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Feb 21

Feb 21

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Career Progression – Engineer

Victor Zuylen's Avatar Posted by Editor, Killzone Community

Today we are showing the first of five videos demonstrating how Killzone 3’s career progression can be tracked through

Each video will highlight one multiplayer career from Killzone 3, including all of its abilities and key weapons, and show how it’s interlinked with We kick off the series with the Engineer, an excellent support class with distinct defensive and offensive capabilities. The voice over for the video is by Dan Nanni, Multiplayer Designer at Guerrilla.

Keep an eye on the official PlayStation.Blog and in the coming days for the other career progression videos. Enjoy!

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alok893 said:

February 21st, 9:04 am

My Fav Class!

MGO_Count said:

February 21st, 9:04 am


KidCommando said:

February 21st, 9:10 am

one. more. day.

WuStank81 said:

February 21st, 9:11 am

That looks great. Loved the clip where he repaired a turret, then there was an enemy there to destroy it, and he just shot the guy. Classic.

Game looks great.

ShadowOfEden said:

February 21st, 9:12 am

I prefer the tactician.

You’re a little slow on those video, Sony, I’ll have the game before they’re all released.

Inofensivo said:

February 21st, 9:14 am

Just one more Day, 24 hrs to use my Favorite Class Again

StealthReborn-- said:

February 21st, 9:16 am

That player needs to work on his/her aim lol. =)

syk1288 said:

February 21st, 9:19 am

Tactician is the best.

TallCrowe said:

February 21st, 9:20 am

That looks fun.

Zinacef said:

February 21st, 9:35 am

The Engineer class was my most favorite class when I played the Beta. In fact, I liked it so much that I ranked it up all the way, and will probably do the same for the game when its released.

jernigcook said:

February 21st, 9:37 am

In the beta I always used the engineer, engineers are so freakin awsome.

guitarded77 said:

February 21st, 9:38 am

I love the Engineer… mow ’em down!!!!!!!!!!

TooTall19 said:

February 21st, 9:40 am

I have to play as Tactician most of the time to make sure I have spawns, but I like using all the classes.

erick_34 said:

February 21st, 9:42 am

@8 only 1 more day? for me one day seems like a week

can’t wait for Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, Sharp Shooter and Navigation Controller

de donde eres?

erick_34 said:

February 21st, 9:49 am

first thing I’ll do tomorrow is go to GameStop and buy Killzone 3, Sharp Shooter and Navigation Controller… ^_^

Freaking awesome

npng80 said:

February 21st, 9:50 am

Anybody would like to play this game together online (with mic will be better) (all my dumb friends have xbox 3060) Please add me! npng80 is my psn. I love team play and would be great to play with some people that are willing to do some team work. btw my favorite class is infiltrator! :)

Arcadian_Rebel said:

February 21st, 9:55 am

I can’t wait for the Medic class!

Aggie_CEO said:

February 21st, 10:00 am

I’ve never been able to get close enough to hack a bot….didn’t even think it was possible. Any type of secret to avoid being obliterated by it?

Juelz345 said:

February 21st, 10:07 am


I think one of the perks (or whatever they’re called) allows you to be undetectable by turrets and bots.

I think…

MoneyMaker110 said:

February 21st, 10:10 am

the hacking could be useful. i’m guessing that’s a higher level ability?

lyfestory said:

February 21st, 10:12 am

multiplayer…. Bah… no fun at all… enjoy for those who are into that sorta thing..

D-Squad3 said:

February 21st, 10:13 am

Look how much he’s missing, especially when aiming down the sites. Shows how unprecise the aiming is but GG doesn’t seem to ever notice it. I mean how can this game go through testers and not have any negative feedback on the aiming? Isn’t that why you guys made the “Tester”? So those “testers” can test the game? Well you guys need to fix the aiming.

Aggie_CEO said:

February 21st, 10:13 am

@19 I have seen that the infiltrator(spy) class can do that I believe….but not the Engie…..I had unlocked the hack ability and kept getting wasted in the first beta…didnt even try it in the second

DazeOfWar said:

February 21st, 10:17 am

Can’t wait. I won’t have mine till Thursday cause I ordered it from Amazon but it was worth it. $20 Amazon cash for future order makes the sharp shooter a definite purchase for me now.

KwietStorm said:

February 21st, 10:17 am

We need spawn on squad leader back. Please pass it on.

Blkant said:

February 21st, 10:19 am

Got my copy today, you guys seriously need to add more vehicles online, especially one that supports more than one player… These two are just laughable… Especially when not put against one another.

Please consider it for future DLC, a jeep or buggy etc… something like that so we can work together with friends on one vehicle.

Thank you.

Robbie_G_lrish said:

February 21st, 10:22 am

We need spawn on squad leader back. Please pass it on. Thanks.

v_EPIC_WARRIOR_v said:

February 21st, 10:26 am

When will they have Killzone avatar IDs, We should get a Killzone avatar for preodering Killzone 3. Like God of War the ghost of sparta did, that avatar looked sick, even though I don’t have it. lol

kenny-1995 said:

February 21st, 10:30 am

Just 3 primary weapons per class? thats dissapointing.

