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Feb 16

Feb 16

Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices and Pirated Software

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment released the following statement:

Notice: Unauthorized circumvention devices for the PlayStation 3 system have been recently released by hackers. These devices permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software. Use of such devices or software violates the terms of the “System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System” and the “Terms of Services and User Agreement” for the PlayStation Network/Qriocity and its Community Code of Conduct provisions. Violation of the System Software Licence Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System invalidates the consumer guarantee for that system. In addition, copying or playing pirated software is a violation of International Copyright Laws. Consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to the PlayStation Network and access to Qriocity services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently.

To avoid this, consumers must immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.

What this means to you

Circumvention devices and game piracy damage our industry and can potentially injure the online experience for you, our loyal PlayStation customers, via hacks and cheats.

Many PlayStation.Blog readers have asked how we intend to deal with these incidents that they have been reading about in the gaming press, and this is our initial response.

By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.

Rest assured, this message does not apply to the overwhelming majority of our users who enjoy the world of entertainment PlayStation 3 has to offer without breaching the guidelines detailed above, and we urge you to continue doing so without fear.

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Einhander138 said:

February 16th, 2:04 pm

Dear Sony,

I do not condone piracy.

However, you do not have the right to tell me what I can and can’t do with *my personal property*.

If I want to install homebrew on it, that is my *right* as a consumer who has purchased something with *my* money.

Get over yourselves, you fascist pricks.

saintaqua said:

February 16th, 2:05 pm


I’m only calling hackers and cheaters hackers.
If you are neither then you have no reason to feel insulted.
I’m not targeting innocent people.

marlyt said:

February 16th, 2:08 pm

Thanks for finally addressing this. I’m tired of online cheating/hacking. Please don’t introduce a fee now to use PSN for “security” reasons. Sony has NOT said this, so don’t think they have. Just thinking ahead. Trow they butts off our network.

DTS_MAN said:

February 16th, 2:08 pm

100% behind you Sony. Good news

Andrefpvs said:

February 16th, 2:09 pm

You should not give a chance for people to go back to official firmware. If you already have a list of systems and IDs that went online with hacked software installed, ban them immediately! There’s no telling what circumvention devices those people can come up with in the future (I’m only including pirates and cheaters here).

As a side note, please consider enabling easier access to “homebrew” software in future consoles. Something like the App Store. People would be able to develop for PlayStation without the need of hacking it.

SolidusSnake01 said:

February 16th, 2:09 pm


Ok. But I support the idea about homebrew stuff.

Pirating PSP games I understand about. Like I said earlier The 3rd Birthday (Japan version) was pirated a few days after release. But the hacking on PSP has primarily been stopped with the disappearance of Dark-Alex.

Nitroid said:

February 16th, 2:10 pm

So, are we going to be sued by auto manufacturers if we change the stock tires on our cars? Arrested by the grocer if we mix foods to create new dishes? Sony, I love you guys and I’ll continue to buy your products, but you have no right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my own property.

akristoffer said:

February 16th, 2:10 pm

I’am sick of these hackers, just do what you gotta do and keep us polite PlayStation gamers happy.


February 16th, 2:11 pm

As much as I support SONY, I just dont like how they’ve been handling things recently….my opinion of course.

arbdef said:

February 16th, 2:12 pm

Here is the thing… WE own the physical parts of the ps3… What we don’t own is the software on it.. If you want to rip out the cores and do what you want fine but if you modify the software then you are violating sony’s right. They won’t brick your PS3 they will just remove the online functionality. You still have your ps3 and they still have their rights.

izle81 said:

February 16th, 2:13 pm

sony is so abusing the DMCA right now and using it so out of context because of how poorly it was written just cause there upset. its there own fault for taking otherOS away. only a couple hackers were trying to hack it untill that point. so any of you who agree with what sony is doing to geohot is a simple minded and believes whatever they read, before you comment on something why dont you actually research it. to end this remember i DONOT CONDONE PIRACY IN ANY FORM. but it do agree with the right to do wahtever we want to something we own withouth the fear of prosocution, the right to restore functionality that waa advertised and taken away for petty reasons, and the right to legally make a backup of a gamewe purchased and own per copyright law. thank you and good day.

