’re also excited to bring you more than 12 hours of Swimsuit video content, including the official hour-long “Making of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011” video, four videos focusing on this year’s shoot locations, and “Making of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” videos from the last decade. Also coming to the PlayStation Store are the exclusive dynamic themes featuring SI Swimsuit models.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos, along with a free three-minute preview of the “Swimsuit in 3D” video, are available now in the video section of the PlayStation Store as well as on Video On Demand powered by Qriocity for Sony’s 3D compatible and network-enabled 2010 and 2011 BRAVIA HDTVs and 2011 Blu-ray Disc players.

Photo is of Julie Henderson from the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue (credit: Raphael Mazzucco/Sports Illustrated).

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  • Teehee

  • NissanFlyboy

    Curse my not-3d tv!

  • *in the voice of George Takei* Hellooooooo!

  • Music to my eyes! wait… what?

  • jimmyfoxhound

    I guess that’s one way to get people to go 3D.. XD

  • GrayGhost45

    Funny how there’s a market in Playstation Network community for SI:Swimsuits but not really for regular Sports Illustrated.

  • My BRAVIA says Nom nom. I tried the 3D preview and enjoyed it, so looking forward to this.

  • Niiiiiiiiice

  • curses upon my 2d tv!

  • @Mr. Lempel: This all well & good but I think that your time & effort would be better spent on bringing Cross-Game Chat and an improved version of the Internet Browser to the PS3.

    Why does the Nintendo Wii’s Internet Browser function so much better than the PS3’s Internet Browser? I’m sure that if Sony really wanted the PS3 to have an Internet Browser that didn’t frequently freeze the console – it would have happened a long time ago.

  • thats for little kids. i gotta woman with some meat on her. who wants to look at girls that have bones showing and looks anerexic.

  • @11
    You have no soul, go away.

  • guitarded77

    Nom nom nom.

  • KazeEternal

    @11 JKar275
    Because they are afraid of giving it more function and then having to take it away. See Other OS and Geohotz+Failoverflow.

  • Why not make the PS Blog 3D!

  • I agree with M-Easy.

  • Also, give us XMB in 3D with Move and PSEye support so we can live in Minority Report world.

  • can we also have Pulse host Christina Lee in a bikini too please?

  • Yay for 3D!

  • ElektroDragon

    Where is the BBW version?

  • When do we get it in Denmark??

  • Hate to be the one but, you know, the 3DS will bring this kinda stuff to the people a little bit cheaper that a full blown TV and goggles. To be honest, I haven’t familiarised myself with all the home 3D options but the ones I’ve tried seem like wearing sunglasses indoors. Know what I mean? Am I wrong? Are there crystal clear glasses available to watch 3D TVs with? Enlighten me.

  • explosive78

    Hoping for a game related update on a game console is a stretch I guess.

  • Hooligantuan

    This is so skeavy it makes me cringe.

  • damaged_case

    you can already do that, without needing the Eye, even. just hold down the trigger button on the wand and swing away. you may need to calibrate the magnetic controls, which is easy. Settings/Accessory Settings/Calibrate Motion Controller. you can control video on your hard drive and (i think) blu-rays similarly as well. hold down the trigger and move left to rewind and right to fast-forward.

  • damaged_case

    but if you REALLY want it to be like Minority Report, it’d have to go Moveless, which the Eye can do. just download one of the PSEye games off of the PS Store. it can track your movements to manipulate what’s happening on the screen… i wonder why Sony doesn’t take further advantage of that. so the Kinect for what it is… overpriced.

  • damaged_case

    SHOW the blah blah blah. it’s be really nice to be able to edit posts on this here blog.

  • Umm, can’t we look up girlies with our internet browser? How about, instead, adding features or, Heaven forbid, uploading some PSP games for those of us who were short-sighted enough to buy a PSP Go?

  • TheGuardianFID


  • NoGodsOnlyMan


    why o why did not i get a 3D TV instead of the LED?!?!?!?!?

    oh yeah price…. still this is E-P-I-C

  • 30 mins of pure gorgeous beauty ….. In 3D (Ps3 + Bravia hx800)

    More of these pls!!!

  • @ 32

    lol wow


  • @Basindo

    Hahahah I assume that it wouldnt be any more difficult with the glasses on.

  • Giggity.

  • …..pathetic.

  • (Insert Inappropriate Comment Here)

  • thelastcaveman

    OMG, curse you non 3d tv, curse you. Curse you sony for limited 3d tv sizes as well. I’m not sure how some of the 3d tvs work but some demos suck and cant compare to theater quality. Wait the 3ds in march will save its 3d ready, like really ready not just 3d compatible like the Ps3,

  • If only I had a 3D tv!

  • Can’t wait to download it. Just bought a 55″ bravia 3d tv. Best tv i’v ever owned.

  • Way to class up the place here Sony. Next I’m sure we will be getting Playboy Themes?

    I agree with some others. THe cost for this would have better been spent on Maybe a SI app, ESPN content, or something actually sport related.

  • lol this is hilarious. Im totally downloading the 3 minute video for mah 3D TV. xD

  • Hooligantuan

    A+ Basindo, will read again.

  • Mr Lempel if your reading this,

    would you start making the all future ps3′s with the latest firmware….

    also make the firmware contain a mandatory update to not recognize the new hard drive for if you want to upgrade, unless updated first to the new firmware.

    I suggest if you start bricking ps3′s through psn I’D from the servers and not firmware update you can stop the piracy.

    and lasty, I would like to change the name of my psn I’D, even if it requires a small fee :)

  • How do I download the 3min 3D preview? Interested to see what this looks like in 3D but can’t find the preview anywhere. I’m in Canada if that makes a difference…

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