Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is the Worst Game Ever, hits PSN Tuesday

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Hello PlayStation fans and readers! By now, you might be wondering about the title to this blog post. Why would anyone be proud to be associated with the worst of anything? Well, if you’re wondering that, you probably don’t know much about our team here at iFun4All, our upcoming PlayStation mini Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder and our goal of creating the worst game of all time!

We consider iFun4All one of the worst developers in the world, let alone Europe. We’re a small team, consisting mostly of a few talentless drunkards scattered about a few remote villages. With our limited funds and even more limited access to power and internet, creating truly great games just isn’t a real possibility. We instead decided to go the other way, and set out to create the worst games of all time.

We were well on our way with our first title, Crap of Defense for the iPhone and iPod touch… but in what we feel is a certain conspiracy to thwart our goal, various media outlets actually gave Crap of Defense great scores! We thought we would have better luck with our next title, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder that was initially released in our native Europe…but we AGAIN were thwarted with positive reviews, including a perfect 10/10 from!

We’re hoping for better luck with Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder over here in the states, so we decided to work with our friends over at PlayStation.Blog to debut this brand new trailer that shows just how awful this game truly is. In this dreadful tower defense game, you’ll be forced to wade through terrible art, music and tons of typos in order to obliterate a sea of poorly drawn and animated advancing enemy soldiers. Each crappy mission is more challenging than the last, and using special power-ups and weapons, you’ll be hard-pressed to rack up the requisite amount of “killz” without letting enemies through your defenses to advance.

We hope that you enjoy this new trailer and are able to laugh at how bad it looks. We also sincerely hope that you aren’t taken in by all the positive reviews and buzz this game has been receiving and can objectively look at Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder to decide whether or not we succeeded in our goal of creating the worst game ever!

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  • Hooligantuan


  • Firsties.

  • Hooligantuan


  • PublicSudoku

    Your sense of humor is completely demented. I’m buying this game so hard.

  • For a minute I was about to say that the classic Amiga game cannon fodder is not the worse game ever but now I see.

  • Jeeves_Tremor


  • Sorry to disappoint you, but that looks pretty sweet!

  • If you guys are going to make a joke like that please make sure you note a JK (Just Kidding) in there at the beginning like in the title or a question type thing like “or is it?” that way people don’t just skip over the article like I almost did…

  • Wow, looks like the iFun4All team has once again failed miserably!

  • lol

  • This actually looks like a pretty decent game, but I think people are scared off by the really bad $5 and $6 games on the minis store. Note to Sony and/or these mini developers: Use the A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks model, have an awesome game for a cheap price and maybe minis can compete with iOS or Android apps.

  • At first I was thinkng about Cannon Fodder on Amiga too! Was a great game at the time!

    lol I love the sentences in the trailer! Especially the last one from Bill Greats! ;P

  • madmikefisk

    You guys are absolutely, certifiably mental, and this trailer is, to put it charitably, ludicrous.

    Bless you all for it. :)

  • You’re right, this does look totally horrible. I’ll be buying it anyway, but promise me you’ll put my money towards continuing to be drunkards and not towards improving your terrible games.

    PS: Not recommending this crap to anyone.

  • thundercat17

    still better than black ops

  • Despair-Amit

    I think its an admirable goal to try and make the worst game ever. I will do my part and purchase and play it then colorfully curse the devs for making a crappy game.

  • Fenrisulfr_

    I don’t know what to think, because it looks kind of fun but I’m cautious at the same time. Perhaps if they release a demo.

  • First. I’m going to give myself a stupid haircut and buy this game to be ironic. Keep lowering that bar, gentlemen.

  • station3fever

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    We are already signed in so why the heck do we have to enter age junk!?

    Please stop that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and the game, yes i will stay away (i think this is april fools joke)

  • Wow.. my money is yours. Take it now before it’s too late.

  • mike_badley

    Wanna play this worst game!!!! It will be pleasure :D

  • Looks lame

  • I would have to agree with you “Worst game ever” I’m sorry but I would never purchase such a game….

  • this has got to be the best blog post ever

  • JesseHaysFL

    “Which one is Snake?”

    Video Kojima…

    Pretty darn funny….

    This game looks like junk* from a bad developer**…

    SO I MUST BUY!!!!

    *by junk I mean great ** by bad I really mean awesome.

    Thanks for making a funny trailer, I will be buying your game.

  • SalMoriarty

    I thought we were getting the old skool PC classic Cannon Fodder. Sadly, I was mistaken.

  • PhantomOfPanton

    I love the terrible art style! (haha I love it! The little paper cutouts :D Awesome job!)

  • worst game ever is right, wow that looks like utter dog crap!!!

  • iFun4all, you got me!! Must play it nowww!!! :D

  • Omg, that artstyle is amazing!

  • Dam, this does look like the worst game of all time. I know I have the worst money of all times, so I will give you some of the worst money of all times to play the worst game of all time. :)

    Gotta love developers with a sense of humor.

  • I laughed really hard. LOL :D

  • starBlinky01

    wow! It really does look bad!

    I’ll be sure not to buy it :D

  • fuzzyclutter

    didn’t even post avatar correctly ….LOL . funny stuff .

  • xD Definitely different lol. I’ll buy it if the price is right :p

  • stupid humor??? so once the bad reviews come in they would not feel embarrassed that this piece of *** sucks.

  • GameOverGreggy

    If only it had Trophies.

  • why put the worst game ever. looks stupid and just for saying its the worst game ever i wont be buying it.

  • stlcardinal9

    this has got to be the best post on the playstation blog ever!!! LMAO well done

  • Senjutsu_Dav

    This game looks terrible, and I’m not talking in a humoristic way… I’ll buy Plants vs Zombies instead, which looks really nice (played and loved the PC demo).

  • Fabrizio_Arturo

    OMG!!!! This IS THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME!!! I NEED TO BUY IT!… To analyze it… Errrr…. Hahahaha… Very good post!

    Keep it coming guys!

  • usedtoiletpaper

    Soooo how much is this piece of ****?

  • usedtoiletpaper


    Barack Oh Mama

  • what the fuk was that? O_o

  • reverse psychology: it sells games

  • When I saw that the worst game ever was coming to PlayStation I was confused as to why MS would publish HALO on the PS3.

  • Well I’d certainly be remiss not to purchase something that can so blatantly be labeled as the “Worst Game Ever”. This is a landmark achievement!

  • PaperCarrier

    I smell shovelware..

  • Looks soo terrible i’ll have to get it!

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