inFAMOUS 2 Countdown Begins: Release Date, Pre-Orders & HERO Edition Announced!

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inFAMOUS 2 Countdown Begins: Release Date, Pre-Orders & HERO Edition Announced!
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Last Friday, an inFAMOUS 2 post broke down the power of choice in inFAMOUS 2 and spawned some very energetic comments on not just the Karma system, but another topic as well –

“Release date please!”- TomHoang

“Please give us a release date already! Geez!”- DeviantBoi


Well to Tom, Deviant, Mila, and the rest of you amazing fans, we are happy to announce that inFAMOUS 2 will be launching in North America exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on June 7th, 2011!

In about 4 months, players will finally begin the next chapter in Cole’s adventures. (Packfront Alert!)


On top of this, we’d love to confirm that on that same day we are also launching the inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition (aka the Best Kept Secret EVER) for $99.99 (msrp).

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Short of actual electrical super powers, the HERO Edition delivers everything an inFamous fan could want including a highly detailed 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a sportable sling pack modeled after Cole’s own in-game gear, the inFAMOUS #1 mini comic from DC Comics, the official inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition Soundtrack and a super voucher code for a collection of in-game content.

Starting today participating retailers kick off official pre-order programs letting you score one of the following bonus items listed below.



Cole’s nasty new weapon definitely delivers the pain, but when you pre-order at you can get a gold (in-game) version to dish it out in style.


KESSLER_Concept art

Experience inFAMOUS 2 as Cole’s super-powered nemesis from the first inFAMOUS story if you pre-order from Best Buy.


Lightning Hook

GameStop fans can unlock this special power with their pre-order, an electro-kinetic tether that lets you snare and pull enemies and objects towards Cole.


Electrocution Grenade

Visit Walmart and pre-order to get powerful grenade that ties enemies down with arcing electricity before going BOOM.


Blending the funk and jazz of New Orleans’ own Galactic, with the rock sounds of Bryan “Brain” Mantia (Primus & Guns and Roses), we’ve created a soundtrack that is pure inFAMOUS 2. Music lovers can download this special soundtrack if they pre-order from participating retailers.

Hope this is exciting news for everyone. Look out for more great updates to come, both on or right here on the PS blogosphere!

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40 Author Replies

  • electronicpart

    yes , buying it first day

  • Will The hero edition be released in the UK?

  • My balls just dropped

  • Will this be coming to the UK? Would love to get it without the hassle of importing.

  • that is pretty awesome


  • Sweet, I can’t wait!!!

  • Awsome! Great release date gives me plenty of time to get through killzone 3, cant wait to see what the story is gonna be like in this game.

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      I know right? You gotta space out the awesomeness. :) More to come on story.

  • Yes, Cole returns!

  • utopianacht

    wow… awesome…

  • What about a Demo? :P

  • Day One Purchase! Can’t Wait!!

  • June 7th release? Collector’s Edition? Infamous 2? This is NICE! Day 1 purchase for me and I’m so looking forward to it.

    PSN: RebelJD

  • twistedfloyd

    Great, so pumped! Thanks for the announcement! Can’t wait for this!

  • Ageguyera21

    Not a big fan of the boxart. Anyway, to clarify, if you get the Hero edition, it comes with all of the pre-order bonuses from all the different retailers?

  • June 7th release? Collector’s Edition? Infamous 2?! This is NICE! Day 1 purchase for me and I’m so looking forward to it.

    PSN: RebelJD

  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!


  • If we don’t purchase the Hero’s edition, are we missing out on in-game content completely?

  • Who is that guy on the front cover? Doesn’t look anything like the Cole from Infamous.

  • Well there view my money to another good game , may the blu-ray glow upon you Sucker Punch developers

    Lord Jack Tretton be praised

  • I love the Kessler skin, but does it actually help to charge you up or anything? Or is it just for looks?

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      It’s a skin, not aware of any extra power advantages, but just look at him…bad ass.

