New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

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Modnation Racers Greatest Hits for PS3Heavy Rain Greatest Hits for PS3

God of War III Greatest Hits for PS3UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year Edition Greatest Hits for PS3

Hey gamers! You’ve probably already seen the news that we’re adding a slew of new PSP titles to the PSP Greatest Hits lineup. Today, we’re also adding five new titles to the PS3 Greatest Hits library. Back in September you were able to pick up a number of your favorites like, MAG, Call of Duty: World at War and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time at the unbeatable Greatest Hits price. Now, be sure you pick up the latest Greatest Hits titles at retailers in the U.S. and Canada for just $29.99 (MSRP).

New Greatest Hits titles include:

Many of you have already dedicated hours of gameplay to these games. But to those of you who’ve yet to experience games such as God of War III, Heavy Rain and ModNation Racers, which has surpassed more than 2 million user-generated creations (e.g. Tracks, Mods and Karts), make sure to take advantage of this incredible value. As we continue moving full steam ahead into an exciting 2011, stay tuned for more Greatest Hits, new game and video content available on the PlayStation Network, and a ground-breaking video game line-up for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move.


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5 Author Replies

  • PS is on a roll. Will the PS3 get a price cut too?

  • Very nice! Unfortunetly for me i already have these titles that i wanted to play but good for those who missed them, they all worth it.

  • alfredovaldez

    it would be could that every GHits would be avalable from PSN

  • Too bad i already have these games.

  • What that hell was that!?! They are using hypnosis on us with all these deal. I am ready about to do the worm.

  • Are these games coming out in PAL regions on Platinum as well?

    P.S. I much prefer the “Greatest Hits” look than Platinum. Platinum looks too cheap and tacky with its yellow and silver. :/

  • Hmmmm…maybe it’s time for me to get MNR or re-visit Heavy Rain.

  • They should be on the PSN store for download.

  • So glad I bought these before the amazing box art color shift

  • Finally, I can get Heavy Rain for the perfect price! Thanks, Sony! ^_^

  • That Uncharted 2 cover is a cluttered mess.

    Greatest Hits Branding, Playstation Branding, GOTY Branding, $35 of content box, Box quote on the front, 5 logos.

  • God of War III and the red Greatest Hits box were meant to be.

  • Wow, this is awesome. Will be getting heavy rain to play with my move :)

    I finished uncharted 2 – is replaying it with dlc worth it?

  • Great line-up!!!

    Agree to the decisions.

  • I’ll be picking up Heavy Rain and GoW3 eventually. Maybe if I wait even longer, I can get them both for $40 or less! I <3 Amazon.

  • ZombiCommando

    No one noticed the Director’s cut of Heavy Rain? IS there anything more? Can i DL those extras if i already have the game?

  • I don’t have Heavy Rain yet, but now I will!

  • Permafry_42

    always nice to get stuff for cheaper! i might get heavy rain soon if i’m not to busy playing my 3ds next month.

  • Already have GoWIII (Ultimate Edition to be exact) but am most definately going to get Uncharted 2 sometime in the near future. $30 plus an additional $35 of bonus content free, that’s awesome, glad I waited lol, thank you Sony.

  • Crap, I just paid $50 for ‘Uncharted 2’.

  • SupaGokuMan

    definitely will nab U2 and Modnation now.

  • guitarded77

    Nice… too bad I own them all. But still nice.

  • Uncharted 2 GOTY edition for $30 is a crazy good deal

  • @11, does it really matter? You’re not gonna set there and look at the case for 3 hours, it’s just gonna set there on your shelf for 3 hours while you actually play the game with an additional $35 of bonus content free for a great price of $30.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Ps3 needs a cheaper model in the US, Ps3 is doing terrible in America.

  • CrazinessCake

    I don’t have God of War 3 and Heavy Rain anyone know the price of greatest hits titles?

  • Good Sony ^_^

  • Finally Heavy Rain! (already have it though).

    I’ll get around to play the first Uncharted soon so I can pick up the second one :P

  • Heavy Rain director’s cut! Thanks to Sony!

  • Thegodslayer

    awesome, awesome news

  • @26

    $29.99, as said in the article.

  • @26

    It tells you in the blog post. “$29.99 (MSRP)”

  • Jimmy_Cosmos

    What’ the Directors Cut of Heavy Rain?? Explain PSblog.. EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought Greatest Hits games come down to $20. Does this mean, I have to wait another year for another price drop?

  • @33
    No, it means you’re stingy.

  • @32

    Run it through google instead of waiting for an explanation that you’re not going to get….

  • going for modnation racers. already own ufc 10. the rest suck.

  • How many copies does a game have to sell to become a greatest hit?

  • finally :D thank you sony

  • kristophergrin

    lol,at post #1.
    dream on.

  • Heavy Rain
    Will it be coming to PSN ?

  • Always good to see. And these are some really good and not that old games. I may buy all 4 pictured.

    PS – Can somebody please forward this to Nintendo ;-)

  • PS3 games dropping in price, PSP game dropping in price, and PSP hardware dropping in price.

    3/4 isn’t bad, but there’s one more thing left to do, Sony…

  • Wow 44 votes 5.00 out of 5.00

  • now 45 votes 5.00 out of 5.00

  • crowsticky1234

    I saw something that suprised me on the box art of Heavy Rain that got me screaming across the room. Below the logo, it saids “Director’s Cut”. So we might be seeing hallucinations of Ethan swimming underwater til he finds the victim of the Origami Killer. I’m mostly happy about God of War 3 being in the Greatest Hits cause of the red box and also it’s easier for me to get it to finish the God of War collection.

  • darkstroke346

    nice games, only bad that god of war 3 was to short

  • ArchAngelMai

    No complaints, but why are GH’s $29.99 instead of $19.99 like they were on PS2? 3 of those games are getting added to my library.

  • Adds Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 to my “to get” list. :)

  • What is this Heavy Rain’s “Director’s Cut” all about?

    BTW how do you see how many votes there are?

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