Resistance 3 Multiplayer Revealed, Beta Later This Year

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Greetings from the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge here at the fabulous W Hotel, across the street from the Game Developers Conference in downtown San Francisco. As this post goes live, we are revealing our all-new multiplayer for Resistance 3. We’ve said all along we wanted Resistance 3’s MP mode to bring the best of both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2’s MP and co-op modes, and you’re about to see just how we’ve managed to do that.

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Action Arena Battle

Resistance 3 will feature 16-player Human vs. Chimera deathmatch and objective-based modes set in locations across the globe. That may seem somewhat jarring after the 40 and 60-player mayhem in RFOM and R2. Rest assured though, our biggest motivation in determining our new player count was the fun times that we and the community had on maps like RFOM’s Busyard and Rooftops, as well as the Bayou House and San Francisco maps in Resistance 2.

Resistance 3 will offer a very deep and customizable progression system. Players can create their own progression paths through multiplayer, spending their hard-earned points to customize loadouts that fit their unique playstyle. We learned a lot from Resistance 2 co-op in terms of giving players the ability to create specific roles in a team and level up different abilities – which you will see with the various active tactical and support abilities, as well as the new personal and combat attributes.

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Action Doppelganger

Resistance 3: Fort Lamy Prison Messhall Resistance 3: Action Cell Battle

For instance – each player can choose and level different support abilities – such as a Bubble Shield, Ammo Beacon (give ammo to teammates) or Radar Beacon (enhance your team’s radar). There are also tactical abilities you can use against your enemies, such as the Doppelganger (projects an image of you nearby to distract enemies) or Dash (an explosive burst of speed to evade enemy attacks).

Furthermore, each player can select and level a personal attribute and a combat attribute. These range from the ability to have leapers bust out from your corpse, to start with more weapons in your arsenal, to reloading or firing at a faster rate. You will be able to truly customize your character loadout to fit your own unique playstyle in Resistance 3.

We’ve been working on this new direction for close to two years now, polishing and refining our maps. We’re having a ton of fun playing Resistance 3 in the office every day. We will be bringing a multiplayer beta to PSN later this year, so stay tuned to our newsletters (Check today’s for the first news on Insomniac’s Community Day on March 29th!), Full Moon Show podcast, Twitter feed and Facebook page for all the latest updates!

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13 Author Replies

  • StarvedSanity

    well at least i’ll get to play Killzone 3 for a few months before i get addicted to Resistance 3. :)

  • I don’t necessarily like the lack of innovation in the Reach perks… but I do appreciate you realizing how the high player count wasn’t good for the game. I think you lowered the number a little too much, but whatever. I highly recommend that rank matches be in a list like custom matches now though because of the Resistance 2 online effect. Everyone left ranked matches because it was a pain to find a game. On the other side though… hopefully PS+ people will get a beta invite :D

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      There are many, many tactical and support active abilities that you will be able to customize and combine to your liking. We’ve shown just a very few

  • MoneyMaker110

    i was a big fan of the first games multiplayer. i feel like you changed it in r2 to be to much like other games and i wasn’t into it as much and those that complained about the first just stuck with the games they said they wanted resistance to be like. i like the option to play large games as well as smaller ones in multiplayer. the critics are just going to come up with some complaint about how it’s not like some other game or it’s to dark or whatever. but i bet as soon as they get ahold of your multi platform release it’ll be brilliant and better on the other system.

  • Im sort of bummed over the 16 player limit :( but I trust it will be good, its just a bit harsh to be at 16ply coming from Killzone 3 and Battle Field 2

  • This sounds sooooo good, Insomniac is great!

  • As long as coop is still in this and have an improved formula, i will buy this game. I started playing R2 again since the coop was damn addictive.

  • Alpha-Male22

    PLEASE, take a lot of games like Halo and COD: feature-wise I am hoping for split-screen online, Theater mode, tons of customization, deep stat tracking.

    If you can offer the experience of arena-FPS while enriching the surrounding features the game will be amazing.

    I love smaller MP games as it allows for more thinking ahead and outsmarting players in a more personal MP experience.

