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Mar 09

Mar 09

Online Storage for Game Saves Coming to PlayStation Plus

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

Hey everyone – We’ve got an exciting new feature coming exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Included in the system software update (v3.60) coming tomorrow to PS3, PlayStation Network’s new online storage for game saves feature gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the capability to back up game save data to the cloud. Online storage for game saves is a great way for PlayStation Plus subscribers to ensure that their data files are secure and also for users who wish to access their files from other PS3 systems.

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The new online storage feature allows gamers to store up to 150MB of game save data and a maximum of 1000 data files per PSN account. Users also have the ability to back-up “copy-prohibited save data,” and all previously saved data may be restored once per 24 hour period. When the new feature launches, most PS3 titles will be compatible with online storage for game saves, and moving forward, all new titles will have the capability to offer the storage option.

As I mentioned before, online storage for game saves functionality is included automatically for PlayStation Plus subscribers with system software update (v3.60), which will be available on March 10, 2011, and users can access their stored data on the XMB at any time. Additionally, users who save their files to the cloud can access their data on any PS3, using their PSN sign-in ID.

PlayStation Plus subscribers should turn on the auto-download feature to ensure that the update will begin downloading as soon as it’s available, so you can start backing up your game saves right away. If you aren’t already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, be sure to check out our bi-weekly post highlighting the free games, discounts and exciting exclusives we offer, in addition to the upcoming online storage for game saves feature.

Other minor features will also be added via system software update (v3.60). For more information please visit once the update is live.

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Stellazira said:

March 9th, 10:48 am

Considering that other free online services offer the same feature at no extra cost, I find the fact that you have to pay for this as disappointing.

I just see this as something that won’t get PS+ subscribers quite so annoyed when a PS3 YLOD’s. PS3 saves are fine now, but now you have to go buy another PS3.

Great, isn’t it?

AwRy108 said:

March 9th, 10:48 am

Finally, a truly fleshed-out feature for PlayStation Plus–looks like I’ll be signing up next week!

Venom1976 said:

March 9th, 10:58 am

So non plus subscribers get the shaft yet again. this function should have been available day one. Now if someone’s system goes down ruining all save data and they aren’t a Plus subscriber then SCEA will say something like”you should subscribe to playstation plus so this won’t happen again”

FrailFox said:

March 9th, 10:58 am

These little things, as well as spectacular deals, have made PlayStation Plus go from decent to must have in the span of months. Thanks so much for this future-proofing option!

colstripcapn said:

March 9th, 11:01 am

Congratulations, you just became Xbox Live. Will this be a new trend where all new features are locked to PS+ only just like your competitor locks everything to Live?

Why can’t I do this same thing, but backup to my PC instead of ‘the cloud’? Then I’m not using your network resources and I can backup my copy protected saves…

BadFlounder said:

March 9th, 11:01 am


You have nothing to complain about if you weren’t smart enough to back up your saves once in four years.

hush404 said:

March 9th, 11:03 am

150mb had better be enough for all my saves… I have a ton.

BadFlounder said:

March 9th, 11:03 am


If you don’t want to pay then use the FREE way to backup your saves. Buy a thumb drive and copy them over once in a while…problem solved. Whiner

twistedfloyd said:

March 9th, 11:06 am

Looking forward to this! Great move!

tomstockmail said:

March 9th, 11:06 am

This made me buy PS+.

Thank you.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 9th, 11:10 am

150MB? What the hell? I know I said I would’ve signed up for PSN+ when this became available but this is ridiculous.

Comparison to some free services:
Gmail – 7.5GB (and going up)
Yahoo Mail – Unlimited
Hotmail – Unlimited
AOL Mail – Unlimited


Sky-Rocketed77 said:

March 9th, 11:10 am

It’s funny how people complain about ps+ getting everything…They should have known you get what you pay for…Your not being forced to pay lol

dragonmagician said:

March 9th, 11:10 am

Sounds like it’s all manual right now.

Please look into adding some automatic options as well. Something like an option to sync the 5 most recent saves everytime I log in to PSN, or everytime I turn off my PS3.

