PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards Needs YOU! Vote For Your Favorite PSN Games Today

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Today we’re excited to announce the first-ever PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards, which gives YOU the power to recognize your favorite games. Kicking off this year, we have 20 of the highest user rated games released in 2010 as nominees competing in four categories – Best PS3 Downloadable Game, Best PSP Downloadable Game, Best PS3/PSP mini and Best PSN Exclusive Game.

PSN Gamer's Choice Awards 2011

From February 22 until March 1, PSN users have the chance to vote for your favorite game in each of the four categories by downloading a free XMB theme corresponding to that game. At the end of the voting period, the four winning games – one per category – will go on sale at a 30% discount in the PlayStation Store and will also be available for a 50% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Get your vote on, but remember you can only vote once in each category.

Whether you’ve played it a million times or you know you’d just love it, be sure you make your voice heard and cast your vote. The 20 games nominated in this year’s PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards are as follows:

Best PS3 Downloadable Game

Best PSP Downloadable Game

Best PS3/PSP mini

Best PSN Exclusive Game

Check back here on March 7 to learn which game took home the prize in each category and then look for those titles to be featured in our PlayStation Store Spring Fever event at promotional prices you won’t want to miss.

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  • Nader-Abudiix

    this is awesome but only missing a DLC category

  • where is peace walker

  • How to just pic one that r all good

  • I will only be voting for the games I want to buy. If you vote for games you already own we all lose. Do the right thing.

  • I have some of these of games but not all and I think it’s unfair to those game I haven’t played. But hey a sale is a sale. Good luck to all! Peace Walker needs to be there It was my PSP game of the year!!!

  • Arcadian_Rebel

    Where is Angry Birds for best Mini? :(

  • Snakebyte42

    You’re kidding right? All of these are crap. Where is Xenogears????

  • BlueFrog007

    Is there a link to the voting page? I can’t see it.

  • Question: You vote by d/l the corresponding theme, but is what is to stop someone from d/ling all the themes? Just curious :)

  • BlueFrog007

    Ahhh, too early in the morning! Voting doesn’t open until Feb 22. Oops.

  • Nintendo451

    It’s a little frustrating, because if they are the best games of the year, then chances are people are bought them :P

    Oh, and @XMbeaner? How do you “lose” if you vote for a game you already own? If it’s a great game, then it deserves a vote. What is “right” about giving something accolades that isn’t the best?

    Reward the developers for a job well done. That’s what this is about. I actually own all the games that I would vote for. Because of the fact that I own them and I KNOW that they are good. I wouldn’t vote for something I don’t have and couldn’t base an opinion on.

  • Nice idea.

    When is the Spring Fever sale?

  • Yep vote for the u don’t have and want

  • XxBlackcat008xX

    why did you take the handles off the trophy, you also didn’t do that great of a job

  • Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!!

  • I’ll be downloading a theme for:
    Best PS3 Downloadable Game
    * Castle Crashers
    Best PSP Downloadable Game
    * God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    Best PS3/PSP mini
    * Age of Zombies
    Best PSN Exclusive Game
    * Dead Nation

  • Those options are incomplete, so I shall say mine here.

    Best PS3 Downloadable Game

    Best PSP Downloadable Game
    Ys SEVEN

    Best PS3/PSP mini
    5 in 1 Solitaire

    Best PSN Exclusive Game

  • Where do you have vote? Here or directly on PSN store?
    Oh and i also think its too hard to choose, all of them are great :S …and why no MGS Peacewalker :(

  • @12 that’s what I’m saying. I have every game in Best PS3 Downloadable Game EXCEPT Castle Crashers. I WONDER which game I will be voting for…hmmmm….

  • How come Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was not nominated for Best PSP Downloadable Game? If you even read this, I really need an explanation. :(

  • Oh snap, 5 in 1 Solitaire was released in 2011.. Hmm, ok, for Minis, I say… Alien Zombie Death.

  • i already have most of those from ps+ for free or at a discount. guess i’ll vote for the ones i dont have yet.

  • Jesus, most of you didn’t even the read to post on how voting works…

  • KazeEternal

    Who decided this sorry excuse of a list? I like Lunar and all (did the first two versions I played of it), but MGS PW is far more deserving of being there (doesn’t mean I don’t want to see Lunar Eternal Blue out of Xseed). I’m pretty sure there were better games all around.

  • Jay_Dogg_76

    Huh…the system is flawed b/c I’m more likely to vote for a game I haven’t played and want (on the cheap) instead of what I genuinely think is the best game in the category!

  • Scott Pilgrim and Joe Danger! :D

  • i say deathspank is the best psn game. for exclusive its dead nation. all minis suck and psp sucks so those 2 wont get my votes. and i own both deathspanks and dead nation but im still voting for those anyway. its the honest thing to do.

  • GameOverGreggy
  • Res Evil 5!

  • Where is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker???? It’s the best PSP title by far!!

  • @XMBEANE: My thoughts exactly lol. So please vote for a game you wish to buy with a discount.

  • MakulaTolkien

    Best PS3 Downloadable Game
    PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX

    Best PSP Downloadable Game
    METAL GEAR SOLID: Peace Walker

    Best PS3/PSP mini
    Age of Zombies

    Best PSN Exclusive Game
    Joe Danger

  • BroderickAU

    Please vote for Hustle Kings because I’ve been waiting for it to be discounted :P

  • SmooshyKing


    Kids don’t read anymore (unless it’s a text message on their phone with less than 140 characters).

  • Superstrokey1123

    Wish there was a DLC category. There has been so much good DLC this year.

  • No Plants vs Zombies? no Angry Birds? too bad.

  • If only Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was downloadable u.u

    btw how can they put God of War but not Peace Walker :/

  • ShadowOfEden

    So in theory, we can vote for multiple games?

  • Hmmmm no metal gear for psp????? That’s crazy. God of war is great and glad it’s on the list but Metal gear has to make the list to this is crazy.

  • twistedfloyd

    Ghost of Sparta was my favorite PSP game this year, but whoever made this list has to be crazy not to include Peace Walker.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Yeah like post # 1 says, we need a DLC category. Also hope we can sound off like this regularly

  • i dont like any of those……

  • Angry Birds should be in the minis section. It is better then all the minis listed.

  • station3fever

    i bought PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX while it was a short game, it was also very fun to play :)

  • Also, no Plants vs. Zombies? It is literally the absolute best PSN downloadable to date.

  • God of War Ghost of Sparta , Dead Nation and Young Thor get my vote

  • MGS Peacewalker didnt make the list cause they dont want to have to put it on sale.

  • The Sprint sponsorship makes me assume this is US only.

  • PvZ and Angry Birds are not 2010 releases. That is why they aren’t on the list. They came out this year (on PSN, that is..).

  • @19: Maybe because they don’t want to offer a discount on it?

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