    I have a lot of faith in this bold move, I really hope you guys can focus on adding a TON of content.

    Good luck!

  • Oh man! The online co-op from R2 Returns!?? am I reading that right? If so this is AMAZING!

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      Nope – we have 2-player online co-op through the campaign in r3.

      that said, we have definitely taken lessons from R2’s co-op which is applied to R3.

  • Is the third installment of the series going to be the last?

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      Given that there is a Resistance NGP game coming in the future, I think the answer is no based on that alone. :-)

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Include the Somerset map from R:FoM. Theres a community that are still playing it in the custom games. Give it a make over with one or two others and sell them as a retro map pack. Killzone treated it’s fans.

    Small teams on Medium to Large Maps should be Resistances identity. Capture the Flag Somerset 8v8 on the 40 player size map is unbeatable.

  • footballrule

    Beta!?! I hope I get invited! Resistence 3 is going to rock!!!

  • I hope the campaign gets a lot of love. Some of us never touch multiplayer, but still love this series. Or at least, I do.

  • Will the weapon spawn system of R:FoM return?

  • Dark-Cloud4

    why you didn’t put 40 players like resistance 1 ?.. the maps in resistance 1 was amazing and fun !! i don’t like big maps but the first game was really really good that made the big maps great ! .. please , if you can do it make it happen , alots of people loved the 40 players , and you must put the maps of resistance 1 in resistance 3 !! :D
    i enjoyed playing with the sniper in the big maps…

    why developers don’t put the old maps on the new game ?.. it will have more maps so people will play it more ….

  • Now put like a co-op defense obj mode with endless waves of chimera or the other way around >:D but the 16 human vs chimera… make it 18 human vs chimera… thats my opinion

  • Nonstop_Madness

    is it two teams of 16 or 16 in total ?

  • Sounds outstanding to me. Resistance FOM easily the the stronger competitive multilayer component. Resistance 2 had plenty of great ideas, it just had more flaws then strengths. Mashing the great features of both can make for an outstanding combo, I cannot wait to see more of this. Keep up the good work insomniac!

  • LilWayneSuckz

    I will be eternally grateful if Insomniac would add matchmaking to Resistance 3 multiplayer. Resistance 2 is incredibly fun but I like the ease of matchmaking in online games.

  • I absolutely loved R2’s co-op mode and will be very sad if there isn’t something like that here. When 8 people were working together to do fulfill objectives or to protect each other, it was probably some of the most fun I’ve ever had online.

    I’m not a fan of deathmatch, at all, honestly, so I do hope there’s a robust co-op in this.


    Sorry for the over-enthusiasm, but I just love this game series. I’m a little heart broken it’s 16 players only, but I’m sure you guys will do a great job with it.

  • add lobbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is Tiger Blood going to be an ability?

    No, that wouldn’t work. That would make you automatically a #winner.

  • Would REALLY love some more splitscreen love from you guys. RFOM had the 4 player stuff, which I enjoyed with friends, and R2’s 2-player online was great (even though not 4 player). If you guys went all out on R3 with 4 player splitscreen w/ online, it would absolutely be a Day One purchase for me!

  • So it’s 16 players max across all modes? That’s hugely disappointing.

  • 16 players? Pretty disappointed. I love the epic battles of large number MP so this has kind of diminished my interest in the game. Guess I’ll wait to see how the SP pans out. 32 players is the sweet spot, but the more the merrier. Really can’t see why developers can’t offer different options; 8, 16, 32 player settings on all maps. Then everyone is happy.

  • online has to be great in order for me to play 16 players online I mainly stick with games with 32+ players they are more fun

  • And put like a combat training with bots so the player can get the feel of the map before jumping in the actual MP before getting their heads blown off >:D

  • question question request:
    please please PLEASE let there be a meltdown mode like R1, favorite mode to play, PLEASE!!! :) thank you have a good night :)

  • There should definitely be a R:FoM retro map pack. It’s time I went back to Somerset.