Zombiewraz said:

February 16th, 2:14 pm

Sony is on the right track i love my ps3 and the over 100 gam,es i own on it. i have two 360’s and they are both collecting dust cause the ps3 is just a superior system look at the games that are coming out and now that developers know how and what the ps3 can do its just going to get better and better

Nitroid said:

February 16th, 2:16 pm


That’s like saying you own a car but the engine can be shut off by the manufacturer at any time, and that’s a ridiculous line of thinking. It isn’t copyright enforcement on Sony’s part, it’s fascism. Stop drinking the kool-aid and think logically.

bluehatchback said:

February 16th, 2:17 pm

Someone stated earlier that they hope they don’t charge for psn like xbox, but I would happily pay a small fee every year if it helped sony create a better online gaming experience. I’m not saying its bad now, but if donating money helped remove cheaters and develop a more secure network, then I’m all for it.

Emmett_Till said:

February 16th, 2:18 pm

Yeah, I do support Sony in this regard. I work at a video game retailer and I try to offer the best customer service I possibly can, but on a few occasions, I’ve received negative feedback from customers for trying to discourage them from buying rapid fire controllers. It’s just that cheating destroys the integrity of the community and the ruins the fun for everyone. Fortunately, my manager couldn’t argue with me much, given his own convictions. I am happy that Sony is taken such a firm stance as opposed to how they handled the PSP’s issues with piracy. Do it to it!

Nitroid said:

February 16th, 2:20 pm

Here’s an excerpt from an article on regarding this:

“The basic gist of Sony’s argument is that the researchers accessed their own PlayStation 3 consoles in a way that violated the agreement that Sony imposes on users of its network (and supposedly enabled others to do the same). But the researchers don’t seem to have used Sony’s network in their research — they just used the consoles they bought with their own money. Simply put, Sony claims that it’s illegal for users to access their own computers in a way that Sony doesn’t like. Moreover, because the CFAA has criminal as well as civil penalties, Sony is actually saying that it’s a crime for users to access their own computers in a way that Sony doesn’t like.

That means Sony is sending another dangerous message: that it has rights in the computer it sells you even after you buy it, and therefore can decide whether your tinkering with that computer is legal or not. We disagree. Once you buy a computer, it’s yours. It shouldn’t be a crime for you to access your own computer, regardless of whether Sony or any other company likes what you’re doing.”

Read the rest below:

eff dot org/deeplinks/2011/01/sony-v-hotz-sony-sends-dangerous-message

bluehatchback said:

February 16th, 2:21 pm

#208, actually newer cars do have the ability to be shut off in the event the driver is committing a crime. Isn’t hacking and downloading games for free stealing which is a crime

TheKensai said:

February 16th, 2:21 pm

Some years ago I would have been anti-sony on this matter. But I have seen how this damages the gameplay when people start cheating at games because they can through their hacked systems. So I am pro-sony on this matter and is really fair to verify for system integrity and if hacked deny psn acces and updates to the games.

Blaze1711 said:

February 16th, 2:23 pm

I completely support Sony on this issue. Sure, go right ahead. You can do whatever you want with your systems, that I agree with, but you are also violating the software agreements. So if you are going to be hacking, then be prepared for the consequences that Sony has in store for all of you. Don’t complain. Plus, you all have no lives at all for pirating games. I work at a movie theater and am personally pissed off when I hear about people watching the illegal copies of the movies on the internet. It makes the company I work for lose money. So I can imagine what Sony and other game developers are feeling when people create and distribute illegal (pirated) copies of their games. You are STEALING if you play pirated games. And don’t any of you realize the consequences for violating International Copyright Laws? Filming a movie at a movie theater can get you a fine of up to $250,000 and 10 years in federal prison. Don’t complain when Sony takes away you hacked or unhacked PSN account. Microsoft does the same exact thing on Xbox 360. I’m really glad Sony has stepped up their game on copyrighting and hacking defense.

Nitroid said:

February 16th, 2:26 pm


By police in cases where the driver is putting lives at risk, yes, but not at the whims of, say, Ford or Toyota. You assume (and Sony purports) that people modifying their systems are doing so for the sole purpose of pirating commercial software. Does every gun owner purchase a firearm with the intent of shooting up a school? Your argument is flawed.

