It Only Does Major League Hits

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Spring training is officially in full swing. In less than a month fans will begin packing stadiums around the country, clamoring for sunflower seeds, popcorn, hot dogs and refreshments – ready to cheer their team on with big dreams of bringing home a pennant in 2011. If you can’t make it to spring training and are already counting down the days until the official first pitch is thrown, then you’re in luck. In less than a week, the number one selling, highest rated baseball franchise exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable returns when MLB 11 The Show hits stores nationwide. Now baseball fans everywhere will have the chance to hone their skills and get in the game a little early this season. In preparation, Kevin Butler is back, challenging Twins All-Star catcher, Joe Mauer, to a battle at the plate.

You’ve heard us say it before, but this year truly marks some exciting updates for the franchise. MLB 11 The Show takes this fan favorite to the next level by providing you with multiple choices when it comes to how you play the game. A great example is the new PURE Control System – the optional ability to control your swing, pitching and fielding with the analog sticks on your DUALSHOCK 3 controller – a feature many sports fans have asked for and will now have at your fingertips. The game also sports 3D functionality and PlayStation Move support within our Home Run Derby mode, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the action like never before.

MLB 11 The Show will be in stores next Tuesday, March 8th and this TV ad will begin running this afternoon when the Miami Heat takes on the Orlando Magic on TNT. Over the next several weeks you will also be able to catch it during more of your favorite programs on popular networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS and Comedy Central.

Go Giants and see you on the field!

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  • Baseballz!!!!

  • oh yeah more KB.

  • eaglefan129

    wheres the add?

  • Ar4chNova89

    I am always on board with more Kevin Butler.

  • bigdaddykraven

    Just gotta wait a bit longer till Tuesday to pick up my pre-order after work…or maybe I’ll be sick that day :)

  • Ar4chNova89

    Also, it would be nice to see KB doing ads for third-party games with exclusive content. Much like Dead Space 2.

  • bigdaddykraven

    After all, I hear Baseball Fever is going around *cough*

  • Go Dodgers! Im starting to feel the analog control scheme! It took a minute…but i get it now.

  • “With a stick.”
    “Well played Mauer.”

  • MoneyMaker110

    with a stick

  • move support ftw

  • This ad doesn’t play for me in Chrome, but it works in Firefox.

  • Will there be a move compatible demo? I am really only interested in this game due to move functionality, but I need to try something like that before I buy it.

  • KidCommando

    baseball is so boring!! :)

  • 12 – It works for me in Chrome… interesting.

  • With a stick! Go Giants and trophy list please. I need to plan out my allotted play time.

  • Funkytable – are you really going to buy a $60 baseball game just for the home run derby contest? Kotaku says you aren’t:!5734243/the-invisible-batter-of-baseball-on-the-playstation-move

  • i love this game.

  • evildude683


  • is it me or the Yankee’s pitcher looks like Kevin Butler…lol, I’m sure that’s him! OMG the Yankees hired KB! Take cover!

  • can’t wait to finally get the home run derby a try with The Show! and @14 and 18, it’s cool if you don’t know how to play, more fun for the restuvus!

  • Oh and I just noticed, the White Dualshock3 with baseball stripes!!!! It looks awesome! When was that one announced?

  • Gotta love that Dualshock3 with the red baseball stripes! Odd I didn’t read about it in the article above….

  • EternityInBlack

    I admit… the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the headline was “Charlie Sheen.”

    Anyways, this is awesome news… and Kevin Butler’s always awesome!

  • Soulja-skillz

    i need to hurry up and get my ps3 fixed i dont wanna miss this game at a. LETS GO THE SHOW.

  • any NGP GDC news ? and i have another question why Daxter is only $9.99 on UMD but $15.99 on the playstation store ? i want to buy the digital version but for $9.99 not $15.99

  • too funny

  • Jeeves_Tremor

    KB and Mauer, a match made in heaven!

  • Are those new controllers with the left and right area with baseball stitches?

  • as a miami heat fan i say lets go heat!

  • @26 yeah they are the new controllers . Picking one up with my game next week :)

    Awesome ad ,KB always entertains . Can’t wait for the 8th !!

  • Kevin Butler you are a good man.

  • If the Move support is restricted to the Home Run Derby mode, I’d love to see that as a standalone downloadable title on the PSN. I’m not enough of a baseball buff to get the whole game, but I wouldn’t mind playing an MLB quality homerun game for Move!

  • That was great… i actually like this one more than MLB 10 commercial cause they actually show them playing each other.



  • “I’ve seen better swings on a porch.” That was a good one.

  • SuperCoOper777

    renewing my love of baseball =]

  • Kid_Fleetfoot

    I hope it has the Manager Mode like last year and plenty of names with audio including past stars like they did last year.

    Although I don’t play often and I’m not good at the game I do enjoy certain video baseball games and The Show has been one of them.

    They’re playing baseball and there’s still snow on the ground and I’m still an unsigned free agent but at least I can play in The Show.

  • I sure hope people get the “with a stick” reference, because that was aces!

  • Seriously? Aces? Who says that anymore? O_o

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