  • Haze_OMGWTF

    buying this on first day
    but that cover box art is really awful

  • eagandale4114

    @11 I second that…..
    We need a demo

  • I’m so excited for this game. The only thing is, are these retailer-specific content only going to be timed exclusives?

    Because I would really want to eventually have all of that content without having to buy the game 4 times, you know?

    Especially if I’m going to get the HERO Edition, I feel like I’m kind of entitled to get the fullest experience, maybe not day one, but eventually.

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      If you get the HERO edition, you get all the pre-order exclusives so you are taken care of!

  • US cover is really bad. Use the PAL cover, there’s still time and is not like you guys need to do much (copy, paste, paste ESRB rating on top of PEGI rating, print). :)

  • Hell yeah finally a solid release date! THANK YOU for not making us suffer and wait that much longer!

  • Ok, this gives me 3 months to beat the first Infamous lol… Just been busy with Dead Space 1 & 2… That collector’s set looks awesome & I don’t usually say that too often of those things…

    I didn’t know these are the same guys that made the Sly Cooper games; which gave me my first platinum trophies lol…

    Twitter: @Stinger_Inc

  • Gamestop’s pre-order looks kewl.

  • Awesome!

  • YoureATowel

    I won the Hero edition through the Subway Footlong contest. I am so excited.

  • This is awesome! Day 1 buy for me, possibly even the Hero edition since I don’t have a housing bill to pay this year :)

    Note to Sony and other publishers, please release more games during the summer! I am sick of buying multiple games during the spring and holiday seasons and not having time to play them all!

  • Veridis_Quo

    I’m loving the Cole statue, it looks like it’s high quality. I was just hoping that the actual game would be housed in a steel book casing instead of your usual standard edition plastic case. I don’t know how I feel about the rest of the contents. Nonetheless I can’t wait for the game to finally release. 4 months is feels sooooo far away!

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      I have to say the statue is pretty sweet. We’ll post more pics soon so you can enjoy the detail.

  • Awesome! Just marked my calendar, getting it day one for sure! :)

  • Virgo21Child

    Is it true that the game continues on the previous game, for example i choose to be evil does that mean my path will stay like that when i play infamous 2?

    Playstation is looking on track with exclusives and the use of move is amazing bring on KILLZONE 3

  • Nader-Abudiix

    WOW the EU cover is way better then US and they get original cole skin. this is so sad really

  • chaoszero14

    First day buy for me! Also does the sling pack have a pocket in the front to put your cell phone?

  • I see more soundtracks of the games nowadays…nice. Always a great touch.

  • Yeah, I want to know more about the Sling Pack. How big is it in litres?

  • David2Crazy

    I hate separate pre-order items for different places. By the time they are available on PSN I will be finished the game and have never checked them out.

  • @22, check the pic of the Hero Edition, you will get all of the in-game content.

  • Damm you Sony what are you trying to do have me broke for the rest of this year I’m the HERO Edition and I’m buying the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition on Tue. MY WIFE IS GOING TO KILL ME

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      Take her out to a nice dinner before you break the news to her.

  • @38, it’s not really made clear that ‘a collection of in-game content’ is the same content that’s supposedly retailer-exclusive.

  • Are some of those preorder bonuses the same ones in the Subway Footlong sweepstakes or are they different?

    Kessler skin= Infamous 2 Character Skin
    New Powers= Infamous 2 Power Enhancement?

  • Hero edition looks epic.

  • Superstrokey1123

    Ive had this on preorder for a while now… sucks waiting lol.

  • must…get…backpack…with…Sly…logo…on…it… ::hypnotized::

  • This year I will spend 1,000 dollars in exclusive games and accessories for my ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sony is the Best ^_^

    • Chuck Lacson
      Chuck Lacson

      Thanks for all your support! Blu-ray awesomeness is a good investment my friend. :)

  • How big is the sling pack?

  • and can’t wait for Infamous 2 Hero Edition ^_^

  • TheGuardianFID

    Hero Edition FTW, I was hoping for this, thank you guys, SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 8)

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