Spiderboy646 said:

February 16th, 2:28 pm

woo hoo! in the faces if ppl who hack.. now all we need is software updates


February 16th, 2:28 pm

It just makes legit users pay more as people aren’t doing these cases pro bono.

bluehatchback said:

February 16th, 2:29 pm

# 210. Are rapid fire controllers really bad for the game? Most aftermarket controllers don’t work nearly as well as official controllers, and a rapid fire controller won’t fix your inability to aim. You may unload an entire clip faster but still miss the guy, lol

triple_lei said:

February 16th, 2:31 pm

Always cracks me up when people say “omg its my system” – you willingly BREAK THE RULES and feign anger at retaliation? And heck, if you’re “never buying Sony again,” why don’t you go ahead and list all other the systems that DO allow cheating, piracy, and other modifications they explicitly tell you NOT to do?

For every “righteous homebrewer” there are probably about 100 pirates and cheaters and there’s no reason any company should have to accommodate any of you. As long as you break the rules, and as long as you have the gall to blame Sony, you’re all garbage in my eyes. I wouldn’t want to breathe the same air as you, let alone be on the same servers.

Basindo said:

February 16th, 2:32 pm

Meh. Better than Red Ring of death 40% success rate lololol

Redrizer36 said:

February 16th, 2:32 pm

Thank you!

bluehatchback said:

February 16th, 2:33 pm

@nitroid, you are absolutely correct, if a person has a hacked ps3 and doesn’t use it to pirate games or cheat, then why even have it? I just don’t see why you would have a hacked playstation without the intent to use it.

Xoombie503 said:

February 16th, 2:34 pm

YEAH!!!!!finally stepping up to stop these hackers and cheaters who want to ruin everyone’s games while we payed for it and they didn’t…any hacker that thinks they need free online?eat dirt.

JohnAlden said:

February 16th, 2:35 pm

The ISA are Sony .Hackers and pirates are the Hellghast, funny way of putting it.

themiks said:

February 16th, 2:37 pm

Finally they’re getting what they deserve!

SolidusSnake01 said:

February 16th, 2:38 pm

lol What’s up Basindo. Funny meeting you here man.

CertainSB said:

February 16th, 2:39 pm

LOL @ all these sheep in here that are sounding off. Hacking is still here baby. We still got it. I’m still downloading all the free games I want ban or no ban…..and you know what? There is nothing Sony can do about it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA We EATING GOOD MAYNE!!!

Duke999R said:

February 16th, 2:39 pm

Great move Sony, almost makes up for the $300 worth of repairs I’ve had to do to my sub-standard 40gb.

Ban the losers!

CertainSB said:

February 16th, 2:42 pm

Pirates unite!!! We got this. I’m amazed all the phony accounts Sony has created thats anti-piracy. Are you kidding me? LOL. Man please. I can’t wait until the next hack. We are gonna continue to eat good. I’m gonna enjoy it even more now that I know people are in here whining about it. Off to go play some of this FREE LBP2. Or should I play some of this FREE Killzone 3…..ahhh….so many games. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

CertainSB said:

February 16th, 2:44 pm

GeeeeyoHOTz FOR LIFE!!!!!

vza004 said:

February 16th, 2:46 pm

♪Go, Go, Go, yay, yay, yay♪ I hope that I can play Modern Warfare 2 again soon♪

Tango_PSn said:

February 16th, 2:47 pm

OMGOMGOMG, looks like the banhammer is going up!
Oh no no no no no!!! Not now, not now, PLEASE WAIT, WAIT!!!

Okay, my popcorn is ready, go on.

NotoriousGamer said:

February 16th, 2:47 pm

Do permanent ps3 console ban on hacked firmware ps3s and usb hack ps3s.

sprint900 said:

February 16th, 2:49 pm

First, a correct of terminology: it’s not piracy or theft if you want to get legalistic, it’s copyright violation which is a criminal act. Circumventing security devices may also be a criminal act contrary to the DMCA in the USA, and there are similar laws in other countries.