StealthReborn-- said:

February 21st, 10:32 am

@ 22….

Umm…How do you “fix aiming” that’s completely out of GG’s control. It’s up to the player on how they aim, and aim assist doesn’t have much of an impact either.

It’s completely unacceptable to blame GG for someones poor aim, give me a break…

Terminator_1K said:

February 21st, 10:43 am


I unlocked all the perks for the Engineer in the last Beta that ended on 2-15-11 and I couldn’t see how to hack turrets?

letherclad said:

February 21st, 10:50 am

I wish the engineer had a more diverse weapon set, two LMGs are not useful, should have diversified it with a shotgun or something, but still a really good class to play as.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, wish it came out today since I have today off…

XXHemmorageXX said:

February 21st, 10:52 am

@22, what a terrible troll you are, how can GG make people not suck? LMAO. Thats not on GG, thats on the bad player. GG are not magicians. Aiming and gun feel has always been top notch in killzone games.

TheGuardianFID said:

February 21st, 11:00 am

I picked up my Helghast Edition and my sharpshooter today YAY lol, I’ll be playing the Campaign after lunch!!! I also bought BulletStorm as Icing on the cake, it’s gonna be a FUN week!!! 8)

Skater_Ricky said:

February 21st, 11:05 am

@Erick_34 did you know you can pre-order those at GameStop and make sure you get those at launch


February 21st, 11:09 am

I am so exited for the release!! Are there gonna be any demo places in Future Shop of Best Buy or anywhere that I can text the new assault rifle attachment for the move, before I buy it? Thanks!

Nazcar247 said:

February 21st, 11:15 am

Thats not the right SMG -.- unless they switched it from the beta.

jqtaxpayer said:

February 21st, 11:15 am

Whoever’s controlling this Engineer spends a lot of time out in the open — and whoever he’s up against is pretty awful for not being able to take him down, lol.

Anyway, got my preorder in with Amazon, really looking forward to taking KZ3 for a spin tomorrow evening.

dehumanizer_666 said:

February 21st, 11:28 am

can’t wait to pick up my helghast edition and the sharpshooter. Both are pre-ordered =)

KazeEternal said:

February 21st, 11:50 am

Programming an aiming mechanism to be precise is cake, programming it to be realistic is another matter in of itself. If they wanted you to be super precise they would have just charted the vector of where the bullet was fired from and whether or not your body was in the way of it during the correct point in time in the bullets travel (did you get shot or not).

The difficulty comes in when you have recoil which has to be done all in game unless they turned on Sixaxis functionality and made it super sensitive to gun fire rumble (which people would hate). Then you have to take in factors like cheap bullets, the environment, body armor, etc and so forth.

you’ll also notice that this player is pretty hardcore, no crosshair on screen to focus his eyes where the bullets would go. Thats an option, not a requirement.

Killzone 3 is fine with aiming and perhaps the best I’ve experienced in some time.

M-Easy said:

February 21st, 11:52 am

Cannot wait…

Chaoticblaze27 said:

February 21st, 12:12 pm

Sweet Can’t Wait Already Preordered gonna pick it up at gamestop Tomorrow!

erick_34 said:

February 21st, 12:30 pm

@Skater_Ricky i know, i pre-order Killzone 3 Helghast edition but i not pre-order the Sharp Shooter because at gamestop they told me that the date to pre-order it had expired, but they told me you can still buy it when it arrives.

Juelz345 said:

February 21st, 12:34 pm

@23 and 31

Well maybe not then.

I played as the engineer most of the time that I played the beta, but never tried to hack.

But should you be able to approach the turrets from the back? They didn’t have a 360 degree turn radios did they?

mustbehiggy said:

February 21st, 12:42 pm

Everyone commenting on the fact the player is not very good is just stupid. You see they are playing Bots and probably running dev tools to make themselves unable to die, hence they never take any damage even though they are out in the open being shot at.

This was a demo video in order to show you some of the features of a the Engineer, not a video to show you how to be amazing at the game.

kingkranz said:

February 21st, 12:47 pm

Freaking awesome!

erick_34 said:

February 21st, 12:48 pm

@Skater_Ricky i know, i pre-order Killzone 3 Helghast edition but i not pre-order the Sharp Shooter because at gamestop they told me that the date to pre-order the Sharp Shooter had expired, but they told me you can still buy it when it arrives.

Sneeches said:

February 21st, 1:07 pm

I took tomorrow off work for this game, soooo excited :)

Lara-Croft said:

February 21st, 2:00 pm

Sucks that my local Gamestop and Best Buy are not doing Midnight launch >:-( I will get my Helghast tomorrow I suppose *sigh*

CheCorchete said:

February 21st, 2:07 pm

I like the video. It’s gonna be in HD tomorrow, on the PS Store Update?

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