I don’t want my saves to be gone when my PS3 yellow lights just because I forgot to manually sync it before it died.

megamixer said:

March 9th, 11:10 am

You have a ton as well? Try adding them up! I just did so myself. Counting only game saves that are 1mb+ (and not counting Afrika obviously) I have 93mb worth of game saves which is well over half the amount of space being sold… erm, offered to people. Oh, and those saves cover only 21 of my 64 PS3 games. 150mb isn’t even close to being enough.

PSWii2008 said:

March 9th, 11:12 am

What great timing! I signed up for Plus yesterday, and now this gets announced! I think I made a good decision to get Plus!

Sky-Rocketed77 said:

March 9th, 11:12 am

@110 what do you expect from a feature that is just now launching…Give it time i’m sure the capacity will increase.

ROSSONERO_8791 said:

March 9th, 11:16 am

Dear Playstation: Thank you!!!!

This is an awesome feature, especially the ability to be able to back-up copy protected save files like Assassin’s Creed II and Dragon Age :D

MaxPayneV3 said:

March 9th, 11:16 am

Yes Finally This is exactly what i needed because i have 2 ps3s that i use so now i wouldn’t have to copy the data to a flash drive anymore just save to the cloud!!! I hope all my saves will be able to backup, especially the ones i can’t copy, like SAM & MAX and will this work with PSone and mini saves too?

tacotaskforce said:

March 9th, 11:22 am

So in order for me to back up half my save data(locked save files) I have to pay $50 a year? That’s downright robbery that is.

NO_FEAR said:

March 9th, 11:24 am

…Another feature, with a dash of awesome sause!

Permafry_42 said:

March 9th, 11:25 am

too bad this is at the cost of everyone, playstation plus or not, losing psn for 11 hours so it can be set up on psn…

megafan999 said:

March 9th, 11:26 am

This is a great feature, thanks for answering to your customers.

I didn’t like the “most PS3 games” part though, I hope none of the ones I own are excluded from this.

megafan999 said:

March 9th, 11:30 am

Oh, and please include a “back up all” and “restore all” in a future update.

WhiteF8ng said:

March 9th, 11:32 am

Hehehe… I’m exactly wanting cloud saves, however, the whole log into myPSn on another PS3 and accessing the saves is pretty decent…

morph147 said:

March 9th, 11:32 am

nice idea sad that you have to be a psn+ though. dont get enough gaming in right now to make it worth it

TheGrimHeaper said:

March 9th, 11:32 am

Just bought Playstation Plus yesterday and this makes my purchase even better!

TwinDad said:

March 9th, 11:39 am

@PS BLog

Can you answer the question of if I’m a current PS Plus subscriber, can I buy a subscription card and renew ahead of my 13 months and get 13 months more. Or is the bonus 3 months only to new subscribers?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    March 9th, 11:57 am

    Current PlayStation Plus subscribers are eligible for another 3 month bonus with a paid one-year subscription (15 months), as long as the new 1 year subscription is purchased before this limited offer expires, so act quickly!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 9th, 11:41 am


So when it increases I’ll sign up, right now it’s a pass for me.

Either way I just read up on this and this is not really cloud saving, this is more of a back up feature into the cloud type of thing. That is, I can back up my saves there, but I can’t load my game from the cloud, this would be the ideal solution, especially with NGP coming.

eilegz said:

March 9th, 11:44 am

the current backup system only backup a single console id, i wish that they improve the local backup storage.

TheGuardianFID said:

March 9th, 11:44 am

YES YES YES YES!!! I was hoping for this, I LOVE YOU SONY LOL, Thank you!!! 8)

Stoffinator said:

March 9th, 11:46 am

Can you not make it to back up more than one save at a time? Its also annoying when you are backing them up on a USB key and have to do each one. Takes forever.

PunchoThaBoss said:

March 9th, 11:46 am

Good Job Sony the Playstation community love features like this, hope there more to come.