  • ballisticzOne

    i dont even own an Xbox but it’s nice to see you guys are stealing every perk that Halo Reach came out with and putting it into your franchise. (Genuinely not excited in the least)

  • Man guys, you should give us a third person mode, those third person images looks awesome. Ever since Modern Warfare 2 added the third person option I’ve been waiting for a competent first person game to do the same. Sadly I didn’t care about MW2 at all but if one of these games add the option I would be all over it. It also would aliviate the first person barrage of games we’re receiving lately.

  • Chucking a fresh grenade into a room of Chimera, maxing out leapers corpse ability… Ah… I can see it now… The shock factor would greatly contribute to good times and stories all around…

  • Not really a fan of the bubble shield or doppleganger as its too reminiscent of Halo but the leaper busting out of your corpse thing is a great idea. The person who came up with that should get a hug.

    Really hoping for some of the game modes from RFoM to make a comeback. I’m still a bit worried about MP but I’ve got my hopes up. This is my favorite series this gen, please don’t let me down.

  • PhantomOfPanton

    If this 16 player combat can still give me the overwhelming feel of 60 player combat, then I’m happy

    I do wish it were more, like say 10 v 10

  • 16 players= no buy

  • davidbadass13

    16??????? DDDD: least add customizable matches that allow 60 players.

  • I want to play the beta! I love Resistance games! please.

  • You should bring back r2 coop and with campaing coop and this multi player you will have a lot of success please add r2 coop at least as an add on you will surely have the best game out there

  • maddreamer10

    This is awesome. I has in awe at the end of the second game and really want to know what happens! As far as the beta goes I cant wait for that either. I kinda missed the boat for the second games MP (curse you MW2!) and cant wait to give this a try.

  • Hello James and/or Insomniac Games,

    I’d like to say first that I thoroughly enjoyed all of the games you have made so far! Resistance:Fall Of Man was my first PS3 games that I purchased and it was also the first First Person Shooter that I played almost religiously online and offline. Resistance 2 was also great as well. But, I just have a couple of questions on multiplayer for R3…

    1. Will there be offline split screen multiplayer (2-4 players)? I had a blast playing with my friends at home for R:FOM but I was disappointed when R2 did not have any split-screen multiplayer. I think adding split screen multiplayer to R3 would increase the replay value for me and others by quite a bit.

    2. Will there be split screen online multiplayer (2-4 players)? I was glad to see that 2 player split screen online multiplayer was added to R2 however I wish it had perhaps 2-4 player split-screen online multiplayer so then my friends and I could play against others and test our skills. I think adding 2-4 player split screen online multiplayer to R3 would be a great feature and I’m sure others would agree.

    Thanks and I can’t wait for R3!

  • I really hope you guys actually support the multiplayer this time. R1 was meh, R2 was even more meh. You guys pretty much bailed on it. There were never any updates, no new maps for co-op, increased level cap for co-op. There was what, one or two comp updates and even they were meh. Give it the love it deserves.

  • Regardless of going multiplatform for other IPs, can we still count on Insomniac to make exclusives for the ps3 once in a while? (ya know, because of the ps3s capability’s if the devs really wanna push themselves)

  • James Stevenson, Can we get like private chat within our squad or with a team mate or something? Been playing Killzone 3 and too many people are talking and I just want to talk with my friends. Is there any feature like that in MP mode?

    Other than that, awesome screen shots.

  • Move support please. Just sayin’

  • Local split screen co-op is there too though right?

  • Awesome…

  • wth , 16 players total? what is that? i thought it was 16 vrs 16 , just hearing that number i know i wont like R3 multiplayer , count me disappointed , you sure you didnt make a mistake James , perhaps you meant to say 16 players for Resistance NGP , come on we are talking about the ps3 here , 32 should be the best number or even 40 but 16? wth ?first time in the series , anyways i will buy it because i want to play the campaign , hopefully Uncharted 3 releases with at least 24 players online

  • Very excited – day one purchase.

  • What kinds of Chimera breeds/models can we choose? Can we “evolve” our models as we level up?

  • Will we be able to change scopes on weapons. I just watch G4tv game play with the marksman but it had like a iron sight or maybe a holographic sight could tell will it be able to have a scope?

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