And before people think that Sony are an altruistic loving organisation, read this:

That said, Sony, please put back OtherOs, which you stole from me. I bought a fat older playstation just as the slim came out specifically to get linux. I don’t want to lose OtherIs, and so that I can’t upgrade my PS3 to the latest release the system software, and so have also lost access to PSN. That means I no longer buy games or DLC, and also means I am less likely to buy new games at retail.

DonCalzone21 said:

February 16th, 2:50 pm



Nitroid said:

February 16th, 2:51 pm

@triple_lei: Wow, you sound like a white supremacist. Different context, same mentality.

@bluehatchback: There are a TON of uses for homebrew applications, the most interesting of which have absolutely nothing to do with piracy. Use Google, start reading up on some of the mod communities and see exactly what the discussions are about. Don’t take this as an insult, but you don’t understand what the hacker mentality is about at all. For a real hacker, theft and profit are the furthest things from their mind. Heck, a vast majority of these homebrew forums ban users for even suggesting piracy.

triple_lei said:

February 16th, 2:51 pm

You see? I can almost respect CertainSB because he’s honest. Garbage nonetheless, but honest! And there’s plenty more like him where he crawled out of.

Shadowboricua said:

February 16th, 2:51 pm

YES!!! I hope this cuts down the number of cheaters dramatically.

martinezmiguel5 said:

February 16th, 2:52 pm

Sony is a brand you can trust to save gaming

youngmc33 said:

February 16th, 2:55 pm

It’s nice that Sony and the majority of its users have basically the same stance on this. It’s like we’re fighting the good fight together.

Keep it up, Sony!

JonJonXD said:

February 16th, 2:56 pm

I totally promote this. I’ve easily dumped $1000 USD into this gen, so it would be nice that it continued to be awesome.

bluehatchback said:

February 16th, 2:56 pm

@nitroid. will sony ban everyone with a hacked ps3, or just the ones that do it for cheating?

Octavian2006 said:

February 16th, 2:57 pm

Part 1

I have to say, hacking the console is NOT the same as hacking a game or using it to cheat online, so please stop calling cheaters hackers, they are not, they are a bunch of pre-pubescent kids that think they are amazing because they downloaded an exe file they can run which modifies some game files stored on their hdd, cheaters btw are also pirates, those games have to be stored on the hdd to play them.

Hacking the console on the other hand is not inherently bad in the slightest, it is a step towards enabling items removed, the creation of new and exiting functionality and enabling of homebrew applications, granted there will always be a few bad eggs who want to create backup managers or pirating systems.

Octavian2006 said:

February 16th, 2:57 pm

Part 2

I will admit i did have CFW 3.55 installed, i modified some elfs and selfs using the ps3tools released by fail overflow to run them from my xmb, i installed the wonderful ftp server designed by blackbox, snes9x, the genesis emulator and more. Why did i upgrade back to 3.56? simple, the homebrew community at the moment is more interested in enabling piracy than creating decent homebrew apps, even with a CFW there is no NTFS support, no MKV support, no amazing media centre applications etc.

To those stating that all the people who hacked their console are pirates, you are so full of BS it must be irritating that it comes out of your eyes, ears and noses as well as your mouths!

Granted there are a hell of a lot of people who with a CFW did use backup managers etc, i had one installed as i say but used it with my original discs, but not all were using it for piracy!

Octavian2006 said:

February 16th, 2:58 pm

Part 4

Banning all consoles on a CFW is by the way the wrong answer, i assume you are going to be using the information gathered from making people connect via proxy for the ban, surely you should have silently implemented the rootkit method into 3.55 and then scanned each persons hard disk for a backup-manager and banned both the console serial number, psn id and mac address of those found with one installed if you wanted to get rid of most of the hackers (also it may have been worth while logging how often the backup manager was used… ie more than once a day every day for a month is pretty much guaranteed to be a pirate.

On the homebrew side of things, maybe you should implement a similar system to Microsofts Game Studio system, give a cut down version of the PS3 SDK, a small download on the psn to enable the use of code written in the cut-down SDK on only one console for testing then an upload for authorized distribution on the psn network (after you guys authorize it). hell do what MS do and charge $99 (£65) for the testing app and you would make more money that way too!

rant over!

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