Kirkpad said:

March 9th, 11:49 am


dudehere3 said:

March 9th, 11:53 am

So what or the minor updates? it would be nice to have a usable browser so i can use those links for utube,facebook,this blog etc…

ProSoldier14 said:

March 9th, 11:55 am

Be able to back up copy prohibited data eh? Now this is where PS Plus takes advantage of people having to pay for things that should be free…

SlashGashTerror1 said:

March 9th, 11:55 am

Is it Possible to renew a ps+ Subscription before it ends…cuz i am just SOLD

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    March 9th, 12:06 pm

    Yes, it is possible to stack your subscriptions, and if you purchase another 1-year subscription now, you can take advantage of the limited time offer of a free 3 month bonus!

DeathGazer said:

March 9th, 11:57 am

PS+ is amazing. You hit a home run with this service, Sony.

AJBS0NIC said:

March 9th, 12:01 pm

This is a great concept, however I do not believe this should be limited only to Plus members. Considering how hardware (in general) this generation breaks down, some kind of online backup is almost an entitlement for current-gen gamers. I recently signed up for Plus so I’m all set =) but please consider opening this up to all PSN users in the future.

That and this feature should also be available for PSP users, primarily PSPgo users like myself that only use the internal memory for saves and don’t feel like shelling out for memory cards.

TheMiitch said:

March 9th, 12:01 pm

Very nice but it should be automatic and 18hrs limit.

CaruthK said:

March 9th, 12:04 pm

Auto Download should also include back up to the cloud also. I’ll say But this is grate news I love PSN+ grate Work SONY/Team PlayStation…

MafiaBrett said:

March 9th, 12:06 pm

As someone else said before in the first page.

What happens when my subscription runs out later this year in September, and it ends up taking a week before i am able to resubscribe to PS+? I will still be able to access all my PS+ save storage that i had before won’t I?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    March 9th, 1:01 pm

    If the account is canceled or deleted, any data related to the account is not guaranteed. However, as long as you’ve renewed, you won’t lose your game saves backed up to online storage.

    Even better news: You can purchase more than one 1-year subscription at a time and stack your subscriptions to ensure that it never runs out! AND for a limited time, if you buy a 1-year subscription, you’ll get a 3-month bonus for free.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 9th, 12:11 pm

Karen Spearrin is a Gator? Ok I forgive Sony for this 150MB fiasco now. Fellow alumnis unite.

SoAmped said:

March 9th, 12:12 pm

WOOOO this is exciting!!!!

Tjoeb123 said:

March 9th, 12:14 pm

What about for PSOne classics, or the PSP?

NotoriousGamer said:

March 9th, 12:16 pm

U need to post a “how to use” this feature as a new blog so ppl know how to use it properly. In this current post no such thing is explained and it is such an announcement for the feature.

Is cloud save should have come out a long time ago. didnt have to wait 4 years to launch this. home is 2 years in and still in beta. Move ha no killer games. ps3 is still high in price. not lookin good. no COD exclusives the biggest game this gen. just buy Epic games and u can solve all this.

rjejr said:

March 9th, 12:19 pm

I’m guessing the 150mg limit is so they can charge more for anything over that. And no reason for Sony to offer cloud storage outside of PS+, on a yearly basis PS+ is ~$4 per month, so unless they charged $1 per month people would just pay for Plus rather than cloud storage separately. I’ve been looking into getting a new HDD – just put new ones into my desktop and laptop – so if this functions Ill do it.

ItsNymo said:

March 9th, 12:22 pm

Can saves go across to PSP? For example: I like to play Minis both on the go on the PSP and at home on the PS3. Can I put my minis, and even PS1, save files to the cloud and access them on my PSP? I would find that more helpful than having to keep remembering to copy them over with the PS3 via USB every time…

R2tito11 said:

March 9th, 12:25 pm

this and the Auto Download features are great for us PS+ suscribers; just change this Sega games you’re giving us, they’re just not worth it

ItsJoseph22 said:

March 9th, 12:25 pm

Nice! :D
but if sony really want people to purchase ps+ i think there ganna have to push it up a notch, this feature is nice and all, but wont make a non ps+ member become a member…
P.s im a ps+ :P

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